Abandonware DOS title

221B Baker Street manual


"As he spoke, he whipped a tape measure and a large round magnifying
glass from his pocket.  With these two implements he trotted noiselessly
about the room, sometimes stopping, occasionally kneeling, and once
lying flat upon his face.  So engrossed was he with his occupation that
he appeared to have forgotten our presence....as I watched him I was
irresistibly reminded of a pure-blooded, well-trained foxhound as it
dashes backwards and forwards through the covert, whining in its
eagerness, until it comes across the lost scent!" - A Study In Scarlet

Based on the board game created by Jay Moriarty.
Computer version developed by Pacific Softech, Inc. in association
with IntelliCreations, Inc.
Designed by Steven Duboff, Jeff Harth, and John P.Sohl.
Commodore graphics by Todd Camasta (courtesy of Interplay Productions)
Apple graphics by Russ Wolvek and Todd Camasta.
Atari graphics by Russ Wolvek.
Speech synthesis by Software Speech tm(c)(p) 1984, Electronic Speech
Systems of Santa Clara, CA.
Documentation by Thomas J.Clement and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

221 B Baker ST. is a registered trademark of Antler Productions.
Datasoft is a registered trademark of IntelliCreations, Inc.
Commodore 64/128 is a trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc.
Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Computer, Inc.
Apple II is a registered trademark of Apple computer, Inc.
(c) 1986 IntelliCreations, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Printed in USA.

In keeping with the flavour of 221 B Baker St., English spellings are used.

"Give me problems, give me work, give me the most obscure cryptogram or the
most intricate analysis and I am in my own proper atmosphere...the last and
highest court of appeal in detection!" - The Sign Of The Four

"There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein
of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every
inch of it!" - A Study In Scarlet

REQUIREMENTS - COMMODORE 64/128 tm: "All this is amusing, though rather
elementary...!" - A Case Of Identity
  Commodore 64/128 computer        221 B Baker ST. Game disk
  1541/1571 disk drive             221 B Baker ST. Case Library
  Video monitor or TV              (an optional purchase)
  Joystick (optional)              A Deductive Mind

REQUIREMENTS - APPLE II(r)SERIES: "Draw your chair up and hand me my
violin...!" - The Adventure Of The Noble Bachelor
  Apple II Series computer(64k)    221 B Baker ST. Game disk
  Compatible disk drive            221 B Baker ST. Case Library
  Video monitor                    (an optional purchase)
  Joystick (optional)              A Deductive Mind

REQUIREMENTS - ATARI(r)HOME COMPUTERS: "I'll light my spirit lamp and
give you a cup of coffee before we start!" - The Adventure Of The Golden
  Atari home computer(64k)         221 B Baker ST. Game disk
  Compatible disk drive            221 B Baker ST. Case Library
  Video monitor or TV              (an optional purchase)
  Joystick (optional)              A Deductive Mind

OPTIONS FOR ALL COMPUTERS: "I have my eye on a suite in Baker Street!" -
A Study In Scarlet
  Deerstalker cap                  Calabash pipe
  Magnifying glass                Plenty of fog and gas light

LOADING THE GAME: "Come, Watson, come...the game is afoot!" - The Adventure
of the Abbey Grange

COMMODORE 64/128: "A collection of my trifling experiences would certainly
be incomplete which contained no account of this very singular business!" -
The Musgrave Ritual
1.  Turn off computer and connect Joystick to Port Two.
2.  Turn on monitor or TV, disk drive, and computer (with C-128 hold down
    Commodore key while turning on computer).
3.  Insert 221 B Baker ST. disk into drive and close the door.
4.  When READY appears on the screen, type LOAD"*",8,1 and press RETURN.
    The game loads and runs.  Leave disk in drive during play.
    NOTE: If program fails to load, try disconnecting any peripherals
    (except the disk drive).

APPLE and ATARI: "So strange in its inception and so dramatic in its
details...!" - The Adventure Of The Engineer's Thumb
1.  Turn off computer (remove all Atari cartridges). Connect Joystick.
2.  Turn on power to monitor or TV (and Atari disk drive).
3.  Insert 221 B BAKER ST. disk into drive, close the door, and turn on
    computer.  The game loads and runs.  Leave disk in drive during play.

EXIT GAME: press F3 (Commodore), ESC (Apple), START (Atari).

