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Advanced Destroyer Simulator manual


  A.D.S. is the first naval simulator using new techniques of animation in
  filled 3D. The game portrays the main naval engagements of World War II
  during which the Destroyers of the Royal Navy played a major part.

  The different missions you will have to carry out will take place in:
  1 - The Mediterranean; from the English base at Malta, located in a zone
      occupied by the enemy (Italians to the north, Germans to the south).

  2 - The English Channel; from the English bases, you will help evacuate
      Allied forces gathered in Dunkirk.

  3 - The North Sea; your mission is to sink the enemy vessels which are hiding
      in the Norwegian Fjords.

  You will be in overall control - you will have to manoeuvre to perfection to
  avoid being sunk, take control of attacking the enemy and defending against
  them when the situation calls for it.

  There are 18 available missions preset with a date/time and a precise target;
  and there are DELTA missions, in which you are the one to choose your target
  in an environment and date which differs each time.

  The admiralty and Admiral Walkirie are always on your side to report any ship
  spotted by the R.A.F.

  You can alter the level of realism of the simulation, so younger players can
  have as much fun. But we advise older players not to change the preset
  parameters so they can get more from the simulation.

                          Category       :  H.M.S. Onslaught
         +                Launched       :  1939
    |'   | -{]-           Type           :  DD 231
  \---------------/       Displacement   :  2200 Tons, 3200 Tons loaded
   \ o o o o o o /        Length         :  110m
    ------------          Breadth        :  12m
                          Draught        :  4.80m
                          Propulsion     :  2 Propellers, Gear Turbines
                                            60,000 HP
                          Speed          :  35 Knots
                          Armament       :  3 Turrets each with 2
                                            120mm cannons
                                            2 Torbedo Tubes, with 4
                                            tubes each.

  The DD-231 was one of the first Torpedo-Tube Destroyers of World War II, and
  176 ships were built to the same pattern. Easy to recognise by the shape of
  it's funnel, it participated in battles in the North Sea, in the English
  Channel and in the Mediterranean.

                                 THE COMMAND POST

  From this view you should be able to see the wide open spaces of the ocean.
  From left to right on the control panel the features are as follows...

  I                                   I                                   I
  I                                   I                                   I
  I         ^ The blue seas ^         I       ^ The blue seas ^           I
  I                                   I                                   I
  I                                   I                                   I
  I                                   I                                   I
      Radar          fuel    &     speed        compass      depth gauge

  (Green circle)       (white circles)         [-S---E-]        ===
                                  Transmitter                   =-=
                                 (Big Speaker)                  =-=
    RADAR     &    SONAR                                        =-=
      O  indicators  O                                          =-=

                                    THE RADIO

  The radio allows you to receive information from:
  The admiralty (H.Q.) located in Malta for the Mediterranean and by the Thames
  for the English Channel and the North Sea.

  The engine room, about possible damage.

  The look-out man, to get information about ships spotted

                                  THE BINOCULARS

  Doubles your range of vision.


  Your destroyer can suffer damage during a battle. This damage can affect:-

   RADAR -         you will no longer be able to spot ships on the radar screen.
   SONAR -         you will no longer be able to spot submarines on the sonar
   PUMPS -         you lose the ability to pump water out of the ship; could
                   lead to the destruction of the ship if a leak occurs at the
                   same time.
   CANNONS -       one or more turrets are no longer operational. Be careful, if
                   the cannons overheat, the turret will explode.
   RADIO -         radio messages become broken and garbled.
   TORPEDO TUBES - one or more tubes are no longer operational. You'll have to
                   wait until you dock at base to have them repaired.
   RUDDER -        you lose all steering. Most of the time the crew members can
                   repair this type of damage.
   ENGINE -        the ship is without power; a sitting duck until repairs are
                   carried out.

  NB: All repairs are carried out automatically by the crew members, you do not
      have to intervene.

