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Treasures of the Savage Frontier other

Treasures of the Savage Frontier Adventure Journal


INTRODUCTION                                    1
CHARACTERS AND PARTIES                          5
    Player Races                                5
    Ability Scores                              6
    Character Classes                           7
    Alignment                                   8
    Other Attributes                            8
    Building a Successful Party                 9
COMBAT                                          9
MAGIC                                           13
BESTIARY                                        15
    Creatures of the Forgotten Realms           15
    New Monsters                                18
SPELL DESCRIPTIONS                              19
    Cleric Spells                               19
    Druid Spells                                21
    Magic-User Spells                           22


Amanitas embraced each member of the party, repeating how glad he was that we
had arrived safely.  Then we sat down together on the cold stone floor, and he
explained what had just occurred.

"Dear friends," he told us, "I am truly sorry for having pulled you away from
your well-deserved rest at Yartar.

"It was my hope that your great victory at Ascore would make the Savage
Frontier safe from its enemies and allow you to resume normal lives.  As
normal, I suppose, as life can be when everywhere you go people rush up to
shake the hands of the Heroes of Ascore.

"Sadly, recent events have made this return to a peaceful life impossible.

"You are in Llorkh, far to the south and east of where you began this day in
Yartar.  We sit now in the ancient stronghold, that same stronghold where
you met with the besieged dwarves as you sought the final
statuettes on your last adventure.

"Just weeks ago, the Zhentarim legions and their allies were decimated by the
monsters you summoned to the plaza of the ancient temple at Ascore.  The
surviving orcs fled back to their mountain kingdoms, and the trolls limped back
to the moors.

"The shattered forces of the Zhentarim themselves retreated south, following
the path that leads around the Great Desert through Llorkh-the one city they
still controlled.

"The first bloodied fighter staggered into Llorkh last week and collapsed in
the street, babbling about the hordes of monsters who had defeated them.

-- Page 1 --

Word quickly spread among the dwarves that you had destroyed the Zhentil armies,
and that more survivors would be returning soon.

"The dwarves realized this was their one chance to revolt, to rise up and throw
off the Zhentarim invaders.  Weapons were distributed, old plans reviewed, and
the first attacks were launched that very night.

"But Lord Geildarr, the Zhentarim imposter who murdered the last dwarven King
of Llorkh, is no fool.  He had held back a large force of fighters and loyal
monsters - forces he was supposed to have sent on to Ascore.

"They know that if they are pushed from Llorkh there is nowhere else to go....
and Zhentil Keep is very far away.  They have fought the dwarves bravely at
every turn, and both sides have taken terrible losses as they struggle to
control the city.

"Milzorr, the dwarven leader, sent a messenger to me at Secomber, seeking help.
I arrived this morning, and immediately realized that only you- the Heroes of
Ascore- could save the city and its brave dwarven rebels.

"I cast the spell that brought you to this fortress, and I pray that your
skills and wisdom will prevail over the evil forces that seek to enslave these
noble dwarves.

"If you can free the city, please come to visit me at Secomber as soon as
possible.  I must return there now, for already I am receiving troubling
reports about strange new events in the Savage Frontier.  Your help may be
needed elsewhere, too..... and soon.

May Helm guide you safely through the challenges that lie ahead!"

-- Page 2 --


The Lords' Alliance

The Lords' Alliance is actually a group of cities which act together to defend
themselves against attacks by common enemies.  Members in the Savage Frontier
include Waterdeep, Neverwinter, Port Llast, Leilon, Mirabar, Yartar, Triboar,
Longsaddle, Orlumbor, Daggerford, Secomber, and Loudwater.  Lord Piergeiron,
the leader of Waterdeep, chairs the alliance.  Luskan and Ruathym are hostile to
the Lords' Alliance.

A small town in a key strategic location, Daggerford guards the only safe
crossing on the River Shining between Waterdeep and the cities to the south.

Located far to the north on the coast of the Trackless Sea, this icy town is a
mining outpost jointly ruled by Waterdeep, Mirabar, and Neverwinter.

The Ice Peak
This volcanic island, located close to the northern coast, is inhabited by
Northmen and Ice Hunters.  Its tiny capital is controlled by a ruler loyal to
Luskan, but other villages on the island often act in support of the Lords'

A small coastal town south of Neverwinter on the road to Waterdeep, Leilon has
recently suffered through repeated, brutal attacks by pirates.

Llorkh is located on the trading route that leads down the western edge of the
Great Desert before turning east to the inland nations of the Realms.  As the
game opens, it is the only town still directly controlled by the Zhentarim
after their defeat by the party at the Battle of Ascore.

This small town, surrounded by ranches, lies east of Neverwinter Wood on the
important road between Waterdeep and Mirabar.

A beautiful, ivy-covered riverside town with a large population of half-elves,
Loudwater is a convenient place for the party to visit in the southern party of
the Savage Frontier.  Its features include stores, an inn, a temple, and a
training hall.

Now controlled by pirates, this large coastal city with an ideal harbor was
once a merchant center.  It is the location of the Hosttower of the Arcane,
which draws evil magic-users from across the Realms.

An island in the Trackless Sea southwest of Waterdeep, Mintarn is a port of
call for every cargo vessel in the north- whether they haul coins, corn, or
contraband.  Mintarn is ruled by a man called "The Tyrant," who allows almost
anything to happen on the island so long as its residents remain safe and

Mirabar is one of the largest and most powerful cities in the area, the
northwest anchor of the Lords' Alliance.  A mining center, it has a large
dwarven population.

-- Page 3 --

An important port city on the Trackless Sea, Neverwinter is the site of one of
the rare Magic Shops in the Savage Frontier.  Ships travel from here to some of
the nearby islands.

Located close to the coast far south of Waterdeep, the island of Olumbor is
home to the finest shipyards in the Realms.  It is also the site of Farr
Windward, an isolated town to which many cities banish insane, strange, or
politically dangerous people who are no longer welcome inside their walls.

Port Llast
A small port town north of Neverwinter, Port Llast has been beset with troubles
in recent times.

This rocky island, which lies far to the west in the Trackless Sea, is
populated by hard-working, hard-fighting Northmen.  Ruathym recently concluded
a brief war with Luskan, with neither side claiming victory.  Now, under
strange circumstances, Ruathym has joined with Luskan in its attacks on the
Lords' Alliance.

This sleepy little town on the River Shining is most notable for being the home
of Amelior Amanitas, friend to the party and an inventive magic-user of great

Tower of Twilight
Located on the eastern edge of Neverwinter Wood, this tower is the part-time
home of Malchor Harpell.  Harpell is the leader of Longsaddle, and one of the
most powerful magic-users in the Savage Frontier.  On rare occasions he will
train noble adventurers at the Tower - for a price.

A trading town on the road between Mirabar and Waterdeep, Triboar has a history
of rivalry with its eastern neighbor, Yartar.  This rivalry has in the past
inspired practical jokes that got out of hand and almost led to battles in the

"For those who seek to make their treasures small in size but great in
value, I am always here to help."

The largest city in the Savage Frontier - and perhaps in all the Realms -
Waterdeep is called "The City of Splendors." It is the leader of the Lords'
Alliance, and each day vessels from every port on the Trackless Sea sail into
its majestic harbor.  Smugglers take advantage of this constant traffic to ship
their illegal cargo through secret docks outside the city walls.

Way Inn
This village sprung up around a favorite resting spot on the High Road along
the coast.  It is located several days south of Waterdeep.

A key crossroads and trading town, Yartar has been the party's recent base of

-- Page 4 --

Zhentil Keep
Zhentil Keep lies far to the east of the areas you visit in the game.
Nevertheless, the Zhentarim, a secret organization that is headquartered here,
is very much involved.  The Zhentarim planned to conquer the region, but their
plan was ruined by the party in the Battle of Ascore.  This battle is


You need a party of adventurer Player Characters (PCs) to play TREASURES OF THE
SAVAGE FRONTIER.  You must choose the following for each character: race,
class, and alignment.  After you select these, the computer generates a set of
Ability Scores that define your new character's natural strengths and
weaknesses.  To build a party you must make a mix of characters that have the
range of skills needed for success, and then band them together.

Player Race
There are six races from which you may construct player characters, each with
different talents and limitations.  Tables beginning on page 53 summarize the
racial class limitations and ability score modifiers.  The following describes
each race and tells which classes are open to them.

Dwarves are a cunning race of sturdy workers and craftsmen.  They are
especially resistant to magic and poison.  Dwarves are adept at dodging the
attacks of giant-class creatures.  Dwarves can be fighters, thieves, and

Elves are a tall, long-lived race.  They are nearly immune to sleep and charm
spells and are adept at finding hidden objects such as secret doors.  Elves
also receive bonuses when attacking with swords or bows.  They cannot, however,
be raised from the dead.  Elves can be fighters, magic-users, thieves,
fighter/magic-users, fighter/thieves, magic-user/thieves, and

Half-Elves are hybrids with many of the virtues of both humans and elves.  Like
their elf ancestors, they are resistant to sleep and charm spells and are adept
at finding hidden objects.  Half-elves can be fighters, magic-users, clerics,
thieves, rangers, cleric/fighters, cleric/rangers, cleric/magic-users,
fighter/magic-users, fighter/thieves, magic-user/thieves,
cleric/fighter/magic-user, or fighter/magic-user/thieves.

Gnomes are shorter and slimmer than their dwarf cousins.  Like dwarves, they
are especially resistant to magic and are adept at dodging the attacks of
giant-class thieves, and fighter/thieves.

Halflings are about half the size of a human, hence their name.  They are
especially resistant to magic and poison.  They can be fighters, thieves, and

Humans are the most common player-race in the Forgotten Realms.  They suffer no
racial level limitations or ability score modifiers.  Humans do have the
disadvantage of shorter life-spans than the other races.  This may be a problem
if they are subjected to many haste spells, which age the hasted character one
year.  They can be fighters, magic-users, clerics, thieves, rangers, paladins,
and dual-class characters.

-- Page 5 --

Ability Scores
Every character has six randomly generated ability scores as described below.
These scores fall within a range determined by the race and class of the
character.  The base values range from 3 (low) to 18 (high).  There are tables
of limitations, modifiers, and bonuses starting on page 53.

Depending on the character class, one or more of these abilities are a "prime
requisite." A prime requisite is an ability especially valuable to a given
class.  For example, strength is key for fighters and wisdom for clerics.  Most
characters receive bonus experience points when their prime requisite scores
are 16 or greater.  Non-human characters may have modifiers to the basic
ability scores to reflect differences between the races.  Dwarves for instance,
get a +1 constitution bonus and may have a maximum constitution of 19 instead
of 18.  All racial modifiers are calculated automatically when a character is

Strength (STR) is the measure of a character's physical power, muscle mass, and
stamina.  Fighter-type characters (fighters, paladins, and rangers) may have
exceptional strengths greater than 18 that are indicated by a percent value
(01, 02, 03...98, 99, 00) following the base strength.  High strength increases
a character's combat ability with melee weapons, such as swords or maces.
Strength also determines how much a character can carry without becoming
encumbered and slowed in combat.

Intelligence (INT) is the measure of how well a character can learn.
Intelligence level can determine the maximum level of spells a magic-user can

Wisdom (WIS) is the measure of a character's ability to understand the ways of
the world and to interact with the world.  Clerics receive bonus spells for
high wisdom, and wisdom can determine the maximum level of spells a cleric can

Dexterity (DEX) is the measure of a character's manual dexterity and agility.
Thieves especially benefit from high dexterity.  Dexterity affects how well a
character can use ranged weapons (bows, dart, etc.), when he moves in a combat
round, and how difficult he is to hit in combat.

"The nervous look in the eyes of the city guards told us of impending

Constitution (CON) is the measure of a character's overall health.  Characters
receive one extra hit point if their constitution is 15, and two points if it
is 16.  Fighter-types (fighters, rangers, and paladins) receive additional
bonuses for constitutions of 17 or 18.  A character's constitution also
determines the maximum number of times that character can be raised from the
dead with raise dead or resurrection spells, and the chance of a resurrection
attempt being successful.  Every time a character is successfully resurrected,
1 point of constitution is lost.

Charisma (CHA) is the measure of how others react to a character.

 -- Page 6 --

Character Classes

Classes are the characters' professions.  A character must be at least one
character class.  Non-human characters can be more than one class at the same
time.  These multi-class characters have more playing options, but increase in
level slower because experience is divided evenly among all classes.

"If you would travel on the river, do it soon.  The cold of winter will
soon freeze the waters and we will rent no boats."

Clerics have spells bestowed on them by their deity and can fight wearing armor
and using crushing (no edged or pointed) weapons.  Clerics must memorize their
spells just as magic-users, but they do not use spell books.  When clerics gain
a new spell level, they can automatically memorize any of the available spells
for that level.  The prime requisite for clerics is wisdom.

Fighters can fight with any armor or weapons, but they cannot cast magic
spells.  All fighter-types (fighters, paladins, and rangers) gain the ability
to attack more than one time per round when they reach 7th level.  The prime
requisite for fighters is strength.

Paladins are a type of fighter, and can fight with any armor or weapons.  They
are resistant to spells and poison, and can turn undead creatures as if they
were a cleric two levels below their current level.  Paladins are also
surrounded by the equivalent of a protection from evil spell.  Paladins may
heal two hit points of damage per level once a day.  They may cure disease once
a week for every five levels of experience.  For example, once a week at
1st-5th levels, twice a week at 6th-10th levels, etc.  They can use cleric
spells when they reach 9th, although they can never use clerical scroll.  They
advance in spell-casting ability until 20th level.

Paladins must be of lawful good alignment, and they do not knowingly adventure
with any evil characters.  They must have ability scores of at least 12 in
strength, at least 13 in wisdom, and at least 17 in charisma.  The prime
requisites for paladins are strength and wisdom.

Rangers are a type of fighter, and can fight with any armor or weapons.  They
do additional damage when fighting giant-class creatures, but must be of good
alignment and have ability scores of at least 13 in strength and intelligence
and at least 14 in wisdom and constitution.  Rangers can use druid spells when
they reach 8th level, and magic-user spells when they reach 9th level.  Their
spell-casting ability advances until 17th level.  The prime requisites for
rangers are strength, intelligence, and wisdom.

Magic-Users have powerful spells, but can use no armor and few weapons.  They
can only memorize those spells available in their personal spell books.
Magic-users may add entries to their spell books whenever they go up in level
or find scrolls with spells of levels that they are able to scribe.  The prime
requisite for magic-users is intelligence.

Thieves have special skills for opening locks and removing traps, but are
limited to leather armor.  In combat they do additional damage by 'back
stabbing,' which is described in the Combat section.  Starting at 10th level,
thieves can decipher some magical writing and have a chance of casting spells
from magic-users scrolls.  The prime requisite for thieves is dexterity.