PREPARING TO PLAY: "Every link is now in place and the chain is complete!"-
The Problem Of Thor Bridge

HOW MANY PLAYERS OR TEAMS (1-4) ?  Select the number of players or teams. 
You're then prompted to ENTER PLAYER OR TEAM NAME (up to 10 characters).
Press RETURN after typing each name.

ARE YOU USING A JOYSTICK - Y/N ?  If you wish to play with a Joystick,
type Y (the Joystick fire button can be used anywhere you'd normally press
RETURN or where you want to answer NO).  For a keyboard only game, type N.

DO YOU WANT CODED CLUES - Y/N ?  This lets you choose whether or not to
receive game Clues in a secret Code Known only to you.

OPTION SUMMARY  If the options you've picked are to your satisfaction, hit
Y.  If not, strike N and reselect.

CODED CLUE ASSIGNMENT: "I am fairly familiar with all forms of secret
writings...but I confess that this is entirely new to me.  The object of
those who invented the system has apparently been to conceal that these
characters convey a message...!" - The Adventure Of The Dancing Men
  Open this booklet to its centre.  There are 20 Clue Codes, arranged in
four CODE groups (A,B,C,D) of five CODE numbers each.  If you decide to
play the game using Clue Codes, the computer assigns you your own Code
group (unchangeable for the entire game).  From this, you're given a Code
number (changeable during the game).
  EXAMPLE: The computer assigns you A3; this means you are playing the
whole game in code group "A" and starting off with the Code number of "3"
(which you can change later).
  Clues appear "scrambled" on the screen.  These scrambled letters
correspond with the Alphabet Line (in bold letters) at the left of the
Code groups.  The column of letters beneath your Code Number is used to
"decode" the scrambled letters from the Alphabet Line.
  EXAMPLE: if you've been assigned A1 to play the game and your Clue Code
is EINKL, the letters across from EINKL, spell ADLER (Irene's last name).
  The other players may break your Code (the bounders!).  This means that
while you're deciphering your Clue, they'll be trying to figure it out as
well.  If it seems that these cunning Code-crackers are on to you, throw
them of your scent by picking a new Code number (this is done at the
Carriage Depot).  There's no limit to how often you may do this.
  NOTE: Perforation marks separate the four Code groups.  We recommend
that you photocopy this page several times; this way, you'll always have
the original intact in the documentation.  Cut the copies apart and give
each player his assigned Code group.
  Further, we suggest you keep quill and paper handy to jot down pertinent
facts or suspicious events (lemon juice, by the by, makes an ideal
"invisible" ink; if you don't wish to be so secretive, any common variety
writing medium--pencil or pen--should prove adequate to the task).

CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN: "You would have made an actor, and a rare
one!" - The Sign Of The Four
  Players may choose whom they want to portray: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson,
Irene Adler, or Inspector Lestrade (if you want the computer to call you by
your character name, type that instead of your own at the beginning of
the game).  Press RETURN after donning the character disguise of your

STARTING A CASE: "We approached the case with an absolutely blank mind,
which is always an advantage!" - The Cardboard Box
  The first 30 cases are on the back of the Game disk.  You're prompted to
turn the disk over or insert a Case Library disk (two additional Case
Libraries are available).  Choose the Case by number, then press RETURN.
Once you've chosen, you're prompted to reinsert Side One of the Game disk
and again press RETURN.

CASE BOOK & SOLUTION CHECKLIST: "Lestrade took out his official notebook
and refreshed his memory from it's pages!" - The Adventure Of The Six
  You simply cannot play 221 B BAKER ST. without reading the CASE BOOK.
Every game's Case history has vital background information necessary for
solving each abominable atrocity.  There are no limits on how often players
may refer to the CASE BOOK.
  If your experience with the English environs is wanting, jot down your
travels on the SOLUTION CHECKLIST. Use the Checklist to catalogue Clues,
plan strategies, and to remember where you've been (this way, you won't be
embarrassed by your companions' shouts of, "Stop! where are you going ?" -
The Adventure Of The Three Gables).



