Abandonware DOS title

Catacomb Abyss manual

^C^I*                           About the game                         *

     You are a mighty wizard who has been sent on a mission to free the 
     Palace of Kierlon from the powers of darkness.  Armed with the power
     to hurl powerful magic missiles you strike out on a grand adventure.

^C^I*                        Getting started                           *

Starting this game is as simple as typing
the following at the DOS prompt:

  START followed by the [ENTER] key.

      If you need further help, 
      call our Technical Support group at 1-318-221-8311.
^C^I*                      Summary of how to play                      *

You will enter 30 levels inside the Castle.  In each level you will be 
confronted by a host of evil creatures set to spoil your day.

Using your power to hurl magic missiles, you will blast them away as you 
seek the treasure and exit(s) that are to be found in the level.  The 
exits are in the form of magic teleporation mirrors.  You'll know one 
when you see it.

Some walls can be destroyed by your magic missiles, revealing great 
secret chambers.  Try blasting as many walls as possible.  You never 
know where they might be!

You will find keys to unlock doors.  Chests will contain money 
(=points!).  Potions will heal your wounds.  Scrolls may contain a bolt 
or a nuke... your weapons of choice!

Should your body points reach zero, you will die and the game is over.  
Drink a potion to heal up before you die.

Press and release the fire button to release energy bolts that can 
damage monsters and reveal hidden corridors behind walls.  Hold down 
the fire button to build up the energy level of the bolt before you 
release it for maximum effect.

You can search walls for hidden passages by strafing 
as you move side-to-side.

Keep an eye on your body points.  They disappear quickly.

There are 30 levels.  The first 10 are tough.  The next 10 may trap you 
if you're not careful.  The last 10 are so difficult, it is embarassing.  

Many things are hidden behind explodable walls.  There may be no other way 
to get into a room besides shooting through a wall.  Beware, though, that 
sometimes disappearing walls will release monsters!  So, stay alert.

You may use your keyboard, joystick, or mouse to control the game.

^C^I*                       Controlling Play                           *

                        Joystick        Keyboard        Mouse
        MOVE            Move stick      Arrows          Move mouse
    FIRE            Button 1        CTRL            Button 1
    STRAFE          Button 2        ALT             Button 2

    Drink potion    SPACE or P
    Fire bolt       B
    Fire nuke       ENTER or N

    F1:  Help screen        F4:  Save game 
    F2:  Control Panel      F5:  Load game
    F3:  Reset game         F9:  Pause game
                            ESC: Quit game