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Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord other - spell list

List of spells for the Wizardry series.  Since the spell lists for all
of the first five Wizardries are so similar, they have been combined
in this list.  The format for each spell is:

NAME       Area    Damage Wiz.  Translated Name

NAME is the true name of the spell
AREA is the area of affect of the spell:
        Foe    - a single monster (or NPC)
        Group  - an entire group of monsters
        All    - all groups of monsters
        Char   - a single party character
        Caster - the caster of the spell
        Party  - the entire party
        Summon - the spell summons a new monster to join the party
DAMAGE is the amount of damage that the spell either deals or heals
WIZ is the Wizardries that the spell is available in:
        1-4    - Wizardries I, II, III, and IV
            5  - Wizardry V
TRANSLATED NAME is the descriptive name of the spell.
DESCRIPTION is the exact details of what the spell does.

Mage Spells
Level 1

DUMAPIC                   1-4 5 Clarity
   Dumapic informs you of the party's exact position from the stairs
   to the castle

HALITO     Foe     1-8    1-4 5 Little Fire
   Halito causes a flame ball the size of a baseball to hit a monster
   for 1-8 HP

KATINO     Group          1-4 5 Bad Air
   Katino causes most of the monsters in a group to fall asleep

MOGREF     Caster         1-4 5 Body Iron
   Mogref reduces the casters armor class by 2 temporarily

Level 2

BOLATU     Foe                5 Heart of Stone
   Attempts to solidify one monster by turning it to stone.

DESTO      Caster             5 Unlock
   Attempts to unlock a door as if the caster were a thief of the same
   experience level.  This may be cast as often as necessary until either
   the door unlocks, or you run out of patience (or spells).

DILTO      Group          1-4   Darkness
   Dilto causes one group of monsters to be enveloped in darkness, which
   reduces their ability to defend against your attacks

MORLIS     Group              5 Fear
   Morlis causes a group of monsters to fear the party, twice as
   powerful as Dilto.

MELITO     Group   1-8        5 Little Sparks
   Sprays one monster group with sparks and does 1 to 8 hit points of
   damage on each affected monster.

PONTI      Char               5 Speed
   Increases the speed of the party member so that he may strike more
   times per round of combat.  This indirectly increases the chances
   to hit a monster.  It also reduces the AC of the recipient by one.

SOPIC      Caster         1-4   Glass
   Sopic causes the caster to become transparent, and reduces their armor
   class by 4.

Level 3

CALIFIC    Caster             5 Reveal
   Will always reveal a secret door if one is present on the wall the
   party is facing.

CORTU      Party              5 Magic Screen
   Erects a magic screen relative to the level of the caster to prevent
   magic spells from affecting the party.  Each successive casting adds
   to the barrier.  It even helps protect against monsters that "breath".

KANTIOS    Group              5 Disruption
   Attempts to disrupt one monster group.  The spell interferes with any
   action requiring some mental thought by the monsters (casting spells,
   breathing, calling for help).  Any monster or person affected may not
   be able to execute some options otherwise normally available.
MAHALITO   Group   4-24   1-4 5 Big Fire
   Mahalito causes a fiery explosion in a monster group, doing 4-24 hit
   points of damage.

MOLITO     Group   3-18   1-4   Spark Storm
   Molito causes sparks to damage half of the monsters in a grou for
   3-18 hit points of damage.

Level 4

DALTO      Group   6-36   1-4   Blizzard Blast
   Dalto does 6-36 hit points damage.

LAHALITO   Group   6-36   1-4 5 Flame Storm
   Lahalito does 6-36 hit points of damage.

LITOFEIT   Party              5 Levitate
   Levitates the party several inches above the ground, thus preventing
   them from doing stupid things like falling into pits or tripping over
   traps.  Since "walking on air" causes the party to move quietly, this
   spell greatly reduces the chance of the party being suprised.

MORLIS     Group          1-4   Fear
   Morlis causes a group of monsters to fear the party, twice as
   powerful as Dilto.

ROKDO      Group              5 Stun
   Attempts to stun one monster group.  It is like KATINO except that
   it petrifies the monsters, making it much harder for them to recover.

