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Back in the 80s, programmers didn't have software with a visual interface like Eclipse or Visual C# to help them writing code. Programming software ran in DOS and the user had to get used to a text-only interface and a black screen. No Windows and almost no aid of any kind. The Borland Turbo series was one of the most popular suite of programming software.

Most popular applications

Borland Turbo Basic 1.0


DOS19914.3/5 Microsoft
QBasic, or QuickBASIC, was an interpreted version of the BASIC programming language developed by Microsoft. It was designed to be easy to learn and use, making it accessible to beginners and hobbyist programmers. QBasic was part of Microsoft's QuickBASIC product line, which included both compiled and interpreted versions of the language. QBasi...

Borland Turbo C v1

DOS19874.2/5 Borland Software Corporation

Borland Turbo Basic 1.0

DOS19874.1/5 Borland Software Corporation
Borland Turbo Basic was a programming language developed by Borland, a software company that was prominent in the 1980s and 1990s. Turbo Basic was part of the Turbo series of programming languages and development tools that Borland created during that time.Turbo Basic was designed as a fast and efficient version of the BASIC programming language. B...

Turbo Assembler (TASM)

DOSWindows 3.xWindows XP/98/9519894.1/5 Borland Software Corporation
Turbo Assembler, often referred to as TASM, is an x86 assembler for MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. As a key component of Borland's suite of development tools, TASM was packaged alongside Turbo Debugger (TD), forming the Turbo Assembler/Turbo Debugger (TASM/TD) bundle. Turbo Assembler was favored for its speed and compatibility with the popular ...

Turbo Prolog 2.0

DOS1986protected4.1/5 Borland Software Corporation


DOS19884.1/5 Microsoft
GW-BASIC (short for Gee Whiz BASIC) is a dialect of the BASIC programming language that was developed by Microsoft. It's one of the early implementations of BASIC and was included as the default programming environment in early versions of the MS-DOS operating system.GW-BASIC was initially released with MS-DOS 2.0 in 1983. Subsequent versions of MS...

Borland Turbo Pascal 2.0

DOS19834/5 Borland Software Corporation

Borland Turbo Pascal 1.0

DOS19834/5 Borland Software Corporation

Borland Turbo Pascal 3.0

DOS19864/5 Borland Software Corporation

Turbo Pascal 7

DOSWindows 3.xMac OS19924/5 Borland Software Corporation
Turbo Pascal 7 (TP7) is a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) that was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It was developed by Borland as an evolution of their earlier Turbo Pascal versions. Turbo Pascal 7 was released around 1992.Turbo Pascal 7 gained popularity in educational settings and among hobbyist progra...

Borland Eureka: the Solver

DOS19873.9/5 Borland Software Corporation
Borland Eureka: the Solver is an abandoned text-based application developed by Borland Software Corporation and released in 1987 for DOS. The product is designed to solve complex problems, generate tables and plots, and perform what-if analysis. The user writes an equation, sets options, and instructs the software to solve the problem. The pro...

Borland Turbo C v2

DOS19883.7/5 Borland Software Corporation

Visual Basic 3

Windows XP/98/95Windows 3.x19933.5/5 Microsoft
Visual Basic 3 (VB3) is a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) released by Microsoft in 1993. It is part of the Visual Basic (VB) series, which is known for its ease of use and rapid application development capabilities. Visual Basic 3 was a significant step forward in the evolution of the Visual Basic language and...
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