Abandonware DOS title

Blue Max: Aces of the Great War manual


The Amiga version supports all Amiga models with a mimimum of 512K.
NOTE: Enhanced sound requires at least 1Mb of RAM

Blue Max is not copy protected.Therefore it is recommended you play only
from a backup copy.If you are unsure of how to make copies of the game
disks please consult your Amiga manual. NOTE: When copying the disks make
sure they have exactly the same name as the originals.
To play Blue Max from your backup floppies,either
1) reset your Amiga with disk 1 in drive 0 (the internal disk drive)
2) after loading Workbench,insert disk 1 and run Blue Max by opening the
Blue Max Disk game icon.

To install Blue Max on your hard disk,start your machine as usual, insert
the Blue Max Disk 1 into any drive and run the install program either
from Workbench by opening the install icon,or from the CLI by typing
INSTALL,hitting the  key and following the instructions.To run
Blue Max,either:
1) open the Blue Max drawer icon from Workbench and open the Blue Max game
2) run Blue Max from its directory in the CLI by typing BLUE MAX (caps are
not necessary)

You can use the keyboard,a mouse,a joystick or any combination of the
above,to make selections from the menu:
a) the up/down arrow keys highlight differnt options
b) the  or  key makes the selection.
a) moving the joystick backwards or forwards highlights different options.
b) the fire button makes the selection.
a) point with the mouse arrow at the option you want to select.
b) press the left mouse button to make the selection.

the following steps will put you directly behind the controls of a Sopwith
Camel,in one of Blue Max's Practise Action Dogfights.
1) Turn on computer.
2) Insert Blue Max disk 1 into DF0,or run Blue Max icon on your hard drive
3) When the main menu appears,select Begin Flight.
4) Fly till you die,then come back and read the next section.


   | Blue Max               |
   | Registration           |
   | Select Game Mode       |
   | Select Aircraft        |
   | Set WeatherConditions  |
   | Begin Flight           |
   | Set Computer Options   |
   | About Blue Max         |
   | View Pilot List        |
   | Exit to Amiga Dos      |

For a thorough introduction to Blue Max follow the Quick Start directions
above untill the main menu appears and begin working through the Main Menu
as described below.
The Main Menu appears after the opening animation sequence.Press the 
key during animation to go directly to main menu.

If you want to warm up before starting a campaign or taking on a few enemy
fighters,choose "Begin Flight" immediately after starting up Blue Max and
accept the default configeration of the game.Basically you will be a
nameless pilot flying a Sopwith camel for the allies in a practise action
dogfight.Enemy planes will not shoot at you and score is not kept.This is
your chance to get in some target practise and barrel rolls before risking
your name,honour and score in a real dogfight or campaign.

| Set Computer Options  |
Before registering as a pilot or configuring your fighter,you should "Set
Computer Options" to take maximum advantage of your computers abilities.
Using one of the selection methods above move down the Main Menu and
select "Set Computer Options"
The options available depend on the configeration of your computer.If an
option is not highlighted your machine is not configured to take advantage
of it.
* TIP: if Blue Max's features seem limited in any way during operation the
culprit is nearly always lack of sufficent memory.By using the various
options in the "Set Computer Options" menu to sacrefice some degree of
graphic detail,sound generation,or use of the VCR feature you can limit
the games appetite for memory making it run more efficently and therefore
Interiors: Turn on the interiors option to see your planes cockpit and
guns as you fly.Turn interiors off if you want the game to run faster or
conserve memory.
Exteriors: Exteriors sets the level of graphic detail for the exterior of
any plane that appears on your screen.The lower resolution you set the
faster the game runs.
Animations: These are the high resolution explosions and machine gun
animations in the game.Turning "Animations" off limits these particular
graphics,conserving memory and increasing game speed.
Setting the "World Detail" to low eliminates some features such as
roadways,from the landscape in Blue Max's world.This helps conserve
memory,but makes it harder to locate landmarks during missions.
You must set this option to "on" before beginning any flight if you want
to replay the flight using the VCR function.Keep in mind that the VCR uses
memory to store the record of your flight,and the length of segment you
can record depends on your computers available memory.Also the VCR slows
the game down slightly.
You can turn the sound off completely if you wish,but keep in mind that
some of the sounds in the game are there as a warning feature.Instead,you
can choose to turn off the engine sound only.

