Abandonware DOS title

Colorado manual


   "We had a pretty bad winter in 1800.  With the first signs of spring,
St. Louis emerged from its lethargy.  The big sailboats made the journey
back up the Mississippi River and lined up along the jetty.

I didn't have a dime to my name.  I'd spent all my savings in the local
saloons.  It was time to head west again and hunt beaver, so I could
sell the skins to my associate at the time, Schwartzbauer the goldsmith.

I only took what was strictly necessary on these expeditions - a big
knife, a sturdy two-handed axe, and Betty, my famous rifle with the
maplewood stock.  Schwartzbauer bought me a canoe and I sailed away on a
misty April morning.

I was canoeing quietly up the South Platte River when I suddenly heard
shouts coming from the shore.  I glimpsed a group of Pawnees between
the trees, attacking an old Indian.  I grabbed my faithful Betty, and
pulled the trigger.  Once again, my aim was good.  The head Pawnee
bit the dust.  The other warriors, frightened by "the stick that spits
fire" ran away immediately.  I rushed over to the old man.  He was a
Cheyenne big chief.  I noticed he was tied to the ground by a length
of rope connected to a heavy wooden peg.  I recognized this as a
Cheyenne death ritual-an aged Indian will tie himself this way in an
enemy's territory, so he may die the death of a warrior.

The man was dying.  He had been wounded in three places.  He held out
a piece of parchment to me, and whispered in a weak voice, "Help me,
I am dying, I have lived the life of a warrior, now I die like one...
but also I must be buried as one to enter the Happy Hunting ground.
Do this for me, and I will make you rich."

Moved by pity (and, I must say, the thought of money) I vowed to do

"Take this map, it will lead you into a mysterious land.  If you prove
to be both strong and law-abiding, brave and cautious, cunning and
helpful, you will discover the secret of your tribe,  Pocohontas's
gold mine.  It will belong to you because you will have deserved it for
saving my soul."

With these words, the old man breathed his last.  I built a burial-
place for him, then returned to my canoe.

I followed the rivers and streams for several days, as directed in
the parchment.  At dawn on the seventh day of travelling, I entered
the territory mentioned on the map.  I had no idea then of all the
adventures I would have..."


                             CONTROL PANEL

|     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
|   F1|   F2|   F3|   F4|   F5|   F6|     |     |     |     |

   \_____________  _____________/     |         |     |
                 \/                   |   Powder level|
          Icons for objects           |               |
                                  Icon for            |
                                  picking up    Life points level
                                  and putting

- ICONS:  You can only own a maximum of six objects.  By pressing the
corresponding function keys (F1 to F6), you can use certain objects

Thus, you can:

     - Select a weapon (rifle, axe or knife)
     - drink a potion (to replenish your life points level)
     - change your powder-horn (increases the powder level)
     - display a parchment (holding down the key to read it)
     - use specific objects (a big powder-barrel, a silver bullet)

- TO PUT DOWN AN OBJECT: hit function key F7 then select the object
you want to leave behind.

- THE ESC KEY is a pause key.

                            YOUR CHARACTER

You move your character with the keyboard or a joystick.  If you are
using the keyboard use the numeric keypad (numbers 1 to 9 for the
corresponding directions) and use the shift button to fire.

- MOVING: You can move in six directions - right, left and on the four
- CLIMBING: To climb up or down a mountainside, use joystick directions
            up and down.

Recharge the gun            Long jump
(if the gun is selected)        2        Throw explosive
          1                \    |    /          3
                            \   |   /
                             \  |  /
                              \ | /      Sign of peace if no
                               \|/       weapon has been
             Turn around   -----------   selected,
                  4            /|\       otherwise a high
                              / | \      strike, depending
                             /  |  \     on the weapon.
                            /   |   \           6
                           /    |    \
       Pick up an object        8        Low strike,
               7             Crouch      depending on the

                           THE STOREKEEPER

You can barter with Mac Biggie, the general storekeeper.
When he has opened his shop, place yourself in front of him and an
exchange menu will appear on the screen.
To make an exchange, press the firing button.
To get out again, go to the top of menu.


The game is saved automatically at certain specific places.  It happens
directly on to your game diskette while you are pitching camp.

                          ARCADE SEQUENCES

- CANOE COMMANDS (without firing key or shift key)

      Accelerating left      Accelerate     Accelerating right
                        \        |        /
                         \       |       /
                          \      |      /
                           \     |     /
                            \    |    /
                             \   |   /
                              \  |  /
                               \ | /
                   Left ------------------- Right
                               / | \
                              /  |  \
                             /   |   \
                            /    |    \
                           /     |     \
                          /      |      \
                         /       |       \
                        /        |        \
           Braking left    Slowing down     Braking right

- FIGHTING: To hit an enemy, use the joystick with fire button (or
            shift key) depressed.
- LANDING: You can tie up alongside dry land.  You can then step out
           of the canoe, using the firing button in the upper position.
- MAP: You could follow the route on the map, which may help you to
       avoid the terrible waterfalls.