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Below The Root manual

                           BELOW THE ROOT
                     A Classic Software Fantasy
      based on The Green-Sky Trilogy by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
                        WINDHAM CLASSICS (TM)

                        Greetings, Quester!

You have arrived in Green-Sky just in time to discover a hidden
secret of momentous importance that will stop the headlong slide of
our land toward certain disaster.

Last night these words came to me in a dream:
  The green light pales.
  The spirit fades away in darkness lying.
  A quest proclaim!
  Godspeed to all who seek. Bid them haste.
  The light is dying.

Only you can solve the riddle of my dream and save Green-Sky.

Ours is a beautiful and fertile world, covered with lush and enormous
trees and plentiful wildlife. Yet peril and fear abound. We
tree-living Kindar and our Erdling cousins, estranged for many years,
were reunited by a spirit-gifted boy named Raamo. Now he is gone, and
Green-Sky is threatened with destruction.

As a Kindar or Erdling quester, continue the work of Raamo. Seek the
secret everywhere, from thin fronds of the roof trees to dark tunnels
that lie below the root. Grow strong in body and in spirit skill.
Meet the inhabitants of our land. Many believe in your quest and will
assist you. But beware, some of those you encounter are not what they
appear to be.

The map enclosed will help you find your way. Go quickly. May you
find the hidden secret and save Green-Sky.

                                            Until we meet,

                                            D'ol Falla

                          Table of Contents

Preparing for the Quest                        3
  Create a Storage Disk
  Load the Adventure
  Keyboard and Joystick Action                 5

Main Menu                                      6

Meet the Green-Sky Questers                    7

The Importance of Spirit Skills                8

Exploring Green-Sky                            9

The Option Menu:
What You Can Do in Green-Sky                  10

How You Can Check Your Progress               12

What You Will Find in Green-Sky               13

Some Final Words of Advice from D'ol Falla    14

About the Adaptation                          15

                       Preparing for the Quest

Create A Storage Disk

  BELOW THE ROOT, like most quests, may take more than a day to
  complete. You can save the game with the help of a storage disk and
  then continue your quest at some later time.

  To create a storage disk, you need to format a blank disk. You must
  have the formatted disk ready before you begin playing a game that
  you may want to save. If you need help formatting, consult your
  computer disk manual.
  Please note: saving a game destroys all other information on the
  disk, so use a blank disk.

  Note: Apple users should use DOS 3.3.

Load the Adventure

  Commodore 64(TM)

  1. Create a storage disk (see above).
  2. Before you begin, insert a joystick in Control Port 2. Turn on
     your computer, disk drive and TV or monitor.
  3. Place BELOW THE ROOT Side 1 in the disk drive and close door.
  4. Type LOAD "WIND", 8
  5. Press RETURN.
  6. When the computer prints "READY", type RUN and press RETURN. The
     main program will load.
  7. After a minute, a message will appear: "Insert Side 2 and press
  8. Remove disk from disk drive. Turn over and reinsert.
  9. Press the spacebar.
 10. The introduction to the game will start playing immediately. It
     will provide you with your first clues to aid you in your quest.
     Note: Introduction may be skipped by pressing joystick button.

  Commodore 128(TM)

  1. Turn on the disk drive and the monitor or television.
  2. Depress the COMMODORE KEY (lower left) on the keyboard and turn
     on the computer.
  3. The screen will display the words "*****COMMODORE 64*****"
  4. Insert the game disk into the drive and follow the instructions
     above beginning with the LOAD command.


  1. Create a storage disk (see above).
  2. Before loading, be sure the computer is turned off. If you will
     be playing with a joystick, plug it in now.
  3. Place BELOW THE ROOT Side 1 in the disk drive and close door.
  4. Turn on TV or monitor and computer.
  5. It will take a minute to load. After loading follow the prompts
       Insert Side 2
       Press K for keyboard game
       Press J for joystick game
  6. The introduction to the game will start playing immediately. It
     will provide you with your first clues to aid you in your quest.
     Note: Introduction may be skipped by pressing spacebar or
     joystick button.


  Please note: If you have an IBM PC, PCjr, or AT there is no need to
  add DOS to your Game Disk. DOS has already been included.

  1. If you are playing for the first time, create a storage disk
     (see p. 3).
  2. If you are playing with a joystick, plug it in before you turn
     on the computer to play the game.
  3. Insert BELOW THE ROOT Game Disk into Drive A.
  4. Turn on the computer and TV or monitor.
  5. The game will load. Follow the prompts:
       Press K for keyboard game
       Press J for joystick game
  6. Follow the instructions.
  7. The introduction to the game will start playing immediately. It
     will provide you with your first clues to aid you in your quest.
     Note: Introduction may be skipped by pressing spacebar.