| Registration  |
Unless you want only to fly an anonymous single player practise flight as
described briefly below in "Select Game Mode" you need to register as a
Blue Max pilot.After you've set your computer options select "Registration"
from the top main menu.
The type of game options available to you depends on
whether you register in the One - or Two player mode.
In two player mode,two players are in action at the same time using
different sets of keys on the same keyboard,mouse(s),or joystick(s).All
combinations are possible.
TIP: before you and another player attempt a Two-player game,each of you
should spend some time and ammunition in the One-player mode.
 Select "New Player" if you are playing for the first time,or
if you would like to register under a new name.
You will be asked to type in a name.This name is added to Blue Max's list
of active pilots.The pilot will stay on the active list untill they crash
or are shot down.
You will be asked if you want to be an Axis or Allied pilot.This will
determine not only the types of airplanes you can choose from but also the
missions that will be assigned to you in Blue Max's campaigns.You may want
to register uder different names on both sides.These different personas can
allow you to work both sides of the fence,depending on your current frame
of mind.
 If you have already registered select "Active Pilot" and locate the name
you want to use on the Active list.
 After you have registered under an active name you will be asked to
specify the type of control device you plan to use.If you and a friend are
preparing for a two-player game.Player one can choose either mouse or
joystick,or the set of control keys on the left hand side of the keyboard.
If player One has not chosen either the mouse or the joystick,player Two
can select the mouse or the joystick,or the set of control keys on the
right side of the keyboard.
TIP: If you plan on using the keyboard to play a two player game with a
friend at a later time,spend some time in the one player mode practicing
with both the right and left hand sets of control keys.
NOTE: When two players play on one keyboard they should tap the keys.If
you hold down a key and the other player touches a key yours is in effect
turned off.
 If you choose bullets,the action of aiming and firing at enemy planes is
more difficult to control,but more realistic.You have to lead your target
judging distance and speed before firing.
 If you choose crosshair your bullets always go exactly were the crosshair
of your machine gun are pointed.

| Select Game Mode     |
 Different game modes are available depending on whether you registered
for a one or two player game.
 * Practice Flight: A one player practise flight is the best place to
start learning Blue Max.Enemy planes will not shoot at you and score is
not kept.
 * Action Dogfight: The same as practice flight,except now the enemy is
shooting back,and score is kept.If your score is high enough it will be
recorded in the "Pilot List" records.
 * Practice Strategy: This option gives a single player the chance with
the controls in a two player strategy game.
 * Campaigns: If you pick one of Blue Max's three Campaigns you will be
given a mission to accomplish.If you succeed,you will be assigned another
mission,and so on untill the entire campaign has been successfully
completed.(see the section on campaigns below for more information.
 * Cooperative Dogfight: You and another player fly and fight together as
a team against the enemy.This option is available only if both of you have
registered as Axis or Allied pilots.
* Action Dogfight: You and another player go after each other in the skies
of France.This option is available only if one of you has registered as
Allied and the otheras Axis.
 * Strategy: You and your fellow player engage in a "stop action" dogfight
against each other that emphasizes strategy instead of hands on flying
skill.In a strategy game you and your opponents are not flying your
airplanes directly.Instead you plan the moves you will make on a hexagonal
grid and then have the computer execute the manovoures you've specified.
(See the section below on "Strategy Dogfighting" for a complete
 * Campaigns: The same as "One Player Campaigns" above,except that you and
another player undertake the missions of a campaign as allies or opponents.
(See the section below on "Campains" for more information)

| Select Aircraft    |
There are eight different WW1 fighters to choose from in Blue Max: four
Allied planes and four Axis planes.
Depending on which side you registered with,you can choose one of four
plane to fly.Each plane appears on its own screen with some specifications
about its performance capabilities.You can choose either to view the next
plane or select the currently displayed plane.

