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Corruption walkthrough

                          (Rainbird/Magnetic Scrolls)

    You have done well in the Scott Electronics deal. David Rogers offers
    you a partnership in Rogers and Rogers (you are Derek Rogers). You get
    a BMW and a different office on the second floor. Margaret Stubbs is
    your secretary. David's office is on the floor below, you must go
    through his secretary's office to get to it.

    You are carrying a briefcase (contains a personal organiser and the
    Times), and wearing a jacket (pocket has a credit card and keys), tie,
    trousers, shirt.

    David's secretary is Theresa Jenkins. The company lawyer is Bill
    Hughes. David gives you a list of early bookings and tells you to take
    it to the dealings room at the end of the corridor. He gives an
    envelope to Margaret and says for her to sign the cheque and take it to
    him by 11:30. He has to sign an affidavit for Bill.


    Follow David and "listen at wooden door". You hear that Bill has the
    affidavit in his car. He gives David the keys and says to put it in his

    Go to the dealings office. Someone takes the list from you and says the
    Fraud office is looking for David. You'd better tell him. Go to the
    bathroom and into the cubicle. Open the cistern and see a bag of white
    powder. Put it back and close the cistern. David goes into the bathroom
    at 9:30. After he leaves, you see the bag has gone. The mirror has
    scratches on the surface. If you ask Theresa about the powder, she says
    David may know something about it.

    Note - if you ask the chemist about the powder, he can't help.

    Go to Margaret and get the letter. She says she was going to take it to
    David but you can. Look in it. Read it and examine the cheque. It's
    addressed to Blue Dolphin Security, 22 London Rd, EC2 and the cheque is
    made out to a Mr Charpontier for 60,000 pounds. Go to Bill's office and
    get the magazine from his desk. Read it.

    Go to Theresa's office. At 10:00 she leaves and goes to the bathroom.
    Open the drawer of the desk, get the brass key and uase it to unlock
    the door to David's office. Go in. On the desk is a cassette. Get it.
    Go back out, lock the door and close the drawer.

    Get the perfumed letter from the shredding machine. (Theresa won't let
    you get it if she's there, if you ask her about it she says it's from
    one of his women, I have to shred them all). Examine the letter. It's
    in your wife's handwriting. Read it.

    Go to the carpark. Inside the Volvo you can see a folder. Unlock the
    BMW with the keys from your pocket. Get in and put the cassette in the
    player. You hear a doctored version of a conversation you had with
    David. Open the glove compartment and get the screwdriver from inside

    Note:- DON'T use the car as it blows up!

    Leave the BMW and break the window of the Volvo with the screwdriver.
    Get folder, open it, read affidavit. It says David didn't know anything
    about the Scott Electronics shares. (This must be done before 11:25
    when David collects the folder.)

    Go to your office and open the filing cabinet. Get everything from it -
    an amended ledger and a share certificate. The ledger shows the
    expenses relating to your department. If you read it, you find that
    your department is well in the black and making a healthy profit. The
    certificate is for 20,000 shares in Scott Electronics. (This must be
    done before 11:30(ish) when David comes up from the car park and gets
    them - if you've taken them but are in the office he asks if you've
    seen them, he then goes to Bill's office and you can hear them arguing
    about you); Put everything in the briefcase.

    At 11:00am, Margaret leaves the office. If you hadn't collected the
    envelope, she takes it to David, then leaves in a taxi to go to lunch.
    Get the phone and at 11:25 you overhear a conversation between David
    and Bill about setting you up. One says it's too soon but they've got
    to move quickly to save the company and Goddard wants convictions.

    At 12:00, Theresa leaves her office and goes to the park to eat her
    sandwiches and feed the ducks. Get the phone at 11:10 in her office,
    you overhear a conversation between David and Charpontier. Charpontier
    supplies drugs. David says you've found out about the insider dealing
    and may know about the coke. They're bound to find out where the
    money's going to. Charpontier says he'll sort it out.

    NOTE:- If you ring home, a man's voice answers and you hang up.

    (If you haven't done anything, at 12:24 you're arrested for insider
    dealing, the evidence being the share certificate, cassette and
    affidavit. David and Jenny are there together and you're found guilty)

    NOTE:- In your organiser it says about meeting your wife for lunch at
    1:00. You can do this but it isn't essential. She is dropped at the
    restaurant from a Porsche (David) and says she wants a divorce. She
    leaves in a taxi at 1.57.

    Instead, go to the park and hang about near the tramp. If you examine
    him, he looks too young to have been on the streets too long, and his
    clothes are too clean. Eventually he attacks you and you end up in

    NOTE:- You can get to hospital in other ways; eg: by stepping into the
    road twice in sucession, but you must be sent there by the tramp as you
    can use this as evidence.

    NOTE:- BEFORE you go to hospital make sure you're wearing the clothes
    and all your things are in the briefcase.

