Abandonware DOS title

Abandonware DOS retro gaming spotlight

  • Organ Trail

    Organ Trail

    23rd July 2013remakes and sequels
    You read the title right, this game is actually called ORGAN TRAIL. I'm sure some of you remember "The Oregon Trail". Well, Organ Trail is more than a remake. Check it out here.
  • Shroud of the Avatar

    Shroud of the Avatar

    9th July 2013remakes and sequels
    From the creator of the RPG series Ultima, comes another kickstarter: Shroud of the Avatar. The title doesn't contain the word "Ultima" but the author is Richart Garriott (god bless him) and the Ultima spirit is breathing life in this project. Shroud of the Avatar already reached the successful status ...
  • For every Larry fan out there

    For every Larry fan out there

    9th June 2013remakes and sequels
    Among the many kickstarter projects, there's also a remake of the first Leisure Suit Larry. The project, started by Al Lowe himself, already reached the "successful" status.
  • Elite: Dangerous

    Elite: Dangerous

    1st June 2013remakes and sequels
    Some of you may already know... there's a kickstarter of Elite: Dangerous, a promise sequel to the very popular Elite series. The project has already gathered all the money needed for the game and, apparently, it's scheduled for release in 2014.