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Batalia manual



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			     B A T A L I A

	  The Right Brothers would like to welcome you to our first
	  program. The concept behind the game is like many others
	  you have probably seen and played.......KILL!!!!

	  But BATALIA adds a twist. You are pitted against another
	  live victim who is sitting next to you on the keyboard.
	  So if you are behind in the HIT-POINT department you can
	  always reach out and physically hurt your opponent, this
	  helps your deep seaded sub-concious, NOT YOUR SCORE!! I
	  repeat: NOT YOUR SCORE!!

	  There is no need to inform you of the keys to be used; they
	  are available for viewing in the program itself.

			  Origins of BATALIA
	  The Right Brothers got there start in late January of this
	  year (1986)  in a computer class at Spanish River High School
	  located in Boca Raton Fl. BATALIA is a project that was due
	  for grading in class, and I'd like to inform you that it re-
	  ceived an A, I repeat an A!

	  The Right Brothers are not asking for a $5.00 contribution
	  to help pay for all the loooooong hours we put in on it, but
	  a simple message saying how you feel about it. Ideas for future
	  projects would also be nice. Right now the program that is being
	  looked at is an Ice Hockey program, there seems to be a lack of
	  good Public Domain sports programs, Yes, we'd like to add another
	  bad Public Domain sports program.

	  Leave a message for KENT FRECHETTE or BRAD BAER on:

	      1) Node IV in Boca Raton
	      2) Node V (The Program Exchange) also in Boca Raton

	  Again, the Right Brothers wish to thank you for making our
	  first program a success. See ya on the next program!!