| Set Weather Conditions   |
You have control over two elements of the weather.
a) Wind: will affect the performance of your aircraft.
b) Clouds: can be used as part of your strategy when dogfighting.
NOTE: selecting clouds requires more memory and may slow the game down.

| Begin Flight    |
 When you select "Begin Flight" the game will start and all of the options
you have selected will be in force.Before you select "Begin Flight" you
can go back and change any of the choices you have made.
Once you finish a game your choice remains in effect untill you either
change them or restart Blue Max.
NOTE: If your pilot is killed on a mission in one of the campaigns you will
have to re-register before "Begin Flight" will work again.If your pilot is
killed in any other game mode you can Begin flight but your pilot will be

| View Pilot List   |
 Choose View Pilot List to review the status and scores of the ten best
pilots.A pilots score equals the number of times you have shot down an
enemy plane and landed safely (landing is described below in "Controls &
Maneuvers").Remember that scores are not kept in practise mode.

| Exit To Amiga DOS   |
 Make this selection to leave Blue Max and return control of your computer
to your computers operating system.

                          CONTROLS AND MANEUVERS

 To learn how to control your fighter:
1) Choose "Practice Flight" from the "Select Game Mode" menu.
2) Choose "Select Aircraft" and decide which plane you want to fly.
3) Choose "Begin Flight" (we'll keep the weather clear and windless for the
time being.
 In practise mode you will find youself in a plane in the air flying
somewere over France.For the moment leave well enoughe alone.The plane
will fly straight and level on its own.There is an enemy out there,but
rember that he cant shoot you down in a practise game.You can however
shoot him down.If you do manage to nail him,another enemy plane will soon
 You are in the cockpit of the plane you selected.look out the left or
right and back,or just turn your head left,right,up or down,by using the
keys and/or controllers listed below.Moreover you have complete control of
the airplane through these keys and controllers.Take the time to practice
using them.
Main controls are described at the end of this document under the Quick
reference guide.Additional information on importance of the control
panel is as follows.
Control Panel View : Press  to see the control panel of your
aircraft..The control panel has a reduced view identical to the one you
started with (you can return tothe larger view minus the control panel by
pressing  again).
There are four boxes in the control panel
 * in the box at the far left are an altimeter (upper left corner) and
airspeed indicator (upper right corner).In the centre is a fuel guage,and
at the bottom is a compass.
 *  The next box to the right is a quick reference for keystrokes that
rotate your pilots view.
 * The third box lists any damage you have sustained (you wont sustain
damage in practise mode).
 * The last box lists your munitions supplies and number of any planes
you've shot down.


There are onlythree ways to end a practise session :
 * Crash the plane (ouch).You can crash by flying to low,running out of
fuel,or running into another plane.
 * Press  and answer yes when asked if you really want to quit.
 * Land the plane. To do this:
a) Slow the plane down to below 50 (see quick reference for control
keys).Be careful if you fly to slowly you will stall and crash.Your
altitude should approach 0 but keep the nose up slightly as you come down.
If you land properly you will see a "congratulations" message.If you crash
yu'll see the smoking heap of wreckage that was your fighter,and then
you'll be returned to the main menu.

NOTE: pressing the right mouse button is the same as pressing 

                                 THE GAMES

The one player action dogfight is similar to the Practise Flight,there are
three main differences
 * You select the number of enemy planes you want to fight simultaneously.
 * The enemy planes shoot back.
 * Score is kept.
If you want to become a ace keep these things in mind:
1) Your score equals the number of enemy planes you manage to shoot down
without being shot down yourself.
2) For your score to count you MUST return to your territory and land the
plane (see " Landing" above) if you press  or boot the computer
before you land,your score will be forgotton.
To accomplish this,you need to know were your territory is for this
purpose,we have included the following map.Your safe territory depends on
whether you are flying an Axis or Allied plane.The safe areas are marked
accordingly,and landmarks on the map correspond to what you will see
during your flight.

