Abandonware DOS title

Castle Wolfenstein manual - controls

Castle Wolfenstein Controls :	By Moose

Q  W  E
A     D		To Move in the 9 directions
Z  X  C		S = Stop

I  O  P		To point GUN in the 9 directions
K     ;		L = Shoot gun
M  ,  .		T = throw grenade (in dir. gun is pointing)

Space Bar = 	Search dead bodies
		Open Chests
		Open doors (to try keys in door)

Hold down Space Bar	Open Chests twice as fast !

You can also blow holes in doors / walls with grenades.

Watch out for the SS Troopers - you need to kill them
with a grenade.

To save the game, press   after which you will be
exited to the DOS prompt.  Backup your disk, prior to 
restarting the game so that your save game is safe.

Start the game normally, and the game will continue the
saved game automatically.

Guards don't seem to like stepping over the dead bodies of
their mates, so kill guards in doorways, etc.

Watch out for the Super SS Storm Trooper - which materialises
behind you at random intervals and tries to kill you.  A
grenade is the best medicine for him !

Good Luck !!

October 3, 1995