-- Page 7 --

Multi-class characters are non-humans who belong to two or more classes at the
same time.  Multi-class characters' experience points are divided among each of
the classes, even after they can no longer advance in one or more of those
classes.  Their hit points per level are averaged among their classes.
Multi-class characters gain all the benefits of all their classes with regard
to weapons and equipment.

Dual-class characters are humans who had one class for the first part of their
career, and then changed to a new class for the remainder.  These characters
use the HUMAN CHANGE CLASS option on the Training Hall menu to pick a new
class.  Once a character changes classes, he cannot advance in his old class.
Dual-class characters do not gain hit points and cannot use the abilities of
the old class while their new class level is less than or equal to the old
class level.  Once the character's level in his new class is greater than his
level in his old class, he gains hit points according to this new class and may
use abilities from both classes.  Human dual-class magic-users cannot cast
magic-users spells while they are wearing armor, unless they are a
ranger/magic- user dual-class.

Alignment is the philosophy a character lives by and can affect how NPCs and
some magic items react to a character.  The possibilities range from believing
strongly in society and altruism (lawful good) to being anarchistic and
actively unpleasant (chaotic evil).  Alignment is presented in two parts: World
View and Ethics.

World View

Lawful indicates that the character values the structure and rules of society.

Neutral indicates that the character values both the individual and society.

Chaotic indicates that the character values the individual over society.


Good indicates that the character tries to act in a moral and upstanding

Neutral indicates that the character leans towards "situational ethics,"
evaluating each set of circumstances.

Evil indicates that the character acts without regard to others, or in an
overtly malignant manner.

Other Attributes

Each character also has three important values that change as the game goes on:
Hit points, Experience Points, and Levels.

Hit Points are a measure of the amount of damage a character can take before he
goes unconscious.  A character's maximum hit points are based on the hit dice
fore the character's class and level, plus any adjustments for constitution.  A
character gains a hit point bonus to each hit die if his constitution is over

Note: Dice (d) is the term used to describe the range for a randomly generated
number.  Dice are referred by the range they represent.  A d6 has a range from
1 through 6, a d10 has range form 1 through 10.  Hit dice refers to the base
range of hit points a character class may have.  For example, a 3rd level
fighter has a base of 3 d10 hit dice, or 3-30 hit points.

-- Page 8 --

When a character takes enough damage that his hit points reach 0, he is
unconscious.  If the character's hit points drop to anything from -1 to -9, he
loses 1 hit point per turn from bleeding until he is bandaged or dies.  If a
character has -10 hit points or less, he is dead.  Hit points on the screen are
never displayed as less than O.

Experience Points are a measure of what a character has learned while
adventuring.  Characters receive experience points for actions such as
fighting monsters, finding treasures, and successfully completing quests.  The
computer keeps track of experience, and when characters earn enough, they may
advance in levels.  See the Level Advancement Tables beginning on page 58 for
experience requirements.

New characters start the game with 22,600 EXP, which puts most single-class
characters at about 5th level.

Levels are a measure of how much a character has advanced in his class.
When they have enough experience points, characters may go to a training hall
and receive the training required to increase in level.  Characters may only
advance one level at a time.  If a character has gained enough experience to go
up two or more levels since the last time he has trained, he goes up one level,
and loses all experience in excess of one point below the next level.


A 9th level thief enters a training hall with 375,000 experience points (enough
for 11th level).  He leaves as a 10th level thief with 220,000 experience
points, one point below 11th level.  Characters cannot train for new levels
once they have reached their maximum levels allowed in TREASURES OF THE SAVAGE

Building a Successful Party

Forming a strong and adaptable party is a key to success in TREASURES OF THE
SAVAGE FRONTIER.  Up to six Player Characters (PCs) may be in a party; a party
with fewer is less powerful and more likely to be eliminated by opponents.

Include a variety of classes in a party to get a good mix of skills.  Here is
one sample party:

Sample Party:

1 Human Magic-user
1 Human Paladin
1 Dwarf Fighter/Thief
1 Human Rangers
2 Human Clerics

This party is balanced for combat, and advances quickly because most characters
are single class.  The magic-users can cast offensive spells and use wands.
The paladin has the benefit of a protection from evil spell in a 10' radius.
All characters in range of the effect get an AC improvement of two against evil
foes.  The dwarf fighter/thief offers the advantages of a thief (lockpicking
and disarming traps) with the better armor and hit points of a fighter.
Rangers do extra damage against giant-type creatures and gain spell-casting
ability.  Clerics are absolutely essential for their healing spells.

Once the party has been banded together, camp where you have arrived, ready
your equipment, and have all spell casters memorize spells.  Finally, save
the game before continuing.


Adventurers must battle their way through many dangerous foes to complete the
adventure.  The following sections offer more tips and information for combat.

-- Page 9 --

Combat Map
Battle takes place on a tactical combat map that is a detailed view of the
terrain that the party was in when the combat began.  This map is set up with
an invisible square grid.

Each round of combat is divided into 10 segments, and every character and foe
acts on a specific segment based on a random initiative number.  Initiative is
generated at the start of each combat round, and is modified by dexterity and
random factors such as surprise.  Characters can act on their initiative
segment, or use the DELAY command to hold action until the end of the round.
Casting spells may take extra time to perform, so often a spell-caster begins
a spells on his segment, but it does not go off until a little later.

Computer Control
In combat you control the actions of PCs.  The computer controls the actions of
monsters, NPCs, and PCs set to computer control with the QUICK command.
Paladins can control NPCs in some cases.

Combat Reinforcement
In combat, there is a chance that allies will charge to your aid, helping
defeat foes and reinforce the combat just when you need it most.  There is a
chance that your enemy can get reinforcements too.

Combat Ability
Each character's ability in combat is defined by AC, THACO, and Damage.

Each character's or monster's difficulty to be hit is represented by armor
class (AC).  The lower the AC, the harder the target is to hit.  AC is based on
readied armor and a dexterity bonus.  Some magic items, such as some bracers,
also help improve AC.

The ability to hit enemies in melee or with missile fire is represented by
THACO.  THACO stands for To Hit Armor Class 0.  This is the number a character
must 'roll' equal to or greater than to do damage on a target with an AC of 0.
The lower the THACO, the better the chance to hit the target.

Note: the generation of a random number is often referred to as a 'roll.' In
determining the success of an attack, the number generated is from 1 through

An attack is successful if the random number is greater than or equal to the
attacker's THACO minus the target's AC.  THACO may be modified by things like
range, attacking from the rear, magic weapons, and magic spells.

A fighter with a THACO of 5 attacking a monster with an AC of 3 would need to
roll (THACO 5) - (AC 3) = 2+

But to hit a monster with an AC of -2 he would need to roll (THACO 5) - (AC-2)
= 7+

-- Page 10 --

Damage is the range of hit point loss the attacker inflicts and is based on the
attacker's strength, weapon type, and any magic bonuses the weapon has.  The
base damage for each weapon is summarized in the Weapons Table on page 55.

"A stranger told us of hidden treasures...but not of the hidden dangers along
the way!

Some monsters take only partial or no damage from certain weapon types.
Skeletons, for example, take only half damage from sharp or edged weapons, while
some other monsters may only be damaged by magical weapons.

There are two basic types of attack: melee and ranged (or missile).  The
following describes each type and other rules governing combat.

Melee Combat
Melee combat is face-to-face fighting with weapons such as swords and maces.
Only when using melee weapons can characters receive strength bonuses.  Fighters
can sometimes overpower several small foes during melee combat, and thieves
have opportunities to back stab.

Ranged Combat
Ranged combat is firing at distant enemies with weapons such as bows or darts.
A character with a missile weapon (bow, sling, etc.) may not attack when
adjacent to an enemy.  Two arrows or three darts can be fired per turn.

Multiple Attacks (Sweeping)
When fighting small creatures, fighter-types may 'sweep' through several weak
opponents in one combat round.  When a character sweeps, he automatically
attacks all of the available weak opponents.

A thief back stabs if he attacks a target from exactly opposite the first
character to attack the target.  The thief may not back stab if he has readied
armor heavier than leather.  A back stab has a better chance of hitting the
defender and does additional damage.

Saving Throws
Attacks such as poison or spells do not automatically have their full effect on
a target.  Victims may get a saving throw to avoid some or all of the effect.
If the saving throw is successful, generally the target suffers either no
effect or only half-damage.  Saving throws improve as characters gain levels.

Note: some monsters have natural magic resistance which decreases the chance of
them being affected by spells.

Combat Movement
The number of squares a character can move is affected by carried weight,
character strength, and the kind of readied armor.  A character's movement
range is displayed on the View Screen and during the character's segment in
combat.  Combat movement is important for both closing quickly with opponents
(and stopping missile fire) and fleeing from battles that are too tough.

-- Page 11 --

Running Away
A character may flee from the battlefield if he moves faster than all enemies,
but not if he moves slower than any enemies.  A character has a 50% chance to
move off the battlefield if he moves as fast as the fastest foe.  Exception: if
a character can reach the edge of the combat map without any of his opponents
being able to see him, he may then flee successfully even though he is slower
than his opponents.

Returning to the Party
A character that moves off the battlefield returns to the party after the fight
is over.  If all active characters flee combat, any dead or unconscious
characters are lost.  Characters that flee a combat receive no experience
points for the battle.

Combat Strategies

To succeed in combat, a skilled player deploys his party well, casts effective
spells before and during combat, maneuvers his characters into advantageous
positions, and attacks using his most powerful characters and weapons.

Deploying the Party
When a battle begins your party is automatically positioned based on the order
list of the characters.  Characters near the top of the order are in the front
lines and vulnerable to attack.  To change the starting deployment, change the
party order from the Alter Menu while camped.  Shift the heavily armored
fighters up the list and the vulnerable magic-users and thieves towards the
bottom.  Party order cannot be changed while in combat, although characters are
free to move.

Your party may be placed in a bad position at the start of a battle.  Get an
idea of the situation, and move characters into better deployment.  Sometimes
the best strategy is offensive: charging with fighters to close ground and stop
enemy magic and missile fire.  Other times the best strategy is defensive:
moving your characters to anchor their flanks on an obstacle such as a wall or
tree.  Setting up behind a doorway that your enemies have to move through also
makes for a very strong defensive position.  Always keep magic-users and
missile weapons safe behind the front line.

Wounded Characters
Characters who are seriously injured should be cured or moved out of the front
lines if possible.  Remember: if you move away from an adjacent enemy, he gets
a free attack at your back and has an improved chance to hit.

Stopping Ranged Attacks
Missile weapons cannot be fired if there is an adjacent opponent.  To stop
enemy missile fire, move someone next to the opponent.  If you want to fire
missiles, keep away from the enemy.

Exploiting Enemies' Weaknesses
Exploit your opponents' weaknesses by directing attacks against helpless,
wounded, or isolated foes.  Concentrate your attacks to eliminate one opponent
rather than injure many (Exception: enemy spell-casters).  A foe with one hit
point remaining attacks as powerfully as an uninjured one.

-- Page 12 --

If spellcasters are hit in a round, they lose any spells they are preparing
to cast, and cannot cast for the remainder of that round.  Try to keep enemy
spellcasters under attack every round while protecting your own.

After Combat
If one or more characters survive on the battlefield at the end of combat, the
bodies of unconscious or dead party members stay with the party.  If the entire
party flees from combat, all unconscious and dead party members are permanently
lost.  If ALL the party members are slain, go back to your last Saved Game and
try again from that point.

Magic is essential to the survival of the party.  Magic-users cast many
powerful offensive and defensive spells.  Clerics cast healing spells to revive
wounded characters as well as both defensive and offensive spells.  A spell can
exist in one of four forms: in a character's memory, in a character's spell
book, on a scroll, or in a wand.  Memorized spells are cast with the CAST
command.  Spells are memorized during rest while camped.  Spells in scrolls or
wands are cast with the USE command.

Memorizing a spell takes 15 minutes of game time per spell level, plus a
preparation period based on spell level:

Spell Level: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9

Time: 4 hrs. 6 hrs. 8 hrs. 10 hrs. 12 hrs.


To memorize two 1st level spells, one 2nd level spell, and one 3rd level spell
would take:

(6 hours preparation) +2 * 15 min) +(1 * 30 min) + (+ * 45 min) = 7 hours 45

When a magic-user trains for a new level, he selects a new spell to add to his
spell book.  A magic-user can also scribe spells from identified scrolls if he
is of high enough level to cast them.  A magic-user must cast a read magic
spell or have a scroll identified in a shop before he can scribe (or cast) from
it.  The scroll disappears after it has been scribed or cast.

Clerical magic requires no spell books.  All clerical spells of the appropriate
level are always available to a cleric, the character need only memorize them.
Unlike magic-users, clerics can cast spells from scrolls without any
preparation, although clerical scrolls also disappear after being cast.

Tips on Magic
Both clerics and magic-users may cast spells which assist the party in combat.
Preparatory spells, such as bless or strength, cast just before a tough battle
can protect or strengthen characters.  Combat spells can be cast to damage foes
during combat.  Healing spells can be cast either during or after combat to
revive wounded comrades.

Spells should be rememorized as soon as possible after they are used.  This is
most likely to happen after combat.  When in camp, have your spellcasters
memorize spells and select REST to allow them to imprint the spells for later
use.  Selecting REST without choosing new spells has the spellcasters
rememorize the spells they have cast since last resting.

Note: Before resting, it is a good idea to save your game, especially after
tough combats.  Also, keep at least two separate saved games at all times and
alternate between them.  This allows you to go back to save before that last,
fatal battle or to try different strategies at key points.

-- Page 13 --


As you travel about and encounter the monsters and puzzles that stand between
you and finishing your various quests, you find magical items to help you on
your way.  You can find magic items in a treasure by casting a detect magic
spell using the DETECT command.  To find out specifically what an item is, you
must take it to a shop and have it identified.

Some magic items are in reality cursed and can do great harm.  When a character
readies a cursed item, a remove curse spell must be cast before the item can be
dropped.  Some magic items, such as wands or scrolls, may only be used by
certain classes.  Others may not work at all if certain other magic items are
also in use.

Here are descriptions of some items that you may find.  Remember: Some items
are very rare, and you may not find all of them in your adventure.

Wands generally cast a set number of a given spell (for example, 10 fireballs
or 15 magic missiles).  Only experimentation or paying to have them identified
tells what a wand does.  The USE command allows a character to cast spells with
a readied wand.

Potions may heal wounded characters, cause them to become hastened or
invisible, or cause any number of other effects.  The USE command allows a
character to drink a readied potion.

Scrolls carry either clerical or magic-user spells.  A magic-user may use
SCRIBE to permanently transfer a scroll into his spell book if the spell is of
a level that he can memorize.  Magic-users and clerics can both cast spells
directly from scrolls with the USE command, even if they could not otherwise
memorize the spells.  Scrolls disappear after they have been used or scribed.
Magic-users must cast read magic, or have scrolls identified in a shop before
scribing or casting from them.  Also, thieves of 10th level or higher have a
chance of casting spells from magic-user scrolls.

