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Dragon World manual


              This notebook chronicles
          my quest to save the Last Dragon.
    The journey was dangerous and long, yet I met
   many good people, and the memories will linger.
        I love Simbala as if it were my home.
        Yet evil persists there. I fear that
        someday I will have to leave Fandora
           and journey there once again.
              Perhaps this notebook
              will be of value then.

                  Notes on the Journey to Simbala


  See insert for loading instructions.

Learning of New Features

  Before anything else, enter NEWDATA. This will allow one to see
  descriptions of any features in DRAGONWORLD which were changed
  after this notebook was written.

Selecting the Means of Following the Quest

  1.  Enter KEYBOARD in order to use the keyboard. If a joystick is
      also available, enter JOYSTICK. No selection will cause the
      program to select the keyboard automatically.

      At any point in the game, enter KEYBOARD or JOYSTICK to change
      from one means to the other.

  2. Choose whether or not graphic images of the quest are desired.
     If no selection is made, pictures will be provided
     automatically. Enter PICTURESOFF if only text is desired, or
     PICTURESON if pictures should appear along with the text.

     This feature may be changed at any time during the quest.

Before you Begin the Quest

It is now time to begin DRAGONWORLD. Consult the following pages on
"The Language of Simbala." Also, four special commands are important
as you embarkon your journey.

The first command: CREATE

  Use the CREATE command to create a Save Disk. If danger appears
  imminent, the Save Disk will let you "restore" to that point in
  your quest if you have previously saved it onto the Save Disk (see

  To create your Save Disk:

  1. Enter CREATE and press RETURN. Follow all instructions on the

     Beware: The program will erase any contents of a disk being
     formatted as a Save Disk.

  2. When the disk drive light goes off, the Save Disk should be
     removed and the game disk re-inserted. The mission can continue.

The second command: SAVE

  Use this command to save points in the quest to which there may be
  a need to return.

  1. Enter SAVE and press Return. Follow instructions on the screen.

  2. Select the number of the next available position, or rename a
     position that was used earlier. Name the present point in the
     quest (up to ten characters). Then remove the Save Disk,
     re-insert the game disk and resume the quest.

The third command: RESTORE

  Use this command to return to a point in the quest previously

  First, when an unfinished quest is to be resumed:

  1. Load the program as usual and enter RESTORE. Follow the
     instructions on the screen.

  2. Select a quest point from the list. The program will move to
     that point, and the quest may be resumed from there.

  Second, in the event of a fatal accident:

  1. The computer will ask: DO YOU WANT TO PLAY AGAIN?
     Y or N?

  2. Press Y, which will automatically restart the game.

  3. Enter RESTORE and follow the same directions as above.

The fourth command: RESTART

  Enter RESTART at any time to return to the beginning of the game.

                     The Language of Simbala

Customs of the Language

Speech while in Simbala should consist of succinct, precise commands.
A verb (FEED, SEARCH, TAKE) should always start the command; and a
noun, whether a person, a place, or a thing (HAWKWIND, BAZAAR,
SWORD), should follow the verb. The word THE may be used before a

Multiple nouns associated with the *same* verb should be separated
from each other by means of a comma or _and_, such as:


It is not necessary to end a command with a period.

Several separate actions may be included in one command, but actions
must be separated by the word THEN. For example:


TAKE ALL will result in all articles being taken. Instructions should
be specific and logical. HIT THE NAIL may elicit the response WITH
WHAT? Complete the command: HIT THE NAIL WITH THE HAMMER.

Be aware that instructions for complicated tasks should be entered in
a logical order. For instance, one cannot set sail in a boat without
the command UNTIE ROPE. Likewise, if one enters UNTIE BOAT before
ENTER BOAT, the boat will certainly drift away, leaving the traveler
on the shore. Also, if it is necessary to BOARD THE RAFT, be sure to
GET OFF RAFT before trying to explore new surroundings.

Commands should not be over two typed lines in length. If longer
commands are needed, separate commands into logical sequence and
press RETURN between them.

Errant Speech

Commands that make no sense in Simbala -- if they appear impossible,
if they employ objects not at hand, if terms are foreign or of
another land -- will elicit a response advising the adventurer to
think again. Upon such a response, a different phrase should be

Conversing with Friends and Strangers

To speak to another person or creature in DRAGONWORLD, simply enter
TALK TO  or ASK , as in


If a person or creature speaks, respond to them by entering the
remark as any other command would be entered: SAY NO. It is not
necessary to add quotaion marks ("NO").

A new acquaintance might have information that would be of value, and
might ask "What do you want to know?" Answer this with a statement
that begins with ASK  ABOUT. Name the topic of choice.

