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Remakes of old abandoned games: puzzle

Games running on DOS date back to the XX century and, well, there’s no other way you can define them - they’re just dated. Graphics, user experience, and sounds vastly progressed over the years: Today’s games belong to an entirely different world.

Many of the old games that used to run on DOS have been recreated from scratch to varying degrees of faithfulness, whether by the hands of big gaming companies or indie developers. Some of these remakes are available as free games, while others can only be played online, and some are available for purchase.

Here’s a list of remakes and ported games for the benefit of nostalgic enthusiasts and new generations of gamers alike.


Puzzle games are about solving logical or strategic puzzles, jigsaws, mathematical brain teasers, and quizzes. The player can control one or more characters (as in Lemmings) or interact with static or moving objects (as in Tetris).
Original game Remakes / ports
AtomixAtomixWAtomic, a remake for Windows
Holiday LemmingsHoliday LemmingsLemmigs remake
LemmingsLemmingsLemmigs remake
Lemmings 2: The TribesLemmings 2: The TribesLemmigs remake
Lemmings 95Lemmings 95Lemmigs remake
Oh no! More LemmingsOh no! More LemmingsLemmigs remake
PuzznicPuzznicPuzztrix remake
Rockford: The Arcade GameRockford: The Arcade GameHunters
Sherlock: the Game of LogicSherlock: the Game of LogicSherlock Free for Android
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