Abandonware DOS title

Bio Menace Episode 1: Dr. Mangle's Lab walkthrough - hits

                          2005 Freeware Release Edition

                   Copyright 1993 Apogee Software Productions
                       P.O. Box 496389  Garland, TX 75049

                          Game designed by Jim Norwood
                        Core game engine by Id Software

                                ABOUT BIO MENACE

2005 Freeware Release Notes: Please be aware that as of December 2005, this 
game is released as freeware.  We retain copyright on it, so you can't "do 
whatever you want", but you are free to enjoy the full registered version of 
the game.  Furthermore, no support or game hints of any kind are offered on Bio 
Menace.  You're on your own.


You are Snake Logan, a top CIA operative who likes to do things his own way.
Metro City has fallen under the attack of hideous mutants and your mission is
to fly recon over the city and report back.  While circling over the city you
are shot down by hostile forces and forced to crash land on the streets of
Metro.  Grabbing what supplies you can find you are out to discover the source
of these mutants and especially the guy who shot you down!

Intelligence reports indicate that a man calling himself Dr. Mangle is
responsible for the mutants and the destruction of Metro.  You will have to
battle your way through many levels packed with evil mutants and robotic guards
to finally infiltrate Mangle's fortress and defeat him.  You wonder how just
one man could be responsible for so much trouble.


Attempting to install the commercial version of the game on top of the
shareware version will cause problems with the proper operation of the game.
Please make sure to remove the shareware episode before installing the
commercial version.

You must first install each of the three volumes before playing.  Place disk
one in the appropriate disk drive.  Select the drive from the DOS prompt.
Type "INSTALL" and press the  key.  The installation program will prompt
for the drive and then for the directory into which the software will be
copied.  Press  to accept the defaults or type the destination of your
choice.  The installation program for multiple disk sets will prompt for
additional disks as needed.  After installation is complete, the three games
may be played by typing either "BMENACE1", "BMENACE2" or "BMENACE3".

If you experience any trouble playing Bio Menace, please consult the On-Disk
Technical Support file.  This may be executed by entering BM-HELP from your
game directory.  When you originally installed the game, this file was placed
in your game directory.  If you have removed it, you can find it on Disk 1 of
your original diskette(s) from Apogee.

                                 GENERAL HINTS

 There are large stone blocks that Snake can push along the ground or off of
  ledges to get to different places or stay protected from enemy fire.

 Look for lots of treasures and ammunition in hidden areas throughout each
  episode.  Some walls aren't as solid as other walls and hold hidden rooms
  containing various items.

 There are secret level bonus gems on some levels that will warp you to a
  hidden level that you could not otherwise go to.  The secret levels hold lots
  of cool treasures to help Snake on his way.

 It is to your advantage to explore every nook and cranny of each level.  Many
  items are hidden in out of the way places that would otherwise seem

 Don't pick up the land mine weapon until you are ready to use it since this
  weapon takes the highest priority in your grenade inventory.  You won't be
  able to throw grenades until you've used up all the mines.  Use the land
  mines as a means to trap hard to kill enemies and destroy them while you stay
  tucked away in a safe area.

 In Level 10 of Episode 2 you can find the Apogee developers running the game
  in a secret room by entering the door at the top right of the level.  They
  will have lots of stuff to reward you with after warning you to keep quiet
  about their presence.  Take care not to shoot at them.  We are invincible and
  have much better fire power than Snake does. (Shooting us is fun if you can
  escape before taking a fatal amount of damage....)

 Fire grenades explode on contact with an enemy, however, if you throw them in
  such a way that they land in front of the intended target without hitting it,
  they'll burst into a tornado of flames a head off in the direction you threw
  it destroying everything it hits; even going right through multiple targets.

 Synchronize yourself in harmony to Bobby Prince's score of music on each
  level to obtain cosmic inspiration resulting in miraculous finger dexterity
  and a euphoric sense of well being.

                               EPISODE ONE HINTS

 DOWNTOWN METRO: Flip the switch at the top of the second building from the
  left to activate the platform at the top of the first building.  Go to the
  top of the first building and there are super bullets and a 5,000 point gem.

 HIGH RISE: Clear out all of the lesser enemies at the top of the building
  first and then go back and get Robo Pal to help you kill the tough enemies
  at the exit.