   1 2 3 4 5       1 2 3 4 5       1 2 3 4 5       1 2 3 4 5

A  S R E S N    A  C J Y T F    A  D G X Y Q    A  L V Y I P
B  P O R C Y    B  I G R M N    B  R E N C O    B  Z Q G O X
C  H I A X D    C  E I J Z E    C  W I O U G    C  Q T M M V
D  J M Z D X    D  O K O Y U    D  O L B O X    D  D B H Z T
E  A C U O L    E  Y M U U R    E  H V U P M    E  B D T C R
F  U V N W Q    F  G Q F S H    F  S M A C E    F  G C N A M
G  W P J H T    G  L B H I O    G  V U S G W    G  O I X X B
H  B N T J Z    H  B X Q O B    H  M J R V J    H  N G E L D
I  D D S L R    I  J S S F P    I  P K K D K    I  E F K P E
J  C G G B C    J  D C A P V    J  J W I Q Z    J  J L L W N
K  E Q M E S    K  Z E P W W    K  T S Z H S    K  S R V V I
L  R U P T G    L  T P V B L    L  X A P W N    L  U H C T Y
M  M S I K O    M  P L Z V X    M  U Y G I Y    M  C K J E S
N  L X Y V K    N  V U X N Y    N  C B W J D    N  R N U Y W
O  X J W P J    O  K A M H S    O  A D H X U    O  H A F K U
P  Z W H F M    P  F T W Q Q    P  K X E K A    P  V S Q B F
Q  K Y V Z A    Q  R O N E A    Q  F T T R P    Q  M O R J L
R  O H X G W    R  S V E L Z    R  G C Y B F    R  X E S R H
S  V K B Y I    S  N Y G D T    S  Y H Q E V    S  F U Z F A
T  N F Q I V    T  M F C C J    T  Q F N L R    T  A J W G K
U  Q B D M B    U  X Z K J M    U  Z R L Z I    U  K W A Q J
V  Y A F Q U    V  Q N T R I    V  B P V S H    V  Y P D U O
W  I Z L A E    W  W D B G D    W  E Z F A B    W  W M B D Z
X  T E K N F    X  U H L K K    X  L Q M M C    X  P Z I N Q
Y  G L C R H    Y  H R D A C    Y  N O D F T    Y  I Y P S C
Z  F T O U P    Z  A W I X G    Z  I N J T L    Z  T X O H G
0  5 4 4 2 6    0  9 5 1 9 7    0  3 3 6 5 6    0  9 3 9 9 1
1  9 6 8 5 7    1  5 4 8 2 5    1  1 5 2 4 0    1  0 4 7 7 0
2  3 2 1 0 4    2  8 1 0 1 6    2  2 1 1 8 7    2  5 8 1 4 4
3  6 9 9 9 0    3  4 8 6 7 2    3  0 9 7 0 5    3  7 2 4 8 7
4  0 8 2 8 9    4  2 7 5 5 3    4  5 2 3 7 4    4  4 5 8 5 8
5  8 7 3 6 3    5  1 2 9 0 1    5  4 7 8 9 8    5  8 0 6 3 3
6  7 0 5 3 1    6  0 9 4 6 9    6  7 8 4 6 3    6  3 1 2 6 9
7  1 5 0 7 8    7  6 6 2 4 8    7  8 6 0 3 2    7  1 6 5 1 6
8  2 3 6 1 2    8  3 0 3 3 0    8  9 0 9 2 9    8  2 9 3 0 2
9  4 1 7 4 5    9  7 3 7 8 4    9  6 4 5 1 1    9  6 7 0 2 5

DIE: "Aye, there's the genius and the wonder of the thing!" - The Final
  Roll the Die to determine how far you can move each turn.  With the C-64
and Atari, hold down the SPACE BAR, releasing it to stop the DIE (any
Joystick fire button may also be used).  On the Apple, tap the SPACE BAR
once to roll, once more to stop; or use the second button on the Joystick.
  To the faint of heart, we apologize that the singular for Dice has such
a chilling and final sound to it!

MOVING: "The thief or the murderer could roam London on such a day as the
tiger does the jungle: unseen until he pounces, and then evident only to
his victim!" - The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans
  You can travel through London using either the Joystick or the Keyboard.
Push up on the Joystick to move Up the screen (I on the keyboard), pull
down to move Down (K); push the Joystick left to walk Left (J), right to
walk Right (L).
  As you perambulate the fog-shrouded streets, the number of moves you make
registers on the lower left of the screen.  If you make a wrong turn,
happen up a blind alley, or get too close to the chilly Thames, simply
retrace your steps.  You can do this as long as you haven't moved the
total allotment of steps; in other words, if you rolled six and have only
gone five steps, you can double back.  If you have gone six steps, however,
your position is locked in and your turn is over (the Die disappears).
  NOTE: Whenever you enter a location, the computer counts that entrance as
a "Clue received."  This effects your game Rating (see Rating Screen
section).  For this reason, it's an extremely good idea to slow down when
you approach a location.  Your momentum may cause you to lose your footing,
slip, and enter a place you didn't WANT to enter; this is ESPECIALLLY true
near Hyde Park and The Dock (which are very "slippery when wet" locales).