Finally, when the help of Hawkwind is needed, enter ASK HAWKWIND or

Replenishing Funds

There will also appear, with the list of possessions, a tally of the
money remaining to be spent. If funds are depleted, consider visiting
the Gaming House in the Bazaar, where the game of Dragonstones
(described in the section named ACTION) may be played for talmas, the
coin of the realm. The games may be played as often and for as long
as desired.

Investigating the Surroundings

Move about in Simbala by entering directions as full sentences (GO
NORTH, GO DOWN), specific directions (SOUTH), or abbreviations (SW,
NE, W, E, and so forth). UP and DOWN may be abbreviated U and D,

Should the surroundings need to be explored, enter SURR or LOOK (L).
A description of the environment wil appear. For further details
about any given item, enter EXAMINE  or INSPECT .

Keep at hand the implements for map-making, in case there is risk of
losing the way.


To obtain a complete list of possessions -- money, weapons,
provisions -- enter INVENTORY (I). Study the list and inspect
unfamiliar possessions closely. For a description of any chosen item,
enter INSPECT  or EXAMINE  as above.

The Dragonpearl and Other Special Powers

Five times in the course of a quest -- and only five times -- the
Dragonpearl may be invoked. This Dragonpearl is a magnificent
opalescent stone which contains the memories and perceptions of the
Last Dragon and those that came before him. The holder of the
Dragonpearl possesses great power. Use this power wisely. Enter DP
when the aid of the Dragonpearl is sought. The quest will be resumed
in a different, safer place.

Also, seek Hawkwind at his home early in the quest; his counsel will
be invaluable.



Add                Drop               Lash               Set
Agree              Eat                Lasso              Shatter
Aid                Embrace            Laugh              Shout
Answer             Empty              Launch             Show
Apply              Enter              Leap               Signal
Argue              Escape             Leave              Sing
Ascend             Examine, Ex        Lift               Sit
Ask                Exit               Light              Slide
Assure             Explore            Like               Smash
Attack             Extinguish         Loan               Sneeze
Bash               Fandora            Look (L)           Sound
Be                 Fasten             Love               Soothe
Bend               Fear               Lower              Speak
Bide               Feed               Make               Spread
Bite               Fight              Mount              Sprinkle
Blow               Fill               Move               Stab
Board              Fish               Offer              Stand
Borrow             Fit                Open               Start
Break              Fix                Order              Steal
Breath             Flag               Paddle             Stir
Breathe            Flame              Pass               Strike
Bribe              Flee               Pay                Surr
Build              Fly                Pick               Swim
Burn               Fold               Place              Swing
Buy                Follow             Play               Take
Call               Free               Pour               Talk
Calm               Gather             Prepare            Taste
Carry              Get                Present            Tell
Catch              Give               Pry                Thank
Chase              Go                 Pull               Throw
Choose             Greet              Purchase           Threaten
Chop               Guard              Push               Tie
Claw               Hack               Put                Topple
Climb              Hang               Raise              Toss
Close              Help               Read               Touch
Collect            Hit                Reassure           Try
Comfort            Hoist              Refuse             Turn
Console            Hold               Release            Unfasten
Construct          Hook               Remove             Unfold
Consult            Hug                Repair             Unfurl
Continue           Hurt               Repay              Unhook
Cook               Hurtle             Rescue             Unlock
Count              Ignite             Return             Unmoor
Crawl              Insert             Reverse            Untie
Cut                Inspect            Ride               Use
Decipher           Inventory, Inv, I  Ring               Wait
Descend            Invoke             Rope               Wake
Destroy            Join               Row                Walk
Dig                Jump               Rub                Want
Disembark          Kallus             Sail               Wave
Dismount           Kill               Say                Wear
Dive               Kiss               Scramble           Wet
Don                Knock              See                Wish
Drag               Land               Send               Yell