                                      CANNON FIRE

  Your destroyer is equipped with 3 turrets, two forward, one aft. Each turret
  has two 120mm cannons. These turrets can rotate 270 degrees and fire 2 shells
  simultaneously. 300 shells are in stock. In every turret there is a
  temperature indicator - do not overheat the cannons or they will explode.

                                     TORPEDO FIRE

  Your destroyer is also equipped with 2 torpedo stations (4 tubes each), one on
  the port side and one on the starboard side. The tubes can rotate 90 degrees,
  and each time they fire, 4 torpedoes are launched. 80 torpedoes are in stock.
  Torpedoes have an impact far more powerful than the cannon shells. One or two
  torpedoes in the right spot can destroy a ship when otherwise 10 or 20 shells
  would be required for the same result.


                                   ATTACK STRATEGY

  The tactics you should use to attack an enemy vessel depend on the category
  of the ship. For example, a FREIGHTER is somewhat easier to sink than a
  CRUISER, for the simple reason that it cannot shoot back, and therefore you
  can attack it with much more directness, getting closer and sailing slower.

  To sink an enemy vessel you must bear in mind differences like speed:

  15-20 Knots for a freighter or a tanker
  30-35 Knots for a destroyer
  32-37 Knots for a cruiser

  You can carry out a frontal attack on an unarmed Freighter or Tanker and sink
  it with some successful cannon fire. With a Destroyer or a Cruiser it's better
  to start by launching a torpedo either to port or starboard and by keeping a
  course parallel with the enemy ship at a similar speed. Keep your distance -
  the enemy have guns too and are not afraid to use them, and the closer you
  get, the more accurate they are.

  Two or three torpedos may be enough to sink a Destroyer whereas you may need
  four or five to sink a Cruiser. A torpedo launched at the right spot can break
  the rudder of a ship, or even stop it. Then you can sink it with cannon fire.
  To rapidly sink an enemy ship you should maintain non-stop firing to keep the
  enemy crew from repairing any damage you may have caused. But in any case,
  observe one rule if you want to hit the enemy during your attacks - try to
  avoid being spotted. 

  To locate a submarine, use the sonar. It is easiest to hit it with a torpedo
  when it surfaces to renew its oxygen levels.


                                     CONTROL GUIDE

  At all times:   joystick in port #1 or Cursor keys and Space.
                  Left/right for steering.
                  Up/Down for speed.
                  Fire (space) to fire weapons.

  F1              Command Post

  F2              Binoculars

  F3 or C         Cannons
                  Keys 1, 2 and 3 (main keyboard) to change the turret.
                  Numeric pad 4 and 6 to train the turrets.
                  Numeric pad 2 and 8 to elevate/depress the cannons.
                  Space bar or joystick Fire to fire cannons.

  F4 or T         Torpedo tubes (port side)
                  2 (main keyboard) for starboard side
                  Numeric pad 4 and 6 to train the tubes.

  F5 or D         Damage and ammunition/fuel indicators
                  (lit bright red means that station is damaged)

  F6              Map
                  Z or F7 to zoom in the map.
                  Cursor keys or joystick to move the map.
                  Space bar in zoom mode centres the map on your ship.
                  Esc to exit the map display.

  F8              Accelerated time
                  Only available in map mode and when more than 1 mile from the
                  coast and any other ships.

  F10 or P        Pause

  R               Selects Radar

  S               Selects Sonar


                        Enemy Shipping Characteristics.

