Abandonware DOS title

Aaargh manual

The monsters are on the loose, heading out of their caves in the badlands
and into the cities.  They are coming to cause chaos, cry havoc and inflict
terrible destruction, as they search for the Roc's eggs.  The giant horned
ogre and the hideous dragon are out to seek revenge on the humans who have
for so long driven them back into the highlands.

Destroy the towns to find Roc's eggs, take them back to your cave, then
providing that you can beat off the challenge from the other monsters and
collect a hoard of five eggs, you will head off the volcano and find the
golden egg to win the game.

Born in a damp cave north of the island, you have always had a hard life. 
When you were just a little ogre none of the other monster children would
play with you, and now if you go into town, all the humans scream and fire
cannon at you.  It could have something to do with the fact that you are
twenty feet tall, with a horn in the middle of your forehead. 
Alternatively, it could be your halitosis, which is so bad it sets things
on fire.  Or even the fact that you can knock down stone walls with your
fits.  Anyway, now it is your turn to get your revenge, you are going to
claim the golden egg.

So what do you do if you happen to be an eighteen foot tall green scaly
dragon, with a spiked tail and a penchant for young ladies, preferably
flame grilled in your own breath?  Well, you set up home in the mountains
and start work on your first hoard and try and terrorize the neighborhood. 
So when you learn that the infuriating ogre is after the golden egg that
lies under the volcano, there is nothing to do but head into town and try
to get there first.

Darance is a quiet, peaceful island, where the humans go about their daily
business with a smile on their face and a song in their heart, ah!  They
are totally unaware that they are about to receive a visit from two of the
most terrible and ferocious monsters ever to see the light of day.

Awaiting your destruction there are twelve cities.  These include a
primitive village of straw huts, a wild west fort, a Chinese pagoda, an
Indian temple, and many others before your final goal of the famous

In each city you need to destroy the buildings until you find the Roc's
egg.  There is an egg hidden in most but not all of the cities.  You will
need to punch the buildings to demolish them, or flame them to set them on
fire, while fighting off the other creatures on the screen.  Watch out for
the hornets that fly across the screen and sting you.  Be wary of the
weapons the humans try to bring to bear.  You will need to destroy these
before they destroy you.

You can eat the hamburgers and the people.  These increase your health,
thus enabling you to continue your destruction for longer.

Collect the lightning to increase your fire power.  This increases the
amount of damage done by your flames.

Every time you are hit your health decreases.  If your health reaches zero
you will die a very bloody death.

When you have captured the egg you will take this back to your treasure
cave.  Unfortunately, life is never easy and you will need to fight to keep
your treasure.  When you have succeeded in gathering a hoard of five eggs,
you can go to the volcano and try to capture the big one, the final Roc's
egg, a golden egg to surpass all others.

Insert Kickstart disk if required.
At request for Workbench disk, insert program disk 1.
Program will load and run automatically.
You will be prompted to change disks by the program.
Follow the on screen instructions.

Joystick in port 2 only.

Controls with the fire button NOT pressed:
UP        Move into screen away from player
DOWN      Move out of the screen towards the player
LEFT      Move left
RIGHT     Move right

Controls with the fire button pressed, while facing left or right:
UP        High punch
DOWN      Low punch/pick up object
FORWARD   Mid punch

Controls with fire button pressed, while facing up or down:
UP        Punch
DOWN      Pick up

To flame press the fire button with the joystick central.  Flame starts
when the joystick is released.

You cannot flame during the head to head battles.