Alchemist          Dragonmount        Meal               Sound
Alembic            Dragonpearl, DP    Menu               Soup
Alyn               Dragonsblood       Mine               Spikes
Amber              Dragonscale        Mirror(s)          Splint
Arm                Dragonsea          Moat               Stable
Armor              Dragonstones       Monarch            Staircase
Armorer            Drinks             Money              Stairs
Arrows             Duke               Moneylender        Stairway
Art                Elixir             Monkey             Stairwell
Artist             Encyclopedia       Monster            Starsword
Artwork            Ephrion            Mooncrystal        Statue
Ashes              Fingers            Mosaic             Steed
Assassin(s)('s)    Fire               Music              Stone(s)
Axe                Fireplace          Name               Stool
Back               Flame              Noises             Stuff
Bar(s)             Floor              Oar(s)             Stump
Bartender          Flute              Ocean              Supplies
Beach              Food               Ointment           Swim
Bear               Forest             Opening            Sword
Beggar             Fork, Tuning       Paddle             Table
Bell(s)            Furnace            Painting           Tablet
Belongings         Gag                Palace             Tailor
Bench              Garrison           Passage            Talma(s)
Blackstar          Garrote            Pate               Tangleweed
Board              Gates              Pattern            Tanium
Boat               Gems               Payment            Tanna
Book(s)            Girl               People             Tasran
Boulder            Glass              Philosopher('s)    Thalos
Box(es)            Graffiti           Physician          Thief
Branch             Groom              Picture            Thieves
Brazier            Grunting           Piece(s)           Things
Break              Guard              Pit                Throne
Breaths            Hammer             Place              Time
Bribe              Hand               Plank              Titanium
Bricks             Hawk               Plaque             Tooth
Brush              Hawkwind           Platform           Topaz
Bush(es)           Hello              Pod(s)             Torch
Cage               Help               Poison             Tormalion
Cape               Her                Pony               Trap
Castle             Him                Possessions        Trapdoor
Cauldron           Hole               Pot                Tree
Cenotaph           Hook               Potion             Trunk
Chain              Horn               Pouch              Tune
Chamber            Horse              Prince             Tuning Fork
Chest              Instrument(s)      Quartz             Turret
Chute              Inventory          Raft               Underbrush
City               Island             Rayan              Vados
Cloak(s)           Islet              Ring               Vault
Coldrake           Ivory              Rock               Vials
Conch              Jade               Room               Vines
Cover              Jewel(s)           Rope(s)            Visor
Cowl(s)            Jocana             Rowboat            Volcano
Crack              Kandesh            Saddle             Volume
Craft              Key                Sail(s)            Wagon
Crypt              Kiln               Salad              Waiter
Crystal            Knocker            Salve              Wall
Cupola             Kuln               Scale              Warrior
Cure               Ladder             Sea                Water
Cushion            Lava               Seat               Waterfall
Dagger             Leaves             Sentry(ies)        Wealdsman
Danger             Library            Sergeant           Weeds
Dazikar            Light              Shaft              Wheel
Dealer             Liver              Shell              Window
Depths             Loan               Ship               Windriders
Diamond            Lock               Shore              Windship
Dinghy             Logs               Skeleton           Wine
Doctor             Magnifier          Skiff              Wineskin
Door               Man (Men)          Skylight           Wolf('s)
Doorway            Map                Smoke              Woman (Women)
Dragon             Mast               Song               Wood
Dragonbane         Maze               Soothsayer         Xylophone


Again              Empty              Marble             S&D (abbreviation
All                Flat               No                  for Song & Dance)
Along              For                Off                Steep
And                Gold(en)           Seated             Then
Back               Inside             Silken             Thin
Big                Large              Skeleton           Together
Black              Little             Sleeping           Untitled
But                Locked             Sloping            While
Dead               Long               Small              Yes
Embossed           Magnifying         Smashed


Down, d            Northeast, NE      South, S           Through
East, E            Northwest, NW      Southeast, SE      Up, u
In (side)          Out                Southwest, SW      West, W
North, N

                      Notes to Aid the Quest

[These hints were originally encoded. We've decoded them here so be
careful not to spoil your game! --ed.]

Islet           RAFT
Windship        FIRE
Swamp           RUN
Thief           COMFORT
Kuln            TORCH
Atrium          HAWKWIND
City            TOOTH
Dark Cell       WAIT
Tailor          2 COWLS
Tavern          BUY WINE
Physician       PAY PHYSICIAN
Armory          BLOOD SWORD
Cenotaph        FORK
Drawbridge      ALL COWLS
Meeting Hall    TOOTH
Strong Room     IVORY
Hedge Maze      AVOID
Mosaic          BEAR
Treasury        IVORY
Bottom of Lake  REEDS
Island          FLUTE
Altar           STARSWORD
Rayan Clearing  WATER
Waterfall       JEWELS
Walls           CLIMB
Lava            RING
Wheel           TURN
Cupola          IVORY


Produced and Developed by Byron Preiss Video Productions, Inc.

