Abandonware DOS title

Abandonware DOS retro gaming spotlight

  • Virtua Cops

    Virtua Cops

    10th November 2017shooter
    Since Operation Wolf, shooting gallery games (or rail shooters) became quite popular. Apart from Operation Wolf, Cabal and a few others, there wasn't much on PC until Virtua Cop ("Virtua Squad" for the american audience). Virtua Cop brought 3D to the genre, but the gameplay is the same that every ...
  • A few more First Person Shooters

    A few more First Person Shooters

    9th October 2017shooter
    First Person Shooters revolutionalized action gaming since the advent of Wolfenstein 3D and, later, Doom. Everyone knows about these two games, but there were a lot of lesser known old FPSs. Apart from System Shock, I bet that not much of you ever heard of every single one of these ...
  • Retro game spotlight: Star Wars

    Retro game spotlight: Star Wars

    16th December 2015shooter, simulation
    Star Wars is a coin-op conversion that, in all its vector graphics glory, made Star Wars fans dream of being Luke Skywalker. I remember using every drop of force I had left, in a local arcade, just to get past the AT-ATs.