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Star Wars: Dark Forces walkthrough

Dark Forces - Complete Solution

Dark Forces is a vast game. Its levels are structured very differently to those of, 
say, Doom and Quake and all feature re-generating enemies, interactive scenery 
and a huge range of enemies. The end result is a playing experience that has a 
completely unique character. It's also a very tough one. 

Mission One: Death Star plans
Move forward and left, grab shields and ammo, open door, walk clockwise, go 
through hole in rock wall. Continue anticlockwise, collect red key from second 
small door, open small door in right wall, go inside main base, take lift, activate 
switch to left, drop down into new area and activate switch on central pillar in 
front of curved door. Jump from previous floor to the store (high up on other side 
of open pillar). Open curved door, activate switch (takes you to an outside floor), 
leap from small outcrop, jump to ledge in opposite rock wall, wander through, 
push walls to reveal and activate switch, look right, walk on to moving door. Take 
left door and get goggles. Back at base, take stairs behind lift (if it's up, get shield 
and ammo), then go through door down second flight of steps. Activate switch 
behind console (around corner), grab Death Star plans, take door, then secret door 
in far wall.

Mission two: Talay Base
Walk past small passage to right, jump up rubbish pile, walk around wall on left - 
to large courtyard with river running through. Jump down, take bridge, go through 
right window, continue left, use goggles and take doorway to right. Locate and 
take short stairway up to room with hole in ceiling. Go through window to right, 
activate power generator, hop on rotating walkway, travel round back of activator 
and (if necessary) swipe goggles. Return to outside of building, follow right wall 
to second courtyard, follow wall to left, enter white door, activate switch, head 
back, take window through first doorway, push button, take door into garden. Go 
through hole in corner near door (door ahead is impassable once activated or 
walked under). Go through white door, up stairs, through door on ledge. Get Dark 
Trooper evidence.

Mission three: Anoat City
A particularly large level. Take lift through door and small stairway, reap goodies, 
go back up and through door to right. Pull lever, go through opened grate to left, 
jump on, scrounge from all of clear ground and wait for sewer creatures' eyes to 
pop up before killing them. Follow sewer stream, jump on to and follow ledge to 
another store, go back and jump on to light area of clear floor. Take lift, pull 
switch overlooking pit of sewage, travel down sewer river and activate goggles 
before falling into darker pit. Leg it, follow right wall with map overlay, locate 
small door. Head towards south-west, take steps through door back to ship and 
pull lever. The north-west grate is open. Leap on to ledge, pull switch, fall into 
pit, follow passageway (watch out for sewer monsters and only use infrared when 
necessary). Run into centre of large pit, take door to right and pull lever. Travel 
along sewer tunnels to big area with grates, pull lever twice and swim through 
north-eastern grate - a low groan signals a sewer creature. Jump via ledges to 
clear ground, pull switch, fall back down, go through revealed door. Pull lever, 
follow sewage, run through doors in large pit, push button and ride sewage. Push 
lever again, take eastern grate, reap goodies (including batteries), pull switch 
three times to re-open north-western grate, open door at end of pulsating sewer 
passage, collect, take opposite passageway, activate shaft, go down, take door. 
Push button on short pillar, jump column by column to other side. Walk along 
ledge, leap into alcove (to left, past wall), go through doors then left through large 
room. Collect stuff, get back up, go left and up stairway, and there's Moff Rebus.

Mission four: Imperial Research Facility
Get to large clearing on the left, take left passage, then walkway. Turn right over 
small gap, go up stairs, left and up, up, up. Drop down into building, go right and 
take stairs slightly before next corner for extra life. Back at door go left, open 
main door with switch, exit house and follow rock wall to lift. Descend steps, 
jump into alcove over deep chasm, take steep steps to left, walk through grey 
arches, jump down ventilation shaft. Infrared your way down tunnels, bag 
goodies, crouch, jump back, go left to first remote, turn right and you'll find the 
second. Keep going, turn right, punch or shoot feet, go right and get ammo past 
stairs. Ascend, note ceiling turret, go left, pull switch around walls, run past stairs 
through newly opened door, go around corner and watch for gun turrets at top of 
stairs. Take lift down, get shields, move up stairs, pass door on the right, take left 
doorway, right door, lift, and get Imperial Repeater Rifle through door. Back at 
left doorway, get to and enter slide door with red circle. Go right, up lift, collect 
bits, press button to open secondary door. At dark corridor, open door inside, 
carry forwards around corner and you'll find code input console. Input code 
(using inventory viewer), take fancy lit stairs, operate walkway to switches on 
main column: the right switch rotates walkways; the left adjusts height. Match 
with each door to pull all switches. Send walkway all way up, swing past window, 
take stairs to right, grab metal, ignore moving floor, look left, when floor lowers, 
run through doorway, go to red-circled slide door, fall off walkway and walk into 
corridor. Go left, shoot switch through gap on moving pillar, go back to other 
side, fall off, grab booty through door, take lift to right, go out of slide door, turn 
right, ascend left steps, exit building and return to landing area. 