MAP SCREEN: "Let us try to reconstruct the situation," said he, as we drove
swiftly past the Houses of Parliament and over Westminster Bridge!" - The
Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax
  When M is pressed, you're shown a helium-balloon view of London, your
position given as a flashing square (humiliating, but effective). The other
players are also visible, appearing as different colours on the Map
(initials show who is whom: IA--Irene Adler; LS--Inspector Lestrade;
JW--Dr. John Watson; SH--Sherlock Holmes).  The Map may be viewed at any
time during your turn (Apple users can also access the map by pressing the
top button on the Joystick).  To exit, press any key or the Joystick button.

GAME PLAY OBJECTIVE: "You see, my dear Watson, it is not really difficult
to construct a series of inferences, each dependent on its predecessors
and each simple in itself!" - The Adventure Of The Dancing men
  The game begins at 221 B Baker St.  The object is to solve the mystery
before your opponents.  It SHOULD be remembered that these "opponents" are
also your friends (you're not fighting that Napoleon of Crime, Professor
Moriarty, on this one).  Hence, a good amount of Victorian civility should
be used as you try to beat the trousers or petticoats off the other players!

BADGES: "I have been down to see Lestrade at the Yard.  There may be an
occasional want of imaginative intuition down there, but they lead the
world for thoroughness and method!" - The Three Garridebs
  Players receive detective badges at Scotland Yard.  Badges lock locations,
preventing opponents from just walking in after you've acquired the valuable
Clues you need (blue badges mark which locations have been locked).  Only
one badge can be carried at a time.  You may not lock three locations:
221 B Baker Street, Scotland Yard, or the Locksmith Shop.
  NOTE: You must have a badge when you return to 221 B Baker St. to give
your solution of the crime.

KEYS: "How came you to leave the key in the door ?" - The Adventure of the
Three Students
  Players start each game with one key.  Keys are needed to unlock locations
and to enter Secret Tunnels.  Once a key is used, it's lost.  You can get
new ones from (where else ?) the Locksmith Shop.  Ah, but you can only
possess one key at a time.

GAME PLAY STRATEGY: "It must be exceedingly delicate and complex affair from
your point of view!" - The Adventure Of The Sussex Vampire
  You don't want to muck about, plodding through the game while your
opponents logically, deftly, and skillfully patch the proliferous puzzle
together!  Be on your toes, keep your eyes wide, and deduce, deduce, deduce.
  You'll develop your own strategic sense as the games progress, but here
are a few hints.  Use badges and keys wisely (is it worth locking a location
right near the Locksmith Shop ?).  You don't HAVE to let the other players
see your Clues on the screen (a clever opponent may learn too much from
watching you play!).  Keep track of how many Clues you've gotten (if you
can win a game with an "Inspector" rather than a "Constable" rating, all
the better).

BUILDINGS, THE DOCK, & HYDE PARK: "I should like just to remember the order
of the houses here.  It is a hobby of mine to have an exact knowledge of
London!" - The Red-Headed League
  Crimson arrows mark the portals of several important locations.  Upon
entering, you'll be given a Clue!  Entrance is gained by using the Joystick
or by hitting a direction key on the Keyboard.
  If you enter Hyde Park at one end, you'll always exit at the opposite
end.  If you travel to the Park from the Carriage Depot, you'll always
leave the Park via the lower exit.
  NOTE: Once you enter a location and receive information, your turn is
over.  If you had moves left on your roll of the Die, these are now gone.