                  Keyboard and Joystick Action

Commodore(TM) 64 and 128

  Joystick Control: to move your character or cursor, push joystick
    forward or backward, left or right. When you want to make a
    selection, press joystick button.


  Joystick Control: To move your character or cursor, push joystick
    forward or backward, left or right. To make a selection, press
    either joystick button.
  Keyboard Control: Use keys (see diagram) to move in a direction.
    When you want to make a selection, press spacebar. Left-handed
    players may use alternate keys.

           +---+                   +---+
           | R |                   | I |
           +---+                   +---+
        +---+ +---+             +---+ +---+
        | D | | F |     or      | J | | K |
        +---+ +---+             +---+ +---+
           +---+                   +---+
           | C |                   | M |
           +---+                   +---+
    left-handed players      right-handed players


  Joystick Control: To move your character or cursor, push the
    joystick forward or backward, left or right. When you want to
    make a selection, press joystick button.
  Keyboard Control: Use arrow keys to move in any direction. To make
    a selection, press [ENTER] key. You may also use letter keys (see
    diagram) and spaeebar.

       +----+                +---+                   +---+
       |CrUp|                | R |                   | I |
       +----+                +---+                   +---+
   +----+ +----+          +---+ +---+             +---+ +---+
   |CrLe| |CrRi|    or    | D | | F |     or      | J | | K |
   +----+ +----+          +---+ +---+             +---+ +---+
       +----+                +---+                   +---+
       |CrDn|                | C |                   | M |
       +----+                +---+                   +---+

                            Main Menu

After you have loaded the game and the introduction is completed, the
Main Menu will appear with the following choices:

Start Game:
  To Begin a New Quest

  1. Choose START GAME on the Main Menu.
  2. The message "CHOOSE YOUR QUESTER" will appear. There are five
     different characters to choose from, each with their own
     personality and skills. (See "Meet the Green-Sky Questers.")
     Push your joystick forward or press the up key to cycle through
     your options, then make a selection.
  3. Depending on which character you choose, you may be asked to
     "INSERT SIDE 1". Follow the instructions on your screen.
  4. You will be instantly transported to the nid-place (home) of
     your character, ready to begin your quest.

  To Return to Your Quest

  Use CONTINUE option after loading a previously saved game from the
  storage disk (see below).

Disk Storage:
  To Save or Reload a Quest

  1. Select DISK STORAGE from Main Menu.
  2. The following message will appear:
        SAVE GAME
        LOAD GAME
  3. Move cursor to SAVE GAME and select. The following message will
        QUEST    1    2    3    4    5
     You may save up to 5 different games on one storage disk. Saving
     additional games will erase an old one.
  4. Move cursor to a number and select.
  5. You will be instructed to insert your storage disk. Follow
     instructions on the screen. You will return to the Main Menu.
  Note: After loading a Saved Game be sure to begin play by choosing
  the CONTINUE option and _not_ START GAME.

Sample Quest:
  To Get a Preview of Green-Sky

  Green-Sky is a rich and vast landscape. To get a preview of
  Green-Sky choose the option SAMPLE QUEST from the Main Menu. You
  can watch another quester explore Green-Sky; the sample game will
  replay continuously. To return to the Main Menu:
    With Joystick: press joystick button.
    On Apple keyboard: press spacebar
    On IBM keyboard: press [ENTER]
  Note: If you select the Sample Quest in the middle of your game, it
  will cancel your game.

                    Meet the Green-Sky Questers

You may assume the role of one of five Green-Sky inhabitants --
Kindar or Erdling, male or female, child or adult. Each has his or
her own personality, has a nid-place in a different grund (tree), and
is endowed with varying degrees of spirit skills and stamina.

