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2400 A.D. manual

- 2400 A.D. Manual -
(Word Format)

“Notes from the Underground”

Please help us. It’s too late now for
me – too many SD’s. But you’re new
here. They don’t know you yet. You
might have a chance against them.

Take this notebook. Read it. Learn
our story of despair…and hope.

I can’t explain more. Time is short.
There are others in the city – loyal
members of the Underground – who
will help. Trust them as I trust you.
Find Spider; he’ll start you along.

Good-bye, friend, and…good luck. 

2213 - 2277  A.D. Planet XK-120 is colo-
nized. The first inhabitants name it Nova
Athens. It is a small, strategically-located
world in one of the fringe systems ad-
ministered by the United Stellar
Council. The capital is called
Metropolis, meaning “mother
city” in ancient Greek; it is
established as a repository
of learning on what is
otherwise a mining
planet. Scholars
throughout the
galaxy vie

to the new, well-
funded Metropolis
University. A team
of Tzorg xenobiologists
arrives to pursue an
esoteric research project.
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2278 A.D.  Metropolis con-
tinues to grow, while other population centers on Nova
 Athens remain undeveloped
and devoted primarily to min-
ing activities. Extensive sub-
way and slidewalk systems
are completed. Megatech In-
dustries provides many jobs
for the increasing number of
highly-trained scientists who
graduate from Metropolis
University. The United Stellar
Council awards top-secret de-
fense contracts in the field of plasma physics to Megatech.
A Tzorg engineer heads
Megatech’s design group.

2291 A.D.  A botanical gar-
den is opened in the northeast-
ern section of the city. Many
rare varieties of flowers are
cultivated along the winding
footpaths. Construction be-
gins on the Bellevue Apart-
ments which will offer resi-
dents the latest high-tech ser-
vomechanical conveniences 
and will overlook a lush park.
The university library catalogs
an additional two million info-
disks, making its holdings
second to none in the galaxy. 
A group of Tzorg robotics experts automates all city utilities plants.

2313 A.D.  Jetway
Transport awards a
substantial prize
to the inventor
of a personal
jet pack

everyday use. Neurosur-
geons at Metropolis Hospital
gain galaxy-wide acclaim for
their spectacular achieve-
ments in synapse repair. Cen-
tennial exhibitionsm concerts,
and galas attract an endless
stream of Nova Athens in-
habitants as well as offworld
visitors. A young entrepre-
neur scores a marketing coup
by establishing a chain of fran-
chised “Burger Barn” restau-
rants throughout the city. The
Tzorg Ambassador and diplo-
matic staff are suddenly and
inexplicably recalled. Soon
thereafter, Tzorg attacks com-
mence against outlying

2324 A.D.  A technician at a
Metropolis electronics firm
develops a micro-miniature
energy generator. Hyperjazz
fans line the street for days to
catch a glimpse of celebrity
Dyna DeRange during her
promotional stopover at Bi-
zarrdo Music. A long-antici-
pated summit meeting be-
tween representatives of the
United Stellar Council and the
Tzorg Empire is held in Me-
tropolis. The talks end in a
2332 A.D.  Remote mining
settlements and defense out-
posts on Nova Athens are
subjected to unremitting
Tzorg assaults. Causalties
flow into Metropolis Hospi-
tal. University classes are boy-
cotted to pretest a military
draft instituted by the United
Stellar Council. Shortages of
some consumer products
Megatech scientists race to
complete work on numerous
defense projects.

2335 A.D.  In a series of light-
ning strikes, Tzorg troops
conquer Nova Athens and
institute marshal law in Me-
tropolis. Public Tracking and
Registration Offices are estab-
lished. Scientific research is prohibited. The Botanic Gar-
dens become the City Dump.
A small, disorganized, resis-
tance group begins efforts to
   sabotage the newly-built
         Tzorg Authority
2346-2399 A.D.  Mounting
pressure in other sectors of the
galaxy forces the Tzorgs to in-
stall the Robot Patrol System
in Metropolis and leave the
planet. City services are dis-
rupted, and luxury apart-
ments fall into disrepair. Uni-
versity enrollment dwindles.
Repeat offenders and black
marketeers sometimes find
haven in the dank and twist-
ing steam tunnels beneath the
city. The Underground net-
work and its information files

