Abandonware DOS title

Amnesia walkthrough


Hotel room and health club:

In the start of the game you wake up in a hotel room remembering 
nothing - You have AMNESIA. The first thing to do is to rise out 
of the bed. Before you look in the mirror you have to answer some 
questions about what you think your face looks like. Of course the 
person that you see in the mirror looks very different from what 
you answered. You find an X-street indexer (like the one in your 
game packaging) and a dollar bill which you take. Take also the 

Bible, the room key and the ballpoint pen. There will also be a 
computer of 

the same type as the computer you are playing the adventure on in 
the room. If

you turn on the computer you find that you have used this kind of 

before. Someome knocks at the door and you need to find clothes - 
wrap the 

sheet from the bed around you and let the maid in - she turns 
around as she 

sees that you don't wear anything but the sheet. The phone will 
ring and you 

should answer it. Choose to extend your stay, and pay with the 
VISA card. A 

bellboy appears with a slip with your name - John Cameron III. Tip 
the bellboy 

and he will leave. Next, leave the room and go west in the hallway 
until you 

find the door marked EXIT. Enter the stairway and go up. Enter the 
door to the 

health club, and proceed through the door marked 'Guys'. Next, 
enter the sauna 

where you will faint and experience a deja-vu. You dream that you 
are in jail. 

Scream for help, and the warden will appear. Say FOOD PLEASE and 
he will bring 

you food. Finally you wake up on the masseurs table. Tell the 
masseur that you 

are feeling better and get the satchel. Open the satchel, and you 
find some 

clothes, a bookbag containing a matchbook and an address book. The 

book is the same address book that is in the game packaging 

several names and phone numbers. Tell the masseur that you are 
ready to go 

back to your room.


Hotel room and chapel:

Upon returning to your room, you find a white tuxedo lying on your 

Undress and put on the tuxedo. The phone will eventually ring. 
Answer the 

phone and say that you've put on the tuxedo. Leave the room, and 
you will meet

Luke. Tell him that you're feeling better. Climb up the stairs to 
the chapel. 

Trying to leave the chapel, a woman (your bride) appears. Kiss 
her, but answer

no to wed her. Accept the box that she offers you. You will faint 
and black 

out for a while. When you wake up, leave the chapel. Sit down in 
the lounge 

and watch the tv and read the newspaper - now you find out that 
your real name

is Xavier Hollings. Examine the registration desk, and the bellboy 
wants to 

talk to you. Give him the box to make him keep silent. Leave the 

Out on the street:

The rest of the game can be quite annoying since now you will have 
to find 

places to sleep, and you need to rest and sleep just as you need 
to in real 

life. At certain stages in the game you will be asked by people 
you meet for 

the nearest X-street for a certain address. Use the X-street 
indexer that you 

found in your hotel room for this (it came in your game 
packaging). At some 

point you will meet a black kid asking you if you want to earn 
easy money. 

Answer yes, and you get a bottle of Windex and a dirty rag. Now 
you can earn 

money by washing windshields around the Lincoln Tunnel. However, 
the easiest 

way to earn money is to BEG, but make sure the police don't catch 
you. Calling

some of the numbers found in the address book can also earn you 
some money if 

you visit these places. To find a place to sleep, walk to 10th 
Ave. and walk a

bit back and forth between W. 40th St. and W. 50th St. , and you 
will find an 

abandoned tenement somewhere. Enter the tenement, proceed into the 

and choose the door to the left. Enter the doorway leading north. 
Here, you 

will find the remains of a bed where you can sleep. Entering the 
backroom, you

will see some bottles which will trigger part of your memory, but 
the memory 

fades again. Anyway, you should return to this tenement several 
times during 

the game to rest and sleep. Sometimes, you may also find places to 
sleep in 

Central Park. You will also have to earn money whichever way you 
choose (I 

found that the easiest way was to beg). Use these money to buy 
food whenever 

you get hungry, buy subway tokens, place phone calls or use them 
for other 

purposes whenever they are needed.

Princeton Club:

Examine the matchbook inside the bookbag, and you will find the 
address to 

Princeton Club at W. 43rd St. and 5th Ave. Visit this club and try 
to enter 

it. You're not allowed to do so, but returning to the street you 
meet a woman 

which hands you a letter. To find the password, read John 1 in the 

Bible, and you will find that the password to the hotel safe is 

Sunderland Hotel:

Return to Sunderland Hotel at W. 53rd St. and 5th Ave. Enter the 
hotel and ask

the clerk behind the desk about the vault. He will take you to the 

Vault. Here, you type the password WITH GOD to get access to your 
box. Inside 

the box you will find a floppy which you should take. Examine the 
flopppy, and 

you will find the address of the User Friendly Computer Store. 
Leave the vault 

and the hotel.

