Abandonware DOS title

The Amazing Spider-Man manual

Each location of the rockwell film studios consists of walls,
platforms, traps, switches and adversaries. You will make
significant progress only if you can locate those switches which
are necessary to proceed, and if you avoid the traps. Your goal
is to locate the Mysterio's lair in the executive offices. To
get there you will make your way through many rooms, most of which
are parts of the film studio sets specially laid out by Mysterio
to make your task of locating Mary Janeeven harder.

Switches intially affect only the action in your present room, but
as you go further into the studio some affect other rooms as well.
activating a switch can cause a platform, door or surface to move
change or dissapear. At the start switches will look quite obvious
later on however, some of the switches are invisible so you always
need to keep your wits about you. Spider-man can activate a switch
by walking on top of it, walking past it (if it is an infa-red
switch), or fire a web directly at it. You will lfind webs are very
usefull for switches wich are very difficult for Spider-Man to
reach. Traps include elevaters, closing doors, electrified floors
and spikes. If Spider-Man gets caught in a trap his health value
will decrease, you will have to act quickly if you are to save him.
Many traps are activated by switches, so keep a close lookout
around you.

SURFACES - have been coated with a chemical compound developed by
Mysterio to prevent Spider-Man and his webs from sticking to them.
Other special "surfaces" are merely holographs of walls, floors
and ceilings. Fortunately, there are also normal surfaces which
Mysterio just didn't have enough chemical compound or holographic
projectors to cover! (More like he ran out of raster-time!...ED)

NORMAL - Spidey can climb on, walk across, web onto and jump onto
these without difficulty.

SLIPPERY - Spidey cannot climb onto or change direction when on

MAGNETIC - Webs will not stick to these.

ILLUSORY - Walk through on contact, so spidey can't climb onto walk
accros, web onto or jump onto these.

The above rules also apply to any other objects coming in contact
with theses surfaces, whether robots or platforms.

ROBOTS - created by mysterio, patrol the studios. In addition to
the more obvious robot, you might come across clones of mary jane,
Mysterio or even yourself! Fortunatly these robots are not very
intelligent, (a bit like the programmer....ED) but they can cause
damage and confusion, so try tp keep out of their way. Normally
you can stun a robot by shooting a web at one.

WEBS - have a number of effects depending on what they hit. If
they hit a robot they will stun it breifly and the web line will
dissapear. If they hit a switch on a surface, they will activate
and the web line will dissapear. Spider-Man can also swing on and
climb up his webs. To swing on the web, just jump off any surface
or platform. To climb up a web, move Spider-Man in the direction of
the web. Beware! Webs last only a breif period and can break if
they come into contact with other objects. If you are swinging on
a web and you wish to break it, press the fire button.

GRAVITY - in some rooms has been alterd either in direction or
strength. As mysterio has calculated,  will have disconcerning
affects for Spider-Man! (Alterd gravity can work to your advantage
if you learn to use it correctly).

HEALTH - Spider-Mans health diminishes when he is crushed by moving
platforms or guards,  when he contacts spiked or electrified floors
walls or ceilings. Occasionally Mysterio will conjure up gases
which either drain Spider-Man's strength or reduce his Spider-Sence.
(too many baked Beans!!!!...ED)  To prolong Spider-Man's suffering
Mysterio has provided a few "healing areas". Here Spider-Man can
partially re-gain his health. If Spider-man's health falls too low
he will die. The next section explains how Spider-Man's health is

SCREEN LAYOUT - At the top of the gameplay screen there are a
number of displays. The score is displayed as a number, and is a
measure of your performance. The small heart next to the horizontal
bar beats more quickly as Spider-Man's health deteriorates. On the
AMIGA the horizontal bar registers the proportion of of locations
in the film studios which you have visited. The graphic of Spidey
on the left hand side of the screen represents Spider-Mans's
health. More and more of Spideys skeleton is displayed as his
health deteriorates. Yoy must try to ensure you are not left with a
pile of bones!!.