2400 A.D.  The Tzorg War
continues to rage. Galaxy-
wide military offensives 
against the Tzorgs by the
United Stellar Council cause
trade lane blockades. Ration-
ing of food commences 
throughout Nova Athens.
Sporadic, though increasingly
organized resistance to the
Tzorg Robots in Metropolis
results in the imposition of
indefinite jail sentences for in-
habitants with five or more
Social Demerits. As more
Metropolis residents are jailed
or disappear, workers from
other Tzorg-held territories
are imported to replace them.
The frequency of contraband
checks increases. A member of
the Underground discovers a
secret route into the Tzorg
Authority Complex. 
2400 A.D.

14TH Epsilon

They got M. today. She didn’t see them
coming. I did.

We’d made it to the third floor of the Re-
hab Center. I was watching the transport-
er tube while M. worked on a locked door.
She was always the one for the direct
approach. But then, that makes sense.
M. 	headed our munitions committee.

Rumor had it that there was a cache of
detonators somewhere in the building.
Could’ve been a false lead planted by a
collaborator, but M. was willing to take the
chance. I guess she was too eager, and
didn’t notice how easily the door opened.
The Lookers were on her before she
could draw her blaster. All I could do
was watch…and then run.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written
in this journal. Since I met M. This is
a cold substitute for a caring friend.

19th Epsilon

T. 	was talking about Sam Claymore
tonight. It was T.’s regular speech to
new recruits at the University, but
somehow he got sidetracked when one
of the kids asked about “heroes.”

There aren’t many of us left who’d met
Sam. But just about everyone in the
UG has heard his name. Same Claymore,
also known as: The Technician.

I was about ten when I first saw him.
A big guy, tall and muscular. Yet he
had these long, graceful fingers that
were always fiddling with some gadget
or other. He was real good with wea-
pons, and explosives were his personal
specialty. He must have taken a hun-
dred Cyborgs with him that last day.

Something had gone wrong with the
timing mechanism. It looked like sabo-
tage, but Sam wouldn’t point a finger
at anyone. They say he smiled a funny
sort of smile, grabbed the bomb, and
jumped on the tube to the next level. He
was far enough away then so his comrades
weren’t hurt by the explosion. No one ever
saw him again.

27th Epsilon

Got my fourth SD today. Maybe I’m get-
ting careless…or soft. Either way, it was
a stupid mistake.

The broadcasts were driving me crazy.
They’ve stepped up the frequency and
the volume. Sometimes it’s hard to hear
yourself think. Nothing much was planned
for today, so I decided to hunt up D. at
the Novue. He’s always good for a laugh.

I didn’t have an EZ ZAC, and didn’t bother
to get one. So, I had to do some fancy
footwork at the border. I was sneaking
through that shred of greenery to the
southwest of the apartments when I
caught a glimpse of something yellow.
I stopped to take a closer look. There,
at the base of the wall - somehow,
unbelievably - was a tiny golden flower.

I knew it was a flower because one of the
older folks, a graffiti artist in the UG,
sometimes draws them from memory. But
this was much more beautiful, more pre-
cious than any sketch I’d seen. It was
small and scruffy, so maybe it was a
weed. That didn’t matter…I had to
stare. Of course, that’s when the
Checker spotted me.

I went back later tonight - ZAC in hand
but I couldn’t find the flower. Maybe
the robot crushed it. Maybe someone
picked it. Or maybe I’d just imagined it
was there after all.

3rd Zeta

The tunnel into the Rehab Center is
almost finished. There’s still the
problem of all the locked doors…not to
mention the guards. But at least there
will be one secret route in. And out.

J. 	says he has to add M. to the list of
“disappeared ones.” He can’t put it off
any longer. It was hard to hear that.
Sounds like a pronouncement that we’ve
given up hope. But if she’s been
released, no one’s seen her.

At least she’s not one of those half-
mad detainees who are dumped into the
streets every so often. Repeated stun-
ning takes its toll. I don’t want to think
about that happening to M.

J. 	asked me to take over the munitions
committee. M. would chuckle if she
knew. She always called me “hotshot.”
Always called me… Now I’m talking as if
she’s gone forever. And the doors she
opened inside me are closing, locking.

