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20000 Leagues under the sea other - logbook

          2 0 , 0 0 0   L E A G U E S   U N D E R   T H E   S E A

                      20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA


We've been captain Nemo's prisoners for three days in this strange
aquatic machine known as the Nautilus.
    After a long sleepless night, I decided to keep a log book, for I
have no alternative but to live this fabulous adventure to the full so
that I may share it with the whole world.

Councel, my devoted servant, is adjusting admirably to our new
lifestyle.  But I fear the worst for Ned Land; this harpooner is a
violent and impulsive man.  He will find it hard not to come to blows
with Nemo.

My host's nature never fails to intrigue me: what does his face hide?
One thing's for sure; this brain has seen and perceived things that the
world doesn't know exist.  I sometimes feel as if he can see into the

This submarine is a real miracle.  Everything is so well organised.  The
lounge alone rivals the luxury of a baroque palace and it's porthole
gives the most beautiful view of the underwater world that I've ever
been able to admire.  What wonders, or perhaps monstrosities, will I
find there?

One month has passed already.  My dealings with Nero are very regular.
He keeps me in the dark about our situation and I need to pay a lot of
attention and think hard to deduce any more about it.  I'm trying to
work out our route but there aren't many clues.

The library is incredibly well stocked.  I spend hours there, learning
about a world I thought I knew better; perhaps it holds secrets about
the Nautilus too.  Alas, the Captain has ruled it out of bounds to me
for some time; his nerves are on edge, so I'll have to keep a low
profile until things calm down.

Do you Know what real fear is?  I discovered it yesterday for the first
time in my life, when a shoal of sharks came out of the shadows.
Fortunately, I was armed!  Now that's all over.  I wonder whether Nemo
would have saved me?

What joy, what a sense of power I felt this morning at the helm of the
Nautilus.  Of course, the Captain was there, but it was I, and I alone,
who steered the submarine.  It wasn't easy, and Nemo's presence, tense
and overbearing, ready to snatch the controls at the slightest mistake,
didn't help much.

Does music really have a soothing effect?  I think so, and the Captain's
enthusiastic reaction when I played his favourite tunes convinced me.
Apparently, he is putting the organ at my disposal.

MARCH 10th
After so many days without setting foot on land, I was able to go for an
hours walk on a small Pacific island this morning.  Contrary to first
sight, this land was not deserted; traps, bridges, dug-outs and the
presence of natives lying in wait behind the dense vegetation were all
in evidence.  I certainly discovered some strange things...

MARCH 21st
My travelling companions can take no more.  As for me, I know I still
have a lot to learn and I cannot envisage running away.  But will I find
another chance to escape?

MARCH 26th
I have been confined to my cabin for three days for having 'threatened'
the security of the Nautilus.  Captain Nemo worries me; I wonder if he's
not slowly sinking into madness.  Maybe I should have listened to Ned
Land when he urged us to escape.  I'm frightened.

APRIL 12th
A nightmare vision.  I never imagined that such a monster could exist;
an enormous squid attacked the Nautilus, threatening all our lives with
its powerful tentacles.  It's the beginning of a merciless struggle
whose violence I just daren't imagine.


You are Professor Aronnax; you have been plunged into a mysterious and
unknown world which you will gradually discover, burning you with it's

But know this:

Captain Nemo is a strange and dubious character.  Keep on the right side
of him, don't try his patience and, above all, don't annoy him; he'll
isolate you with no regrets.  Learn to know him.

The Nautilus is a brilliantly run microcosm.  You will have to
familiarise yourself with things you know very little about.  But be
careful; the things you do may help or harm you now or later.

The deep sea world is a marvellous world, but don't let yourself be
carried away by your dreams; it is a cruel world without pity.

Most important of all, don't forget that you aim to tell people about
this fantastic adventure; find your route and plot it on the map; keep a
note of all the essential information which you will be given throughout
your voyage, but don't forget to escape; choose the right moment.



You can light up the depths of the ocean with the beacon.

The periscope is at your disposal but you cannot use when the Nautilus
is more than 10 metres down.

Thanks to the calendar you can keep track of passing time.

Notebook; essential.  Write in all the relevant information by pressing
the mouse at the right times.  But be careful; you have very little room
left in your notebook, so don't just write anything!

The heart of the library contains magnificently bound works.  Discover
them by choosing the shelf you want.  Use the arrows to move along each


This map, which is always at your disposal in the living room, will
enable you to make a written note of your route on it.  But you will
have to work it out from Nemo's remarks and from the information you
will gain from the navigational instruments.  Place the numbered tokens
on the map in the correct order and don't hesitate to correct them.  To
do this, press the mouse over one of the numbered tokens.  You can take
back a token and move it at any time.  It's up to you to find on the map
the route Captain Nemo has chosen and to place the tokens in the right

...It's up to you to discover the treasures of the library, the
submarines deck and the dangers of the outside world.