Enchanted Armor and Shields are created by skilled craftsmen and then enchanted
with protective spells.  The power of the magic on these items varies a great
deal.  Enchanted armor has the great advantage of offering improved protection
with less encumbrance than the same type of mundane armor.  To use these items,
ready them from the Items Menu.

Enchanted weapons come in many sizes, shapes, and potencies.  Sometimes a
weapon adds between one and four to your THACO and damage.  Some weapons may
have other fantastic magical properties including extra bonuses against
specific types of creatures.  Once a magic weapon has been readied from the
Items Menu, the character has it readied for all combat.

Enchanted Adornments such as bracers necklaces, periapts, and especially rings
are favorite objects for magical enchantment.  These items may have any number
of magical properties.  Some items help your AC, others may fire magic
missiles, or offer protection from fire-based attacks.  Once one of these items
has been readied from the Items Menu, a character automatically gains all of
its effects.  The exception to this rule is that certain magical necklaces
require the USE command to work.

-- Page 14 --

Enchanted Clothing can be such commonplace items as gauntlets or cloaks, but
they are imbued with powerful enchantments.  A wide variety of these items are
known to exist.  To use these items, READY them from the Items Menu.


The denizens of these regions are many and varied. These are some of the
monsters you may encounter in your adventures.  A few of these creatures are
extremely rare, and you may not cross paths with them all.  But, you may
encounter a few others...

Monsters with an asterisk (*) following their names are new to the SAVAGE
FRONTIER series.

Creatures of the Forgotten Realms

The evil spirits' keening wail strikes fear into the hearts of men.  They
attack with a chilling touch.

Also called Eye Tyrants or Spheres of Many Eyes, they are solitary horrors of
great power.  Each of the creatures' eyes has a unique magical power.
Beholders are armored with tough chitinous skin.

Also called landsharks, these are the result of a mad mage's experiment.  They
are stupid, irascible, and always hungry.

Carrion Crawlers
These are giant, segmented creatures with eight tentacles can attack once apiece
each round.  Carrion crawlers paralyze their victims and devour them.

These are repulsive part rooster, part lizard beasts with the power to turn
adventurers to stone.

Clyclopskins are large humanoids that have one eye.

These are some of the most powerful and dangerous monsters a party can
encounter.  The older and larger a dragon, the more damage it can do and the
harder it is to kill.

These hybrids are part drow, part spider.  They are created from drow who have
failed dark rites of passage.

Efreets are genies from the elemental plane of Fire.  These creatures are
immune to all forms of fire, but can be hit by other magical attacks.

These fierce creatures look like giant tow-headed orcs.  They have great
strength and wild spiked clubs that inflict terrible damage in combat.

Fire Elementals

Elementals are strong, but relatively stupid beings conjured up from their
normal habitat on the elemental planes.  Fire elementals are terrible to behold
and can be fierce opponents.  They are immune to both magical and non-magical
fire attacks.

-- Page 15 --

Ghouls are undead creatures who feed on the flesh of those who are still
living.  Their attack can paralyze all races of characters except elves.


Golems are magically created automatons of great power.  Golems can be
constructed of flesh, clay, stone, or iron.  Iron golems are particularly
dangerous because fire-based attacks such as fireball heal them!

These species vary greatly in power and intelligence.  The following are the
types you are likely to encounter: cloud, fire, and hill.  Some cloud and fire
giants can use magic.

Greenhags are a race of evil creatures related to both annis and nighthags.
They are resistant to magic and have spell-like powers.  A typical greenhag
resembles a nighthag, but with green skin.

Griffons are half-lion, half-eagle avian carnivores.  Their favorite prey are
horses and their distant kin (hippogriffs, pegasi, and unicorns).

Harpies are wicked avian humanoids that prey upon nearly all creatures, but
prefer the flesh of humans and demihumans.

Hell Hounds
Hell hounds are other-planar creatures resembling wolves, but they can breathe
fire and detect invisible enemies.

Manticores are a strange mix; they have a lion's torso and legs, bat's wings,
a spiketipped tail, and a human head.  They can fire volleys of spikes from
their tails and have a great appetite for human flesh.

"When your body is healed by the clerics of the temple your spirit shall be
healed as well."


These are stony monsters that are immune to normal weapons and can attack many
times with their sharp claws and spikes.  Watch out for their stronger and
faster cousins, the greater margoyle.

These are a larger, more dangerous cousin of the otyugh.

These large, ugly foul-tempered humanoids generally attack with a spiked club.
Be wary of magic-using ogres.

Orcs are one of the most common, and disliked, of the demihuman races.  They
are highly aggressive and warlike.

-- Page 16 --

These are scavengers armed with long tentacles that they use to scoop trash into
their cavernous mouths.

"Our boat moved swiftly with the current, carrying us beyond the city walls
moments after we embarked."

Purple Worms
These are enormous carnivores that burrow straight through solid ground in
search of small (adventurer-sized) morsels.

Rats, Giant
Giant rats are ferocious rodents the size of large dogs.

Remorhaz are sometimes referred to as polar worms.  They inhabit cold regions
and are aggressive predators who have been known to attack even frost giants.

Rock Reptiles*
Rock reptiles are lizards with a lumpy, warty hide, and chameleon-like powers.

These undead are one of the weaker types.  Skeletons are animated by evil
wizards or clerics, and are often used as guardians or warriors.

Slugs, Giant
Giant slugs are huge, omnivorous mutations of the common garden pest.  They
attack by biting and can spit a highly corrosive acid.

These undead spirits haunt the most desolate and deserted places.  They attack
all living creatures with mindless rage, drain life levels, and can only be hit
by magical weapons.

These creatures are aggressive predators - even when not hungry, they will
attack creatures that disturb them.  These are some of the species you may
encounter: electric and giant.

Stone Guardians*
These are golem-like figures and are very dangerous.  They take half-damage
from cold, fire, and electrical-based spells and will attack until destroyed.

Umber Hulks
These subterranean carnivores burrow through the ground with powerful claws.

These undead feed on the flood of the living.  Often they are indistinguishable
from humans, and they maintain abilities they possessed in life (including
sometimes spellcasting).  Vampires can only be hit by magical weapons.

These undead creatures have burning eyes set in mummified features.  They feed
on adventurer's life essence and can only be hit by silver or magical weapons.

-- Page 17 --

These evil undead spirits feed on adventurers' life essence and, like wights,
can only be hit by silver or magical weapons.

Yetis are large creatures that inhabit ice regions.  Their white fur makes them
nearly invisible.  Oftentimes, you cannot spot them until they are within 10 to
30 feet of you.

These are mindless, animated undead controlled by evil wizards or clerics.
While more dangerous than skeletons, they move very slowly.  These evil
spirits' keening wail strikes fear into the hearts of men.  They attack with a
chilling touch.

New Monsters
(The following creatures are appearing for the first time in an AD&D fantasy
role-playing product.)

AC: Armor Class; HD: Hit Dice; Mv: Movement;
Int: Intelligence; Size: Size;
Align: Alignment (N=Neutral, CE=Chaotic Evil);
THACO: To Hit Armor Class 0;
Att: Number of attacks; Dmg: Damage;
Spec Attack: Special Attacks;
Spec Def: Special Defenses;
EXP: Experience Points.

Gorgimerae, White
AC: 2; HD: 10; Mv: 12; Int: Semi; Size: L; Align: CE;
THAC0: 12; Att: 5; Dmg: 1d3/1d3/2d6/2d6/2d6
Spec Attack: Stone Breath, Frost Breath
Spec Def: None; EXP: 3312

This fearsome three-headed monster is a relative of the chimera.  It has the
hindquarters and head of a gorgon; the forequarters and head of a mountain
lion; and, the mid-body wings and head of a white dragon.  It attacks with its
lion's claws and all three heads.  The white dragon head can breathe twice per
day, and its gorgon head can use petrifying breath twice per day.  These
monsters can only be found in cold, mountainous regions.

Ice Hounds
AC: 4; HD: 8; Mv: 12; Int: Low; Size: M; Align: LE;
THAC0: 13; Att: 1; Dmg: 1d10; Spec Attack: None
Spec Def: Nil; EXP: 742

Ice hounds are relatives of the hell hound and are not originally from the
material plane.  The creatures are summoned to serve as guards in cold weather
regions.  In addition to a normal bite attack, ice hounds can breathe a cloud
of frost, causing 7 points of damage (save for half damage).

Kampfults, Giant
AC: 4; HD: 5; Mv: 3; Int: Low; Size: M; Align: N;
THACO: 15; Att: 6; Dmg: 5;
Spec Attack: Hold, Suprise; Spec Def: None; EXP 260

Giant kampfults are larger versions of the kampfult, sometimes called the
"sinewy mugger." This creature originally inhabited woodland areas, but has
been driven out by human hunters.  They now can be found in ruins or dungeon
settings.  Once a victim is hit by one of the kampfults' rope-like body vines,
there is no escape until the kampfult is slain.

Spider Queens
AC: 1; HD: 9; Mv: 15; Int: Low; Size: L; Align: CE;
THACO: 11; Att: 1; Dmg: 2d8
Spec Attack: Poison (death); Spec Def: None; EXP: 892

-- Page 18 --

A fearsome leader of arachnids, a spider queen sometimes appears with large
numbers of lesser spiders.

Yeti, Chiefs
AC: 5; HD: 7 Mv: 12; Int: Low; Size: L; Align: TN;
THACO: 13; Att: 2; Dmg: 1d8+2;
Spec Attack: Squeeze, Fear; Spec Def: Immune to cold, takes additional 50%
damage from fire attacks;
EXP 855

These yeti leaders are harder to defeat than most other yeti.  This gives the
chief the ability to lead fellow yeti.

Yeti, Guards
AC: 6; HD: 5; Mv: 12; Int: Low; Size: L; Align: TN;
THACO: 10; Att: 2; Dmg: 1d12+3;
Spec Attack: Squeeze Fear: Spec Def: Immune to cold, takes additional 50%
damage from fire attacks and is 50% magic resistant; EXP: 1765

This large ferocious yeti is rumored to live high in the Icy Mountains.  These
are the most difficult yeti to defeat because of their magic resistance.

Vilstraks, Great
AC: 2; HD: 3; Mv: 9; Int: Low; Size: L; Align: N;
THACO: 16; Att: 2; Dmg: 1d4+1;
Spec Attack: Suprise; Spec Def: None; EXP: 14

Greater vilstraks are giant vilstraks, also called "marl muggers" or "tunnel
thugs." A vilstrak's stony surface provides it with both excellent protection
and the uncanny ability to physically merge with earth or stone.


Cleric Spells

First Level Cleric Spells

Bless improves the THACO of friendly characters by 1.  Bless cannot affect
characters who are adjacent to monsters when the spell is cast, and the spell
is not cumulative.  This is a good spell to cast before going into combat.

Curse reduces the THACO of targets of 1.  The target cannot be adjacent to a
party character or NPC, and effects are not cumulative.

Cause Light Wounds inflicts 1-8 hit points of damage on a target.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1-8 hit points, up to the target's normal maximum hit

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure items are magical.  After
casting the spell, view a character's items or take treasure items, and
equipment or treasure preceded by an '*' is magical.

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2
against attackers of evil alignment.  The effects of the spell are not

Protection from Good improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2													 Protection from Good improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2
against attackers of good alignment.  The effects of the spell are not

Resist Cold halves damage from cold attacks and improves saving throws vs. cold
attacks by 3.

Second Level Cleric Spells

Find Traps indicates the presence of traps in the party's path.

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character types (human, dwarf, etc.).  You
may aim a hold person spell at up to 3 targets (use the EXIT command to target

-- Page 19 --

Resist Fire halves damage from fire attacks and improves saving throws vs. fire
attacks by 3.

Silence 15' Radius magically dampens all sound in the area around the target.
The target character or monster, and all adjacent, cannot cast spells for the
duration of the spell.

Slow Poison revives a poisoned person for the duration of the spell.

Snake Charm paralyzes as many hit points of snakes as the cleric has hit

Spiritual Hammer creates a temporary magic hammer that is automatically readied.
It can be thrown and does normal hammer damage.  Spiritual hammers can hit
monsters that may only be struck by magic weapons.

Third Level Cleric Spells

Bestow Curse reduces the target's THACO and saving throws by 4.

Cause Blindness blinds one target.  This can only be cursed by a cure blindness

Cure Blindness counters the effects of cause blindness.

Cause Disease infects the target with a debilitating ailment that saps strength
and hit points.

Cure Disease removes the effects of disease caused by some monsters or cause
disease spells.

Dispel Magic removes the effects spells that do not have specific counter
spells.  This is the cure spell for any characters that have been held, slowed
or made nauseous.

Prayer improves the THACO and saving throws of friendly characters by 1 and
reduces the THACO and saving throws of monsters 1.  This is a good spell to
cast before going into combat, but it is not cumulative.

"No one can guarantee you'll reach the islands safely - not in this time of
troubles.  But our vessels are the fastest on the Trackless Sea!"

Remove Curse removes the effects of a bestow curse spell and allows the target
to unready cursed magic items.

Fourth Level Cleric Spells

Cause Serious Wounds inflicts 3-17 hit points of damage on a target.

Cure Serious Wounds heals 3-17 hit points, up to the target's normal maximum
hit points.

Neutralize Poison revives a poisoned person.

Poison causes the target to save versus poison or die.

Protection from Evil 10' Radius can be cast on a character or a monster and
improves the AC and saving throws of the target and all adjacent friendly
characters by 2 against evil attackers.  The effects of this spell are not

-- Page 20 --

Sticks to Snakes causes a distracting mass of snakes to torment the target.
The snakes make movement and spell casting impossible for the duration of the

"I was the one who said we should cast detect magic on the spider's treasure.
But do they give me the magical sword? Noooo...."

Fifth Level Cleric Spells

Cause Critical Wounds inflicts 6-27 hit points of damage of a target.

Cure Critical Wounds heals 6-27 hit points of damage, up to a target's normal
maximum hit points.

Dispel Evil improves the target's AC by 7 versus summoned evil creatures for
the duration of the spell, or until the target hits a summoned creature.  The
creature must make a saving throw when it is hit or be dispelled.

Flame Strike allows the cleric to call a column of fire down from the heavens
onto a target.  The spells does 6-48 points of damage to any target that fails
its saving throw.

Raise Dead can bring back to life one non-elf character.  The chances for
success are based on the character's constitution and how long the character
has been dead.  The raised character has 1 hit point and loses 1 point of

Slay Living is a reversal of the raise dead spell and kills one target.  If the
target makes its saving throw, then it suffers 3-17 hit points of damage.

Druid Spells

First Level Druid Spells

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure items are magical.  After
casting the spell, view a character's items or Take treasure items, and
equipment or treasure preceded by an '*' is magical.

Entangle causes plants to grow and entwine around the feet of any creature in
the area of effect.  Be careful not to catch allies in the spell area.

