Abandonware DOS title

Airball manual


                System Requirements & Loading Instructions

Airball will run on any Amiga computer. A joystick is recommended, but not
necessary. To load the game, simply place the master disk in drive DF0: and
restart your  computer. The game will then autoload from this point.

Note: when the game loads you will notice the screen is  shifted towards
the bottom. To move the screen back to the centered position simply use the
2 and 8 keys to raise and lower the playing screen.


     "Now you're really in trouble," said the Evil Wizard.

     "I've warned you about trespassing in my mansion. Now, since you did
not take heed of my warnings, I'm turning you into a ball of air and
sending you deep into my mansion of over 250 rooms, to search for the
spellbook that may give you clues on how to transform yourself into a human
again. It will not be a simple task, for you, as the ball of air, have a
slow leak, and you'll need to jump on an air pump in some rooms to remain
inflated. Take heed, for if you pump up too much you will burst! If you are
lucky enough to find the  spellbook in these rooms, you'll next have to
pick up the objects I've left, such as: crosses, tins of beans, a Buddha, a
dragon statue, a pumpkin, a flask, and even crates that you'll need to get
over treacherous obstacles! This is your one chance for survival", he

     "Sounds easy," You laughingly boast to the Evil Wizard.

     "Oh! Does it now!" he sneers. "Well, I'm also putting spikes in these
rooms that will take your breath away, as well as killer pads on the floor.
You have no chance for success...Hee! Hee! Hee!"

                           Playing Instructions

     At the start of the game you will be placed on a pump. As long as you
remain on the pump your internal pressure will increase. If your pressure
becomes too high you will burst.
     At the bottom of the screen your pressure is represented by a yellow
bar, pay close attention to this bar because this is how much air you have
left until you find another pump.

     Once you have acquired sufficient pressure you must search for the
spellbook. Watch out for hidden dangers, as your skin is easily punctured.
There are rooms that require the help of specific objects to gain access.
[Hint: You need to find the flashlight to enter the dark room.] If you are
lucky enough to find the spellbook, return it to the starting room and
follow the wizard's advice.

                          Game Controls

                      F1 - Selects control
                      Spacebar - Starts game
                      P - Pause/Restart
                      F10 - Aborts game
                      F - Speeds up the movement
                      S - Slows down the movement

                           Player Controls

                    Movement     Keyboard     Joystick

                      Up            A            Up
                      Down          X           Down
                      Left          M           Left
                      Bounce       Ctrl         Fire
                    Pickup/Drop  Spacebar     Spacebar