Mission five: Gromas Mines
Turn right, go down to mine, west to lift, get Fusion Cutter from top of stairs, go 
east past three big drills, jump into big slow drill. Leap into small passageway on 
way down, fall into, then jump quickly out of, mincing machine. Go left and 
repeat. Turn right and grab blue key from deep chamber. Go left, pass machine, 
go left to key-locked door, pass machine, fall into next passage, move through. 
Walk to another machine, leap into nearby passageway, get to chamber. Step on 
to ledge, wait for mining machine to rise, leap into passage, continue round, go 
down to reactor. Collect booty from corridors, destroy ceiling turrets, locate 
coupling on reactor and set charge. Ignore shaking walls, but prepare for Phase 
One Dark Trooper; stay away from blades then attack. Enter small door, take lift, 
get to ship. A new door opens. To escape, push lever in doorway, wait until you 
can see through to other side (there are four or five doors). Run through to your 
ship, ducking and jumping where necessary.

Mission six: Imperial Detention Centre
Go forward to small control centre built into rocks, push button and shuttle carrier 
hurtles towards you. Get in quick. Look left, shoot switch, go through large doors 
into detention centre then through small door around left corner. Blow apart split 
on far wall with thermal detonator. Activate switch on outcrop and ignore new 
section. Walk on to huge doors. Shoot either shootable switch above ledge and 
you'll rise up. Take left passage, push switch to reveal another, turn right to 
doorway, hit crack with explosive (it opens at bottom). Take other passage if you 
want more energy; otherwise drop down and a lift will rescue you. Go through 
door, get extra life to left, press button near door, press revealed button to activate 
and take lift. Pass two shafts to dark corridor, blow crack open, return and take lift 
up a floor and detonate mines either by running at them then running away, or by 
using explosives. Kill officer to right, input code in terminal near lift and get 
mortar gun. Go up a floor, go right and disable flashing green doorway by taking 
other opening and pulling switch in small hole up wall. To turn barrier off from 
other side, look behind console in room next to barrier. Go down another level. 
Dash through barrier as it turns off, shoot button to access white room, take large 
door, time your way past second barrier and get key. Take lift up a floor, get code 
from two officers in left dark corridor, go other way past huge dark chamber to 
small lift and code console, input codes to open doors inside and next to lift. 
Return to main lift and go up. Get codes from two officers, descend two floors, 
send lift up one floor, return to other lift (looking for cracks), go to top floor, send 
lift down one floor, open door to right of lift, go through, drop down (suss 
diagram if you want), go through door and drop down on top of first lift (you'll 
lose about 40 per cent of your health, so be prepared). Take door on the right to 
next shaft, drop on top of second lift, take next door, head round trash compactor 
(watch for sewer creatures). Move to far side, leap across while main compactor 
is up. Repeat until you can leap to a door with a ledge in front, grab feet as they 
pass, open large door to lift shaft, use codes in console, and there you go... Crix 

Mission seven: Ramsees Hed Docking Port
Take lift to port, push switch on nearby column, go under walkway, turn right, 
blow away crate marked ‘danger' (but not power generators) and get yellow key. 
Push button beneath walkway, move quickly back, go up lift and over. Fall down 
drop, take lift at end, pull switch next to crates in dark area and continue through 
revealed area, pulling switches. Walk around lift on to grey walkway and leap into 
darkened passage. Through here is a lift which leads to another drop. Fall, walk 
through two rooms, take lift with low ceiling and jump on to larger grey lift. Open 
large door, walk into white corridors, go left, search every room, get red key 
down small drop (shoot button on lift to get back up) and keep searching (there's 
even a toilet room somewhere). Locate blue key (down a slightly deeper drop, to 
the right of a room full of screen displays). Return to end of big crate store, open 
door and whack down your tracking device. 

