Abandonware DOS title

Abandonware games beginning with letter Q sorted by popularity

  • quake_002
    DOSWindows XP/98/951996protected4.3/5 shooter

    Quake is a real-time 3D FPS developed by idSoftware and a spiritual successor to the popular Doom series. Quake became very popular and spawned many sequels and fan made mods such as Team Fortress.

  • qbasic71-01
    DOS19914.5/5 application
  • questglory4-3
    DOSWindows 3.x1993protected4.1/5 adventure
  • quarantine-4
    DOS19944/5 racing

    Quarantine is a futuristic racing/driving game released by GameTek in 1994 for DOS. Quarantine is set in a dark dystopian futuristic city where the player drives around in a taxi cab, picking up passengers and killing everyone else. If you loved Carmageddon, you will also like Quarantine. Stay away if you don't like gratuitous violence, gore and bl...

  • questforglory1-5
    DOS1989protected3.9/5 adventure
  • qfg2-2
    DOS1990protected4.1/5 adventure

    Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire is a the second chapter in the Sierra beloved Quest for Glory series. Trial by Fire is an adventure game with RPG elements (at the very start the player must choose a class from the three available: fighter, wizard, thief) set in a fantasy setting inspired by Middle East lore. It was developed ad released by Sierra ...

  • qbert-06
    DOS19844.1/5 action
  • qixtaito-2
    DOS19894/5 action
  • questforglory3-3
    DOS1992protected4.1/5 adventure

    Quest for glory 3: Wages of War is the third game in the Quest for Glory series. It's an adventure game at heart but, in the tradition of the Quest for Glory games, involves combat and classes like an RPG. Quest for Glory III was designed by Corey Cole and Lori Ann Cole, developed and released by Sierra On-Line in 1992 only for DOS.

  • gorilla-bas-01
    DOS1991freeware4.1/5 strategy
  • borland-quattro-pro-03
    DOS19914/5 application
  • tenshindo-02
    Windows XP/98/9519954.2/5 strategy
  • quandaries-1
    DOS19983.5/5 simulation
  • questprobe-spiderman-06
    DOS19864.1/5 adventure
  • questron2-1
    DOS1988protected3.8/5 rpg
  • questprobe-hulk-01
    DOS19844.1/5 adventure
  • questprobeff-1
  • turbo-science-04
    DOS19923.6/5 puzzle
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