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Allan Border's Cricket manual

 16-4-94                       ALLAN BORDER'S

IBM PC and COMPATIBLES:Allan Border's Cricket can be played from either hd 
or from a floopy disk.To install the program to the hd insert the disk, type 
INSTALL and follow the on screen instructions..To play from floppy disk 
insert the disk, select the correct floppy drive and type in CRICKET..
 Calibration of the joystick will be automaticaly done on the loading of 
the game, centre the joystick before typing cricket and do no more until 
the title screen is displayed..

 IBM PC and COMPATABLES - The game can be played by one or two players or you can watch two 
computer teams play each other, In a one player game, play can be controlled 
by using a keyboard or a joystick. A 2 player game can be controlled with 
the keyboard, a joystick and the keyboard, or 2 joysticks.
The mouse can only be used on all options and statistics screens :[

Control withon the menu's can be with the mouse, keyboard or joystick. 
This manual will assume joystick control. 
If you are using the keyboard have fun.. 

The CONTROL DEVICES option on the main menu. Offers the releavent choices. 
It will only oferr the joystick optionwhen a joystick is detected so check 
that your joystick(s) are connected properly.. 
Keyboard are as shown below

		       Q  W  E                       7  8  9 
		       A     D                       4     6 
		       Z  X  C                       1  2  3

	    Fire=L-Shift                      Fire=R-Shift
	    Ctrl=Fire                         Fire=0
	    Keyboard 2                    Keyboard 1

To select a menu option, move the hand which acts as a pointer to the required 
option and click the left mouse button. Options which are de highlighted are 
unavailable. To procede to the next screen either click on OK icon, or if 
there isn't one on a particular screen just click on the background.

 The main menu allows you to choice the type of match you play. matched can 
last from 1-5 days, each team can have either 1 or 2 innings, and the number 
of overs in each ining can be limited or unlimited. In a limited overs match 
no bowler may bowl more than 1/5 of the total number of overs allowed for 
the whole inning.

 Move the pointer to the option you wish to select or change, then press 
the left mouse button. There are 3 skill settings,You should choose amateur 
for your first game.

 Each match is played between two teams, provided on the disk are the 6 teams of the sheffield sheild (Aussie comp)
and sides of four of the test players countries (i.e New Zealand, england, 
etc..) Of course, you may not agree with our choice of teams, or the players 
who have been picked from the squads but you can edit them to make a team of 
your choice. You may also which to update the career averages from time to 
time.. or replace with figures of your own.

 In a real game of cricket the ball is bowled so fast that the batsmen must
react instantaniusly, moving his feet, adjusting his posture, and swinging 
his bat to play the stroke. To emulate all that in real- time using a 
joystick would 
be impossible, But instead Allan Borders cricket brakes down the movement in

 First, move the joystick left or right to position the batsmen, watch the 
samll white square- this shows where the bowler is going to bowl the ball, 
when it turns gray it will stop moving, and the bowler will commence 
run - up. Start thinking about what stroke you intend to play.

 When the ball leaves the bowlers hands you have a fraction of a second to 
move the joystick into one of the eight possible directions to determine 
which stroke is played and when it is played.. The strokes roughly correspond to the joystick movement, 
if you move the joystick to the left the batsmen will attemp a cover drive, 
if you move it to the right he will attempt to sweep.

The full repertoire of strokes is as follows:
	UP                    - Forward or backward defensive
	UP/RIGHT              - Hook or sweep
	RIGHT                 - Leg glance
	DOWN/RIGHT            - On-Drive
	DOWN                  - Straight drive
	DOWN/LEFT             - Off-drive
	LEFT                  - Cover drive
	UP LEFT               - Cut      

The joystick directions are for the right handed batsman.. for the left 
handed the controls are mirrored.The batsman will play the best stroke that 
he can in the circumstances- if you choose a difficult or inappropriate 
stroke he might mishit the ball or might miss it all together. The margin of 
error depends on th skill setting you have chosen, and on the batsman average.

If you succeed in hitting the ball and you want him to run, press the fire 
button. The batsman will start running at a leisurly pace- you can make them 
run faster by wiggling the joystick from side to side. To take a second or 
third run press the fire button again, or just keep wiggling. If you change 
your mind about taking a run, press tghe fire button to turn around and go 
back to the crease you ahve just left. Ofcourse if the batsman have already 
crossd there is no oint of turning back so this 
time when you press the fire button it acts as a single to go for another run 
after the current one.

 If the ball crosses the boundary the umpire will signal a four or a six and 
the batsman will automatically return to there original positions.

 OVERTHROWS: in the event that the fielding side throws the ball past the 
bowler or wicket the batsman can continue runing.

 when the batting side are all out, or when the allotted number of overs has 
been bowled, it is the turn of the fielding side to bat

 There are 3 types of bowlers, fast, swing, and spin. Swing bowlers and spin 
bowlers can move the ball in either direction, of course in real life they 
will be better able to move the ball one way or another, and for enthicity 
you may wish to reflect this in the way you

 Before you can start your run up you must decide wheer you wanto pitch the 
ball. use the joystick to move the small white squarewhich indicates were the ball will bounce, and press fire to fix it in position. the square will turn grey

 If a fast bowler is bowling he will automaticaly start his run up and all 
you need to do is wiggle the joystick from side to side to increase the speed 
of the ball.

