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Games part of the Ultima series

The Ultima series is a highly influential and long-running series of role-playing video games created by Richard Garriott, also known as Lord British. The series was developed and published primarily by Origin Systems, with the first game released in 1981 and subsequent titles appearing over the course of several decades.

The Ultima series is known for its deep and immersive fantasy worlds, intricate storytelling, moral choices, and innovative gameplay mechanics. The games take place in the fictional realm of Britannia, a land filled with diverse races, magic, and conflicts between good and evil.
Each game in the series builds upon the established lore and introduces new characters, locations, and gameplay elements. The core gameplay typically involves exploring the world, undertaking quests, battling enemies, and progressing through an overarching narrative. The series evolved over time, incorporating advancements in graphics, sound, and gameplay systems.

The Ultima series is often praised for its open-ended nature, offering players freedom to make choices that impact the game world and its inhabitants. The concept of "virtues" plays a significant role in many of the games, presenting players with moral dilemmas and opportunities to embody specific virtues or vices, which in turn affects their character's development and the overall story.

The Ultima series concluded with Ultima IX: Ascension in 1999, although several spin-offs, remakes, and expansions were released in subsequent years. The series left a lasting impact on the RPG genre, inspiring countless developers and influencing subsequent game franchises.