  Neric is a Kindar-born young man. Though only moderately
  spirit-gifted, he is strong as well as impulsive. Neric's nid-place
  is in the Star Grund, not far from the Star Grund Shops.
  Spirit Limit 5; Stamina 20

  The beautiful and charismatic Genaa, a Kindar by birth, is a very
  robust young woman, with no spirit skill. Her home is in the Grand
  Grund, in the center of Green-Sky.
  Spirit Limit 0; Stamina 20

  A Kindar child of 9 years, Pomma is Raamo's sister. Though
  extremely delicate, she is greatly spirit-gifted. Pomma is revered
  by Kindar and Erdling alike as a holy child. Her nid-place is found
  in the Sky-Grund.
  Spirit Limit 10; Stamina 10

  Charn is a ten-year-old Erdling boy. Agile and alert, he is very
  sturdy for a boy his age. Charn has the ability to pense emotions
  but not messages. The Silk Grund is where his home is found.
  Spirit Limit 5; Stamina 15

  Herd was born below the root but now lives in the Broad Grund. Like
  all Erdlings, he can pense emotions but not messages. He is a
  sturdy quester, and also very rational.
  Spirit Limit 5; Stamina 20

                 The Importance of Spirit Skills

Spirit skills will aid you in your quest. It is essential that you
discover how to use and raise your spirit skills. As you master
higher levels, you will have more spirit skills and come closer to
uncovering the secret that will save Green-Sky. Check your spirit
level by reviewing the STATUS option on your menu. Be aware that your
use of spirit skills depletes energy.

                         Spirit Skills

  An ancient skill, mind touching, allows you to read the minds of
  others and communicate without speaking.

     Pense Emotions
     Can be performed from any distance. Uses 1 unit of spirit
     Spirit Limit: 5

     Pense Messages
     You must be within speaking distance of the one you are pensing.
     Uses 1 unit of spirit energy.
     Spirit Limit: 10

  The healing spirit skill allows you to restore partially your food
  and rest. This is especially helpful when you're far from your
  nid-place. Each use of the skill uses 5 units of spirit energy.
  Spirit Limit: 15

  The ability to influence tree growth. Each use of the skill uses 2
  units of spirit energy.
  Spirit Limit: 20

  The ability to move inaccessible objects or your own body with your
  mind. This most highly advanced spirit skill is so difficult to
  achieve that few Green-Sky inhabitants have the ability. However,
  you must master kiniporting if you are to succeed.

     Kiniport Tools
     Will move objects out of reach. Uses 5 units of spirit energy.
     Spirit Limit: 25

     Kiniport Your Body
     Will move your body to a place of your choice. Uses 10 units of
     spirit energy.
     Spirit Limit: 30

                        Exploring Green-Sky

Once you leave your nid-place, you'll be free to travel in any
direction. Be sure to use the map to make notes of your discoveries
as you meet inhabitants and explore the large grunds, with their
shops, nid-places, and public buildings. This is how you'll get

With Joystick:

    Move the joystick left or right.

    While standing still: hold the joystick button down and push the
      joystick in the direction you wish to jump.
    While walking or running: press the joystick button. To jump from
      a ladder or vine: push the joystick button and press the
      joystick sideways. Jumping from ladders and vines is not
      possible underground.

    Jump and keep the joystick pressed toward the direction in which
    you wish to run. Return to a walk by stopping the character

    Push the joystick forward or backward while you are on a ladder
    or vine.

    Push joystick backward when in a standing position to stoop down.
    Then push joystick left or right.

  Stand Up
    Push the joystick forward when you are in the crawl position.

    Walk off the end of a ramp or a tree limb.

    Gliding is possible only if you are carrying a shuba. To glide,
    push the joystick button while you are falling. Once the glide
    begins, push the joystick sideways to glide left or right.

  Enter or Exit a Doorway
    Position yourself over the door and press the joystick button.

On Keyboard:

Apple: use following keys (see diagram) to control movement.

           +---+                   +---+
           | R |                   | I |
           +---+                   +---+
        +---+ +---+             +---+ +---+
        | D | | F |     or      | J | | K |
        +---+ +---+             +---+ +---+
           +---+                   +---+
           | C |                   | M |
           +---+                   +---+

On IBM: use the four arrow keys, or letter keys, to control all

       +----+                +---+                   +---+
       |CrUp|                | R |                   | I |
       +----+                +---+                   +---+
   +----+ +----+          +---+ +---+             +---+ +---+
   |CrLe| |CrRi|    or    | D | | F |     or      | J | | K |
   +----+ +----+          +---+ +---+             +---+ +---+
       +----+                +---+                   +---+
       |CrDn|                | C |                   | M |
       +----+                +---+                   +---+

    Press appropriate key for direction you want to go.

    From a standing position, press the appropriate directional key
    quickly two times.
    While walking, press the appropriate directional key once.
    To jump from a ladder or vine, go right or left. Jumping from
    ladders is not allowed underground.

    After a jump, you will automatically start running.

    Press the key opposite to the direction you are moving.

    Press the appropriate directional key while you are on a ladder
    or vine.