 If the bowler is a swing or spin bowler choose the direction you want the 
ball to move and press fire. Now the bowler will start his run up, wiggle 
the joytick to increase the amount of swing.

 The opening bowlers are chosen by the computer, but you can change either or 
both by clicking or changing bowler. Any player can be chosen to bowl 
(Even David boon :)) With the exception of the wicket keeper. remember that 
in a limited overs game the bowler can't bowl more than 1/5 of the overs 
allowed for each innings.

 You can change the pre-defined fields, and evensav them for use in future 
games. Each bowler has a predefined field setting of hi own but you can copy 
a field setting rom one bowler to another so that if you want to use the same 
field for every fast bowler you don't have To change the setting eveytime.

 To access the screen which allows you to alter th field settings press the 
space bar while the bowler is waiting to bowl. This will display a menu of 

		Position Fielders*              Scorecard
		Keeper-Slip*                    Sound & Music
		Bowl Other Side*                Abandon Match

		*only available if the fielding side is user-controlled

 Select position fielders, after a couple of seconds delay a diagram of the 
cricket fild is displayed howing the existing field settings.
To adjust the positions of a individual fielder just move the pointer to his 
name tag, Press the left mouse button, and drag the tag to the new position, 
then drop the tag and your off :).

 Around the wicket at the strikers end is a darkened area. To add an extra 
slip drag the players tag i into this area. find positioning players in 
this area is carried out using the keeper/slip option. Only 2 fielders, plus 
a wicky can be in this area.

 If you want to exchange the positions of 2 fielders click the first on the 
swap icon then on the tags of the 2 fielders. 

 To copy the field settings from another bowler click on the copy icon until 
the correct filed setting is displayed, e.g if you wana copy the field 
settings from Mc Dermott to Hughes, keep clicking until setup for C.McDermott 
copied from M.Hughes appears??. If you keep clicking on copy, eventully 
you'll get back to where you started.

 If you make an error you can select cancel which leaves the original field 
placings in tact. to save your changes to disk click on the disk icon however 
you can, if you wish, use the new fields settings in the current maps without 
saving them to disk, though they will be lost at the end of the match. 
click on ok to return to the game.

 The keeper slip screen can be selected either from the menu, or by clicking 
on the icon in themtop left corner of the field setting screen.To move the 
keep or a slip just click on him and move him to your preffered position. 
Be careful the wicky obeys your instructions to the letter, so you will 
consede alot of bytes if you put him in a silly position!! When you have the 
keeper and slips in the correct positions 
click on the ok icon.

 Bowl other side
 Normally a right handed bowler will bowl over the wicket to a right handed 
batsman and around the wicket to a left hander. However you can make the 
bowler bowl on the left hand side of the wicket by selecting this option from 
the menu.

This displays the scorecard for the current innings, by clicking on the tabs 
at the bottom of the scorecard you can also display the batting and bowling 
statistics for the inning. The career batting statistic of the batting team, 
and the career bowling statistics for the fielding side.

 You can choose to play over any number of days between 1-5. matches can be 
 of 1 or two innings, for a limited overs game you can choose or 
 60 overs per innings; otherwise select unlimited overs to play at first 
 class or test match. In a limited overs game no player an bowl more than 
 1/5 of the overs in each inning. There are also restrictions on the number 
 of fieldings that can be more than 30 yards from the bat, but these are not 
 built into this game. or totally authenticity.


 Although the games are played fatsre than real matches some games will last 
for hours or even days !! At the end of each over you have the option to 
save the game, this will save all the information about the match, this 
includes the field settings bowlers etc...


 This option is found on the main menu, at the beginning of the game, you 
 can'y create or edit teams in the middle of a match!!! 


 1 - When you save changes in the field settings the team is also saved, in 
the batting order you have chosen; this means that the next time you chose 
that particualr squad the 11 players you chose b4 are highlighted of course 
you don't have to pick the same team, but if you are going to anyway you'll 
find this feature to be a real time saver.

 2 - Ocassionaly you'll find that a fielder gets stuck perhaps running on 
 the spot. If you press the escape key the game will continue normally.

 3 - When you slect best 11 the batting order is chosen automaically by the 
computer, the players with the highest averages bat first, hwever if you 
make any changes to the team the computer has picked, the batsman are not 
stored into any changes that the computer has picked, the batsman 
are not not stored into order.f you chose yur own teamthe players bat in 
order of selection.

 4 - During a computer vs computer match you can press space to display the 
score card, if you press space a the end of an over you can also save 
the game when you restore the saved game you will be able to resart the match 
as a 1 or 2 player game and you can take control, you can not restart the 
game i it's a computer vs computer game even if it was under computer game 

 This text was written by the best. 
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