Abandonware DOS title

The best based on a novel games

A lot of old games were based on a book, being it a novel or even a short story. Some novels that inspired developers to create video games are The Lords of the Rings (by J. R. R. Tolkien, Rendez Vous with Rama (by Arthur Clarke), The Mist (by Stephen King).

Most popular based on a novel games

Based on a novel games

  • dune2000-splash
    Windows XP/98/9519984.2/5 Westwood Studios

    Dune 2000 is an abandoned science fiction classic real-time strategy game based on the popular Dune franchise. The Dune "universe" took form in the books of science fiction writer Frank Herbert and went on to include movies, TV series, comics, and of course video games. Dune 2000 is one of the finest RTS of its era; it was developed by We...

  • pacificislands-1
    DOS19924.2/5 Oxford Digital Enterprises
  • 9-princes-in-amber-02
    DOS19854.2/5 Telarium
  • dune2-7
    DOS19924.2/5 Westwood Studios

    Dune 2 is a real time strategy game set on Arrakis, the planet made famous by the popular series of science fiction books written by Frank Herbert. Dune 2 established the classic RTS genre that later spawned games like Starcraft, Warcraft and Red Alert.

  • discworld-splash
    DOS19954.2/5 Perfect Entertainment
  • teamyankee-1
    DOS19904.2/5 Oxford Digital Enterprises
  • hitchhikerguide-1
    DOSMac1984freeware4.2/5 Infocom

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a humorous free text adventure game based on the novel of the same name written by Douglas Adams (if you never read it, shame on you!). The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was designed by Douglas Adams himself and interactive fiction god Steve Eric Meretzky, it was released by Infocom in 1984 for DOS and for...

  • conancimmerian-3
    DOS19914.2/5 Synergistic Software
  • gateway1-3
    DOS19924.1/5 Legend Entertainment

    Frederik Pohl's Gateway is one of the best abandoned adventures games from Legend Entertainment. Gateway is an interactive fiction with graphics and an improved interface (unusual for IFs), based on the Frederik Pohl's novel Gateway. Tt was designed by Michael Verdu and Glen R. Dahlgren and published by Legend Entertainment in 1992.

  • discworld2-08
    DOS19964.1/5 Perfect Entertainment
  • war-lance-03
    DOS1990protected4.1/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • dune-4
    DOS19924.1/5 Cryo Interactive Entertainment
  • arthur-excalibur-02
    DOS19894.1/5 Infocom
  • prisonerofice-1
    DOS1995protected4.1/5 Chaosium Inc.
  • transarctica-06
    DOS19934.1/5 Silmarils
  • riders-of-rohan-09
    DOS19974.1/5 Papyrus Design Group
  • js-shogun-02
    DOS19894.1/5 Infocom
  • mixedgoose-1
    DOS19874.1/5 Sierra On-Line
  • shannara-09
    DOS1995protected4.1/5 Legend Entertainment
  • romancethree2-1
  • betrayalkrondor-7
    DOS1993protected4/5 Dynamix
  • ihnom-4
    DOS1995protected4/5 The Dreamers Guild
  • la-abadia-del-crimen-03
    DOS19874/5 Opera Soft
  • fellowring-1
    DOS19864/5 Beam Software
  • circuitsedge-2
    DOS19904/5 Westwood Studios

    Circuit's Edge is a single-player science fiction blend of adventure game and RPG, developed by Westwood Studios and released by Infocom in 1990. Circuit's Edge is based on George Alec Effinger's cyberpunk novel "When Gravity Fails".

  • megafortress-1
    DOS1991protected4/5 Artech Studios
  • gateway2_home_000
    DOS1993protected4/5 Legend Entertainment
  • flight-of-the-intruder-03
    DOS19904/5 Rowan Software
  • hook-04
    DOS19924/5 Shadow Software
  • red-storm-rising-05
    DOS19894/5 MicroProse Software