                          |               x                  | x = River
                          |              x                   |
                          |             xx        |----|     | AX = Axis
                          |             xx        | AX |     |     airbase
                          |             xx        |----|     |
                          |            xxx                   | AL = Allied
                          |           xx xx                  |     airbase
                          |          xx   xxxx               |
                          |      xxxx         xx             |
                          |   xxx               xx           |
                          |xxx   |----|           xx         |
                          |      | AL |              xxxxxxxx|
                          |      |----|                      |

If you land the plane inside enemy territory your score will count,BUT you
will no longer be a registered pilot.
NOTE: The map is not available during the game.You will have to rely on
your memory or refer back to this manual.
3) If you are shot down the name you registered under will no longer be on
the active pilot list (unless you register again as a new pilot with the
same name).Only the 10 top aces are kept in the Pilot's List.

 One player campaigns are similar to action dogfights,except that you now
have a goal or mission to accomplish and the computer is the enemy.
When you select this mode you will be asked to select one of three
campaigns.If your pilot isn't killed,you will be returned to the campaign
you are currently involved in.The active pilot list will remind you,should
you happen to forget.
In order to complete a campaign you must succeed at each of several
missions without being killed.
TIP: If you thik you are going to be shot down,head for home and try to
land.You dont want to land behind enemy lines and be classified "missing
in action".if if you are you will be removed from the active pilots list,
although if youve done an outstanding job you will retain your high score.
If you fail a mission but manage to land safely you will be asked to try

The campaigns take place over three different locations.Items on the map
correspond to landmarks you will see during the campaign.Study the
appropiate map carefully before starting your mission.

           |   |----|                           |
           |   | AL |                   1       |
           |   |----|                           |
           |                                    |
           |xxI$I                               |
           | xI$Ixx Pxx                         | --------------
           |           xxxxxxxxx            3   |  Bloody April
           | 4           xxxxxxxxxxxx           | --------------
           |          2    xxxxxxxxxxxI*Ix      |  AL = Allied airbase
           |                          I*Ixxxxxxx|  AX = Axis airbase
           |                                    | I$I = Allied bridge
           |                         |----|     | I*I = Axis bridge
           |                         | AX |     |   1 = Allied factory
           |                         |----|     |   2 = Axis factory
           |                                    |   3 = Allied air balloon
           |                                    |   4 = Axis airballoon
           |------------------------------------|   P = Patrol area
                    x = river

           |       xx           |----|          |
           |      ____          | AX |          |
           |       **           |----|          |
           |       xx                       xxxx|
           |        xxxxx                 xxxx  | Battle of Amiens
           |           xxxx                     |
           |               xxx   2     xxxxxxx  | AL = Allied airbase
           |          P     xxx    xxxxxxx      | AX = Axis Airbase
           |                xxxx  xxx           |  P = Patrol area
           |                   xxxx             |___
           |              1    xxxx             | ** = Axis bridge
           |                 xxxxx       4      |  1 = Axis balloon
           |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                   |  2 = Axis factory
           |    |----|            3             |  3 = Allied supply shed
           |    | AL |                          |  4 = Allied airballoon
           |    |----|                          |
           |                                    |
                      x = river

           |       xx           |----|          |
           |       xx           | AX |          |
           |        xx     2    |----|          |
           |         xx                         |
           |      4     xxx                     |
           |             xxxx                   | Ludendorf Offensive
           |               xxxx                 |
           |                 xxx                | AL = Allied airbase
           |          P      ____               | AX = Axis Airbase
           |                  **                |  P = Patrol area
           |                      xxxx   1      |___
           |                        xxxx        | ** = Axis bridge
           |                           xxxxx    |  1 = Axis airballoon
           |                             xxxxx  |  2 = Axis factory
           |    |----|            3       xxxxx |  3 = Allied supply shed
           |    | AL |                          |  4 = Allied airballoon
           |    |----|                          |
           |                                    |
                      x = river