11th Zeta

Freedom. It’s a word we don’t hear very
often. A word that many of us have
forgotten…and some of us want to forget.
But whether or not we remember just
exactly what it is we’re fighting for, we’re
all driven to fight until we’re free again.

W. 	told me he’s an arms dealer because
the money’s good. He said we’ll never get
rid of the stinking robots, so he might as
well sell on the black market, and keep a
few credits for himself.

Maybe so. But there was something in
his eyes that betrayed him when I bought
that new laser today. Something that said
more than his usual, “Don’t shoot your
foot off, pal.” It was a sparkle…
almost a wink.

Before I turned to go, I grinned at him
and said, “I’ll fry a few of ‘em for you.
Count on it.”
28th Zeta

Another shipment of workers arrived
from the mining settlements. Most of
them have experience running heavy
machinery, so they’ll be assigned to the
crews repairing the collapsed sections in
the SZ. But tumor has it that there is at
least one computer specialist from off-
world in the group. This could be the
break we need…the one we’ve been
waiting for.

With what the UG knows, and what’s been
collected in the Note-book, someone
who can handle the
terminals could get
into the Authority
Complex and reach
the main console…
if it exists…and
deactivate the

I tell myself not
to hope. Just
keep going day
after day, fight-
ing, running, hiding.
But hope is there, growing
inside me like that stubborn little flower.

And I tell M.: Hang on, you’ve got to hang
on. We’ve got a chance.

Here are brief descrip-
tions of the weapons
available to you from
the various blackmarket
vendors associated with
us. Some of the weap-
ons require energy to
operate. You can get
this energy by purchas-
ing energy cells, or you
can use the Tzorg power
nodes to charge your
weapons. However, be
warned that it is illegal
to us the power nodes.

A basic hand weapon
that emits a short, nar-
row, weak charge of
energy. Requires some
skill to use. Relatively

Similar to the hand
phaser, but supplies a
wider burst, making
it easier to use
This weapon will stun a
robot for 5 ticks, pre-
venting it from moving
or returning fire.
Handy in a pinch.

When activated, the
disrupter causes robots
in its immediate vicin-
ity to lose energy until
they are immobile.
They can then be
searched for credits.

When activated, proj-
ects the user’s image in
order to confuse robots.

Blinds robots that rely
on visual targeting.

This device causes a
robot to attack other
robots and follow the
user. Watch out for
A medium-duty weapon
emitting a narrow beam
of moderate intensity
and medium duration.
Difficult to use and
fragile, but more desir-
able than phasers or

A very fragile weapons
that is easy to use due to
its long-duration beam.
Moderate strength.

Delivers a short burst of
energy, so it’s difficult
to use. However, this
weapons offers very
ample power once a
hit is made.

A very powerful laser
rifle that requires a high
degree of skill to use. It
emits a narrow beam of
short duration, and is
quite fragile.
When set, will ex-
plode after the time
designated. Range is
3 tiles. If the delay is
set to 0, a Detonator
must be used.

Used to detonate
time bombs on com-
mand, rather than
detonate after a
programmed delay.

Other weapons may
be available, though
difficult to locate.

You will eventually
want to purchase
some type of energy
shield. They will
take the bite off any
hits that you take
from the Tzorg
Basic armor, giving
some protection against
robot attacks.

More substantial protec-
tion against attacks.

NOTE: Other devices
may be available,
though hard to find.


Other items are avail-
able which you may
find of use. Here is
a brief description
of them.

Medium of exchange
in Metropolis. You
earn credits by disabl-
ing robots and search-
ing them for their
energy sources. While
you cannot
use these energy
sources to power your
own equipment, they
are in great demand
and are readily accepted
by merchants for trade.
When you collect
energy sources off dis-
abled robots, you will
be informed of the
credit equivalent that
you have acquired. Note
that it is best to disable
robots as soon as pos-
sible after they have
recharged at a power
node because you will
receive the most
credits at that time.