User Friendly Computer Store:

Find the User Friendly Computer Store at E. 56th St. and Madison 
Ave. Enter 

the store, and choose a computer equal to the one that you are 
playing the 

adventure on. Rent time to investigate the floppy (this costs you 
$7.50). File

5 is bad, so don't bother with this file now. Start with file 4. 
The answer to

the riddle is ONION. To scroll forward, type 'F', to scroll 
backwards, type 

'B', and type 'E' to exit. Next, read file 3. The answer to the 
riddle is 

BALD. Next, read file 2. The answer to the riddle is QUESTION 
MARK. Finally, 

read file 1. The answer to the riddle is RIDDLE. Exit the file and 

computer to leave the store.

Tiny Tykes Talent Town:

Find a telephone somewhere. Enter it and insert a coin. Dial the 
number marked

TTTT in your address book - 555-6200. Now, leave the telephone and 
find your 

way to the address you heard at the answering machine. You find a 

located at W. 19th St. and Ave of Americas. Climb the stairs to 
the brownstone

and ring the bell. Enter the door when the buzzer sounds and 
answer that you 

are John. Climb the stairs. Take an imaginary cookie from Cecily, 
and soon Ann

will appeear. Ann will go and put Cecily to bed. When she returns 
she tells 

you that she's got a new boyfriend, and gives you a letter which 
was left at 

her apartment. It is from Alice and tells you to meet her at the 
New York 

Historical Society.

New York Historical Society:

Find your way to the New York Historical Society located at W. 
77th St. and 

Central Pk. W. between noon and 2.00 PM. Enter and buy a ticket 
(will cost 

you $2.00). Go up to the second floor, and then east to the 

collection. You will meet Alice there. Decline marriage once 
again. You can 

ask Alice about Ann, about Xavier, about the hotel, about Luke, 
about prison, 

and anything you like to ask her about. Finally she will mention a 

name - Denise, and she will leave. Leave the museum.

Washington Square Park:

After you leave the museum, you will meet Tony, which paints 
portraits. Let 

him draw your portrait, and then agree to trade clothes with him. 
He will 

leave you somewhere in Central Park. Find your way to Washington 
Square Park 

and enter the park. Sit down on the available park bench and start 
to draw 

people. Two teenagers appears. Let them see one of your sketches. 
Tell the 

girl not to smile. Next, a large man wearing a cowboy hat appears. 
Draw him 

looking straight at you. Next, a man named Bud appears. Draw him 
with his eyes

closed. Finally, a woman will appear. Answer yes when she asks you 
if you draw

portraits. After a while she will take you to the place where she 

Bette's apartment:

Accept her invitation to share a drink. Kiss her, go over to the 
bed and make 

love to her (twice). When you wake up, Bette will leave for work. 
Soon she 

will rush in again, writing her phone number on your wrist (555-

Examining the dresser, you will find a radio, a picture and a 
telephone. Have 

a look at the picture - it's you in the abandoned tenement. In 

apartment you can eat, sleep, listen to the radio, watch tv and 
play the 

piano. Spend time in her apartment. Eat and sleep. She will return 
back to you

each evening and leave for work in the morning. If you wait long 
enough in her

apartment, she will call you from work one day. Answer the phone 
and tell her 

that it's wonderful that she found a clue. She found the telephone 
number of 

someone named Denise (555-5413). Call this number, and say you are 
Xavier and 

that you need money.

Denise's apartment:

Find your way to W. 72nd St. and Central Pk. W. where Denise 
lives. Enter 

Dakota and tell the gatekeeper that you are here to see Colby and 
that your 

name is Hollings. Go right to enter Denises apartment. You're in 
for a 

surprise. Tell her that you love Bette. Make her continue to pour 
drinks so 

she will get drunk. Tell her that Bette helped you finding her 
number. Tell 

her to tell you what happened in Texas. When Zane hears footsteps 

both he and Denise will leave the room. Now is your chance to 
leave the 

building. You'll end up somewhere in Central Park. 

End of game:

Find your way back to Bette's apartment at E. 20th St. and Irving 
Pl. Eat and 

get some sleep. Bette does not return home. Wait long enough, and 
the phone 

will ring. Answer the phone. It's Denise telling you that they got 

Return to Denise's apartment at W. 72nd St. and Central Pk. W. 
Trying to enter

the house the same way as before will result in the police coming 
to get you. 

Instead - enter the alley located at W. 73rd St. and Columbus Ave. 
Climb the 

stairs and break the window. Fiddling with the grating will result 
in Zane 

appearing. When you wake up open your eyelids. Whisper Alice's 
name. Ask her 

to tell you what happened. Tell her that you do not know who the 
real John 

Cameron is. Tell her that you do not remember anything about 

Pharmaceutical. She dies, and you are tied to a chair. Tell Denise 
that you 

will cooperate. Say that you are not close enough to read the 
riddle. read the

text and answer RIDDLE. The second answer is QUESTION MARK. The 
third answer 

is BALD and the fourth answer is ONION. Answer IA to the fifth 
riddle. Repeat 

this when asked again. When you wake up in Bette's apartment, 
answer the 

phone. Tell Bette to read you the story from the newspaper. Tell 
her that you 

think love is more important than money.

You have finished the adventure!!!