There are several different types of mission
 * Patrols: You must shoot down at least one enemy and land safely
 * Defensive missions: Prevent the enemy from destroying a target (you
must shoot them down) and land safely
 * Bombing Missions: Destroy the enemy target and then land safely.To bomb
a target successfully,go to the control panel screen  and use the look
down key (<4> or<]>),and then press <8> you will see the bomb fall and if
you score a hit the target will disappear from your screen.
 * Photo Reconnaissance: Photograph an enemy target and land safely.To
succeed you must be near the target and it must be centered in the
window.To take the photo press .You have succeeded if the screen
 * Balloon Missions: Destroy the enemy balloon and land safely.
NOTE: to succeed at any of these missions you must land safely.To learn to
land in Blue Max read "Landing" under "Controls & Maneuvers" above.

If you complete a campaign you will receive a medal for your
accomplishment.If you win three campaigns you will receive either the Blue
Max or the Victoria Cross depending on your registered allegiance,your
pilot will then be retired.If you shot down enough enemy planes during the
campaign you will be registered on the high score list.

                             TWO-PLAYER GAMES

When you play any of the Two-Player games (except for the strategy game
described in the next section) you will see this screen.

           |                   |                    |
           |   player 1        |     player 2       |
           |                   |                    |
           |    cockpit        |      cockpit       |
           |                   |                    |
           |     view          |       view         |
           |                   |                    |
           |           |                | damage    |
           |instruments|   map          |           |
           |           |  common to     | report    |
           |           |  both players  |           |
           |           |                |           |

Note the following points about the two-player screen
 * Player one's view is on the left abd player two's view is on the right.
If you are using the keyboard controls,player one should probably pick the
left keys and player two should pick the right hand keys.If you want to
re-set your choices hit  and re-register.
 * A map in the lower centre of the screen shows the world view for both
players.Each player is identified on the map by an enlarged low detail top
down view of thier plane.
Each player has a seperate control panel.The four squares at the top of
each panel list keys that lead in turn to the four panels you learned
about in "Controls & Maneuvers" above.
 Two players can cooperate in a dogfight against the computer,or can
battle with each other.The games work in the same manner as the One-Player
Action Dogfight described above except that the players are registered
either on the same side or on opposite sides of the conflict.The
Two-Player Action Screen and Right and Left hand keys as described above
and in the quick reference guide are used in both games.
 There are two types of two-player campaign games.
 * Cooperative games: require both players to be on the same side.
 * Player vs player: games require each player to register with opposing
Operation of a two player campaign is identicial to that of the one player
campaign  described,except for the appearance of the two player split
screen and the keys used.

                               STRATEGY GAME

 A practise strategy game is available to you as a single player.It is
designed to let you practice the player one or playertwo key set.The other
player is replaced by the computer - a real person will put up a tougher
fight.See the next section for a complete description of the strategy
 In strategy mode you are not flying the plane.You are moving it around
according to certain rules,as in chess.Your opponent is doing the same
thing.The object of the game is to maneuver his plane into yoursights and
shoot it down.
Aside from the move selection keys listed in the quick reference guide
below the two players have only two keystrokes in common:
  ..........return to main menu.
 This is a timed game.The players are forced to makedecisions within
established time boundaries.If you are not finished making a decision the
computer will fly as much of your move as possible
When you select a  Strategy Game you are asked to select two time limits:
 * Time per move: limits the amount of time you have to make your move,
 * Time per game: limits the time the game will run.
 The Strategy game screen is displayed with player one's information on
the left side of the screen.Player two's information is displayed on
the right of the screen.
Each move has two phases.Move selection and move performance.
 During move selection the action is stopped.Both planes are suspended in
mid air.Each player is shown a control panel on the bottom side of the
The clocks at the bottom of each control panel show the time remaining for
the entire game,and for the move in progress,By pressing one of four keys
(the keys are listed in each players control panel)the player whose move
it is can do one of four things:
 * Examine World: when examine world is selected a panel appears to the
right of the control panel.This panel display a diagram of the keys the
player can use to view different parts of the world around his plane.The
initial view is from just behind the plane.The player may turn the camera
right,left,up and down.Use this option to get a sence of were your
opponent is in relation to you.
 * Examine Status: This panel shows you the current status of your plane
the status of your plane depends on the plane you are flying (each of the
eight planes is different) and how much damage you have sustained.The
status of your plane will limit the moves available to you.
 * Select Move: The select move panel is were you set up your move.Each
player is allowed to move a certain number of cells forward on the hex
grid and is allowed a certain number of turns within a hex.Each is also
allowed to clinb or dive a certain number of levels.The number of cells
you can move across and the number of altitude levels you can pass through
depends on your plane and the amount of damage it has sustained.
NOTE: the computer will not let you make an illegal move.If you do try an
illegal move the message box will tell you that there is a problem.
 * Done: Select done when your move is set up.This will stop your move
clock.Remember if you do not pick done before your move clock runs out the
computer will fly as much of your selection as you have made.
 When both players have selected done,or when the move clock time has run
out,the computer executes the moves chosen by each player.
The view window at the top of each players screen shows the players views
from the front of the airplane.No other view is available.
Shooting down your opponent is achieved as follows