      Type              Description                    Specifications
    Tanker           Looks like a tanker            Max speed     :N/A
                     Long flat forward decks.       Cruise speed  :18 Knots
                                                    Armament      :N/A

    Freighter        Very similar to Tanker but     Max speed     :N/A
                     Bridge is set nearer to        Cruise speed  :18 Knots
                     the mid-ships then flat deck   Armament      :N/A
    Cruiser          Has 2 funnels and 4 gun        Max speed     :N/A
                     turrets.                       Cruise speed  :32 Knots
                                                    Armament      :8 cannons of
                                                                   200mm each.
                                                    Protection    :armoured deck
                                                                   & hull,resis-
                                                                   tant to shell

    German Torpedo   Single funnel,has guns set to  Max speed     :38 Knots
    Boat             rear of vessel.                Cruise speed  :28 Knots
                                                    Armament      :4 cannons 150
                                                                   mm each, & 80
                                                                   torp. tubes
                                                                   on deck.
    Destroyer        Single funnel, set mid-ships   Max speed     :34 Knots

                     3 gun turrets, 2 to front and  Cruise speed  :27 Knots
                     1 to the rear of vessel.       Armament      :6 Cannons of
                                                                   120mm each.

    Destroyer        single funnel, with bridge in  Max speed     :35 Knots
                     front, 3 gun turrets, 2 to     Cruise speed  :28 Knots
                     rear, 1 to front.              Armament      :6 cannons
                                                                   120mm each.

     Destroyer       Twin funnels set midships,     Max speed     :35 Knots
                     2 gun turrets both on the      Cruise speed  :28 Knots
                     rear of ship, bridge at front. Armament      :6 cannons of
                                                                   150mm each.

     Submarine       Well look for a conning        Max speed(subm) :8  Knots
                     tower in the water that just   Max speed(surf) :17 Knots
                     could be it.                   Armament        :4 Torpedos.

                                    THE MISSIONS

                              Mediterranean missions

  1: Training mission. This mission is an easy introduction into the battle.
     At 6:30 am, you leave the base of LA VALETTE on Malta (E3). Your mission
     is to destroy a freighter cruising off LINOSA ISLAND (D3). You must then
     return to your base before 8:00 am.

  2: You sail from the base of LA VALETTE on Malta (E3). Your mission is to
     intercept and destroy a convoy of enemy ships spotted at 9:15 am by the
     R.A.F. to the south of PANTELLERIA ISLANDS (C3) on its way to the enemy
     base of TRIPOLI. This convoy consists of of 2 freighters and 1 tanker. It
     has an approximate speed of 10 Knots. Once your mission is over, you must
     return to your base.

  3: You sail from the base of LA VALETTE on Malta. Your mission is to sink an
     Italian cruiser already heavily damaged by the R.A.F., off SYRACUSE (F3).
     The last report from the Admiralty states that the vessel was at cruising
     speed on its way to the italian base of TARANTO. You must intercept it
     before enemy destroyers arrive to escort it.

  4: You are cruising off TUNIS. A reconnaissance aircraft reports 2 Italian
     cruisers spotted close by PANTELLERIA ISLAND (C3). Alerted to the threat,
     the cruisers are now sailing in the direction of CAP BON to escape the
     R.A.F. Your mission is to launch a surprise attack upon them and then to
     immediately head for MALTA.

  5: You sail from the base of LA VALETTE in MALTA (E3). Your mission is to
     protect a supply convoy coming from GIBRALTAR and now cruising off TUNIS
     (B3). You must rendezvous with it and destroy any enemy ships heading in
     its direction. Watch out, the R.A.F. have spotted an enemy destroyer in
     the sector (C3).

     A surveillance mission. You sail from your base, fully laden with fuel
     and munitions. You must patrol in the area demarcated by the map. You
     may stop in Allied ports to repair and resupply. The Admiralty counts on
     you to inflict heavy losses on the enemy, but make sure that you have
     identified your target before firing.

                          English Channel missions

  1: You are patrolling south of DOVER. Your mission is to identify 2 vessels
     which our coastal Radar stations have spotted to the North of DUNKIRK (G2).
     Then head back to your base in the THAMES estuary. Be careful, they are
     probably enemy vessels, in which case, your mission is to sink them.

  2: MONDAY, MAY 27th 1940: You sail from your base in the THAMES estuary. Your
     mission is to protect the evacuation of the Allied forces gathered in
     DUNKIRK (G2). You must protect the transport ships sailing between DUNKIRK
     and the THAMES from the attacks of German destroyers. As soon as you are
     short of fuel or munitions you must dock at DUNKIRK.