Faerie Fire rings a targeted creature in magical light.  This spell outlines
otherwise invisible targets and give a +2 THACO bonus to anyone attacking an
affected creature.

Invisibility to Animals make the target invisible to non-magical, low or
non-intelligent animals.  This spell does not offer protection against
intelligent opponents or magical creatures.

-- Page 21 --

Magic-User Spells

First Level Magic-User Spells

Burning Hands causes 1 hit point of fire damage per level of the caster.  There
is no saving throw.

Charm Person changes the target's allegiance in combat so that an opponent
fights for the caster's side.  It only affects character types (human, dwarf,

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure items are magical.  After
casting the spell, view a character's items or take treasure items, and
equipment or treasure preceded by an '*' is magical.

Enlarge makes the target larger and stronger.  The higher the caster's level,
the greater the spell's effect.

Friends raises the caster's charisma by 2-8 points.  It is best cast just
before dealing with NPCs.

Magic Missiles dies 2-5 hit points per missile with no saving throw.  A
magic-user throws 1 missile for every 2 levels (1 at levels 1-2, 2 at levels
3-4, etc.). This spell damages any single target within its range unless the
target is magic resistant or has magical protection such as a shield spell.
This spell casts instantaneously.

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2
against attackers of evil alignment.

Read Magic allows a magic-user to ready a scroll and read it.  This is
identical to having a scroll identified in a shop.  After casting read magic, a
magic-user may cast any scroll spells or scribe them if they are appropriate
for his and level.

Shield negates enemy magic missile spells, improves the magic-user's saving
throw, and may increase his AC.

Shocking Grasp does 1-8 hit points of electrical damage +1 hit point per level
of caster.

Sleep puts 1-16 targets (depending on the size of the targets) to sleep with no
saving throw.  For example, up to sixteen 1 hit die targets can be affected,
while only one 4 hit-die target can be affected.  Targets of 5 or more hit-dice
are unaffected.

Second Level Magic-User Spells

Detect Invisibility allows the target to spot invisible creatures.

Invisibility makes the target invisible.  The THACO of melee attacks against
invisible targets is reduced by 4, and it is impossible to aim ranged attacks
at them.  Invisibility is dispelled when the target attacks or casts a spell.

Knock opens locks.  The spell affects both magically and non-magically locked
doors, chest, etc.

Mirror Image creates 1-4 illusionary duplicates of the magic-user to draw off
attacks.  A duplicate disappears when it is attacked.

Ray of Enfeeblement reduces the target's strength by 25% + 2% per level of the

Stinking Cloud paralyzes those in its area of effect for 2-5 rounds.  If the
target saves, it is not paralyzed but is nauseous and has its AC reduced for 2

Strength raises the target's strength by 1-8 points depending on the class of
the target.

-- Page 22 --

Third Level Magic-User Spells

Blink protects the magic-user.  The magic-user 'blinks out' after he acts each
round.  Although the magic-user may be physically attacked before he acts each
round, he may not be attacked after.

Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do not have specific counter
spells.  This is a recuperation spell for any characters that have been held,
slowed, or made nauseous.

Fireball is a magical explosion that does 1-6 points of damage per level of the
caster to all targets within its area.  If the target makes its saving throw,
damage is halved.  Fireball is a slow-casting spell, and the spell's power
demands that you target carefully.  Use the CENTER command to determine who
will be in the area of effect.

Haste doubles the target's movement and number of melee attacks per round.
Haste has a short duration, so you should wait until a fight is imminent to
cast it.  Warning: characters age one year each time a haste spell is cast on

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character types (human, dwarf, etc.).  You
may aim a hold person spell at up to 4 targets (use the EXIT command to target

Invisibility, 10' Radius makes all targets adjacent to the caster invisible.
The THACO of melee attacks against invisible targets is reduced by 4, and it is
impossible to aim ranged attacks at them.  Use this spell to set up a battle
line while your enemies seek you out.  Characters lose invisibility if they do
anything but move.  Remember: some monsters can see invisible creatures.

Lightning Bolt is a magical electrical attack that does 1-6 hit points of
damage per level of the caster to each target along its path.  Damage is halved
if the targets make their saving throw..  A lightning bolt is 8 squares long in
a line away from the caster.  For best results, send the bolt down a row of
opponents.  Lightning bolts also reflect off walls back toward the spellcaster.
Targets adjacent or close to a wall may be hit twice by the same bolt.

Protection from Evil, 10' Radius protects the target and all characters
adjacent to the target.  The spell improves the AC and saving throws of those
it protects by 2 against attackers of evil alignment.

Protection from Good, 10' Radius protects the target and all characters
adjacent to the target.  The spell improves the AC and saving throws of those
it protects by 2 against attackers of good alignment.

Protection from Normal Missiles makes the target immune to non-magical

Slow affects 1 target per level of caster and halves the target's movement and
number of melee attacks per round.  Slow can be used to negate a haste spell
and only affects the side opposing the spellcaster.

Fourth Level Magic-User Spells

Charm Monster changes the target's allegiance in combat so it fights on the
side of the magic-user.  The spell works on most living creatures.  The spell
affects 2-8 one hit-die targets, 1-4 two hit-die targets, 1-2 three hit-die
targets, or 1 target of four or more hit dice.

Confusion affects 2-16 targets, causing them to make a saving throw each round
or stand confused, become enraged, flee in terror, or go berserk.  Confusion is
most effective when used against a large number of enemies.

-- Page 23 --

Dimension Door allows the magic-user to teleport himself to another point on
the battlefield within his line of sight and the range of the spell.
Magic-users can use it for quick escapes.  Fighter/magic-users can use
dimension door to reach enemy spellcasters or ranged weapons.

Fear causes all within its area to flee in terror if they fail their saving

Fire Shield protects the magic-user so that any creature who hits the caster in
melee does normal damage, but takes twice that damage in return.  The shield may
be attuned to heat attacks or cold attacks.  The magic-user takes half damaged
(no damage if he makes his saving throw) and has his saving throw from the
opposite type of attack improved by 2.  He takes double damage from the type
of attack the shield is attuned to.

Fumble causes the target to become clumsy and unable to move or attack.  If the
target makes his saving throw, his attacks and movement are halved.

Ice Storm does 3-30 hit points to all targets within its area.  There is no
saving throw.  This spell even inflicts full damage on opponents protected by
resist cold.

Minor Globe of Invulnerability protects the caster from incoming first, second,
or third-level spells.  The globe is very effective when used in combination
with fire shield.

Remove Curse removes the effects of a bestow curse spell and allows the target
to unready cursed magic items.

Fifth Level Magic-User Spells

Cloud Kill is similar to the stinking cloud spell, except that its area of
effect is larger and it kills weaker monsters.  More powerful monsters may be
immune to the spell.

"He called the roll of ancient, crumbling parchment a "treasure map." For so
few coins, how could we refuse?"

Cone of Cold unleashes a withering cone-shaped blast of cold.  The spell's
range and damage increases with the caster's level.

Feeblemind causes targets who fail their saving throw to drop dramatically in
intelligence and wisdom and become unable to cast spells.  A heal spell must be
cast on the victim to recover from the effect.

Fire Touch creates a blazing aura around the recipient.  This aura adds 2-12
points of extra fire damage to all of the recipient's attacks.

Hold Monster is similar to hold person, except that it affects a wider variety
of creatures.

Iron Skin causes the mage's skin to become extremely tough and magic resistant.
The mage's AC is reduced by 4.

-- Page 24 --




The leader of the men, wrapped in thick furs, faces you, arms raised.  As he
prepares to speak, many Northmen and the smaller Ice Hunters push in behind

"I am Bjorn, Son of Bjorn, Chief of this village," he begins.



"The Lord's Men have broken through the wall of the southeast tower and into
the dwarves' stronghold.  Lord Geildarr intends to surprise Milzorr and the
others and slay them while they sleep.  You may be able to reach the area
through the tower, or from the north through the dwarven fortress.

"If the trap works and the dwarven leaders are ambushed, the rebellion will be
doomed! Good luck to you, and thank you for showing mercy on these helpless



"Brave adventurer's," he continues. "You are facing powers great and evil,
forces beyond your current means.  You must fight hard and use every resource
of your strength and wits if you are to prevail.  But there is hope."

Rabgar pauses to peer into the eyes of each member of the party. "I charge you
with a quest, the quest of the three dungeons.  Succeed and you shall be the
stronger.  Fail and your weakness shall be your downfall."

The old man's voice abruptly quiets, as he struggles to straighten his back and
stand fully upright. "Seek the dwarves throughout the land; hear what they have
to say.  They are your friends.  They shall direct you on your quest.  And when
they cannot, let Silvanus be your guide!"

Rabgar stoops, grasping his stick for balance, then turns and wanders away.

-- Page 25 --



"Thank you for entering this battle and helping us against the Zhentil

"We control the area of Llorkh south of the river, as well as our ancient
stronghold.  More dwarves are coming in from the hills to help us, but more
Zhentarim stragglers from Ascore keep arriving, too.

"We need to wear down the Zhentarim before we attack the Keep and go after Lord
Geildarr himself.  If we clear the rest of the town he will have to keep
sending soldiers and monsters to try to stop us, and soon the forces remaining
at the Keep will be weak enough for us to face them and regain our city."



We looked around us at the ring of Zhentarim soldiers, each with a crossbow
aimed squarely at our hearts.  Lord Geildarr pushed his way through to face us,
a sneer of satisfaction slicing across his twisted face.

"So," he taunted us, "the Heroes of Ascore have arrived to rescue the dwarves!
Your trap has worked perfectly, your majesty!"

Grazoun came forward, shaking his fist defiantly while staying behind
Geildarr's robes. "The dwarves of Llorkh don't need your help! We have a
dwarven king again, and it is King Grazoun the Great!'

"Your Majesty, I suggest that these bandits be thrown into your dungeon."
Geildarr's suggestion sounded like a command, and the soldiers pulled us away
even before the newly-named King could reply.



Sifting through the mess, we found one handwritten page that was still partially
legible.  It held a reference to someone whose name ended in the letters
"amon," and something about his "foolish death on the horns of his own brazen

Farther down the page were what looked like directions to or from (we could not
tell which) a place far off to the East.  Then, in another's writing, scribbled
hastily over the directions, was "gate Keep."

It was impossible to make out anything else.



Lying in front of us was the skeleton of a man, his leather armor torn and

From the bloodstains on the floor we could see that this was no ancient
artifact.  This corridor appeared to lead only to a storage area, but some poor
wretch had come this way and met a monster so fearsome that now only his bones



One man stands to speak. "I am Big Fish in Cold Water.  My people are the Ice
Hunters.  Our leader, Bleak Sky at Morning, expects your coming.  He knows what
you would know.  Seek him.  Go to Icewolf.  Two of my people and two Northmen
await your arrival at the Northern dock.  Go there.  Hurry.  The evil men in
black robes are close behind."

-- Page 26 --



"My names is Jarbarkas, and I am from a village called Windycliffs on the
Sword Coast.  Recently both Windycliffs and Leilon were sacked by ruthless
buccaneers from Luskan, and much of the village lies in ruins.

"Like some great stone tree, the tower rose to pierce the bright blue sky.  But
its beauty could not hide the evil that lay within."

"Swearing revenge on the cowards who burned my home, I set out to offer my
services to the Lords' Alliance.  A group of volunteers was leaving Waterdeep
to come to Llorkh to help dwarves, and I joined them in their mission.

"But no sooner did we arrive than we were ambushed by a force of men and
monsters.  My companions were killed, and I was overpowered and taken prisoner.

"Lord Geildarr himself questioned me.  He was very disappointed to hear we had
just arrived and knew nothing of the dwarves' plans.  He had just animated that
skeleton to kill me when you came in.

"I would be very careful to search all enemies carefully for any kind of
crystal.  I know not what the powers of these crystals may be, but they were
very careful to shatter them rather than let the stones fall into our hands.
There are three different colors, and no single person is ever entrusted with
more than more."



Dear Friends,

Since you are reading this note I presume that you have won the battle for
Llorkh, and that Milzorr and his people are now free.

And, I suppose, if you're not reading this note you have died nobly in support
of a Good cause and are worthy of great honors as well.

But, to save time, I will deal only with what you are to do if you are still
alive.  Please come see me in Secomber as soon as you can, for I will have more
information for you on the strange goings-on in the land.

Be prepared before traveling across the wilderness to Secomber.  The snows are
coming early this year, and the roads are dangerous when the drifts make
travel slow.  If the river starts to freeze the boat rental shops will not be
open, and you will be forced to march overland.

Erek and I await your arrival.  I believe he is quite excited at the prospect of
being rude to you once more.

- Amelior Amanitas of Secomber



The men in the small boat rowed away in a great hurry, and the crew began to
run about the decks frantically, cursing at every step.

-- Page 27 --

"What's going on?" we asked one sailor as he hurried by.

"Something's wrong at the docks - there's fighting there.  Have to swing 'round
to the old pier!"

Our vessels slowly tacked northward, and an hour later we disembarked onto a
rickety, disintegrating dock.  Around us the town looked like an armed camp,
with soldiers running everywhere and worried looks on all the faces.



"Dear friends, I am glad you have returned to see me once again.  I have
learned much since we last spoke.

"A renegade beholder from Zhentil Keep has established a headquarters in Port
Llast.  There it hopes to prepare a safe haven for a large number of its
hideous fellow monsters from across the Great Desert.

"They plan to go to the towns and cities of the Savage Frontier and coordinate
a renewed attempt by the Zhentarim to overrun the region through the Great
Desert.  We must find the beholder and stop this plan before it starts!"


Cortarra's Note

"I believe, my lord, that the story might be true.  The young man appears to
know nothing of the...."

Here Cortarra had stopped in the writing of her letter.  What we would give to
learn what secrets it might have contained.



"I am Bjorn of the Sea.  We Ice Hunters are sent to greet you.  Do not fight
the Northmen - it was a mistake to make them enemies.  They believe you have
angered Tempus and will attack you.  Seek our leader, Bleak Sky at Morning.  He
knows the way."



The guards stopped us at the gates of Waterdeep and demanded to know our
business.  Several had crossbows and looked nervous - they had heard all the
talk of impending war and were ready to shed the blood of the first Luskan
spies they set eyes on.

"We're the Heroes of Ascore," we called out, "and we bear a letter for Lord
Piergeiron from the famous magic-user Amelior Amanitas of Secomber."

The guard captain looked at us through narrow, suspicious eyes. "Let's see this

We handed him the envelope Amanitas had given. "We don't know what information
if contains, but it is urgent that it reaches Lord Piergeiron."

The captain glanced at the letter, then signaled for a troop of his men to
escort us - or to prevent us from escaping . "Follow me," he ordered. "We will
go directly to the castle."


-- Page 30 --



"Sorry, but there was a big fire after the Zhentarim fought the Heroes of
Ascore here.  Now we have to rebuild that whole northern section of town - no
one's allowed to go that way.