 **  As the move is executed,each player watches for an opportunity to   **
 **     shoot the other down.Player One fires using the  key        **
 **             Player Two fires using the  key                   **

The computer will evaluate the damage sustained by each and prepare for
the next move.

                                  THE VCR

The VCR is not available in the strategy game modes.
Once the VCR has been turned on ,as described in "Computer Options" above
it is always recording the action.
Press  at any time to enter the VCR mode and replay a sequence you have
just flown.
Press  to return to the live action of your campain at any time.
NOTE: if you are using a mouse to play the game you can click the mouse on
any of the buttons in the VCR panel to activate the controls.
When you press  the following panel appears.

      |                                                              |
      |                                                              |
      |                                                              |
      |         REPLAY SCREEN                                        |
      |                                                              |
      |                                                              |
      |                                                              |
      |                                                              |
      |                                                              |
      | VCR оооооооооо      Camera       Mode          Exterior View |
      |------|------|------|------------|-------|-----|----|-----|   |
      | SLOW | PLAY | FAST | SLAYER ROB | PILOT | EXT | IM | ^   |   |
      |REWIND| STOP | FFWD | MAD MAX    | MAP   |OMNI |<   |RESET| > |
      |R.STEP|< | > |F.STEP|E1 | E2 |E3 |MANUAL |TRACK|OUT | v   |   |
      |------|--|---|------|---|----|---|-------|-----|----|-----|   |
      |                                                              |

The bottom of the VCR panel is divided into four sections each of which is
activated by a different "F-key"
NOTE: To operate any of the controls on the VCR panel you must first press
the correct F-key and activate that section's control's.

When you press  the nine VCR controls on the left of the panel become
active and operate just like they do on a simple home VCR (Note from
fireman does this mean you will record Neighbbours instead of the
dogfight). The nine buttons correspond to the following keys on the

   1.................R Step (reverse play 1 frame at a time)
   2.................Direction of replay
   6.................Fast forward
   3.................F Step (forward play 1 frame at a time)

Two things are unusual about the VCR
 * First the direction indicator <2> lets you replay the action both
backwards and forwards.
 * Second the length of the tape depends on yhe amount of memory your
computer has available when you turned the VCR on.The counter above the
VCR controls will stop automatically when the tape (the memory) runs out.

 Press and select your camera's point of reference for viewing the
replay.The two large bars at the top and centre of the Camera section
correspond to player one and player two.the three smaller buttons at the
bottom labeled E1 E2 and E3 correspond to the enemys planes.
Use the following keys on the keypad to select the Camera point of

   8................Player one
   5................Player two
   1................E1 (enemy plane 1)
   2................E2 (enemy plane 2)
   3................E3 (enemy plane 3)

When you choose one of these five planes as the camera's point of
reference that plane becomes either the centre of the action being viewed
or the plane doing the viewing depending on the mode you select in the
next section.