    Press the down key when you are not on a ladder or vine to stoop.
    Then go right or left.

  Stand Up
    Press the up key when you are in the crawl position.

    Walk off the end of a ramp or tree limb.

    Press left or right directional keys while you are falling.

  Enter or Exit a Doorway
    Position yourself over the door and press the up key.

                  The Option Menu:
                  What You Can Do in Green-Sky

After you choose your character, you'll be ready to explore
Green-Sky. The Option Menu enables you to choose all the activities
you will need in Green-Sky. To display and use Option Menu:

With Joystick:
1. Hold the joystick button down while you pull the joystick
2. Move around the Menu by pushing the joystick in the direction you
   want to go.
3. Stop on the option of your choice, press the joystick button.

On Keyboard:
1. Press spacebar on Apple; press [ENTER] key or spacebar on IBM;
2. Move around the menu using directional keys.
3. Stop on the option of your choice and make your selection with
   spacebar on Apple; with the [ENTER] key or spacebar on IBM.

Note: Whenever the Menu is visible, the timer will stop.

    Pause during game then return to the quest.

    Move close to another game character. Be sure you are facing each
    other. The other character's message will appear.

    Depending on your level of spirit skill, you can pense emotions
    or messages. To pense messages, you must be standing close to and
    facing the other character.

    OFFER anything you are carrying to another character. Cycle
    through your inventory and select.

    Position yourself over any item you would like to take. If you
    can take the item, it will instantly disappear from the screen.
    You are now carrying it in your inventory.

    Stand close to and face the merchant. The merchant will take your
    token and give you permission to take an item, provided you have
    room to carry it. After buying, be sure to TAKE item.

    USE trencher beaks, vine ropes, honeylamps, and other tools you
    happen upon.

    Trencher Beak: Face the bramble then USE the beak. One layer of
      bramble will disappear; repeat process until you clear bramble.
      If you get caught in a bramble patch without a beak or other
      cutting tool, you must RENEW yourself.

    Vine Rope: Face direction you want to throw rope. Try to USE the
      rope. The rope will appear if there is something for the rope
      to connect to in the direction you throw it. CRAWL across the
      vine rope, or you will fall.

    Honeylamp: It will be obvious when you need to USE the lamp.

    EAT any of the edibles you are carrying. Cycle through your
    inventory and select.

    DROP an item, if you are carrying too much.

    You may SELL tools and food to any of the merchants.

    This spirit skill will restore your energy and food level.

    REST indoors on the hanging green nids, either in your own
    nid-place or in the nid-places of others who offer you REST.
    Stand in front of the nid, and select REST.

    EXAMINE unfamiliar objects you happen upon.

    Displays what you are carrying.

    If you have enough spirit skills, you have the power to make tree
    limbs grow. Stand at the edge of a limb, facing outward. With
    each successful grunspreking, the tree limb grows. Step out on
    the new growth and GRUNSPREKE again to create a living bridge.

    If you have enough spirit skills, you have the power to move
    tools or your own body using psychic power. When you select
    KINIPORT, a pointer will appear on the screen.

    To Kiniport Tools: Move the pointer to the tool you want to move.
      Select. Then point to where you wish to move it. Select again.
      You must place the tool on a spot where you will be able to
      stand when you pick it up.

    To Kiniport Your Body: Place the pointer on your body near your
      feet. Select. Then point to the spot where you want to move.

    Displays your STATUS at any given point during your quest. See
    "STATUS: How You Can Check Your Progress."

    If you get stuck somewhere, RENEW will return you home at the
    expense of losing a day of quest time.

    Return to the Main Menu.

                 How You Can Check Your Progress

Even the most confident quester likes to know how he or she is
faring, for thoroughly exploring Green-Sky is a long and arduous
task. You might want to know what time it is, or check your spirit
level after you've encountered a mysterious character, or know when
to eat or rest. You can easily check your progress at any point
during your travels by using the STATUS option on your Option Menu.
It will provide you with the following data on your quest.

                 Example of Status Display

                  DAY 1               NERIC
                  EARLY MORNING       LEVEL OF REST 10
                  SPIRIT LIMIT 05     LEVEL OF FOOD 10
                  STAMINA 20          LEVEL OF SPIRIT 05

  Your performance as a quester will be judged on the number of days
  you take to complete the Quest. At the end of 50 days your time
  runs out.

Time of Day
  Reports the current time of day. Game time passes whenever you are
  moving around the Green-Sky environment. Time stops whenever the
  Option Menu, Main Menu, Status Display, or text of any kind is
  being displayed.