"They say Vaalgamon himself burned his local headquarters to keep it from
falling into our hands.  He was afraid if we Loudwater city guardsmen got hold
of his plans we'd have stopped the whole invasion even before he got to Ascore.

"You knew the Heroes of Ascore fought here, too, didn't you? Before they went
up to Ascore, I mean.  Had a pitched battle with an army of Zhentarim forces
right here in these streets.  We city guardsmen fought right along beside them
- I was on the front line, myself, for the final battle before the bridge.
Almost got to strike a blow at old Vaalgamon himself but then he turned and

"So when they tell you of the Heroes of Ascore, remember Loudwater, too.  If
they were here they'd tell you, loud and clear.  Without us city guardsmen
they might never have made it out of Loudwater!"



A strong, young dwarf in ring mail of burnished copper stepped forward. "We are
in need.  Our mine has been taken.  All whom we send into the shaft then never
return.  Their last, terrible screams reach our ears, but we know nothing



"I believe, my lord, that the story might be true.  The girl appears to know
nothing of the ..."

Here Cortarra had stopped in the writing of her letter.  What we would give to
learn what secrets it might have contained!



A man in purple and blue robes at the head of the crowd opens his arms wide and
proclaims, "Our Heroes! We are free from the great snowmonster and his

As the throng cheered, he came to each of us in turn and shook our hands. "I am
the ShearMaster, brother of Menaster, head of the Triumvirate of Fireshear, and
leader of this town.  I and my people thank you."

A commotion swept through the crowd of newly-freed miners. "What of our friends
at the docks? someone called out.

"Yes, you are right! We must go to the docks, to the west!" the ShearMaster
called out. "Free the docks from the great evil there! Hurry! Heroes of Ascore,
will you lead the way?"

The crowd quieted and looked anxiously to us for a reply.  Without hesitation,
we all nodded and shouted. "To the docks!"



A portion of the note was soaked in blood and was illegible.  The part that
remained read:

"...been prepared and are being sent south.  We created a different one for
every mission in the plan, with coded names to make them easy to identify.  Our
superstitious enemies will help us spread the instruc..."

-- Page 31 --



Beneath his swirling red hair the man's face was covered with patterns of
tattoos.  A dark shadow covered much of his forehead, and the lines across his
features seemed to change even as we watched.

For a moment the eternal smile of a clown appeared, followed closely by the
image of a tear falling from one eye.  He carried a mask on a stick in one hand
- but in contrast to his face, its features were completely plain and

And, as a citizen of Farr windward, he bore the bold red circle tattoo on his
left forearm.

"I am Ougo," he said pumping each of our hands in greeting. "When I lived in
Neverwinter I was called Ougo the Strange." He smiled at us and winked. "You
know, I have a tattoo on my back depicting the mural on the ceiling of the
Temple of Oghma in Neverwinter!"

We all indicated how impressive this was, and, perhaps mercifully, Ougo the
Strange let the matter drop without forcing us to admire this tattoo.

"Why is everyone outside so happy?" we asked.

"Because this is the house of Haalbok, and he died just this morning."

"That is so strange!" we exclaimed.

"Ah, how clever! I see you understood my point about being strange!" Ougo the
Strange said, smiling.

We all looked at each other, completely confused.

From the back row of the party came a single, soft voice. "I'm sorry, but I
don't understand.  Why is everyone happy that Haalbok is dead?"

Ougo the Strange nodded. "I will be happy to explain what your companions
already understand.  Haalbok is now free from Farr Windward, so we celebrate
for him.  Death is normal - he has returned to normalcy.  We are given
everything else in Farr Windward: food, clothing, entertainment.

"Even the Heroes of Ascore will seek my Hall of Training to improve their
skills! Fighters, wizards, and clerics all say we are the best."

"Freedom is the one thing we have to seek out for ourselves, and he has found
it! Let us celebrate!"



The bird cackled derisively as we stepped inside, and Erek slammed the door in
its face with a great swing of his massive right arm.

"Blasted bird," Erek told us.  "You should ignore everything it says! Amanitas
taught it to discourage traveling merchants and welcome visitors.  Now it
welcomes the merchants and chases away all his friends! How can anyone stand a
creature so stubborn and ill-tempered as that!?"

-- Page 33 --

"Just this week I've been besieged by one loudmouthed man selling food dicing
contraptions, another with a book called 'You Can Improve Your Charisma!', and a
woman who said that for ten platinum pieces she would help me lose fifty pounds
by eating nothing but celery!"

"Amanitas is in here.  He's been waiting for you."  Escorting us into the
library, Erek grunted to indicate our arrival and stalked out of the room.

"The tavern was loud and raucous, and a good time was had by all.  By the end
of the evening we thought we knew everyone in Leilon!"



"I am called Siulajia, and I was raised in the High Forest.  My father, Lezoul
of the Great Oaks, protects groups of pilgrims who travel up the Unicorn Run
into the forest to pay homage to the Goddess Mielikki.

One day, not long ago, I was hunting near the edge of the woods.  I saw
something moving in the trees, and soon a tattered, ragtag party of orcs, men,
and ettins came beating through the underbrush.  They were stragglers from the
battle at Ascore.

I turned to slip away - and ran into the arms of a hill giant coming the other
way.  He called to the others, and one, a man in a black cape, said they should
bring me along as a gift for Lord Geildarr.  I feigned interest in meeting him
so they might let down their guard and allow me to escape.

But my plan went wrong.  When we arrived and Cortarra heard that I wanted to
meet Lord Geildarr, she became jealous and had me placed in chains.  Instead of
making them let down their guard, my ruse had turned a powerful sorceress into
an enemy! Why she didn't kill me on the spot I'll never know - she seemed
fascinated with the work of my father.

"In any case, I am grateful to you all for rescuing me from the trap of my own



"There are shops on the road that leads west to the docks.  You may find unusual
items in some places, common ones elsewhere.  An inn lies just west of here.

"Be careful of locked doors here in town - people have goods here they don't
want inspected.  Some of the goods are bads, and some have their own opinions
about being inspected." He chuckled at his little joke, and his breath smelled
like dead barnacles.

"You don't look like you're ready to take on the kinds of enemies you'll find in
Mintarn and Orlumbor, but when your party grows stronger come back to this
little town and you'll be able to book passage to go there.  There are two
docks on the western end of town.  Ships at the north one go to Mintarn, and
the southern ones go to Orlumbor.  Get there by 6:00 in the morning to travel
- and whatever you do, don't snoop around the docks after dark."

We thanked him and moved on, grateful for the chance to once again take a deep

-- Page 33 --


The Guard's Story

"It's you! It's You!" the guard told us, a delighted smile covering his face.
You're the Heroes of Ascore!"

We admitted that we were in fact the celebrated adventurers.

"Amelior Amanitas, the great wizard from Secomber, was here looking for you only
days ago!  He flew over this very spot in a great ship suspended in the air from
what looked like a gigantic, multicolored balloon!

"He told us that if we saw the Heroes of Ascore we were to tell you to come see
him in Secomber, that your help was needed urgently once again, and that he had
something important to give you!"

We all looked at each other - the message in each pair of eyes was the same.  It
was time to hurry to Secomber.


Tulgar Wrighttson's Story

"I'm concerned that more and more warships flying the flag of Waterdeep keep
appearing in the harbor.  These are not regular warships, but sleek-hulled
galleys filled with warriors.  I don't like it...don't like it at all!

"While you're here, steer clear of Farr Windward - it's an exile colony of the
crazed, the obsessed and the misfits from the mainland.  I detest having it here
on the island - I'd like to open the gates and let them all go home.  But after
so many generations of treaties there is nothing I can do."



The soldier wore the distinctive uniform of Waterdeep. "You're here!" he
shouted, turning to the crowd.  Hey everyone, it's the Heroes of Ascore!" The
patrons broke into spontaneous applause.  Frankly, we were both embarrassed and
pleased with all the hoopla.

The soldier faced us once more. "We're the escort from Waterdeep.  We were sent
to help guard the ambassadors from Neverwinter and Mirabar for the rest of the
journey.  They're not here yet, but they are expected to arrive this evening.

"We'd heard you'd be coming with us - this is such a thrill!"



"I've always been friendly to Waterdeep, and how do they repay me? They send
their soldiers to take over our docks!"  The Tyrant paced madly, to and fro.

"They say they are protecting the Trackless Sea from the pirates, but there were
no pirate ships based here - I've always seen to that! If they don't get out
now, I care not for the size of Waterdeep's navy - I will declare war against
them and strangle them the seas!"



The room seemed to be the bedroom of a farmhouse.  All the furniture was gone,
and a thin layer of straw on the floor was the only bed.

We thought it was strange that they didn't take away our weapons, but then we
examined the door and the boards covering the windows.  They were made of heavy
wood held together by steel fittings, and when we hacked at the door with our
swords we could hear guards on the opposite side laughing.

Keep trying! they called out.  By the time you carve your way through this door
the High Captains of Luskan will be sipping tea in the palaces of Waterdeep!

-- Page 34 --



"Whoa, that was a close call! I'm sure glad you came along!

"Malchor Harpell really is at the Tower of Twilight, and I think he's probably
safe there.  But Krakens and hooligans from Luskan have taken over the town.

"They have monsters locked in corrals at some of the local ranches.  I hate to
think what they're planning to do with them!"



The robed man looked up for a moment, surprised. "You are the Heroes of

We nodded and said, "Yes."

His ancient eyes peered at us intently. "You have risen to great heights, and
all in the Northern Realms know of your heroism.  But to climb still higher you
will first have to fall to great depths.

"The mountaintop of honor awaits you once again, but you will survive to see it
only if you are skillful and brave - and if you remain loyal and faithful to
your cause.

"If you fear death do not go on, for it shall stalk your every step.  If you
have doubts, if you are unsure of the rightness of your quest, do not go on,
for only through a unity of purpose and spirit will you survive."

We paid the old psychic, thanked him and departed, looking in each others' eyes
for the glint of undaunted determination he had said would bring us through.

It was still there.



Guards in strange uniforms stepped up to inspect the party. "You may stay in
Farr Windward as long as you wish," they told bus, "but when you leave none of
the citizens may come with you.

"Farr Windward is maintained by the major cities of the Sword Coast as a
community for those who are unable to live with others in normal society.
Please understand its importance and its benefits, and respect its rules.

"Remember the penalty for attempting to escape from Farr Windward - or helping
others to escape - is death!"



The dream seemed so real! The women pulled at the chains, twisting something
in the locks until they fell away and we were freed!

They pulled us away through the water, swimming rapidly even as they dragged
our armored bodies with them.  Their long hair undulated in the underwater
breeze, and they seemed to smile at us to show that everything would be all
right.  Such a lovely dream this was!

Our precious air stayed tightly sealed within our lungs, but its life still
seeped away.  As the darkness came rolling in like evening fog and covered the
last peaks of our consciousness, we looked up into the beautiful faces of these
women who carried us and smiled.  If this was death by drowning, it was as sweet
a death as there could be....

-- Page 35 --

We awakened, shivering, in a freezing cavern - but we were still alive!

"Quick, get more blankets! They're still too cold!" The voice was that of
someone accustomed to command, and we opened our eyes to see a circle of faces
looking down at us in the dim torchlight.

As more blankets were wrapped around our trembling bodies, we realized that the
women were not a dream.  Hair still wet, they stood side by side with the
others, peering at us with concern.  Beside them were a group of elves.

"They'll be all right," the leader told them, seeing the same look in their
eyes. "If you hadn't been there at the moment they fell in, they never would
have made it.  You can see - they can only breathe air."

"They didn't fall in.  They were thrown in," responded one of the women. "They
were thrown in.  With chains and locks.  Thrown in off the pier."

"That's right," we told them, and then proceeded to explain how the letter
given to us by Amanitas had been switched with the incriminating note,
presumably while we were prisoners in Leilon.

"I knew we escaped from there too easily!" chimed in a voice from the back of
the party. "That was the whole point, to capture us and plant that letter to
discredit us with the Lords' Alliance!"

The elf leader nodded. "Even we elves of the sea, who avoid the problems of
the land whenever possible, have heard of the Heroes of Ascore.  If your
enemies had simply slit your throats you would have been transformed into
martyred gods and inspired the Lords' Alliance to fight on.  This plan was more
clever, because it was the leading city of the Lord's Alliance that sentenced
you to death!"

"We have no choice," we told them. "We must go back and defeat the evil plans
of our enemies.  Only then will the Lords' Alliance know that we aren't

"The castle loomed up from a rocky promontory, its towers visible from the
entire island.  What great friend or foe lives here?"

"Thanks to the Sirines of the Trackless Sea, you will have the chance," the elf
said, smiling.  We struggled to our feet to thank them for saving our lives,
and there was much embracing among everyone.

"Sadly, the harbor is too well guarded for us to take you back the way you
came", the sirines' leader told us after we had settled down to eat.

The elf nodded. "I agree.  The only way out of these caverns by land is full of
danger, but it is just that - the only way.  One room here connects to the
passageways of an ancient dungeon outside of Waterdeep.  We have blocked the
entrance, but you will be able to move the stone and pass through.

"The dungeon is inhabited by dangerous monsters, so please, rest here and save
your strength before you go." Warm broth was served, and we passed many hours
sharing stories with the elves and sirines who had saved our lives.

-- Page 36 --



"Those tattooed Kraken squid lovers, they'll suck you dry faster than a snake
in the Great Desert in the noonday sun.

"And they don't want to pay the money they was offerin', neither.  I weren't
gonna do it fer less.  And old Jasper, be my guess he weren't neither.  But he
don't know they lowered the price yet.

"Maybe you oughta go an' chat with him.  His ranch is right due east o' here.
Right across from the stables."



We opened the hastily-scribbled note.
It read:


Golozz the Greedy says he's going to toast you with his breath and eat you for
dinner tonight unless he gets the gold you promised him from that ship we took
off Leilon! He's not joking! He could burn this whole village to the ground at
any moment!

You know how his moods are - you can't use logic with him! I heard him roaring
through the walls last night while I tried to sleep!

Get him that gold, and fast!




"It's an invasion! Soldiers from Waterdeep have taken over the docks as a base
to fight the pirates!

"Why would they do this to the Tyrant? He's always fought the pirates of

"You know, the Tyrant is fair and honest with the people of Mintarn, but he is
a Tyrant when it comes to keeping our island independent! There's talk of war
against Waterdeep!"



"The great lie you have just uncovered is a plan we have prepared for some
time, for just as our enemies have spied on us, we have spied on them.

"When we heard you had arrived in the city, we set the plan in motion - with
the help of the Heroes of Ascore we knew that we could finally succeed where so
many others had failed.

"My dear friend Ougo here organized the celebrations throughout the city,
knowing they would stretch the spy network to its fullest as they tried to
follow every movement of each small group.  We knew that with our help you
could find and eliminate the two places we needed to destroy in order to free
the city.

