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Abandonware DOS retro gaming spotlight

  • CODiE Awards: 1986

    CODiE Awards: 1986

    14th July 2017top games and awards
    The SIIA CODiE Awards are one of the oldest still around. The first games were awarded in 1986. Cold war was a reality, USSR was a superpower and most of you weren't even born.Here's a description from the official site: "The SIIA CODiE Awards were established in 1986 so that pioneers ...
  • Electronic Games Arcade Awards - 1992

    Electronic Games Arcade Awards - 1992

    21st April 2017top games and awards
    What happened in 1992? Quite a lot! Bosnia Herzegovina declares independence, starting the war we all know about. The Maastricht treaty is signed and the European Union is officially born. Microsoft releases Windows 3.1: the DOS era is slowly coming to an end. 1992 also gave us some video game classics such as ...
  • Electronic Games Arcade Awards - 1984

    Electronic Games Arcade Awards - 1984

    17th December 2016top games and awards
    Electronic Games was a computer magazine focused entirely on early video games. Every year, the Electronic Games Arcade Awards crowned a few Games of the Year. This is a list of the best games published in 1984, the year that Ghostbusters came out. 1984Agent USA Electronic Educational Game of the YearApple ...