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The Fourth Protocol walkthrough

Fourth Protocol

Part I

In respect of the Sopwith case, Thorn is not the real problem - try putting 10 
watchers on the person complaining about him (Bracton) and see what develops. 
(He will go to a satanic temple!) 

You will be asked "Which officer is a security risk?" and "why?" Reply BRACTON 

Only one person has access to all the NATO papers, so put watchers on him by at 
the latest 10 days into the game or things will start to fall apart. 

Pasternak should be answered positively and swiftly. Though an umbrella may be 
his undoing, it is all for the best really. 

When Telecom offers help, take it quickly. Try a voice print on the traitor who 
has access to the Nato papers. 

When a person goes missing there is no point in putting watchers on him, but his 
wife, on the other hand, is a different matter. 

Put at least 25 watchers on ABBS. Best not to feel her collar - bad publicity 
does wreck the image, and all she may bring another lost sheep back to the fold. 
On June 8 you receive a memo asking you to install security systems in CO Data 
Analyst Building 17, to which you must reply yes. The basement must be locked in 
the following way: both computer room doors, the office and the data storage 
area. On the ground floor you need to lock the main entrance doors, the desk and 
the key room, the office, the security door and the meeting room. 

Cencom contains the file Telephone which lists three numbers: Blenheim computer 
04382731, medical security 71288989, and Sir Anthony Plumb 12377563. The last 
number should be used when the player knows all the details about the traitor 
and his contact. Don't dial if you're not sure because you lose valuable 
prestige points. 

Medical security can be called only after Bracton has called you. Bracton seems 
obsessed with calling you so read his file as well as Thorn's. 

When a high ranking official gives you a call, don't hang about. Call him back 
at once, but you had better have all the answers. 

Get all the information possible from Blenheim, and if a foreign data exchange 
is possible use that as well. Among the files you can get from Blenheim are: 
Nato, paper 1, paper 2, paper 3, paper 4, paper 5, MoD, Cabinet, Foreign, Abbs, 
Stanistav, pizza, Maras, Pasternak, Faulkner, Bracton, Thorn, Blodwyn, trad, 
names, delivery, Nilson, Omparde, Shoukir and Fox. By analysis of the files 
papers 1-5, MoD, Cabinet and Foreign you can narrow the traitor down to one of 
five men who had access to all the documents and a photocopier. 

Having a problem with the hackers? 2431 is a possible way to stop them. 
Generally the more watchers you have on a target the faster you get the results. 
Some targets such as Warburton and Banister require the full 25 watchers to get 

After you have talked to Harcourt Smith, you can leave Gordons in search of your 
new base, Sentinel house. 

Johnston: When Capstick sends you a memo, Surveillance on - 25 watchers. (Report 
says he has been seeing a lot of a foreigner recently.) When Harcourt-Smith asks 
you what you intend to do about Pasternak - APPROACH JOHNSTON. When Johnston 

asks you to go to Vauxhall Bridge immediately, say YES. Nickels: When you get a 
memo, put one watcher on him. Retson: When you get a memo, put one watcher on 

Warburton: You will get a memo saying "one of our chaps has vanished with a list 
of funny buildings. If you wish to investigate call me on 79265856." Phone 
immediately. Surveillance on - 25 watchers. When you get a report about 
Bannister, surveillance on - 25 watchers. (Reduce surveillance on Warburton if 
you have not got enough watchers.) When you get a memo about burying a box, 
phone the number given. (02586141). When asked what to do INFORM SPECIAL BRANCH. 

In Nato documents if you are a professional MI5 Investigator phone A. Plumb and 
you will get the code for the next game. 

Keep the telephone on hold and advance the date twice each time. 

When you get the tape from BT you must analyse the tape and enter Nilson when 
you are asked for the surname. 

The correct answers in the order asked for are:- Derek Faulkner, Russian, 
Nilson, Stenberij, Fingerprints, Gaza Strip and False Flag. 

You are now given a code to use the lift in the second part which is ASPEN.

Part II

From the Barbican underground station ticket office, U, N, N, E, E to find a 
guard, N, W, S, E to find a florist. Buy some flowers, N, N, W, E and you're 
back with the guard. S, N, S, W to a tramp, W, E to the Barbican station.

Part III

Arm 5 members of your team with grenades, and the 6th with a shotgun. 

Start all 6 members of in room E. 

Yoo only need to cut one wire to disarm the bomb. 

After loading the game you are asked the name of the warehouse; answer 
'Tiptree'. You'll find yourself at the top left corner of the screen, your first 
objective being to clear the warehouse of Russian soldiers. Examine your machine 
gun to make sure it works, then move E and set up your booby trap. Move W, and 
S. Now you have to kill the Russian captain. Drop the screwdriver and you find 
yourself hiding in the shadows. The captain comes out with his small pistol and 
you sneeze (well timed isn't it!) He comes closer and you're left to sort him 
out. Get your knife and use it. 

Pick the screwdriver up, move east and use your grenade - just look at the mess 
you make. The booby trap you set goes off, you sneak into the room and you find 
a soldier looking for his gun. Use yours first. Move E and use your wire cutters 
to shut of the alarm, N, and blast the door of with your shotgun. 

You're in a room with a filing cabinet. Use the shotgun again and E to another 
room with a filing cabinet. Use the shotgun again and you come to a third 
cabinet. If you use your geiger counter it goes bananas. This is obviously the 
room with the nuke, so look among your icons for a numeric keypad. The code is 
12051987, after the date discovered in part II. 

Use the screwdriver to take the plate off. Look and you see three coloured 
buttons - press red, yellow and then green. Now you have to hurry, change icons 
and use your wire cutters: cut the...

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