"But one more step yet remains in our plan, and we must take it now." He
examined the brand which was recovered from the spies' secret chamber, did
something to it we couldn't see, then returned it.

-- Page 37 --



"Strange-looking men in Waterdeep uniforms have been pillaging the
country-side.  I'm a veteran of the troll wars; I fought for Waterdeep for
twenty years.  One look at this scurvy lot told me they're not from any army I
ever served in.

"The farmer around here have turned against Waterdeep and the Lords' alliance
because of the attacks.  I went to a town meeting and tried to tell them it was
a trick, someone dressing up like soldiers.

"They thought I was a spy and threw me out.  I'm lying there face-down in the
mud, and no sooner do they vanish back inside than I see the dirty pants-leg of
a Waterdeep uniform six inches from my face.

"The imposters dragged me down here to silence me permanently.  If you hadn't
come along I'd have been monster fodder, sure as anything.  Thank you, and may
Helm protect you on your quest!"



"Pirates have been attacking merchant ships up and down the coast, including
those bound for my home in Gundarlun.  Many of our sailors were killed and a
number of vessels lost.

"I started going to sea with the merchant ships - against Father's wishes, of
course - to try to find out what was going on.  The last vessel I was on
reached Mintarn safely after fighting off two attacks, and I learned of this
supposed Waterdeep invasion."

She looked down at the dead guards. "This is the first time I've ever seen
soldiers from Waterdeep with tattoos of a purple squid on their arms! These are



"I see you may be going west to the town of Farr Windward.  It is on the other
side of a very long tunnel through the mountains - so long that it will take
you days just to pass through it.

"We work hard, but with the constant attacks by pirates and monsters....You
must find a way to stop them! You are our only hope!"

"Farr Windward itself is on a rocky peninsula on the western edge of the
island, atop high cliffs that make escape by sea impossible.  Guards prevent
the inhabitants from leaving through the tunnel.

"You can come and go as you wish, but remember that Farr Windward can be a
dangerous place, filled with the outcasts of every city on the Sword Coast, and
the descendents of past generations of outcasts.

"Each resident has a bright red circle tattooed on his or her forearm.  They
may never leave, and the penalty for assisting in an attempted escape is

-- Page 38 --


No one must know of your prisoner's location - or that such a person even
exists.  If you are asked, say only that several traitors to Luskan have been
arrested for spying on behalf of our enemies and that you have them under
guard.  Answer NO question about the family of your prisoner.

"One look at the tattoo of the purple squid on the man's hand told us there
would be a battle"



He pulled his arm away quickly, but it was too late! Heated by some form of
magical fire, the brand had left the telltale mark of Farr Windward upon his

"You cannot do this to me! This...this will never come off! I'm normal, but
with this....No one will ever believe me!" He stood up and raced around the
room, screaming maniacally, "I'm normal! I'm normal! I'm normal!" over and over



"Of course it's the fools from Triboar, and this time they've gone too far!"
shouted one man.

"Kidnapping the Waterbaron! This time it's no joke - they're out to take us
over!" yelled another.

"It's all about gold, and their greed for nothing else! They want to control
trade all up and down the valley!"

"They're jealous because we're right on the Long Road and they're not, so they
get less trade than us! Now they want to take over Yartar and keep everything
for themselves!"



"What are you celebrating?" we asked a reveler.

"Haalbok is dead!" he replied, punctuating his remark with a flourish from his
wooden flute.

"Who was Haalbok?" we asked. "Did you really hate him that much?"

No, you silly people! We all loved Haalbok! He was one of the leading men in
the city! He was intelligent, kind, well-balanced....and very normal!"

We were incredulous. "Then why are you celebrating?"

The man looked at us as if we were total idiots. "Is there not enough misery in
the world already? We do not pour water into a flood, or add oil to a fire when
it burns our neighbor's house.  With misery why should our course be

-- Page 39 --



As you enter Triboar, follow an alley in the northwest area to the farthest
door.  Knock 3 times and say "northwaters." The men there have some very
important information for us.  You are to gather that information and bring it
home so we can use it for planning our defense.



"Those blasted pirates almost got us that time!"  the angry ship captain told
the Harbormaster.  "If the wind hadn't shifted so we could run with the
current they'd have caught us for sure!

"I won't go out again until something's done! What's Haeromos thinking, huh?
That they'll get bored and go away?" He pounded his fist on the railing. "These
are rich waters for pirates - and the fisherman never changes ports when the
fish keep leaping on the deck!"

The Harbormaster nodded. "I thought that's what the out-of-towners were here
for, the Heroes everyone flaps their lips about so much.  Thought the first
Captain hired 'em straight from Waterdeep.  Guess not, though."

The captain grunted his disgust at what was being done.

"Shouldn't give up yet, though," the Harbormaster added, trying to sound
positive. "We should keep a look out.  Maybe someone'll be along to help...."



A man stood beneath the arches on the far side of the room, looking out to sea.
We crossed to his side, looked down, and realized this was the top of a high
cliff.  Far below us sharp rocks reached upwards from the shore, looking like a
thousand huge stone bayonets shoved handle-first into the sand.

The man wavered at the edge, as if about to jump.  We jumped forward and pulled
him back, asking, "What's wrong? Whatever it is that troubles you, jumping to
your death is not the answer!"

"Nothing is wrong," he replied in a normal, even pleasant voice. "It's just
that every so often someone in Farr Windward jumps from the Leap.  No one has
jumped for quite a while, so someone has to step in and maintain normalcy.  We
all have duties, obligations as citizens of Farr Windward, and I don't care
what they say of the mainland.  Farr Windward is a place of normalcy."

We thought for a moment, then said, "Didn't you know? Someone jumped just two
days ago! Everyone's been talking about it - didn't you hear?"

Suddenly the man's face filled with relief. "Whew! I'm glad you told me!
Otherwise I'd have jumped and it would have been such a waste!"

He bid us farewell and walked away happily.

-- Page 40 --



"Thank you for releasing me!" Redbeard exclaimed, massaging his wrists after we
had cut the tight ropes that held him.

"The woman bowed to us and said, 'Our leaders are at the Council of Mirabar.
When you are ready they will hear your case."

"Their leader was a bad one, he was.  He'd have killed us all soon, once he'd
made sure he wouldn't need us.

"They called him Lord something or another, so he must have been an important
one, he was.  He kept reciting how his plan was working so perfectly.  He said
he was holding the southern flank, that forces from the Way Inn and Daggerford
would be sent north towards Waterdeep.

"Pirates would blockade Waterdeep, and none of its allies would help because
they all thought Waterdeep was attacking its neighbors.  Once the city was
close to starvation, he bragged that one morning he himself would march into
Lord Piergeiron's bedchamber and raise the man's head on a pike."

Redbeard looked around at the remains of the monsters and Zhentarim that filled
the room. "I s'pose Lord Piergeiron can sleep late this morning after all."



The tall, barrel-chested man on the stage pronounced his commands, but here was
a strange look in his eye.  Or perhaps it was a look that wasn't in his eye -
the gleam of life was somehow missing.

Yet everyone in the room stood in rapt attention, including our party.  There
was something about this man, his bearing or his stature, that compelled us.  He
gave detailed instructions on the coming naval blockade of Waterdeep by the
combined fleets of Ruathym and Luskan, and we listened in frozen horror.

But somehow the words we were hearing and the man who delivered them did not
match.  It was just a hunch, pure instinct at best, but could he be under the
control of someone else? This man looked nothing like a scurvy ally of Luskan.
Could he have been charmed by a magic-user, who pulled the once-powerful
puppet's strings from relative safety offstage?



"The Zhentarim and their hideous monsters came rolling into town like a tidal
wave! My guards and citizens fought bravely, but we were overwhelmed! I had to
hide in here to escape certain death!"

-- Page 41 --



"I am Captain Redleg - a name I acquired courtesy of a shark with sharp teeth
and a first mate with a sharp tongue.

"You comin' along and breakin' that spell is a brace of salt air in the
morning! I hate these Luskan Low Captains and their flimsy-robed magic men! I
hate this alliance!

"When those cursed pirates came here with their talk of conquering Waterdeep, I
didn't listen - but the First Axe swallowed it like a marlin takes a bait.

"Once Luskan had what it wanted the First Axe was the first axed, and I wound
up in the brig! With their threats against innocent hostages they forced me to
command the fleet, MY fleet, to blockade Waterdeep!

"When I refused to order attacks on defenseless merchants, they had one of
those long-robed daffodils from the Hosttower cast a spell on me to make me say
the words they wanted my men to hear.

"But that was then and this is now! Now we have the Heroes of Ascore fighting
by our side! We'll send the scurvy lot o' them to blow bubbles with the fish in
Luskan Harbor!"



We are close to finding the Waterbaron! I know that he is being held somewhere
here in Triboar.  How do these simple-minded fools think that they can hide him
for long is this hayseed town?

The new areas in the northwest part of town are suspicious, and I plan to search
there as soon as possible.  The army of Triboar is growing, but still no match
for us.  The Lord Protector is mad if he believes he can defeat us!



"The Zhentarim stormed into town with a great force of men and monsters, and
captured us before we could organize our resistance.

"We might have held out longer, but the Duke turned and ran away! So much for
the man who claims to be descendent of that brave boy with a dagger who founded
this poor town.

"You should know that your movements were being watched from the moment you
entered town.  Just as you launched your attack upon this stronghold, the
Zhentarim sent out messengers.  They were to warn their allies at the Way Inn,
to the south, that you'd be coming.  If you hurry to the edge of town perhaps
you can intercept them in time and still surprise the enemies there!

"The south door to this room leads to the street.  And come to any of our shops
when you return to Daggerford.  We will make sure you are rewarded for you

-- Page 42 --



The book is a history of Ruathym, with much about its early days and founders.
Many pages are devoted to their leaders, who bore the title "The First Axe."
Rhaumon Bloodaxe is the first such king mentioned.

The early days of the island nation were turbulent, filled with frequent wars
against Luskan and other coastal cites.

One later chapter describes an old water-front mansion, the original residence
of Bloodaxe.  It tells a story that the long-dead king has never truly left the
mansion, and that only loyal residents of Ruathym may stay there safely.



We walked down the ship's gangplank and onto the pier.  The Captain and crew
stood waiting there, heads hanging in shame.

The Harbormaster said, just loudly enough for us to hear, "It's a strange day
when the Captain comes home in a rowboat and the passengers fight off pirates
and bring his ship back to port!"

The Captain kept his eyes on the warped planking of the ancient pier, saying

Then the Harbormaster raised his voice to address the big crowd that was
gathering to see what was going on.

"The First Captain said Heroes would come to help Port Llast, and he did not
lie! Three cheers for the Heroes of Ascore! They have won a great victory in our
war to reclaim the Trackless Sea from the pirates! Now, and forever, they will
be our Heroes too!"

As the crowd roared its approval, the Harbormaster leaned over to us and
whispered, "The First Captain has something for you.  He lives in a mansion in
the southeast corner of town."



"The pirates have created much sadness and despair in Port Llast.  They have
burned this temple- you can see the scorch marks on that wall - attacked the
merchant ships, and taken over the northwest corner of the village.

"And we keep finding their little scraps of paper. 'You shall have good fortune
today' is all they ever say..  What is the hidden code? For whom does this have

"These papers of good fortune have brought us nothing but sorrow."



"Three cheers for the Heroes of Ascore!" the Fat Man bellowed to the crowd.
They gave three great, lusty roars. "There!" he says, "The Heroes of Ascore are
still heroes here in Neverwinter!

"We hear your recent mission to Leilon went poorly, when our poor ambassador
disappeared.  Messengers from Waterdeep said you were responsible for the
kidnapping, but we didn't believe it.  Did we believe it, everyone?"

-- Page 43 --

"Nooooo!" roared the crowd that filled the tavern.

"We've had messengers from Waterdeep tell us all sorts of crazy things.  Big
cities confuse people, make them believe silly tales when they should be giving
the tale-teller a skeptical eye.  No one here in Neverwinter tells tall tales,
do we, everyone?"

"Nooooo!" the crowd cried out once more, to the Fat Man's delight.

"But enough of this.  I hear that you're here to find the kidnappers and prove
to everyone that these stories were naught but poppycock.  You've come to the
right place! Barkeep! A round for my friends!"



"Froal said that you could save us, that you'd somehow defeat their plan and
rescue us! And now you've done it!

"As you now know, the Krakens captured the Neverwinter Ambassador Froal and
myself in Leilon.  They imprisoned you and then purposely allowed you to
escape.  How that furthered their plans I do not know, but they later brought
us here to Neverwinter and told us you had been blamed for our disappearance.

"The forces of the Lords' Alliance may have scoured the countryside, but never
thought to search for us here in Froal's back yard.  Before you arrived I had
begun to despair of ever being rescued.

"Froal himself is being held in one of the other gardens - he is a noble man
and must be rescued! I shall make my way to Lord Nasher and tell him of these
events.  I am certain that a great reward awaits you when the last Ambassador
is saved!"



"My father, the Waterbaron, has been kidnapped! He is being held by the
Triboarians! They are mustering an army against us, because they think that
without our leader we will crumble like a sand castle before the rising tide!

"Erek grunted as we entered.  For him this was the same as a hearty handshake
and a slap on the back.  Amanitas was wait-"

"But they are wrong! I have assumed leadership in my father's absence, and we
will defend our homeland against Triboar! They will be made to pay for this!

"My father will be so proud!"



"Throughout the years of Fireshear," the dwarf continues. "We Quiet Ones have
lived here, beneath the town, in and around this chamber.  There are never
many of us, but we do know of the events and of the people above.

"The recent happenings are evil, and behind them is a very evil being.  It is a
large spherical creature - four of us saw it when it came, but only one of us
returned.  The others remain stone-solid, like the bones of the mountains.

-- Page 44 --

"The Evil is a large round monster with many eyes - and powers.  A glow or a
twinkle, and our friends were stone.  Others simply vanished or fell dead.

"Take care as you explore! The monster remains in Fireshear, near the docks.
It must be destroyed, or the town will become wholly evil, and we Quiet Ones
shall be gone."

"I've had enough of them black-robed hooligans, I have! Next one I see is going
to feel my fist on his fat face, he will!"



Scattered across the desk were several maps of the farmlands around Waterdeep.
A number of them had been crossed off, with notes such as "Burned" and
"Poisoned crops." Others were marked with a large "X".

Another note was a list with only tow entries:

More uniforms

Weapons - Forge crests from Waterdeep



"The Waterbaron of Yartar has been kidnapped, and we're being blamed by his
people! War will break out between our towns if we do not find who really
committed this crime, because Yartar will attack us for something we didn't do!

"If they attack we'll defend ourselves and save our city from conquest, but
we'd rather find the Waterbaron and avert a needless war.

"We need to find out who it is who wants Yartar and Triboar to fight and
destroy each other - it is in their hands that we will find Waterbaron!"