Many items, like
weapons and scanners,
are powered by internal
energy units. You can
recharge these units by
finding or purchasing
energy cells. Alter-
nately, you can re-
charge energy units at
the Tzorg power nodes.
Note that using the
power nodes is illegal
and will trigger all
attack robots in the

Provide temporary large
boosts in energy, agility,
and intelligence. While
great in a pinch, these
pills take their toll by
reducing the maximum
levels of energy, agility
and intelligence you can
achieve after a full rest.

Used to heal any
wounds sustained in
combat and to recover
from general fatigue.

A Coded device that
opens locked doors.

Permits travel within a
designated section of the
city until a specified ex-
pirations date. Travel is
otherwise restricted
by the robots to the
Central Zone.

Required to ride a sub-
way train.

For those too tired to
take the slidewalks.
Start walking again to
deactivate the pack.

Provides a long-range
view of the immediate

Specifies user’s position
in the city location grid.

Other items are cur-
rently undocumented,
although their existence
is rumored.

Some robots, like the Viewer
robots, will pursue and attack a
human on sight. Other robots are
alerted by stimuli such as the
sound of a weapons firing in their
area. You will need to understand
the distinction between the vari-
ous robots, including how easily
they are overcome and how
powerful their attack
mechanisms are.

These robots are the easiest to
damage and require the least
damage before failing. They have
the weakest weapon systems and
will carry low to moderate levels
of energy.

A Police robot will randomly
check citizens for contraband.
If you submit to a check while
carrying contraband, it will be
confiscated. If you refuse to
submit, the police robot will
sound an alert. The Police robot
will not attack unprovoked - it is
programmed to alert other robots.
A Sentry robot will stand guard in
one place until alerted, at which
time it will pursue for a short
distance and attack its alert target.

A Checker robot will check citi-
zens for ZACs. If you do not have
an appropriate ZAC, the Checker
robot will return you to the Cen-
tral Zone and issue you a social
demerit. If you have over 4 de-
merits the Checker robot will
sound an alert. Like the Police
robot, the Checker will not attack
unprovoked – it is programmed
to alert other robots.

Mechanical manipulator robots
maintain the automation systems
in Metropolis. They will relay any
alerts they intercept.

Patroller robots pursue and attack
the objects of nearby alerts.

These robots are difficult to dam-
age and can sustain moderate to
large amounts of damage before
failing. They have moderately
powerful weapon systems and
carry varied levels of energy.

Follower robots trail suspected
members of the underground or
black market. When alerted, a
Follower Robot will pursue
and attack.

Guard robots pursue and attack
when alerted.

Hunter robots act as stationary
guards. When they detect move-
ment, they will search for the
source of movement for a few
ticks. Hunter robots will attack
any humans they see.

Seeker robots are stationary
guards. They will pursue and
attack any humans they see.

Patrol robots that pursue and
attack any humans they see.
These robots are very difficult to
damage and can sustain large to
very large amounts of damage
before failing. They have very
powerful weapons systems and
usually carry moderate levels
of energy.

These are stationary guards that
pursue and attack any object of
an alert.

Cyborg robots patrol sensitive
areas. They pursue and attack
any human they see.

Viewer robots patrol sensitive
areas. They pursue and attack
any human they see.

Scanner robots patrol sensitive
areas. They pursue and attack any
human they see.

These robots are the most difficult
to damage and can sustain the
largest amounts of damage before
failing. They have the most pow-
erful weapons systems of any of
the robots and carry high levels
of energy.

Tank robots are stationary guards
which will attack any human that
they see or detect moving. They
will not pursue, however.

Protector robots are stationary
guards in sensitive areas. They
attack and pursue any human
they see or detect moving. 
To Those Who Helped Make 2400 a.d. a Reality

Designed and Programmed by
  Chuck Bueche

Documentation and Packaging by
  Lori Ogwulu
  Doug Wike
  Dennis Loubet
  Cindy Boucher

Manual by
  Patricia Fitzgibbons

Quality Assurance by
  Jean Tauscher
  Ian Manchester
  Kirk Hutcheon
  Jim Spillane
  Dale Nichols
  Tim Beaudoin

I would like to extend my grateful thanks to
Dallas Snell and Richard Garriott for their invaluable
conceptual, editorial and programming assistance. I
would also like to thank all the others at Origin Systems
whose consideration and suggestions helped make this
product possible.