    Nurse Stephenson leaves the ward after a while. If you don't get out or
    if you get caught, you're put in bed and given an injection by a doctor
    which kills you. In the ward is an empty bed. On it is a pillowcase and
    some papers for a Mr Davis who is due to have plastic surgery on his
    face and then taken by private ambulance to a nursing home. Your things
    are on the locker by the bed and your clothes are in a locker in the TV

    NOTE:- DON'T use "GET ALL FROM LOCKER" or the program bombs out!!! If
    you weren't wearing all the clothes, anything you're carrying is put on
    the locker and the program will again crash.

    When she leaves, get up, get the briefcase and everything from the
    empty bed. Put the briefcase on the empty bed. Go to the TV Room, open
    the locker and get everything from it. Boris is wearing a stethoscope
    (if you examine him) so get that too. Go to accident and emergency, put
    everything except the papers into the pillowcase. You hear footsteps,
    then after another couple of moves some more. Wait once then go to the
    bed outside the operating theatre. Get the bandage from it, wear it
    (you peek out through a gap). Lie on the bed, put the pillowcase on the

    The nurses arrive, read the papers and call the ambulance. One goes to
    check if you've left anything on your bed. You are bundled into an

    Get off the bed, remove the pyjamas and get everything from the
    pillowcase (clothes and stethoscope). Wear the clothes and get the
    briefcase. Open the door of the ambulance. When the ambulance stops at
    the lights at Le Monaco, go south to leave it. If you don't, you're
    discovered as an imposter at the nursing home, colected by the police
    and released, but you lose the stethoscope and your jacket.

    At 3:30, Theresa goes home. Go into David's office and get the
    televsion. You see a hole behind it with a safe with a dial. Wear the
    stethoscope. Put it on the safe and turn the dial several times. The
    safe opens.

    Get everything from it. You have a bundle of receipts, casino chips for
    500 pounds and a full ledger. Examine them. The receipts show all
    payments made by the company in the last few weeks. Read them; at least
    5000 pounds is being paid each month to Blue Dolphin Securities. The
    ledger is your partner's copy of the company accounts for the last
    financial year. Read it; the company is incurring some very heavy
    losses with large sums of money being paid each month to an unamed

    Go to the Police Station and tell the Sergeant about the bag. He says
    you'd better see the Inspector and you're searched for weapons then
    taken to the interview room.

    The Inspector asks about insider dealing and pinning it on someone and
    ask what you know. Tell the Inspector about the affidavit; he says
    they'll need it for evidence so give it. Ditto the certificate and
    cassette. He says it looks as though you're guilty. Tell him about the
    conversation. He says that they may fear the production of the company

    Tell him about the full ledger. He says he wants both ledgers and
    receipts. Give them and tell him about the receipts. Tell him about
    Charpontier, and the envelope. Give it to him. Tell him about the
    phonecall. He asks if any attempts have been made on your life. Tell
    him about the tramp. He says your partner and Charpontier have probably
    covered themselves against each other in case one gets caught. Do you
    know what they may have done? Tell him about magazine.

    He says they need your help. They'll fit you with a radio, you find
    Charpontier and get him to admit to setting up the assassin. Will you
    do it? "Yes". You get wired up.

    Go to Le Monaco and show chips to Waiter. He shows you through to the
    backyard and says to knock on the door. Mr Prentice will let you in.
    Knock on wooden door, you're shown in. You see a Teller you can ask for
    credit, a Bouncer and a locked padded door to a private room.

    Ask Teller for credit. You're told you can have 500 pounds repayable in
    a week. You must go to the private office. In there three men are
    playing poker. The bald one is Charpontier. The others are Mr Park and
    Mr Seeley. Charpontier says he knows who you are and he's been asked to
    have you killed. One of his men is looking for you at this moment and
    if he fails, the henchman (Wesley) will do it. He says Mr Rogers stole
    a document and left it with his lawyers. If you return it this evening,
    you can live.

    Go back and open wooden door with credit card (it only has a latch).
    Open drawer (of desk) with screwdriver. Get document and read it. It
    gives all the details. Go back to Charpontier. The police arrive after
    a few moves and justice is done!!


    Deliver list +10
    See powder has gone +10
    Read magazine +5
    Read envelope +20
    Read letter +10............................ 55/200
    Put cassette in player +20
    Read affidavit +10......................... 85/200
    Hear conversation in M's office +10
    Hear conversation in T's office +10....... 105/200
    Open safe +10
    Read receipts +10
    Read full ledger +10...................... 135/200
    Get wired up +20.......................... 155/200
    Show chips to waiter +10
    Enter private room +10
    Read document +15......................... 190/200
    Finish +10

    Final score 200/200

    NOTE:- If you get put in the Cell and meet Gerry McNally, he gives you
    an empty matchbook from Le Monaco and says to show it to the head
    waiter to be let into the casino. You score 10 points but it is a red

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