Abandonware DOS title

Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk manual

A limited time edition extremaly rare Dizzy game. Battle the Rockwart the
 Troll, meet Pogie the Fluffie, avoid Shamus the Leprechaun, summon King
 Arthur from his Crusade and wake Daisy from her hundred year snooze!

 Grand Dizzy was feeling very down one day, so Dizzy and Daisy decided to
 cheer him up by baking him his favourite food, cherry pie! So of went Daisy
 to get some cheeries from the cupboard and there were none to be seen!

 "Pogie pinched the cheeries!" she cries, as she saw Pogies pawprint in the
  cupboard, "That darned fluffle. Come here you!" and Pogie promptly darted
  of into the enchanted forest to escape Daises rage.

 Dizzy and Daisy decided to go into the forest to catch Pogie and gather
 some more cheeries at the same time. Whilst seaching for Pogie they got 
 lost and found a castle, where they thought they would find help, but it
 seemed deserted. They looked in the castle for pogie, but Daisy caught
 herself on a mystic spinning wheel. She started feeling really sleepy, so
 she found a bed and went to sleep.
 "Wake up Daisy, wake up!" shoued Dizzy. But before he could wake her up,
 Rockwart the troll caught him and locked him up under groud.


 ACTION                JOYSTICK            KEYS
 Move Left             Left                Z
 Move Right            Right               X
 Jump                  Fire                SPACE
 Pick Up/Use           Up                  RETURN

 Press K to toggle beween keyboard and joystick.
 Press Q to quit game.
 Press P to pause.


 * Remember to collect the cheeries!
 * Keep away from Rockwart the Troll : he eats eggs for breakfast.
 * Beware of the devil Dizzy doppleganger.


 Design               Big Red Software
 Program              Derek Leigh Gilchrist
 Graphics             Leigh Christain
 Project Director     Paul Ranson
 Prodction            Pat Stanley + Stewart Regan
 Art Manager          Shan Savage