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Dark Designs 1: Grelminar's Staff manual

|5 |EFun 'N Games|5                ^1 Dark Designs II |5                 |EFun 'N Games|5 


^CJohn Carmack

    You have Grelminar's  Staff, and now you must journey to Mount Delkeina!
 Somewhere in its maze of tunnels is the gate controlled by the evil warlord.
 His intent -- to bring foul creatures from some nether world to attack all the
 good inhabitants of ours.  Only you can save the land before it is too late!
 Top quality graphics and superb sound make this role-playing game a delight
 to play.


    Dark Designs II is a role-playing fantasy game.  Your goal is to lead your
 four party members into Mount Delkeina, find the gate, and use Grelminar's
 staff to close it forever.

    If you haven't played Dark Designs I and don't plan to get it (you should,
 it's great!), then you can create new characters.  You will move them around
 using the arrow keys.  Occasionally you will encounter a group of hostile
 monsters that have entered this world through the gate.  You'd best attack
 them, as their sole purpose is to kill anything living that they see.  They
 are not nice beings.  You can use your weapons and spells to defeat these evil
 forces and forge on to close the gate!

    You can try out this game for a while.  If you like it but find it too
 hard, try Dark Designs I on Big Blue Disk #52.


    After you press a key at the title screen, you will see a menu of choices.
 If you played Dark Designs I this will be fairly familiar.  For the
 uninitiated, let's take a look at each option.

 ^C^11-4: Examine character

    This allows you to look at each of the four members of your party.

      You can examine the items or the spells they have.
      You can Transfer, Drop, Ready (for fighting), or Use Items.
      You can cast spells.

 ^C^1C: Create character

    If you do not own Dark Designs I and you want your own characters,
 you will have to use this option.  Characters have five attributes:  Strength,
 Intelligence, Dexterity, Constitution, and Piety.  Fighters need Strength,
 Dexterity, and Constitution.  Priests need Piety and Intelligence first, then
 the fighting attributes.  Wizards need Intelligence foremost.  You can
 distribute the numbers using the arrows and spacebar.  Once you place the
 last, press RETURN and choose what kind of character you want.  Then you may
 name your character.


    Try to have two fighters, a priest, and a wizard.  This seems to be the
 best balance.  Once you create them, you can add them to the party.


    Newly created wizards will automatically have Grelminar's Staff -- you are
 essentially making up a character that has already completed part I.  This
 will allow you, if you like to mess with the program, to give everyone in the
 party a Staff of Grelminar.  But who cares?  You will find it of little value
 or use until much later, so why bother?  (This was the best way we could think
 of to let people start with their own set of characters without having played
 Dark Designs I.)

 ^C^1D: Delete a character

    If your character roster starts getting full, you can delete a character
 with this option.

 ^C^1R: Remove a character

    This removes a character from the current party.

 ^C^1A: Add a character

    This allows you to add a character to the current party.

 ^C^1H: Heal a character

    If you have the money, you can heal characters at the local temple.
 Sometimes the characters will be so bad off that the only people that can
 help them are at the temple.

 ^C^1E: Equip a character

    You can go to the equipment shop to buy or sell equipment.  You cannot
 sell the staff, as no one else wants to close the gate.


    You must buy equipment for your character before you enter Mount Delkeina.
 If you don't, your party will go naked and weaponless into battle -- not the
 smartest plan of attack.

    After equipping them, press each character's number (1-4), go into the
 Items menu and Ready their equipment.  Fighters need a weapon, shield (unless
 the weapon requires two hands to wield), and armor.  Priests need the same,
 but can't use pointed weapons.  Wizards can only wear leather armor (they need
 to gesture a lot), and usually use a staff.

 ^C^1T: Transfer a party

    If you finished Dark Designs I, you can transfer your characters from that
 scenario to this one.  You can transfer from Big Blue Disk #52 or wherever
 you have copied the game.  You will need to know the exact pathname if your
 Dark Designs I is not on your Big Blue Disk.