 CITY PARK: Get the secret level bonus gem at the very top of the first tree.
  Collect the 5,000 point bonus gems hidden on ledges at the far right of the

 SOUTH SIDE: Flip the switch to make the platform work and it will take you up
  to a 50,000 point bonus gem in the center of the level.

 CAVES: There is a secret level bonus gem hidden in the roof above the
  rotating spike beam.

 SKULLMAN: Concentrate on shooting Skullman's head and not the floating hands
  as they are hard to kill and use up all the ammunition.

 ELEVATOR: The glowing skulls mounted in the wall just above the water are
  actually place markers for blocks just under the water surface that you can
  jump across to the other side.  Use the green shard you pick up on the other
  end to activate the platform on the above right hand side to climb up to the
  secret observation area on the upper right side of the level.  You can
  collect weapons and kill enemies in safety on this side of the level.

 NO MANS LAND: There is secret level bonus gem hidden in the roof above the

 COMPUTER CORE: There is a secret level bonus gem hidden in the second ion
  cannon from the left.

 MANGLE'S LAST STAND: Jump up on top of the entrance to view the color code
  combination to get the bonus items from the right side of the level.

                               EPISODE TWO HINTS

 CORRIDOR: Get the secret level bonus gem inside the hidden wall just above
  the exit on the right side of the level.

 ANT CAVES: Get the secret level bonus gem by riding the first fall block down
  and jumping onto the left ledge.  Then enter the door and jump off the roof
  above the entrance to collect 50,000 point bonus gem and special weapon.

 QUEEN ANT: There is a place at the top left of the level where it is safer to
  shoot the Queen Ant and stay more protected from the flying nymphs.

 GENETICS LAB: Be sure to get the nuclear bomb before leaving the level or you
  will ultimately lose the game and Snake will be killed at the end since he
  will not be able to use the bomb to destroy the lab.

 Be sure and get the secret level bonus gem from the Apogee room in the
  Specimens Lab.

 THE ENFORCER: Be sure to install the nuclear bomb before going out the final
  exit to destroy the lab.

                              EPISODE THREE HINTS

 FORT ENTRANCE: Don't jump down in the pit to try and get the 50,000 point
  bonus gem, it's a death trap.

 GUARD TOWER: At the top gun turret, at the top left of the level, get the
  secret level bonus gem by entering the wall on the left.

 GOLIATH!: Throw grenades down on the guardian robot on the right side of the
  level to kill it before going on to Goliath himself.

 UTILITY MAINTENANCE: Get the secret level bonus gem inside the wall above
  the exit door.

 CIRCLE OF DEATH: Get the secret level bonus gem at the floor second down from
  the top right by jumping up into the roof.

 MASTER CAIN: Ignoring electro blasts from Master Cain and attacks from the
  critter mutants, run to the far right of the level and collect all the power
  ups to defeat Master Cain.

                              SECRET BATTLE MOVES

  There are four secret moves which give Snake valuable added weapons to
   help balance the scales against his evil foes!   They are:


     Hold the up arrow, (or up on the joystick), until you hear an electrical
     charge sound.  Once you hear this sound, press the fire button and a
     plasma beam will shoot in the direction you are facing burning through a
     whole line of enemies!  Beware, this is a powerful weapon and the toxic
     fume cloud it leaves behind inflicts one point of damage on Snake!  Use
     this weapon wisely!


     Turn left to right, back and forth in succession about five or six turns
     rapidly and press the fire button.  Snake uses his secret energy pack to
     disperse six flaming fire balls, three in each direction, to toast those
     hard to get at enemies.


     Protects Snake and zaps any enemies daring to touch him for a limited
     amount of time.


     Gives you a short burst of invincibility without having to find an
     invincibility potion.

We've left the Electron Shield and the Invincibility burst there for you to
experiment with, and find on your own.  We don't want to give EVERYTHING away,
now do we?  :)

                               SECRET CHEAT KEYS

There is an option cheat mode built into Bio Menace.  If you press these three
keys simultaneously, you will get the normal machine gun with 90 rounds of
ammunition, and 99 regular grenades.   The keys are [C] [A] [T].  This
combination can be used as many times as you wish, and only works on the
commercial version of the software.

                               THANKS FROM APOGEE

A sincere thanks for purchasing this software package.  Much time, effort, and
expense goes into the development of our software, and your support helps
ensure that we will be able to continue bringing you high quality, enjoyable
software.   Enjoy the game!