Abandonware DOS title

Axet manual


If you had a (good old) C64, I'm sure you remember the game "Crillion".
Something like that is now avaible on the PC, too! About risks (getting
addictive) or unpleasant side effects (sleepless nights) please read this

Contents of the Game

In this game, you control a ball. This ball moves continually up and down.
You only can influence the horizontal direction. The levels are concipated 
with different blocks. There are different kinds of blocks and different 
colors. You have to destroy all "empty" blocks. You can do this by touching 
them with the ball. But there is a small problem: The ball must have the same 
color as the block you want to destroy.

Kinds of blocks

Normal block: You have to destroy this blocks. Each destroyed block gives you 
        6 points. For destroying a block, the ball must have the same color, 
        and you have to touch the block. If the level is cleaned up, you get 
        bonus points if there is still time left (1 second = 7 points) and 
        you enter the next level (50 altogether). Every 3000 points you get 
        an additional life!

Color changer: Such a block looks a bit like an hour glass. If you touch
        it, you get its color.

Death's-heads: Attention! One touch and you loose a life!

Walls: They only block you the way.

Movable blocks: This block is marked with a double-flash sign. If the block 
        has the same color as the ball, you can move the block in any 
        direction by touching it. Attention! Don't block up your way! 
        Otherwise, you have to press F1 (see Special Keys).

Life blocks: Oh, how wonderful! Every touch gives you a life! Such a block is
        green-yellow and has got a "L" on it.

Surprise blocks: This curious block with a "?" on it, surprises you after 
        every touch. There are different things which can happen to you:
                        - You get a life
                        - 30 seconds more time
                        - Random color
                        - Time gets to 0
                        - 15 seconds invulnerable
                        - A death's-head somewhere in the level
                        - One level up
                        - One level back (Aiii...)

        Notice: the last two actions are rarer than the others.

Special Keys

-S- switches between sound on and sound off. During the game, -F1- gives you
the opportunity to restart the level. Sometimes -F1- is useful, if you've 
blocked up your way with movable blocks. 1x restarting a level takes 1 life! 
Then, all lifes you already got in a level you loose, too. It would be too 
nice ;-) With -ESC- you immediately go back to the main-menu. Attention! 
There'll be no question if you're sure and no entry in the high-score list. 
In the trainer-version, -PageUp/Down- is very helpful (see Training-mode).
If you want to take a break, you simply press the pause-key.

In the 2 players-mode, you can transmit lifes. With -F2-, player 1 gives a 
life to player 2, and with -F3- player 2 gives a life to player 1.
If one player is already death, it works, too! But pay attention! The player
rises exact at the same place where he died before!

Top Ten

The high-score list is divided in 2 parts: The 1 player-mode and the 2 
players-mode. An entry, for instance, looks like that:

                        02412 CARL      05

2412 are the points, "CARL" is the name of the player, and 5 is the level in
which Carl lost his last ball.

AXET encodes the Top Ten and saves them in the file "AXET.HIS". If somebody
changes anything in this file, AXET deletes it and creates a new! So no cheat,
please! If the points of the entries are too high for you, you have the
possibility to delete "AXET.HIS". In this case, AXET will create a new, empty
high-score list, too.


After pressing F2 in the main-menu, you can choose how you want to control
the ball. There are the following possibilities:

        - Both shift keys
        - Left control key and left alt key
        - Right control key and right alt key
        - Joystick 1 
        - Joystick 2

Attention: If you want to use the right alt key, you must have an AT-Keyboard.
Then, if you have installed DR-DOS on your machine, it could be that the
right alt key doesn't work! Don't ask me why!

2 Players-Mode

In the 2 players-mode you fight together with your partner against the levels.
2 balls are simultaneous in a level, there are 2 scores and 2 life 
announcements. The points in the high-score list are the sum of both scores.
Both players can put in their names. Each player can move his ball independent 
of the other player. A ball bounces off if it touches the other ball. So pay 
attention near death's-heads. With F2 and F3 you can transmit lifes. 
(see Special Keys) Then, there is the seperate high-score list. Altogether, 
the 2 players-mode is realy funny!

Scores, Lifes, Time

During the game, there're standing a few announcements on the top of the

01244  O:03    012  LEVEL 05  060    O:03  01410

From left to right: Points of Player 1, Balls of Player 1, Number of blocks
you still have to destroy in this level, Number of the level, Time, Lifes of
Player 2, Points of Player 2.
The time has only got one sense: Giving bonus points at the end of the level.


Oh what a nice mode! You can press PageUp/Down during the game and all 
limits are broken!

Press PageUp and you enter the next Level,
Press PageDown and you go one level back.

So you can train each level!

Attention: If you used PageUp or PageDown, your score will not be saved in
           the high-score list, and after level 50, there will be no end-
           screen!! It wouldn't be fair otherwise!