 The mode section of the VCR's panel is activated by pressing .By
using six different keys on the keypad to select the mode buttons you
determine the location of the camera with respect to the point of
reference set in the camera section as follows:
 * Pilot: here the panel is being operated by the pilot of the plane you
selected in the camera section
When you press <7> on the keypad in the mode section a panel labelled
"Pilots View" appears to the right allowing you to aim the camera in six
different directions from the pilots vantage point.NOTE: that to use these
keys after selecting Pilot you must first press  the Pilot View keys
are as follows


 * Ext <8> : Here the camera is outside of the plane you select in the
Camera section.
The external camera starts directly behind the plane and once again you
can press  to activate the "External View" buttons to the right.The
keys give you complete freedom to move the camera around your chosen plane
with closeups and wide angle views as well.Note however that it will
always point towards the plane selectedin the Camera section.

   7...............In (closeup)
   8...............Rotate forward
   4...............rotate left
   6...............Rotate right
   1...............Out (back away)
   2...............Rotate backwards

 * Map <4>: This mode puts the camera up in the sky looking straight down
at the entire world of Blue Max.
 * Omni <5>: THe Omni mode also places the camera up in the sky but not as
high as in the map mose.The plane in the centre is the one selected in the
Camera section.
 * Manual <1>: The Manual mode gives yoiu control of the camera,free from
being tied to any particular plane as a ppoint of reference.
After pressing <1> to select the manual mode,press  and use the manual
controls to the right to move the camera around in Blue Max's
world,pionting it an any direction.

   7.............In (closeup)
   8.............Rotate backwards
   4.............Rotate left
   6.............Rotate right
   1.............Out(back away)
   2.............Rotate forward

 * Track <2>: Press <2> to place the camera in one plane,making it follow
or "track" another plane.
The camera is automatically placed in the plane selected in the camera
section.When you select track mode,a section appears to the right called
"Tracking".Activate tyhe "Tracking" section by pressing  and use one
of the following keys to select the plane you want to track.

   8............Player one
   5............Player two
   1............E1 (enemy plane 1)
   2............E2 (enemy plane 2)
   3............E3 (enemy plane 3)

           **                                                  **
           **           BLUE MAX AMIGA QUICK REFERENCE         **
           **                                                  **


  | Joystick: |

      Joystick left.....turn left         Joystick right.....turn right
      Koystick back.....climb             Joystick forward...dive
                     Joystick centre...centre controlstick
                     Fire button.......fire machine guns

  | Mouse:_|

      Mouse left.....turn left            Mouse right.....turn right
      Mouse back.....climb                Mouse forward...dive
                     Left mouse button.....fire machine guns

  |_Common Keys (work no matter what you choose as a controller_|

      Del...disable/enable plane interiors,if "On" in Set Computer Options
      F9....toggle large/small view on and off
      Esc...return to main menu
      v.....turn on the VCR

  | Left Keys |

      A.....turn left               D.....turn right
      X.....climb                   W.....dive
      S.....centre control stick    5.....accelerate
      6.....decelerate              F1....front view
      F2....left view               F3....right view
      F4....rear view               F5....toggle chase plane view on/off
               Tab/Space bar.....fire machine guns

 ( small view only )
      1.....look left               2.....look right
      3.....look up                 4.....look up

  | Right Keys (on_key pad)|

      4.....turn left               6.....turn right
      2.....climb                   8.....dive
      +.....accelerate              -.....decelerate
      5.....centre control stick    Backspace....toggle chase plane view
      9.....front view              0.....left view
      -/_...right view              =/+...rear view
              Enter.....fire machine guns

   ( small view only )
      O.....look left               P.....look right
      [.....look up                 ].....look down

  | Control Pnel View  |

      Press  to see the control panel of your airplane.