TZALIK     Foe     24-58      5 Fist of God
   Invokes a powerful heavenly force and does 24-58 hit points of damage
   on one monster.

Level 5

BACORTU    Group              5 Fizzle Field
   Creates a fizzle field around on monster group.  Unlike the priest spell
   MONTINO, the field around the monster cannot be resisted.  It can be a
   highly effective way of preventing monsters from burning the party with
   magic.  The strength of the spell is releative to the experience level
   of the caster.

MADALTO    Group   8-64   1-4 5 Frost
   Madalto causes 8-64 hit points damage.

MAKANITO   All            1-4   Deadly Air
   Makanito kills any monsters of less than 8th level (about 35-40 hit

MAMORLIS   All            1-4   Terror
   Mamorlis causes all monsters to fear the party

PALIOS     All                5 Anti-Magic
   Greatly reduces the magic screens erected by the monsters and dispels
   monster-caused fizzle fields around the party.

SOCORDI    Summon             5 Conjuring
   Conjures a group of monsters from one of the elemental planes to come
   and fight for the party.

VASKYRE    Group              5 Rainbow Rays
   The effects of the penetrating rays are random, but they are generally
   quite devastating.

Level 6

HAMAN                     1-4   Change
   Haman has random effects, and casting it reduces your character's level
   by 1.

LADALTO    Group   34-98      5 Ice Storm
   A super high-powered MADALTO, and does 34-98 points of damage to
   one monster group.

LAKANITO   Group          1-4   Suffocation
   Lakanito kills all monsters affected by this spell.  Some monsters are

LOKARA     All                5 Earth Feast
   Attempts to have the earth around the monsters open up and swallow
   them, but it does not affect some monster types.

MAMOGREF   Char               5 Wall of Force
   Creates a virtually impregnable wall of force of AC -10 around one
   party member.

MASOPIC    Party          1-4   Big Glass
   Masopic reduces the armor class of the entire party by 4.

ZILWAN     Foe            1-4 5 Dispel
   Zilwan will destroy any one undead monster.

Level 7

ABRIEL                        5 Divine Magic
   No one we know has ever learned this spell, hence its exact effect if
   unknown.  Rumor has it that this is a spell often employed by the gods
   when they want to battle other gods that they despise.

MAHAMAN    Party          1-4 5 Great Change
   Mahaman does something random, stronger than Haman and the wish is by
   choice of the caster.

MALOR      Party          1-4 5 Apport
   Malor teleports the party randomly when used in melle, but if cast in
   camp, you can decide exactly where you want to go.

MAWXIWTZ   All                5 Madhouse
   A super-charged VASKYRE, causing utter havoc and pandemonium in the
   monster ranks.

TILTOWAIT  All     10-100 1-4 5 Nuke 'em 'till they glow
   Causes 10-100 hit points of damage to all monsters.

Priest Spells
Level 1

BADIOS     Foe     1-8    1-4 5 Harm
   Badios causes one to eight hit points of damage to a monster.

DIOS       Char    1-8    1-4 5 Heal
   Dios restores from one to eight hit points of damage to a party member.

KALKI      Party          1-4 5 Blessings
   Kalki reduces the armor class of all party members by one.

MILWA      Party          1-4 5 Light
   Milwa causes a softly glowing light to follow the party, revealing
   secret doors.

PORFIC     Caster         1-4 5 Shield
   Porfic lowers the armor class of the caster a little.

Level 2

CALFO      Caster         1-4 5 X-ray Vision
   Calfo allows the caster to decide what the trap on a chest is 95%
   of the time.

KANDI      Caster             5 Locate Dead Soul
   Gives the direction of the person the party is attempting to locate and
   is relative to the position of the caster.

KATU       Group              5 Charm
   When cast in combat, it attempts to charm the monsters, thus preventing
   them from attacking the party.  Any monster charmed will likewise be
   easier to hit.  When cast in non-combat situations (interavtive
   encounters), the spell attempts to charm the NPC so that it regards the
   party in a friendly manner.

MANIFO     Group          1-4   Statue
   Manifo causes some of the monsters to beocme paralyzed temporarily.

