Abandonware DOS title

Games featuring PvP multiplayer mode sorted by release date

Of all the multiplayer modes available for a game, PvP (Player VS Player) is one of the most appreciated. The thrill of competing in some way against a human opponent is something that changes the way you're playing and is often completely different than fighting a computer opponent. In fact, the first games in history lacked a computer opponent (it needed more resources, more code, etc.), there was PvP before everything else.

Most popular PvP (player VS player) games

Magic: The Gathering
strategyWindows XP/98/95
Road Rash
racingWindows XP/98/95
Dune 2000
strategyWindows XP/98/95
  • tigersinsnow-4
    DOS1982protected3.8/5 Tactical Design Group
  • archon-3
    DOS19844.2/5 Free Fall Associates

    Archon: The Light and the Dark is an abandoned DOS fantasy blend of strategy and action game, developed by Free Fall Associates and published for DOS by Electronic Arts in 1984. Archon and its sequels are a unique mix of chess-like turn-based strategy and arcade action games. Take chess and add the fact that every time two pieces land on the same s...

  • mychess-1
    DOS19843.8/5 Software Toolworks
  • cyrus-04
  • spacewar-1
  • tennispc-02
  • batalia-4
    DOS19862.8/5 The Right Brothers
  • conflictvietnam-4
    DOS19864.2/5 MicroProse Software
  • fiveasidesoccer-1
    DOS19863.1/5 Mastertronic
  • gulf-strike-04
    DOS19864.1/5 Microcomputer Games Inc.
  • ogre-03
    DOS19864.2/5 Origin Systems
  • tag-team-wrestling-02
    DOS19863.5/5 Technos Japan
  • world-karate-championship-03
    DOS19863.8/5 System 3
  • arcade-volleyball-1
  • marble-madness-03
    DOS19873.7/5 Atari

    Marble Madness is an abandoned isometric action game designed by Mark Cerny and originally published by Atari as a successful and iconic arcade game. It was later converted for many platform in 1986 and for IBM PCs in 1987 by Atari.

  • pattonvsrommel-1
    DOS19874/5 Electronic Arts
  • streesportsbaseball-2
    DOS19873.1/5 Epyx
  • streesportsbasketball-5
    DOS19873.3/5 Epyx
  • volleyball-simulator-03
    DOS19873.3/5 Time Warp Software
  • 4thinches-1
    DOS1988protected3.2/5 Accolade
  • battlechess-1
    DOS1988protected4.2/5 Interplay Productions

    Chess was a niche genre in video gaming. There were lots of chess simulations: black and white very old games, licensed games from chess champions, etc. No one ever attempted to broaden the audience until Interplay published Battle Chess. Battle Chess appeal was almost entirely focused on the animations when two pieces ended on the same square.

  • bopnwrestle-03
    DOS1988protected3.5/5 Beam Software
  • classic-concentration-01
    DOS19884.2/5 Softie
  • death-sword-02
    DOS19884.2/5 Palace Software

    Death Sword (also known as Barbarian in Europe), is a fighting game developed by Palace Software, set in a fantasy world full of huge sword-wielding barbarians. Compared to modern brawlers, Death Sword gameplay may seem slow, but at the time it was considered adequate. Instead of rushing into multiple chain combos, the slow pace allow the players t...

  • encyclopedia-war-ancient-battles-03
    DOS19882.8/5 Cases Computer Simulations
  • firepower-pc-02
    DOS19883.4/5 Silent Software
  • kingsofthebeach-4
    DOS19884.1/5 Electronic Arts
  • knight-games-05
    DOS19883.9/5 Mastertronic

    Olympic games were something back in the 80s and the 90s: Winter Games, Summer Games, California Games, anything-you-can-think-of games. Some imaginative developer thought that the world needed a different kind of "multisport" action game and came up with he idea behind Knight Games.

  • microprose-soccer-05
    DOS1988protected4.3/5 Sensible Software

    MicroProse Soccer is an abandoned action-oriented soccer game, developed by Sensible Software and released by MicroProse Software in 1988. The appeal of MicroProse Soccer was its simplicity and the smooth controls. In the United States it was known as Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer.

  • 1on1jb-2
    DOS19883.7/5 Electronic Arts