Mission Eight: Robotics Construction Facility
Take ledge to secret room, crawl about and you will discover a 'Max' silhouette. 
Go back round, take river fork right, go up steps in ice wall and around deep 
glacier. Slide slowly forward and look down to get ice cleats - you'll see them 
before you fall and you'll wear them automatically when you collect them. Go 
back up, leap across smallest gap, walk around to other side until you find another 
stream, jump through waterfall at end, walk through chamber and dive into 
stream. Get into open space, jump on to ice block to left, get blue key, fall back 
into river, go through gap and jump back out to right. Follow building round and 
you'll find steps leading to a door. Take this and ride belt.
Crouch-jump through first set of windows, shoot button, run through door, drop 
off end of conveyor on to next belt and run through door before it squashes you. 
Fall off end, look right, jump into gunge and straight back out on to ledge to bag 
ammo. Walk along, leap across, jump on to moving sewer things and get through 
(you won't be crushed). Watch for a compressor then continue.
Jump into small room occupied by guards, push switch then jump back on. 
Crouch-jump through window, continue on belt and avoid gunge by hurling 
yourself over to the other side and running against belt. Get off, walk around to 
far door (you can't open the one behind yet). Swipe gas mask from behind door, 
push button, run out of room and leap into passage revealed to left. Go through 
and look left at fork. Use button to right to turn off fan, don mask and take plunge.
You now need three power couplings. These are inside the large support at the 
centre of each area. As soon as all the charges are set, watch out for the Phase 2 
Dark Trooper. When this has been destroyed, go to north-west side of central 
triangle where there's a safe corridor in which to remove your mask. Walk 
through tunnels, push door, push button and jump on to ice ledge. Now make your 
way back to landing area.

Mission Nine: Nar Shadda
Look left and platform will move away. Fall down and chase it, push switch and 
go through passage. Get yellow key, continue up lift, go right, go through door 
and take a look left at city. Carry on left, drop down and go through door. Carry 
on round city, continue through walkway, go through door ahead, take small door, 
drop down (there may be an extra life) and continue around (there is a secret door 
at the top of the lift). Take walkway over street, jump on to raised floor and go 
through left door. The left barrier closest to you is false, as is the right of the next 
pair and the left of the next. Between these two barriers is a secret door. Collect 
stuff around corner, go back out through right door, look around section of city - 
keeping an eye out for concussion-blasting Trandoshans. In eastern part is a 
staircase, at the bottom of which is the red key. Open nearby door, go to lower 
western part, past a flight of steps, and eventually you'll find a switch. Pull it and 
bag the booty. Take stairs around corner, grab blue key, take door west of 
northern part, go around barriers, take door next to port, carry on going, cross the 

Mission Ten:  Jabba's Ship
No way out of this one - you have to punch the dragon. Keep your finger on the 
[Shift] button, punch then run back and forth between rooms, strafing when the 
thing leaps at you.
When it's dead, the eastern door will open. Go out and move around wall to right. 
Just inside the doorway to this smaller area is a switch. Pull it, then head back to 
the wall you were facing. You can jump up and walk along ledge against wall. 
When you are in between the two walls at the top of the ledge, keep going along 
and across wall on other side. At end of this is a higher floor, and in front the blue 
key. Fall back down, head north, go through door and continue until you reach a 
large gap. Jump across ledge where grenade lobber was, cut south to floor that's 
level with you. Push button, go through door then take open door to your left. In 
next room, suspended on a chain, is your gear. Jump up to grab it, then move into 
the next room. Pull switch, go over gap and through doorway. Be careful of mines 
as you move through room. Pull left door and go through. Eventually you will 
find the red key. Now go back to other door and through to lift at end of room. 
Pull switch and walk across to other corridor up ahead. Go through corridors to 
another lift, which will take you up a floor. Leap across to the raised section 
In the next room you have to find the hole in the floor and fall in. You'll be in 
water, so there are sewer creatures lurking about. Move around corner to the right 
to get the yellow key. Now go up by lever, take door, walk around long corridor 
and go through door. When you reach the large room, go left and you'll find a 
huge engraved picture of Jabba. The Jabba part is a secret door. Keep going 
forward and you'll find a bar. Go around left corner to the main bar, and in a 
room behind is the nava card. There's a drop through the southern door, and you 
can jump over to get more shields. Fall down, and go on south. Jump up onto 
raised floor, then jump onto higher part. Go through the door and forward into the 
big area, then push switch. Go on forwards, then right. Push switch to reveal a 
secret store behind you. Head around this, down stairs in left wall and through to 
the drop. Go around to other side on ledge and look back. There is a small room 
just below you, and a hole beyond this room's far wall. Jump over room into the 
hole. To the left you'll see your ship. Leap across gap to doors on far side - Jan is 
held captive in one of these rooms.

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