     | Common Keys (work no matter what you choose as a controller |

      Del.....disable/enableplane interiors
      F10.....pause (any key to unpause)
      Esc.....returnto main menu

  | Left Keys (Player One's keys even if using joystick or mouse |

      A.....turn left               D.....turn right
      X.....climb                   W.....dive
      S.....centre control stick    5.....accelerate
      6.....decelerate              F1....front view
      F2....left view               F3....right view
      F4....rear view               1.....show damage panel
      2.....show look panel         3.....show instrument panel
      4.....show munitions panel    F5....toggle on/off chase camera
                     Tab/Space Bar.....fire machine guns

  | Right Keys (Player two's keys on keypad even if using joysick or mouse |

      4.....turn left               6.....turn right
      8.....climb                   2.....dive
      5.....centre control stick    +.....acelerate
      -.....decelerate              9.....front view
      0.....left view               -/_...right view
      =/+...rear view               O.....show damage panel
      P.....show look panel         [.....show instrument panel
      ].....show munitions panel    Backspace..toggle on/of chase camera
                     Emter/Return.....fire machine guns

   *** either player may use the joystick or mouse to fly the plane ***
   *** and the fire button/left mouse button fires the machine guns ***
   ***    Note that the keys must be used for the other controls    ***



      Aside from the mouse/selection keys listed below in "Select Move"
      the two player only have two keystrokes in common:

                     F10.........pause (any key to unpause)
                     Esc.........return to main menu

  | Left Keys (Playe one's controls) |

      F1.....examine world                F2.....examine status
      F3.....select move                  F4.....done turn
      Tab/Space Bar.....done (in Select Move)

  |Right Keys (Player Two's controls |

      9.....examine world                 0.....examine status
      -.....select move                   =.....done turn
      Enter/Return.....done (in Select Move)

      ** Note both the joystick and the mouse can be used to **
      **       highlight options on the control panel        **


  | Left Keys (Player one controls in Examine World |

      W.....look up                       X.....look down
      A.....look left                     D.....look right
      Tab/Space Bar.....done

  | Right Keys (Player Two controls in Examine World |

      8.....look up                       2.....look down
      4.....look left                     6.....look right


  | Left Keys (player one controls in select move) |

      W.....forward one cell              X.....go to last cell
      A.....turn left                     D.....turn right
      Q.....climb                         E.....dive
      R.....reset to initial position     Tab...done move

  | Right Keys (Player Two controls on keypad in select move) |

      8.....forward one cel               2.....go to last cell
      4.....turn left                     6.....turn right
      9.....climb                         3.....dive
      5.....reset to initial position     Enter.done

     ** Note the computer will not let you make an illegal move **
     **  If you try an illegal move the message box will tell   **
     **                there is a problem                       **


         Player One........Tab
         Player Two........Enter



      When you press  the nine VCR controls on the left of the panel
      become active and operate just like they do on a simple home VCR.
      The nine butons correspond to the following keys on the keypad.

      7.....slow                       4.....rewind
      8.....play                       5.....stop
      2.....direction of play          9.....fast
      6.....ffwd (fast forward)
      1.....R step (replay backwards one frame at a time)
      3.....F step (replay forwards one frame at a time)

  | VCR Point of Reference |

      8.....player one                 5.....player two
      1.....E1 (enemy plane 1)         2.....E2 (enemy plane 2)
      3.....E3 (enemy plane 3)

  | Pilot View Keys |

      7.....up                         8.....forward
      4.....left                       6.....right
      1.....down                       2.....back

  | External Camera keys (views your plane only) |

      1.....in (closeups)              8.....rotate forwards
      4.....rotate left                6.....rotate right
      1.....out (back away)            2.....rotate backwards

  | External Camera Keys-Manual Mode (free to view any plane) |

      7.....in (closeups)              8.....rotate forwards
      4.....rotate left                6.....rotate right
      1.....out (back away)            2.....rotate backwards

  | External Camera Track Mode )(track specific plane from your plane) |

      8.....player one                 5.....player two
      1.....E1 (enemy plane 1)         2.....E2 (enemy plane 2)
      3.....E3 (enemy plane 3)