When he had solidified from the exploding black cloud that appeared so suddenly
beside us, he began to speak.

"You have done very well, Heroes of Ascore! You have removed the Kraken slime
from the pond of Longsaddle.  You have destroyed their plans to house
monsters here for use in battles against Mirabar, Triboar, and Yartar.

"You have the gratitude of the people of Longsaddle, and of all the Savage

"But you cannot rest, not yet! More Kraken and Zhentarim plots are still

"Soon the autumn meeting of the Council of Mirabar will be held in that
powerful northern city.  They will vote there on whether to support the
Waterdeep and the Lords' Alliance in the battles against Luskan.

-- Page 45 --

"Without their help the tide of battle might turn against us, and the Krakens
are working mightily to show the Lords' Alliance as weak, corrupt, and
backstabbing.  They hope that Luskan and Zhentarim allies will win, so that
together they will control the North.

"Only the Heroes of Ascore can uncover all their plans in time, then go to
Mirabar and present proof of the Kraken deceptions! May Helm guide you on your




"Great adventures! I have just now been recording your acts of heroism while
they are fresh in my memory.  I shall transmit this letter to all members of
the Lords' Alliance, and your names shall ring throughout the Council Halls in
the great City of Waterdeep!

"The deceptions of Luskan, the Krakens and the Zhentarim have been exposed, but
our victory is not yet certain.

"You may have heard stories of a great and powerful magical item, a Gem created
in ancient times to fight the great evils of its day.  We know little more of
its powers and its history.

"My brother leads the miners of Fireshear.  He has written to me of the Gem,
and may know more.  You must seek him out.

"In no event can we allow our enemies to gain the Gem, for if the stories of
the ancients are true its power could crush our mightiest battlements."



"Long have we waited," the old man said, his words measured and thoughtful.
"From grandfather to father, from father to son, from generation to generation,
has the secret been passed. 600 years have we waited.  And now you have come."

The old man rises.  He gestures to the rear of the room, to a door. "The way is
there.  Long have we watched.  Long has it waited.  Through the door you must
go.  Climb the steepest climbs; find the Lair of the Dragon.  The ancient power
you seek is there, in the great cavern."

-- Page 46 --



"The dwarves of Mirabar and their King thank you for your efforts in saving our
city from the deceptions of our enemies." He bowed low, and descended from his
throne to approach our party.

"But greater events still threaten us.  You may have heard stories of a magical
Gem from ancient times, and the chance that it may be rediscovered.

"To the north and west of here lies The Ice Peak, a mountain that rises from
the freezing waters of the Trackless Sea.  It was the ancient home of the
merciless white dragon named Freezefire, who terrified the Northern Realms for

"It was this magical Gem that was used to destroy Freezefire centuries ago,
although we have no record of how the deed was done.  The powerful magic item
may still be there, awaiting adventurers with the strength and courage to come
find it in the barren wastes.

"It was the same dragon Freezefire that stole the treasure of our ancestors,
treasure that generations labored mightily to wrest from the hearts of so many
northern mountains.

"We are going to the Ice Peak to find the hoard of the White Dragon.  We seek
the Gem to strengthen the Lords' Alliance, and to keep it from our enemies.
And we seek to recover the gold stolen from our ancestors.

"We hope that you, too will choose to come to the Ice Peak, and help us in this
noble mission."



"Freezefire's Lair, the Gem, the Heroes of Ascore have arrived before we could
find the way.  All is wrong! I have failed! The Masters will torture me and
never let me die!

"The Masters of Hellgate Keep, they sent us to stop you, they sent us to
retrieve the Gem.  And now my group is lost, I am lost, and I have failed!" The
man slumps limply against a boulder in complete despair.



Rauryms massive jowls jiggled as he talked, and with every word the chicken
scraps stuck in his beard would dance in a macabre revue.

"You adventurers (chomp) have done a (chew) splendid job! Come feast with me!"
Raurym grabbed a dagger and used it to tear a chunk of meat from the roast
beside him before driving it point-first into the table.

We had already decided that the food did indeed look good, and sat down to
enjoy the meal.  After we had eaten our fill (which in Raurym's case was enough
to empty several local ranches) we retired through a hidden door in the back of
the room.

Seated in a plush chair in his comfortable study, Raurym told us, "Now that the
city is safe for the moment, what are we going to do about the Gem?"

He reached into a large bowl beside his chair and stuffed a fistful of candies
into his mouth. "If our enemies find it before we do, everything you've
accomplished will be lost." Another mass of sticky candy entered his mouth,
some brightly colored pieces saving themselves from destruction by clinging to
his thick, red beard.

-- Page 47 --

"We think it is somewhere in the Ice Peak, in the hoard of the long-dead
dragon, Freezefire.  Of course, (more candy) the Krakens almost certainly know
as much or more than we do.

"And the dwarves, (more candy) they claim that Freezefire's hoard is really
theirs.  Now, (more candy) that simply is not true! My great great grandfather,
Prejudge Raurym, himself, brought his own great wealth north when he moved
here, and the dragon stole it from him and his people!

"Now, (more candy) I would send an army to the Ice Peak now, but we still have
to defend Mirabar against raids by ogres and (more candy) orcs and ettins and
so on.

"So, I'm afraid our hopes must ride with you." He reached for the bowl once
more, and frowned to find it empty.  Reaching beneath his chair, he withdrew a
large velvet bag from which he poured a stream of nuts and raisins.

"The gem must be recovered to ensure the safety of the north.  When it comes to
the division of any treasure you may recover, (nuts and raisins) I will depend
upon your sense of honor."



"I have been successful in spreading the word among our people that Triboar had
no hands in kidnapping.  Thanks to you, the relations between our towns are
normal once again."

The Waterbaron laughed, the first time we'd ever seen him do so. "Of course,
normal relations with Triboar means that sometime this week a placard will
appear on the statue of me here in the town square.  It will cover the
inscription and say 'Jilbo the Goatherder."

We looked at each other, not sure whether or not to laugh.

"I suppose," said the Waterbaron, "that you have to be born here to appreciate
Yartar-Triboar humor."

"So," Ougo asked, "don't I seem normal to you?" We all looked at each other,
not quite sure what to say."



"No sooner did I arrive in Ruathym than some fool pirate guards ambushed me.
What was I thinking? Daydreaming about going home to Gundarlun and
rock-climbing in all my favorite places, I suppose.  In any event, they came up
behind me, and I woke up with a big headache in a Luskan troop ship that
brought me here.

"I was just about to break free from these ropes when you came along, really."

-- Page 48 --



The Lord Protector eyed us suspiciously. "If you have come to demand our
surrender, you have severely miscalculated the mettle of the people of

"If we're attacked one more time by the pirates, I fear the city will fall.
Only the Heroes of Ascore have the power to save us."

"Nothing could be farther from the truth, honorable Lord Protector," the
Waterbaron began, and then told the story of his kidnapping.  We added details
as he went, confirming how the Krakens and their allies had tried to turn the
two towns against each other.

"Before my return to Yartar," the Waterbaron, " I shall transmit a message to
my son.  He is to order my troops to search out every Kraken stronghold in the
city, and inform the populace that the people of Triboar are innocent of any
hostile acts against Yartar.  I shall remain here as your hostage and proof of
my good faith until you can see that all threats to Triboar cease.

The Lord Protector strode forward and embraced his counterpart. "Our towns have
often been rivals in the past, but in the end you and I have always had a bond
of trust.  No hostage is necessary.

Your word - and that of the Heroes of Ascore - is good enough for me.  I shall
order our forces to hunt only for the Krakens, and to help the people of Yartar
in any way they can."

Both leaders turned to us and repeated their thanks. "Without you," they said,
"thousands of innocent people would have been killed in a useless war!" We bowed
and prepared to leave and continue our mission.



"It is good to see you all again.  Since we last talked on Mintarn I have
learned much.

"Ruathym is backing Luskan in its plan to blockade Waterdeep, despite the fact
that they are ancient enemies.

"Ruathym's power lies in its fleet, one of the strongest on the Trackless Sea.
Captain Redleg is their commander.  His men say he commands the fleet, but not
with his own voice - he may be under someone's magical control.

"This is no empty threat.  As powerful as Waterdeep is, it lives and dies by
its trade across the seas.  If the combined fleets block the harbor and they
lay siege to the city gates, it is possible that even Lord Piergeiron's power
would not be sufficient to save the city.

"We must go to Ruathym and find Captain Redleg.  With or without his help, we
must break the Ruathym-Luskan alliance."



"They came out of the hills and holes and mountains.  Huge white furry snow
monsters.  They brought white hounds from hell.  They leapt at us in our sleep,
in our mining, in our business, in the very center of our city.  No mercy.  No

-- Page 49 --

"They killed everyone.  We could not stop them.  And our leaders they carried
away.  The ShearMaster gone.  What will happen to Fireshear, to us.... " With a
deep sigh the gnome's voice fails, and he is dead.



Dear Brother,

I have great news! The Heroes of Ascore were just here.  They interceded at the
Council just in time, exposed the Kraken plot to divide the Lords' Alliance,
and unmasked their spies! The Krakens were posing as Neverwinter

I have sent the Heroes on to you, with the hope that from there they will
continue to the Ice Peak.  Please give them every hospitality.  They may be the
answer to our quest for the Gem.  I shall be along as soon as possible.




"The Ice Peak is a very dangerous place, and your enemies have knowledge of
your coming.  You will arrive at the chief city, Aurilssbarg, and the people
there will be hostile, for their leaders are allied with Luskan.  Get through
the city as fast as possible.

"Head east to the settlement called Bjorn's Hold.  His people care not for
Luskan, but watch for enemies everywhere.

"Next go North to the village of Icewolf.  It is a town of gentle people, the
Ice Hunters, but Northmen also live there.  If the stories are true, it is from
Icewolf that you will be able to set out in search of the Gem.  Good luck!"

We climbed into a small boat, and minutes later they had rowed us out to a
ship waiting close to shore.



"It is said," one very old, leather-skinned Ice Hunter began, "That the Lair of
the ancient Dragon Freezefire was in the Peak above us.  With his power he held
all in terror.  In his heart he held great greed.

"It is also said that the dragon tormented the old city of Nimoar's Hold, now
known as Waterdeep.  Then a man of great courage, Stramling the Wise, called
upon the magic of the land.  He gathered to himself all great power and
tempered great evil with itself.  He created The Gem.

"On a field in high summer, to his people Stramling presented this most
marvelous and magical Gem.  High aloft he held it, and it gleamed in the
sunlight.  And this brought forth Freezefire, just as Stramling had desired.

"The beast swooped down upon the man, attacking him, striking him to the ground
with the great wind from its wings.  It tore the Gem from Stramling's hands with
its mighty claws.  Off the dragon flew with its new treasure, to its lair high
on the Ice Peak.

"And there the dragon stayed.  Upon no man or beast did Freezefire make evil
again.  The centuries past, and the story was forgotten.  But somewhere deep
within the Ice Peak lies the dragon with its hoard.  And the Gem."

-- Page 50 --



Unfolding the heavy paper, you see carefully written, gold script letters that

"Our time has come.  Pick up their trail at Mirabar, and follow to the Ice
Peak.  Let them lead you to the Gem, then take it! Be sure their bodies are
burned, broken, and very dead.  A quick return will ensure a great reward.
Failure will ensure death...death without end."



We broke the shackles that held the man, and he thanked us with a sense of
urgency in his voice. "Be warned: Tranjer Rolsk is a very evil man.  He
supports those in Luskan and their pirates.  Stay away from him!

"We know why you are here and wish to help.  You must seek our leader, Bleak
Sky at Morning.  Hurry! Go East to Bjorn's Hold, then, from the North pier,
take a boat North to Icewolf."



"I am Bahriit.  Did you see my sign, my fine sign? It is the finest sign in all
of Fireshear, don't you think?"

Tears rolled down his cheeks. "They killed my three apprentices, those
monsters! Did I help? No, I ran away.  But they didn't find me! But they killed
my apprentices.  They killed them all and ran away and they killed them...."

"Did you see my sign? Isn't it lovely? No one else in Fireshear has such a sign
. . . so lovely. . . ." He trailed off into repetitive gibberish, and
reluctantly we left the trembling figure and moved on.



-- Page 52 --



Cleric  Any        No     No  No     5        No       max
Fighter STR 16-    7      5   5      6        4        max
        STR 17     8      6   5      7        5        max
        STR 18+    9      7   6      8        6        max
Paladin Any        No     No  No     No       No       max
Ranger  Str 16-    No     No  No     6        No       max
        Str 17     No     No  No     7        No       max
        Str 18+    No     No  No     8        No       max
MU      Int 16-    No     9   No     6        No       max
        Int 17     No     10  No     7        No       max
        Int 18     No     11  No     8        No       max
Thief   Any        max    max max    max      max      max

No:  Characters of
this race cannot be of this class.  Max:  Highest Level Available in TREASURE


Ability        Dwarf     Elf    Gnome       Half-Elf    Halfling     Human
Strength       M/F       M/F    M/F         M/F         M/F           M/F
 Min.          8/8       3/3    6/6         3/3         6/6           3/3
 Max*        18(99)17 18(75)/16 18(50)/15 18(90)/17    17/14     18(00)/18(50)
  Min.         3/3       8/8    7/7         4/4         6/6           3/3
  Max.        18/18     18/18  18/18       18/18       18/18
  Min.         3/3       3/3    3/3         3/3         3/3           3/3
  Max.        18/18     18/18  18/18       18/18       18/18         18/18

  Min.         3/3       7/7    3/3         6/6         8/8           3/3
  Max.        17/17     19/19  18/18       18/18       18/18         18/18

  Min.        12/12      6/6    8/8         6/6        10/10          3/3
  Max.        19/19     18/18  18/18       18/18       19/19         18/18

  Min.         3/3       8/8    3/3         3/3         3/3           3/3
  Max.        16/16     18/18  18/18       18/18       18/18         18/18

Exceptional strength bonuses available only to fighter-type characters
(fighters, paladins, and rangers).


RACE                    MODIFIERS
Dwarf                   Constitution+1, Charisma-1
Elf                     Dexterity+1, Constitution-1
Gnome                   None
Half-elf                None
Halfling                Dexterity+1, Strength-1
Human                   None


Ability         THAC0   Damage          Weight allowance
Score           Bonus   Adjustment      (in Gold Pieces)
3               -3          -1          -350
4-5             -2          -1          -250
6-7             -1        None          -150
8-9             Normal    None          Normal
10-11           Normal    None          Normal
12-13           Normal    None          +100
14-15           Normal    None          +200
16              Normal      +1          +350
17              +1          +1          +500
18              +1          +2          +750
*18/01-50       +1          +3          +1,000
*18/51-75       +2          +3          +1,250
*18/76-90       +2          +4          +1,500
*18/91-99       +2          +5          +2,000
*18/00          +3          +6          +3,000

*These bonuses only available to fighter classes (Fighter, Paladin, Ranger).

