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Bad Street Brawler manual

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|                        Bad Street Brawler                        |
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|                           Documentation                          |
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|            To accompany the BSP Release of this game.            |
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        The city has gone wild!  Chaos stalks the streets in the guise of new-
wave gangsters and motorcycle madmen.  Only you can save the day.  Only you 
are tough enough, fast enough, mad enough - and only you look good enough in 
gold spandex trunks to save the streets of our fair city from the swarms of 
human (and otherwise) vermin who threaten our grandmother's safety.
        The is BAD STREET BRAWLER, down and dirty on the streets of the big 
city.  Can you survive all 10 levels to emerge victorious over the low-lifes 
and be a hero to little old ladies everywhere?

After you have loaded the game, a title screen appears displaying several 
playing options.

        Stage -         Select one of the three startinf levels by pressing
                        1.  When a new game is started, it will start at the
                        level listed here.  At first, you can only start at
                        levels 1, 2, or 3.  As you progress, you will gain
                        access to the higher levels.

        Players -       Select one or two players by pressing 2.  If there
                        are two players, they will take alternate turns.

        Joystick -      Selelct joystick (one or two - Commodore only) or
                        keyboard play by pressing 3.

        Start -         Start the game by pressing 4.  You can also start the
                        game by pressing the fire button on the joystick.

Note:  When you finish Stage 10 (the 10th level), play recycles to Stage 6 
even though the screen indicates Stage 11.  Likewise, Stage 12 is actually 
Stage 7, Stage 13 is actually Stage 8, and so on.


        Each player starts the game with five lives.  These are shown in the 
bar graph beneath the score.  When all five are exhausted, the forces of 
disorder will run rampant over your crumpled body and ruin the city forever.
        At the start of each turn, your stamina will start at full power.  As 
you take hits, the stamina bar will shrink.  When it reaches zero, you are 
dead.  The current opponent's stamina bar indicates the damage your mighty 
fists (and whatever) are doing.  The opponent is defeated when its bar reaches 
        Each level in the game has a time limit imposed by the countdown 
timer.  When the timer reaches zero, you will rapidly lose stamina and die 
unless you complete the level quickly.
        In a two-player game, the two players alternate turns.  The current 
player is indicated in the status area with the words "1UP" or "2UP."

        BAD STREET BRAWLER can be played with a joystick or the keyboard.  In 
each level of the game, new moves may be available to you.  Since determining 
just what to do and when is a large part of the game, detailed instructions 
are not provided on each fighting move.  In general, though, the following 
holds true.

        All non-aggresive moves are performed WITHOUT pressing the fire button 
(or keyboard equivalent).  The are:


                        Jump Up
               Jump Left   |  Jump Right
                         \ | /
     Walk or Turn         \|/              Walk or Turn
     Left -----------------O-------------- Right


Right           -->
Left            <--
Jump            Up arrow
Duck            Down arrow
Jump Left       Up and Left
Jump Right      Up and Right


        Aggresive moves vary from level to level.  However, no matter which 
moves are available to you at any time, they will be performed by the 
following movements of the joystick (or keyboard) WHILE THE FIRE BUTTON IS 


                        Hit #1                 (*) File Button Pressed
                (Back) <       > (Forward)
                Hit #2           Hit #3
                         Hit #4

Note that hits 2 and 3 are labeled "forward" and "back" instead of left and 
right.  This is because they depend on the direction you are facing.  Forward 
means to push the joystick in the direction your man is facing.  For example, 
to get hit #3 (a head butt on level 1), press the fire button and push the 
joystick in the direction the player is facing.

To simulate the agressive movements possible with the joystick, hold down the 
[ENTER] key on the keyboard while moving the character left, right, up or 

Press F1 to turn the sound on and off.

        Beat the heck out of everybody who threatens you, but DON'T pick on
the old ladies!  Hit one of them and she'll go for you with a venegence.  Hit 
enough of them and ALL little old ladies will come after you!
        Remember, your mission is to SAVE the old ladies, so watch those head-

Typed by: Lord Blix of BSP