MATU       Party          1-4   Blessing
   Metu lowers armor class of all party members by two

MONTINO    Group          1-4 5 Still Air
   Montino causes the air around a group of monsters to stop transmitting
   sounds and therefore makes it impossible for them to cast spells.

Level 3

BAMATU     Party          1-4 5 Prayer
   Bamatu lowers aremore class by four.  (three in Wiz 5).

DIALKO     Char           1-4 5 Softness
   Dialko cures paralysis, and cures the effects of Manifo and Katino

HAKANIDO   Foe                5 Magic Drain
   Attempts to drain the monster of high level magic power, thus reducing
   the level of spells that it is able to cast.

LATUMAPIC  Group          1-4 5 Identification
   Latumapic tells you exactly what the monsters really are.

LOMILWA    Party          1-4 5 More Light
   Lomilwa is a more powerful Milwa spell that lasts for the entire

Level 4

BADIAL     Foe     2-16   1-4 5 More Hurt
   Badial causes 2 to 16 points of damage.

BARIKO     Group   6-15       5 Razor Wind
   Sends blades through a single monster group and causes 6-15 hit points
   of damage.

DIAL       Char    2-16   1-4 5 More Heal
   Dial cures 2 to 16 points of damage.

LATUMOFIS  Char           1-4 5 Cure Poison
   Latumofis cures poisoning.

MAPORFIC   Party          1-4 5 Big Shield
   Maporfic lowers the party's armor class by 1 and lasts for the entire

Level 5
BADI       Foe            1-4 5 Death
   Badi gives the monster a coronary attack, which may or may not cause

BADIALMA   Foe     3-24   1-4   Great Hurt
   Badialma causes 3 to 24 hit points of damage.

BAMORDI    Summon             5 Summoning
   Attempts to summon one group of monsters from the elemental planes to
   fight for the party.

DI         Char                 Life
   Di causes a dead person to be resurrected, but the character has only
   1 hit point, and it doesn't always work.

DIALMA     Char    3-24   1-4 5 Great Heal
   Dialma restores 3 to 24 hit points.

KANDI      Caster             5 Locate Dead Soul
   Gives the direction of the person the party is attempting to locate and
   is relative to the position of the caster.

LITOKAN    Group   3-24   1-4   Flame Tower
   Litokan causes a pillar of flame to strike a group of monsters, doing
   3 to 24 hit points of damage to each.

MOGATO     Foe                5 Astral Gate
   Attempts to banish one monster of the Demon-type variety back to the
   plane from which it originated.

Level 6

KAKAMEN    Group   18-38      5 Fire Wind
   Does 18-38 points of damage to one monster group.

LABADI     Foe                5 Life Steal
   Drains all but 1-8 hit points from one monster, and channels that
   energy back into the caster, healing him or her for a substantial
   amount of the damage drained from the monster.  Monsters casting
   this spell are likewise healed.

LOKTOFEIT  Party          1-4 5 Recall
   [Wiz 1-4] Loktofeit causes all party members to be transported back
   to the castle, minus all of their equipment and most of their gold.
   [Wiz 5] Party is transported back to the castle with all of their
   equipment and gold.  The spell is forgotten after casting and must be
   relearned.  There is a chance the spell will not work.

LORTO      Group   6-36   1-4   Blades
   Lorto causes sharp blades to slice through a group, casuing 6 to 36
   hit points of damage.

MABADI     Foe            1-4   Harming
   Mabadi causes all but 1 to 8 hit points to be removed from a target.

MADI       Char           1-4 5 Healing
   Madi causes all hit points to be restored and cures any condition
   except death.

Level 7

BAKADI     Group              5 Death Wind
   Attempts to slay outright all of the monsters in a group.
IHALON     Char               5 Blessed Favor
   Grants a special favor to one party member.  The spell is forgotten
   after being cast, and must be re-learned.

KADORTO    Char           1-4 5 Resurrection
   Kadorto restores the dead to life, and restores all hit points.

MABARIKO   All     18-58      5 Meteor Winds
   Pelts all monsters with boulders doing 18-58 points of damage.

MALIKTO    All     12-72  1-4   Word of Death
   Malikto causes 12 to 72 hit points of damage to all monsters.