CLUES: "Ah, I think that what you have been good enough to tell us makes
the matter fairly clear and that I can deduce all that remains!" - The
Adventure Of The Copper Beecher
  Upon entering a location, you'll receive a Clue (no Clues are given at
221 B Baker St.).  If this is in Code, decipher it.  Remember, not all
Clues are pertinent; as Holmes said, "It is of the highest importance in
the art of detection to be able to recognize out of a number of facts which
are incidental and which vital!" - The Reigate Squires.
  Some Clues are in two or more parts (Motive Clues, Weapon Clues, etc.)
and you must piece these together as you progress from one place to the
next.  Keep track of your Clues in that incredibly analytic mind of yours,

SECRET TUNNELS: "Come this way, if you please."  He led us down a passage,
opened a barred door, passed down a winding stair..." - The Man With The
Twisted Lip
  If you're in the know, you're aware that the manhole covers found near
the Locksmith Shop and Scotland Yard lead into "secret tunnels."  Each of
these peculiar paths whisks you to one of seven random areas (the Locksmith
Shop tunnel has one set of seven routes; the Scotland Yard tunnel has a
second set; where one tunnel takes you, the other will not!).  221 B Baker
St. is the only location without secret tunnel access. Since these tunnels
are always locked, a key is required.
  Tunnels transport you into both unlocked AND locked locations.  Locked
locations remain locked when you leave (downright sneaky, what ?).
Another tunnel travel advantage is that you don't have to walk from one
place to another.
  A disadvantage is that you can never be sure where you're going till you
get there (an exhilarating excursion for an adventurer).
  Safety Note: These tunnels may wend near one of the underground rail
routes (Baker St. Station opened on 9 January 1863).  There've been no game
fatalities yet, but do be careful.

CARRIAGE DEPOT: "A brougham was waiting with a massive driver wrapped in a
dark cloak, who, the instant that I had stepped in, whipped up the horse
and rattled off to Victoria Station!" - The Final Problem
  Watch your step!  In the Carriage Depot you can hire a "cab" (hansoms,
landaus, and broughams are all popular).  The going 1890s rate is around
20 pence, but considering how often you've rescued the city from doom,
you're never charged.  Choose one of 14 specific routes.  The only
restriction is if the location you want is locked.  Naturally, having a key
will circumvent this encumbrance.
  If you don't want to go racing over the city's colourful, cobbled roads,
you may ask for a Clue or change your Code.  These two options appear at
the end of the Carriage destinations list.

SOLVING THE CASE: "Has anything escaped me ?  I trust there is nothing of
consequence which I have overlooked!" - The Hound Of The Baskervilles
  When you've gathered enough Clues to solve the Case, the next step is
elementary; head straight away to 221 B Baker St. (don't forget that
badge!).  Once there, you're asked questions pertinent to the mystery's
resolution.  If you solve the crime, you are hailed as the winner and the
entire scenario is revealed to your opponents (being the winner, you already
know how you solved the crime).
  If however, you've left a stone or two unturned, you are forced to scurry
back to Scotland Yard for another badge.  And make haste!  your opponents
may now have the upper hand.


SOLUTION SCREEN: "It is an error to argue in front of your data.  You find
yourself insensibly twisting them around to fit your theories!" - The
Adventure Of Wisteria Lodge
  To Solve the Case, you must turn the disk over or insert a supplemental
Case Library Disk (as you did to select a Case at the beginning of the
game).  No matter how confident you are, you'd best be advised not to let
your fellow players see the questions.  We don't want to give them an edge
if you get something wrong, do we ?  If you've bungled the Case, continue
the game by reinserting Side One of the Game disk.

EXPLANATION SCREEN: "It is simplicity itself so absurdly simple that an
explanation is superfluous; and yet it may serve to define the limits of
observation and of deduction!" - The Sign Of The Four
  If you solve the caper, not only will London be able to sleep a little
easier (Gentlemen, re-pocket your revolvers...Ladies, put away the smelling
salts), but the logic of your deductions will be shown on the screen (if
your line of reasoning doesn't quite match the explanation, who's to know ?).
England thanks you.

RATING SCREEN: "Well Watson, you have one more specimen to add to your
collection!" - The Red Circle
  You may have solved the crime, but how many Clues did it take ?  the fewer
the Clues, the higher the Rating.

1 - 5    Clues--Highest Rating:         Inspector

6 - 10   Clues--Sufficient Sleuthing:   Sergeant

11 - 14  Clues--A Tad Flat-Footed:      Constable

"You reasoned it out beautifully...so long a chain and yet every link rings
true!" - The Red-Headed League

One ghastly crime solved...29 more to go...

221B Baker Street

__  Apothecary

__  Bank

__  Carriage Depot

__  Dock

__  Hotel

__  Locksmith

__  Museum

__  Newspaper Shop

__  Park

__  Pawnbroker

__  Playhouse

__  Pub

__  Scotland Yard

__  Tobacconist