                        Weight          AC              Maximum
Armor Type              In GP.                          Movement1
None                      0             10              12 squares
Shield 2                 50              9
Leather                 150              8              12 squares
Padded                  100              8               9 squares
Studded                 200              7               9 squares
Ring Mail               250              7               9 squares
Scale Mail              400              6               6 squares
Chain Mail              300              5               9 squares
Elfin Chain Mail        150              5              12 squares
Banded                  350              4               9 squares
Splint Mail             400              4               6 squares
Plate                   450              3               6 squares

1 - A character carrying many objects, including a large number of coins, can
be limited in movement to a minimum of 3 squares per turn.

2 - A Shield subtracts 1 AC from any armor it is used with.


3                               -3                         +4
4                               -2                         +3
5                               -1                         +2
6                                0                         +1
7                                0                          0
8                                0                          0
9                                0                          0
10                               0                          0
11                               0                          0
12                               0                          0
13                               0                          0
14                               0                          0
15                               0                         -1
16                              +1                         -2
17                              +2                         -3
18                              +3                         -4


ABILITY                         HIT POINT             RESURRECTION
SCORE                           ADJUSTMENT              SURVIVAL
3                                  -2                      40%
4                                  -1                      45%
5                                  -1                      50%
6                                  -1                      55%
7                                   0                      60%
8                                   0                      65%
9                                   0                      70%
10                                  0                      75%
11                                  0                      80%
12                                  0                      85%
13                                  0                      90%
14                                  0                      92%
15                                 +1                      94%
16                                 +2                      96%
17                                 +2(+3)*                 98%
18                                 +2(+4)*                100%
19                                 +2(+5)*                100%

*Bonus applies only to fighters


CLASS                         MAX ARMOR                       SHIELD
Cleric                          Any                             Any
Fighter                         Any                             Any
Paladin                         Any                             Any
Ranger                          Any                             Any
Magic-User                      None                            None
Thief                           leather                         None


CLASS LEVEL                              ATTACKS PER ROUND
Fighter 1-6                                    1/1
Paladin 1-6                                    1/1
Ranger 1-7                                     1/1
Fighter 7-12                                   3/2
Paladin 7-12                                   3/2
Ranger 8-14                                    3/2
Fighter 13+                                    2/1
Paladin 13+                                    2/1
Ranger 15+                                     2/1


                       Damage vs.  Damage vs. Larger   Number     Class
Name                   Man Sized   Than man Sized      of Hands
Axe, Battle              1-8         1-8                  1         f
Axe, Hand                1-6         1-4                  1         f
Bow, Composite Long      1-6         1-6                  2         f
Bow, Composite Short     1-6         1-6                  2         f
Bow, Long(1)             1-6         1-6                  2         f
Bow Short(1)             1-6         1-6                  2        f,th
Club                     1-6         1-3                  1       f,cl,th
Crossbow, Light(2)       1-4         1-4                  2         f
Dagger                   1-4         1-3                  1       f,mu,th
Dart                     1-3         1-2                  1       f,mu,th
Flail                    2-7         2-8                  1        f,cl
Halberd                  1-10        2-12                 2         f
Hammer                   2-5         1-4                  1        f,cl
Javelin                  1-6         1-6                  1         f
Mace                     2-7         1-6                  1        f,cl
Morning Star             2-8         2-7                  1         f
Pick, Military           2-7         2-8                  1         f
Pike, Awl                1-6         1-12                 2         f
Scimitar                 1-8         1-8                  1        f,th
Sling                    1-4         1-4                  1        f,th
Staff, Sling             1-8         2-8                  2        f,cl
Staff, Quarter           1-6         1-6                  2       f,mu,cl
Sword, Bastard           2-8         2-16                 2         f
Sword, Broad             2-8         2-7                  1        f,th
Sword, Long              1-8         1-12                 1        f,th
Sword, Short             1-6         1-8                  1        f,th
Sword, 2-Handed          1-10        3-18                 2         f
Spear                    1-6         1-8                  1         f
Trident                  2-7         3-12                 1         f

1 - Must have ready arrows to fire.  Two Attacks per round.
2 - Must have ready bolts to fire.  One Attack per round.

f=fighter, cl=cleric, th=thief, mu=magic-user


This is a listing of spells available to player characters as they gain in
level.  Following are abbreviations used in the list:

Cmbt = Combat only spell            All = all characters in combat
Camp = Camp only spell                r = combat rounds
both = Camp or Combat spell           t = turns
T = Touch Range                    /lvl = per level of caster
dia = diameter                  targets = aim at each target.
rad = radius


Spell Name              When    RNG     Area           Duration
Bless                   Both     6      5 dia           6 r
Curse                   Cmbt     6      5 dia           6 r
Cure Light Wounds       Both     T      1               -
Cause Light Wounds      Cmbt     T      1               -
Detect Magic            Both     0      1               1t
Protection from Evil    Both     T      1               3r/lvl
Protection from Good    Both     T      1               3r/lvl
Resist Cold             Both     T      1               1t/lvl


Spell Name              When    RNG     Area            Duration
Find Traps              Camp     3      1                3t
Hold Person             Cmbt     6      1-3              4r+1/lvl
Resist Fire             Both     T      1                1t/lvl
Silence 15' Radius      Cmbt     12     3 dia            2r/lvl
Slow Poison             Both     T      1                1 hour/lvl
Snake Charm             Cmbt     3      All              5-8r
Spiritual Hammer        Cmbt     3      1                1r/lvl


Spell Name              When    RNG     Area            Duration
Cure Blindness          Both    T       1                -
Cause Blindness         Cmbt    T       1                -
Cure Disease            Camp    T       1                -
Cause Disease           Cmbt    T       1                -
Dispel Magic            Both    6       3x3              -
Prayer                  Both    0       All              1r/lvl
Remove Curse            Both    T       1                -
Bestow Curse            Cmbt    T       1                1t/lvl


Spell Name              When    RNG     Area            Duration
Cure Serious Wounds     Both    T       1                -
Cause Serious Wounds    Cmbt    T       1                -
Neutralize Poison       Both    T       1                -
Poison                  Cmbt    T       1                -
Protection from
  Evil 10'Radius        Both    T       2 dia           1t/lvl
Sticks to Snakes        Cmbt    3       1               2r/lvl


Spell Name              When    RNG     Area            Duration
Cure Critical Wounds    Both    T       1                -
Cause Critical Wounds   Cmbt    T       1                -
Dispel Evil             Cmbt    T       1               1r/lvl
Flame Strike            Cmbt    6       1                -
Raise Dead              Camp    3       1                -
Slay Living             Cmbt    3       1                -

  For High-Level Rangers

Spell Name              When    RNG     Area            Duration
Detect Magic            Both     0      1                12r
Entangle                Cmbt     8      4 dia            1t
Faerie Fire             Cmbt     8      8 dia            4r/lvl
Invisibility to Animals Both     T      1               1t+1/lvl


Spell Name              When    RNG     Area            Duration
Burning Hands           Cmbt     T      3 squares        -
Charm Person            Cmbt    12      1                -
Detect Magic            Both     6      1               2r/lvl
Enlarge                 Both  .5/lvl    1               1t/lvl
Reduce                  Both  .5/lvl    1                -
Friends                 Camp     0      All             1r/lvl
Magic Missile           Cmbt   6+lvl    1                -
Protection from Evil    Both     T      1               2r/lvl
Protection from Good    Both     T      1               2r/lvl
Read Magic              Camp     0      1               2r/lvl
Shield                  Cmbt     0      1               5r/lvl
Shocking Grasp          Cmbt     T      1                -
Sleep                   Cmbt   3+lvl    1-16            5r/lvl


Spell Name              When    RNG     Area            Duration
Detect Invisibility     Both   1/lvl     1              5r/lvl
Invisibility            Both     T       1              special
Knock                   Camp     6      1/lvl            -
Mirror Image            Both     0       1              2r/lvl
Ray of Enfeeblement     Cmbt 1+.25/lvl   1              1r/lvl
Stinking Cloud          Cmbt     3      2x2             1r/lvl
Strength                Camp     T       1              6t/lvl


Spell Name              When    RNG     Area           Duration
Blink                   Both     0       1             1r/lvl
Dispel                  Both    12      3x3             -
Fireball                Cmbt   10+lvl  5 dia            -
Haste                   Both     6      4x4            3r+1/lvl Hold
Perons                  Cmbt    12      1-4            2r/lvl
Invisibility 10'Radius  Both     T     2 dia           special
Lightning Bolt          Cmbt   4+lvl    4,8             -
Protection from Evil
  10' Radius            Both     T     2 dia           2r/lvl
Protection from
  Good 10' Radius       Both     T     2 dia           2r/lvl
Protection from
  Normal Missile        Both     T       1             1t/lvl
Slow                    Cmbt   9+lvl    4x4            3r+1/lvl


Spell Name              When    RNG     Area           Duration
Charm Monster           Cmbt     6       1              special
Confusion               Cmbt    12      2-16           2r+1/lvl
Dimension Door          Cmbt     0       1              -
Fear                    Cmbt     0     6x3 cone        1r/lvl
Fire Shield (2 types)   Both     0       1             2r+1/lvl
Fumble                  Cmbt   1/lvl     1             1r/lvl
Ice Storm (Dmg only)    Cmbt   1/lvl    4 dia           -
Min Globe of
  Invulnerability       Both     0       1             1r/lvl
Remove Curse            Both     T       1              -
Bestow Curse            Cmbt     T       1             1t/lvl


Spell Name              When    RNG     Area           Duration
Cloudkill               Cmbt     1      3x3            1r/lvl
Cone of Cold            Cmbt     0    .5/lvl cone       -
Feeblemind              Cmbt   1/lvl     1              -
Fire Touch              Both     T     Special         1r/lvl
Hold Monster            Cmbt  .5/lvl    1-4            1r/lvl
Iron Skin               Both     0     Special         1r/lvl

Level Advancement Tables

The Following charts show the amount of experience a character must earn in
order to gain a level in his character class.  The charts also list the number
of spells that a character can have memorized at one time.  Fighters and
Thieves can never memorize spells.

Remember that all experience earned by a non-human, multiple-class character is
divided by the number of classes the character has.  The experience is
divided even after the character has reached his maximum level in a particular
class.  A Human dual-class character only earns experience in his second class.
The character cannot use the aiblities of his first class until his level in
his second class exceeds his level in his first class.

CLERIC                                           Number of Clerical
                                Hit               Spells Per Level
Level      Experience           Dice              1   2   3   4   5
 1         0-1,500              1d8               1   -   -   -   -
 2         1,501-3000           2d8               2   -   -   -   -
 3         3,001-6000           3d8               2   1   -   -   -
 4         6,001-13,000         4d8               3   2   -   -   -
 5         13,001-27,500        5d8               3   3   1   -   -
 6         27,501-55,000        6d8               3   3   2   -   -
 7         55,001-110,000       7d8               3   3   2   1   -
 8         110,000-225,000      8d8               3   3   3   2   -
 9         225,001-450,000      9d8               4   4   3   2   1
10         450,001-675,000      9d8+2             4   4   3   3   2


Wisdom                          1       2       3       4       5
9-12                            -       -       -       -       -
13                              +1      -       -       -       -
14                              +2      -       -       -       -
15                              +2      +1      -       -       -
16                              +2      +2      -       -       -
17                              +2      +2      +1      -       -
18                              +2      +2      +1      +1      -

Note that these bonus spells are only available when the cleric is entitled
to spells of the applicable leve.  Thus an 8th level cleric with a Wisdom of
18 can memorize the following spells:

                                           Number of Spells
                                      1     2     3     4     5
8th-Level Cleric with 18 Wisdom       5     5     4     3     -

Level           Expericence              Dice
1               0-2,000                  1d10
2               2,001-4,000              2d10
3               4,001-8,000              3d10
4               8,001-18,000             4d10
5               18,001-35,000            5d10
6               35,001-70,000            6d10
7               70,001-125,000           7d10
8               125,001-250,000          8d10
9               250,001-500,000          9d10
10              500,001-750,000          9d10+3
11              750,001-1,000,000        9d10+6
12              1,000,001-1,250,000      9d10+9

                                                    Number of Magic-User
                                   Hit               Spells Per Level
Level       Experience             Dice             1   2   3   4   5*
1           0-2,500                1d4              1   -   -   -   -
2           2,501-5,000            2d4              2   -   -   -   -
3           5,001-10,000           3d4              2   1   -   -   -
4           10,001-22,500          4d4              3   2   -   -   -
5           22,501-40,000          5d4              4   2   1   -   -
6           40,001-60,000          6d4              4   2   2   -   -
7           60,001-90,000          7d4              4   3   2   1   -
8           90,001-135,000         8d4              4   3   3   2   -
9           135,001-250,000        9d4              4   3   3   2   1
10          250,001-375,000        10d4             4   4   3   2   2
11          375,001-750,000        11d4             4   4   4   3   3

*You must have a minimum intelligence of 10 to use 5th level spells.

PALADIN                                            Number of Magic-User
                                   Hit               Spells Per Level
Level    Experience                Dice                     1   2
1        0-2,750                   1d10                     -   -
2        2,751-5,500               2d10                     -   -
3        5,501-12,000              3d10                     -   -
4        12,001-24,000             4d10                     -   -
5        24,001-45,000             5d10                     -   -
6        45,001-95,000             6d10                     -   -
7        95,001-175,000            7d10                     -   -
8        175,001-350,000           8d10                     -   -
9        350,001-700,000           9d10                     1   -
10       700,001-1,050,00          9d10+3                   2   -
11       1,050,001-1,400,000       9d10+6                   2   1

RANGER                                          Number of Spells Per Level
                                Hit             Druid           User
LEVEL EXPERIENCE                Dice            1    2    3    1    2
1       0-2,250                 2d8             -    -    -    -    -
2       2,251-4,500             3d8             -    -    -    -    -
3       4,501-10,000            4d8             -    -    -    -    -
4       10,001-20,000           5d8             -    -    -    -    -
5       20,001-40,000           6d8             -    -    -    -    -
6       40.001-90,000           7d8             -    -    -    -    -
7       90,001-150,000          8d8             -    -    -    -    -
8       150,001-225,000         9d8             1    -    -    -    -
9       225,001-325,000         10d8            1    -    -    1    -
10      325,001-650,000         11d8            2    -    -    1    -
11      650,001-975,000         11d8+2          2    -    -    2    -

*Maximum spell ability


Level   Experience              Hit Dice
1       0-1,250                 1d6
2       1,251-2,500             2d6
3       2,501-5,000             3d6
4       5,001-10,000            4d6
5       10,001-20,000           5d6
6       20,001-42,500           6d6
7       42,501-70,000           7d6
8       70,001-110,000          8d6
9       110,001-160,000         9d6
10      160,001-220,000         10d6
11      220,001-440,000         10d6+2
12      440,001-660,000         10d6+4

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