Technical Design and Direction: Lee Jacknow
Written by: Byron Preiss and Michael Reaves
Additional Text Material: J. Brynne Stephens
Senior Systems Programmer: Michael P. Meyer
Illustrations: John Pierard
Additional Illustrations: Walter Martishius
Arcade Game Designs: Robert Strong, Architect, and Byron Preiss
Opening Sequence Design: Alex Jay, John Pierard, and Jeffrey
Technical Consultant: Seth McEvoy
Based on the book, _Dragonworld_, by Byron Preiss and Michael Reaves,
  illustrated by Joseph Zucker, (c) 1979 Byron Preiss Visual
  Publications, Inc. A Bantam Book. _Dragonworld_ is a trademark of
  Byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc.
Packaging Art: Kenneth Smith and John Pierard.
Map: Alex Jay and Tom Orzechowski.
Notebook Design: Cynthia R. Randall


If this product should fail to work for any reason whatsoever during
the first 30 days following purchase, return it to the dealer from
whom it was purchased for a free replacement. If it should fail to
work after the first 30 days, mail it to TELARIUM at the address
below. If it has been physically damaged, you will be charged five
dollars for a replacement.

One Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 494-1224

This software product is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by
TELARIUM CORP. The distribution and sale of this product are intended
for the use of the original purchaser only and for use only on the
computer system specified. Lawful users of this program are hereby
licensed only to read the program from its medium into memory of a
computer for the purpose of executing this program. Copying,
duplicating, selling, or otherwise distributing this product is
hereby expressly forbidden.

DRAGONWORLD computer program is a trademark of TELARIUM CORP.

(c) 1984 TELARIUM CORP., One Kendall Sq., Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 494-1224


Dragonworld, the best selling fantasy novel, is available by mail or
at your local bookstore.

To order by mail, send $3.95 plus $1.25 for postage and handling

BANTAM BOOKS               Name______________________________________
414 E. Golf Rd.            Address___________________________________
Des Plaines, IL 60016      City______________________________________
Department DWJ23426-9      State______________________Zip____________





Loading on COMMODORE 64(tm)

Note: This game uses one disk drive.

1. Arrange your computer with one disk drive and a monitor or
   television. Do not connect a printer.
2. Turn on the disk drive and the computer. Make certain that the
   SHIFT LOCK key is up.
3. Insert game Disk A into the disk drive and enter:
   LOAD "DISK",8.
4. When the computer responds with READY, enter:
5. The program will load. After the title screen appears, a
   demonstration will load automatically. Type G if you wish to move
   immediately to the start of the game.

Loading on the COMMODORE 128(tm)

1. Turn on the disk drive and the monitor or television.
2. Depress the COMMODORE KEY (lower left) on the keyboard and turn on
   the computer.
3. The screen will display the words "*****COMMODORE 64*****"
4. Insert the game disk into the drive and follow the instructions
   above beginning with the LOAD command.

Additional Instructions

  Selecting The Means of Undertaking The Quest

    Enter JOYSTICK if you wish to use one during your quest. You may
    enter KEYBOARD or JOYSTICK at any point to change from one means
    to another.

  The Command "ACTION"

    This commnad should be used to practice any of the three action
    games that will be encountered during DRAGONWORLD (see below).
    The consequences of your practice will not affect the quest.

    Use the following keys for keyboard controls:

      +------------+               +---------+
      | arrow left |  = up         | control |  = right
      +------------+               +---------+

          +---+                       +---+
          | 1 |       = down          | 2 |     = left
          +---+                       +---+

    Press the *space bar* to fire shots when using keyboard controls
    and the target button when using the joystick.

    Enter ACTION for these action games:

    Bogs and Bats -- Shoot all the bats and coldrakes, whether large
      or small ones, that attack in the swamp. Beware that the
      coldrakes will shoot fireballs at the quester, while the bats
      will simply swoop from above and hit. But don't shoot the
      single coldrake at the end: it will carry one to safety.

    Maze of Madness -- Successfully traverse the labyrinth of
      pitfalls and corridors. Avoid falling over cliffs, or the maze
      game must be started again. The ladders slant in one of two
      different directions; either group of ladders might disappear
      at any moment, causing the quester to fall and lose the way.

    Dragonstones -- A popular diversion in Simbala, it is played to
      win money: talmas may be collected by choosing stones of the
      right color. To gamble, first pay fifteen talmas, or obtain
      credit for that amount from the proprietor. At each level of
      play (there are four), there will be two colors of stones, one
      the winning color and the other the losing color. If you choose
      the winning color, and successfully catch just those stones,
      you will win talmas. If you successfully catch only the stones
      of the losing color, a consolation will be offered -- if you
      can catch the stone of the small dragon flying across the
      screen, you will be able to take home several more talmas than
      you began with.

    Press the *spacebar* or the *joystick button* in the maze of
    madness or dragonstones to stop the action game and return you to
    your place in the quest.

    Please Note: You will automatically be returned to the quest
    after playing any of these games.

Commodore 64 and 128 are trademarks of Commodore Electronics Ltd.

I-C6-DGW 1.0


End of the Project 64 etext of the Dragonworld manual.