  3: You are cruising off PORTSMOUTH (E3) Your mission is to attack an enemy
     convoy of freighters and tankers which the R.A.F. has spotted close by
     CHERBOURG (D4) sailing EAST. You must inflict heavy losses on the enemy
     before heading back to PORTSMOUTH.

  4: You sail from the base of PORTSMOUTH (E3). An enemy submarine has been
     seen off CHERBOURG (D4). Your mission is to find it with the sonar and to
     shadow it until it surfaces, and then you're to sink it.

  5: JUNE 4th, 1940. DUNKIRK (G2) is surrounded by the enemy. Fortunately the
     evacuation of allied troops is almost complete. Your mission is to protect
     the last two ships transporting Allied troops about to leave DUNKIRK.

     A surveillance mission. You sail from your base, fully laden with fuel
     and munitions. You must patrol in the area demarcated by the map. You
     may stop in Allied ports to repair and resupply. The Admiralty counts on
     you to inflict heavy losses on the enemy, but make sure that you have
     identified your target before firing.

                                North Sea missions

  1: You are cruising west of STAVANGER (E4); the radio informs you that a light
     enemy cruiser damaged by our artillery has taken refuge in the fjords close
     to SAUDA (E3) to repair. You must spot it and, if possible, attack. Be
     careful, enemy destroyers are probably coming in as reinforcements.

  2: You are sailing off NORWAY. You must patrol along the shores, up to BERGEN
     (D1) to spot and destroy enemy ships which are hiding in the FJORDS zone

  3: You sail from EGERSUND (E5) in NORWAY. You are the only allied ship in the
     sector with an offensive capability. Your mission is to run the blockade
     set up by the German destroyers at the fjords' exit. You must sink every
     enemy ship, to allow our supply convoy to sail in safety. If you are badly
     damaged, you can head to EGERSUND to be repaired.

  4: The enemy is in possession of heavy water, used in the construction of
     atomic bombs. A freighter transporting the containers and 5 warships
     escorting it  have been spotted south of BERGEN (D1). Your mission is to
     attack the convoy and to sink the freighter, at all costs.

  5: The Luftwaffe have badly damaged your ship. You took refuge in the FJORDS
     (E2) to repair. The radio informs you that enemy ships are heading for you
     at full speed. You have no alternative, you must confront them and then
     sail back to the base at BERGEN (D1).

     A surveillance mission. You sail from your base, fully laden with fuel
     and munitions. You must patrol in the area demarcated by the map. You
     may stop in Allied ports to repair and resupply. The Admiralty counts on
     you to inflict heavy losses on the enemy, but make sure that you have
     identified your target before firing.


  Some Advice From Admiral Walkirie:

  Sailing within sight of land:

  Reduce your speed to half and carefully watch your depth gauge. In these
  areas of the map, the bottom depth varies a lot and you might run aground.
  Reducing speed when sailing into port:

  To promptly reduce speed you must reverse the engines. Go from 1/2 or full
  forward speed to FLANK in reverse speed, then when the ship speed is at it's
  lowest go to the stop position.

  Flank speed:

  This is attained with full engine power. You can stay at flank speed for only
  a few minutes. When the engine room crew detect the engines overheating,
  power is reduced to FULL position. For security reasons, it is better to use
  the FLANK position during an emergency withdrawal.

  Rudder damage:

  If your rudder is damaged, reduce speed to minimum, to allow the crew to
  repair it.

  Sudden change of course:

  Reduce your speed (1/2 position) and change your course. Any type of
  manouevering is more easily carried out at low speed.

  Attack from enemy aircraft:

  When you are sent on a mission close to an enemy base, the Axis forces may
  launch STUKAS to sink you. These divebombers are extremely accurate, and
  very dangerous to Allied forces without air cover. Cannons are the only
  weapons you have to defend yourself with.