Abandonware DOS title

Blades of steel manual


   During the game, press:

Key          Action
~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
CTRL P       Toggle Pause On and Off.
CTRL B       Toggle Background Music On and Off.
CTRL E       Toggle Sound Effects On and Off.
ESC          Restores Game to Player Selection Screen.

JOYSTICK CONTROLS     Joystick moves player in eight directions and
                      aims the direction of your shot or pass.
    \ | /        Offensive Control
     \|/         Passing: Give the Joystick Fire Button a quick press
Left -O- Right   to pass the puck to another team member.  Precision
     /|\         skills are very important when attempting a fast-paced
    / | \        pass.  Because if an opposing team member is between
     Down        the pass and your teammate, the puck will be intercepted.

                 Shooting: To fire a shot on goal, hold the Joystick Fire
                 Button down the release.  The puck will travel directly
                 at the red arrow in front of your opponent's net.
                 NOTE: The red arrow randomly moves, and you should try
                 to time your shot so that the puck reaches the arrow
                 at the exact moment when the goalie is out of position.

Defensive Control
Switching Defensemen: Use your joystick to control your goalie or the
flashing defensive player.  When on defense, give the Joystick Fire
Button a quick press to change your active player to the one nearest the
opponent with the puck.

Stealing: When you want to steal the puck, move your flashing player
in front of the opponent with the puck, then go for the theft by banging
into him and pressing the Joystick Fire Button.


   This 70,000 seat arena is sold-out until the year 2,010.  Luckily,
you've got the best seat in the house: Center Ice.



   At the beginning of each period, and after icing calls, the ref will
line up the teams for a traditional, quick wristed Face-Off.  The first
player to hit the Joystick Fire Button when the puck is dropped will
get the first shot to strike offensively.

Icing Calls

   Icing occurs when a player shoots from his own territory and the puck
slides the length of the rink, past the opposing team's goal, without
being touched.  When the opponent takes control of the puck from behind
his net, icing will be whistled and a Face-Off will occur.

Slashing & Checking

   If a player gets too rough (if that's really possible in this sport)
a fight will break out or a penalty will be called.  This usually happens
if you repeatedly check the opponent.

   If there's a fight, the screen will switch to a battle mode, and the
loser of the fight will be sent to the penalty box for 30 seconds.

   If there's a penalty called, a penalty shot will be awarded to the
player who was victimized by the slasher (see page 11 for details).


   Hockey greats are generally known to have short fuses, and in Blades
of Steel that stereotype explodes into full blown fight scenes when the
fore-checking gets outta control!

How to duke it out.

   Get in your best stomach shots by aiming the joystick down and
pressing the fire button.  To pummel your opponent's pug nose, aim the
joystick up and press the fire button.

   To defend yourself, aim the joystick right to ward off belly punches.
Aim the joystick left to guard your sensitive schnoz.


   If a fight breaks out and the ref intervenes before fists are bruised,
a penalty shot will be awarded.  If a game ends tied, 5 overtime bonus
shots are taken by each team, with the victor ultimately decided by the
player with the most extra goals.  If the game remains evenly knotted
after the 5 shots, it's on to a one shot Sudden Death finale!

How to take control during Penalties and Overtime

   If you're the slap shooter, use the joystick to aim your shot, then
press Button 1.

   If you're defending the net, use the joystick to defend the area you
think your opponent might be aiming toward, then simultaneously press the
fire button to try and block the shot.

   Note: During this scene, there are eight different points you can shoot
at or defend.

The numbers 1-8 represent the eight locations you can aim for.

1 - top middle of net
2 - top right side of net
3 - right middle of net
4 - bottom right of net
5 - bottom center of net
6 - left bottom of net
7 - left middle of net
8 - left top of net