Spirit Limit
  Indicates your current Spirit Limit. (Refer to "The Importance of
  Spirit Skills.")

  Rates your maximum strength. Questers with more stamina can store
  more rest and food energy, jump farther, and carry more. Your
  stamina can be increased during your quest, and you must discover

  Displays your name. Depending on which character you have chosen,
  your beginning spirit limit and stamina will vary.

Level of Rest
  Your "rest" energy is used as your journey time passes. Jumping,
  climbing, and especially crashing will also use rest energy. Your
  level can be restored by resting in your nid or in the nid of a
  friendly character. Your maximum level is one-half of your stamina.
  If your rest drops below 0, you will be forced to return to your
  nid-place. You will have lost a day of game time but your energy
  levels will have been replenished.

Level of Food
  Food energy is depleted in the same manner as rest energy. Dropping
  below zero will return you to your nid-place. Keep your food level
  up by eating.

Level of Spirit
  The amount of spirit energy you possess. This energy is depleted
  every time you use a Spirit Skill. Spirit energy is restored as
  game time passes.

  Note: An example of the difference between SPIRIT LIMIT and LEVEL
  OF SPIRIT (or energy):
  You may have a SPIRIT LIMIT of 20 and thus have the ability to
  GRUNSPREKE. Grunspreking, however, uses two units of spirit energy,
  so if your level of spirit is currently less than 2, you cannot
  Grunspreke until your energy is restored.

                 A Dictionary:
                 What You Will Find in Green-Sky

  One of the enormous trees whose branches support the Kindar stores,
  nid-places, and public buildings.

Fruit & Nuts
  Considered a Kindar delicacy. You may have an initial supply in
  your nid-place; if not, find other sources.

  A Kindar lamp. Once lit, it won't last long.

  A small animal that looks like a rabbit.

  An evil Erdling society, dedicated to revenge and violence.

  A Kindar bed -- a hammock woven of living tendril. The nid-place is
  the home of a Kindar.

Pan Bread
  The staple food of the Kindar and Erdling people. You may find an
  initial supply in your nid-place; if not, you will have to find
  other sources.

  An evil Kindar society, whose purpose is to rid Green-Sky of all
  Erdlings as well as all those who believe in the unification of the
  two societies.

  An outer garment that allows Green-Sky citizens to glide safely.
  One is provided in your nid-place. You may need to find new ones

  A small tree-dwelling animal -- a favorite Kindar pet.

  Money. There are some in your nid-place; supporters of the quest
  may provide you with more. You can acquire tokens by selling items
  to merchants.

Trencher Beak
  An essential tool for cutting through brambles and earth falls. You
  must find at least one, for in the fertile Green-Sky, vegetation
  grows quickly and may impede your quest.

Vine Rope
  Woven from the tendrils of the sacred wissen-vine, these ropes will
  help you move about the trees or across bodies of water.

  The berry from the wissen-vine. Although they are no longer legal
  in Green-Sky, you may find them helpful when used with caution.

            Some Final Words of Advice from D'ol Falla

Your success in restoring the light will assure the joyful lives of
future generations of Kindar and Erdling children. D'ol Falla has
left these final words of advice to help you achieve your goal and
save Green-Sky.
 1. Watch the sample quest.
 2. Using the map, explore every aspect of Green-Sky. Not all the
    environment is noted on your map, so be on the lookout for new
    areas to explore, and mark them. Explore each tree completely
    rather than wandering from tree to tree.
 3. Pense and speak to everyone. If you don't have the ability to
    pense messages at first, then go back and pense everyone once you
    get it -- they will be very helpful to your quest.
 4. When encountering a Green-Sky inhabitant for the first time,
    pense from a distance. If you read a negative emotion, such as
    rage or anger, try to avoid crossing that character's path.
 5. Check your STATUS often, especially after interacting with a
    mysterious character. Your spirit limit may have been raised.
    Watch your stamina level and do not let lack of food or rest
    impair your ability to continue your quest. And remember, you
    only have 50 days to complete your quest.
 6. Concentrate at first on how and where to get rest and food. Next,
    attempt to raise your spirit and stamina maximums.
 7. Learn to use the new spirit skill available to you when your
    spirit rises to a new level -- you will need all skills to
    complete your quest.
 8. Learn to buy and sell tools and food. It's easier to carry tokens
    than it is to carry other items.
 9. Learn to use the tools available to you, including the rope,
    trencher beak, honeylamp and anything else you might pick up.
10. Some of the characters are more difficult to play than others. If
    you're looking for a real challenge, start out with Genaa, who
    has no Spirit Skills. For an easier start, choose a character
    like Neric, who has moderate Spirit Skills, is strong, and has a
    nid-place located near a group of shops.