 ^C^1L: Learn spells

    You can learn (read "buy") spells.  Your priest or wizard will be taken
 to the appropriate spell shop.  Each has eight spells to offer.

 |5Wizard Spells:

      |5Magic Missile:^0  shoots a bolt of energy at a monster
      |5Speed:^0          gives a player great dexterity for a while
      |5Strength:^0       improves a player's strength for a while
      |5Stun:^0           paralyzes a monster temporarily
      |5Lightning Bolt:^0 zaps a monster with an big lightning bolt
      |5Fireball:^0       blasts a column of monsters with fiery force
      |5Flame Strike:^0   blasts all monsters with critter-crisping fire
      |5Death Ray:^0      convinces most monsters to crash and burn

 |5Priest Spells:

      |5Cure Light:^0     heals a character of some damage
      |5Dispel Undead:^0  commands magically animated dead creatures to be gone
      |5Bless:^0          protects the player from attacks
      |5Cure Serious:^0   heals a character of serious damage
      |5Death's Door:^0   heals a knocked-out character to consciousness
      |5Banishment:^0     tells evil beings to go take a hike
      |5Word of Recall:^0 moves the party from big danger back to town
      |5Cureall:^0        heals a character completely (unless they are dead)

    It is wise to accrue all of these spells.

 ^C^1Q: Quit and Save position

    This quits the game and saves the state of your party.

 ^C^1M: Enter Mount Delkeina

    To enter Mount Delkeina and look for the gate, use this option.  You will
 enter the wandering mode.


    When wandering around Mount Delkeina, you will have four windows full of

    The upper left window presents a 3-D view of the hallway you are in (spiffy
 graphics courtesy of Laura Malone).  Your arrow keys move you around the
 dungeon.  The left and right arrows turn your party left or right.  The up
 arrow moves you forward in the direction you are facing and the down arrow
 turns your party around 180 degrees.

    When you look at a character (by pressing 1 through 4), the character info
 will appear in this window.  When you are attacked by monsters, an overhead
 view of the melee will appear in this window.

    The upper right window contains the automatic map.  Wherever you have
 explored will be automatically mapped for you.  When you are attacked by
 monsters, their numbers will be displayed here.

    Across the center of the screen is the information window.  A text
 description of the area you are in will be here, as well as information and
 prompts during an encounter.

    At the bottom of the screen is the character status window, showing each
 character's name, body points, spell points, and class.


    You can use the arrows keys to move around.

    Press |5S^0 to search the wall in front of you for a secret door.

    Press |5Q^0 to quit and save the game where you are.


    When a group of monsters attacks, you can Fight or Run away.  If you run
 away, you will move back to the square you were in.

    If you fight, each character can choose to Attack, cast a Spell, Use an
 Item, move Forward to the front line, or drop to the Back of the party.
 If the character doesn't want to do any of these, press the SPACEBAR to
 pass the turn.

    Once all characters have chosen you have one last chance to change your
 course of action.

   The fight continues until a) the monsters are defeated, b) you are
 defeated, c) you cast a Word of Recall, or d) you run away.

    If you are victorious you will get either a) gold, b) an item, or c)
 nothing.  Regardless of which you receive, you'll get experience points,
 which go toward your character improving his or her body and spell


 |5^0 If you haven't found out by playing Dark Designs I, you need the
 Striking Staff to kill golems.  Nothing else works.

 |5^0 Do not worry--you will know when you have reached the gate.

 |5^0 Never let your cleric get too low in hit or spell points.  If you
 need to get out quickly, they are your only hope.  (Unless you have
 wisely purchased a Recall Scroll....)

 |5^0 Your wizard has taught each party member how to use the staff, so
 anyone can carry it.  (Basically, you must hold it high over your head
 pointing toward the gate, speak the power words "Plothar caleth
 rescalin!", then flip the on/off switch.)

 |5^0 Cure Light is a pretty good spell, as the higher level the
 caster, the better it heals, and it only takes one spell point.  Save
 the other healing spells for heavy combat.


    You can restock the game so someone else can start from scratch by
 pressing Control-R when the colorful title screen appears.  All characters
 that have not closed the gate will be deleted.  ^1You have been warned!


    To run this program outside the ^1Big Blue Disk^0 menu, type: ^1DARKDES2^0.