                      About the Adaptation

_The Green-Sky Trilogy_ is a critically acclaimed series of fantasy
adventure books. The Trilogy offers all the elements for an exciting
computer adventure game: a rich and vast environment, an intricate
plot, and a young hero on a quest to save his world from destruction.

In adapting the Trilogy, we sought to recreate the vast and
mysterious environment and offer an adventure game in which the
player would need to continue the quest to save Green-Sky. Zilpha
Snyder, the author of the Trilogy, wrote the script adaptation. Below
she discusses how she helped bring her imaginatively conceived world
to life as a computer adventure game.

A letter from Zilpha Keatley Snyder:

I have always loved writing fantasies and adventures for young
people, but had never used a computer until I met Dale Disharoon. He
introduced me to adventure games on computers, and as I learned about
the capabilities of the computer, I saw so much opportunity to adapt
my own writing to this new and exciting medium.

From the beginning, Dale and I agreed that we wanted a game with
story qualities, characters with personality traits that could grow
and develop, and an outcome that would be consistent with the story
line of the game as well as the trilogy that came before. We wanted
our game to have the best and most artistic graphics possible, lots
of action, and some aspects of the eye/hand coordination demands that
make arcade games exciting.

I began to map out the vast world of Green-Sky on an enormous sheet
of graph paper spread out on my studio floor. I sketched the many
grundtrees whose intricate network of branches supported the homes,
shops, temples, and public buildings of the people of Green-Sky. Then
we planned the questers, with their initial attributes as well as the
tools and abilities they might acquire. Next came the many
inhabitants of the land; I planned the responses they might make when
addressed or "pensed".

Dale and I worked very closely over many months on the adaptation.
While I sketched and charted Green-Sky, he made it all possible by
ably programming the computer. Our ideas flowed back and forth, and
it felt more like play than work. I hope you enjoy the game.

Zilpha Keatley Snyder

                           The Authors

Zilpha Keatley Snyder, a native Californian, is the renowned author
  of more than a dozen adventure and fantasy books for young people.
  In addition to the Green-Sky Trilogy, Ms. Snyder is the author of
  the acclaimed "Egypt Game," "The Headless Cupid," and "The Witches
  of Worm," which are all Newbery Honor Books from Athenaeum

Dale Disharoon, the software writer of BELOW THE ROOT, taught school
  before he turned his attention to programming. He specializes in
  educational software for people of all ages. Disharoon, who lives
  in California, is also a classical guitarist, a puppeteer, and an
  accomplished quester.


Windham Classics adventure games are specially designed to entertain
and offer players, 10 to adult, an exciting way to enjoy some of the
best classic literature of all time.

BELOW THE ROOT(tm) computer program is the sequel to the acclaimed
Green-Sky Trilogy, a series of future-fantasy adventure books by
Zilpha Keatley Snyder. The trilogy includes: Below the Root, 1975,
And All Between, 1976, and Until the Celebration, 1977. All were
published by Atheneum, New York, and are illustrated by Alton Raible.

Tor Books will publish the paperback editions of the Trilogy in early

Below the Root                    Until the Celebration
Available in April 1985           Available in November 1985
U.S. ISBN 554-76-0-$2.95          U.S. ISBN 554-80-9-$2.95
Canada ISBN 554-77-9-$3.50        Canada ISBN 554-81-7-$3.50

And All Between
Available in August 1985
U.S. ISBN 554-78-7-$2.95
Canada ISBN 554-79-5-$3.50

Look for them at your local bookstore or write:
Tor Books Reader Service Dept.
P.O. Box 690
Rockville Centre, New York 11571

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DALE DISHAROON, INC. are specialists in educational software for the

Game Designers: Zilpha Keatley Snyder, Dale Disharoon
Programmers: Dale Disharoon, Jim Graham, Leonard Lebow, Vince Mills
Artist: Bill Groetzinger

Handbook Design: Graphic Ink

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program are hereby licensed only to read the program from its medium
into memory of a computer for the purpose of executing this program.
Copying, duplicating, selling or otherwise distributing this product
is hereby expressly forbidden.

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International Business Machines Corp., respectively.

Commodore 64 is a trademark of Commodore Electronics Ltd.

BELOW THE ROOT computer program is a trademark of Windham Classics


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