Abandonware DOS title

Dreamweb walkthrough

                                By  Lord Zero
                                 Version 1.1



1.- File History.
2.- Introduction.
3.- About this file.
4.- Story.
5.- Characters.
6.- Walkthrough.
6.1.- David Crane:
6.2.- Dream I.
6.3.- General Sterling.
6.4.- Dream II.
6.5.- Sartain.
6.6.- Dream III.
6.7.- Julliet Chappel.
6.8.- Diane Underwood.
6.9.- Dream IV.
6.10.- Father O' Rourke.
6.11.- Dr. Beckett.
7.- Credits.
8.- Legal Stuff.


1.- File History.

- 0.1 Start of the file. (05/07/2005, 21:22)
- 1.0 File completed. (31/05/2005, 17:14)


2.- Introduction.

Dreamweb, released by Empire Interactive in 1994 and developed by Creative
Reality, was a graphic cyberpunk adventure which starred Ryan, a regular 
guy who's chosen to free the dreamweb from the grasp of seven evil guys 
who are threatening the perfect balance in the dream world.

While the graphics are not amazing (even by 1994 standards), the music
does live up and the game itself is amazingly well-done. It's immersive,
challenging and fun, and has an extremely good story and the plot is
really interesting, Dreamweb is a great experience for anyone interested
in either Cyberpunk, Graphic Adventures or just a plain good game.


3.- About this file.

This file is formatted to be seen under 800x600 graphic resolution or
better. Nightmares will come to the unwary.

Dreamweb is an adult game. It features plenty of violence and 
uncomfortable situations, not to mention one of the earliest uncensored
sex scenes on a PC game (though I've been informed it's been censored
in Australia (Banned the uncensored version) and perhaps Germany, which 
shouldn't surprise anybody,  though it's a questionable decision in my 
opinion). So don't play it if you could be offended.

This game is eleven years old, and as such, it might be difficult to get
it running under newer PCs and operating systems. You may want to 
download DosBox  and fiddle with it
a bit to play it.


4.- Story.

Ryan is a regular guy who works at a bar. He's been having nightmares
for weeks and his girlfriend Eden can't stand his constant screaming
and insists that he seeks help.

However, she doesn't knows the truth: Ryan has been chosen by the Keepers,
the group which protects the Dreamweb in order to dispose of the seven
people who are threatening to destroy the delicate balance in the
on it. Ryan then embarks on an adventure to save the Dreamweb.

And his time is running out: their powers will increase in time, to the
point he won't be able to save it.


5.- Characters.

Ryan: The main character in the game. Works at Sparky's bar, and is been
suffering constant nightmares during the past days. He has a small flat,
though he seems to spend more time on his girlfriend's.

Eden: Ryan's girlfriend. She worries about him, and tries to get him to
find help, though he dislikes the idea. She lives on a warehouse which
is considerably bigger than Ryan's, and she owns a car which is broken,
and she has been trying to fix it herself, without much success.

Louis: Ryan's best friend. An overweight junkie who owns a messy flat
and loves to play guitar (though he enjoys playing it totally out of
tune). He feels he can't do anything with his life, though he will
be of use to Ryan.

Sparky: Ryan's Boss. Has a bar on the city.

Dave Silverman: The owner of the Red Pool Hall, who is known for his
shady business.

David Crane: One of the seven evils. He's a successful rock star, who's
currently on town.

General Sterling: General of the biggest and most feared army on earth.
He's the second of Ryan's Targets. Currently on town as well.

Mr. Sartain: The leader of the Project 7, the name of the plot to take
over the Dreamweb. A successful business man. Third target.

Juliet Chappel: Also member of Project 7, though labelled mentally weak,
and as such, she's not completely suited to form part of it, and
is ordered to be terminated by Sartain Himself. Has a huge state on the

Diane Underwood: Part of the Project 7. Not much info is given about
her, but we know she's hiding.

Father O'Rourke: Part of the Project 7. Lives on the local church. He's
a touch insane, and is probably going to leave the project, and he seems
to be undergoing some strange mutation.

Dr. Beckett: A psycho who's yet to be located. The final part of the
Project 7.


6.- Walkthrough.

NOTE: You can pick up almost anything in the game, but in reality you use
very few items through it. You inventory can hold EVERYTHING you need to
finish the game. I've divided the walkthrough based on which persons you 
need to eliminate and the order.

I heartily recommend you try to talk to everyone to find some backstory.

6.1.- David Crane:

You start at Eden's Flat. Pick up the WALLET on the computer desk. Inside
it are a few items, more importantly the CASHCARD. Talk to Eden to get 
some backstory, and now leave the room.

On the Living room, be sure to pick up the red CARTRIDGE on the crate,
and examine the Microwave. It's not working, but it holds a weird
KEY. Grab it. Now, get on the elevator, and you will end up on the
garage. Pick up the SCREWDRIVER, and leave.

Go to your flat.

Examine the keypad right of the door, and enter the code to your flat:
5106. If you want to have a laugh, be sure to use the doorbell first,
until you realize you're probably not inside.

Enter your... messy room. Pick up the KNIFE on the bed, and check the
cartridges in the room: One of them is labeled IMPORTANT. Put it on
the interface, which is a little white box next to the computer, and 
then use the computer.

Type LIST. 


You will be asked for a password. Originally, this is part of the
copy protection. If you have the original game, check out the 
password there. Otherwise, you probably have an abbandoware version,
in which case the game should be hacked, and you only have to press
enter again.

If you have the original game but not the manual, you are literally
screwed. Either find the manual, or download the hacked game. Otherwise,
you might want to scan the net for a hack (or make one yourself- it
shouldn't be hard if you know a little of assembly code).

Either way, the original password is BLACKDRAGON, but it might not work
for the Abbadonware version.

NOTE: Abbadonware is still illegal for the most part. But games like this,
not supported or sold anymore, it's for the most part okay (even 
legally). I do support abbadonware, but I do not support illegal stuff.
Feel free to check out http://the-underdogs.org for more info.

Anyway, type LIST CARTRIDGE.


You will be given Louis' and Eden's code.

Leave for Louis' Flat. Surprise! you've been mugged! And now you
have no shoes. Obviously, you can't leave without some shoes.

Louis apartment is the southmost one. Use the keypad and enter the 
number 5238. Enter and talk to Louis. He will mention where to find
a firearm. Take his TRAINERS in the bathroom, and check the cupboard
next to the bathroom. Take the CARD, and examine it. You will find
the address to the red pool hall.

NOTE: You can LOGON as LOUIS, and use either the hack way (pressing
enter) or HENDRIX as a password, but there is nothing of importance
on his account.

Leave Louis's flat, and go to Sparky's. Sit on the corner bank,
and talk to Sparky, only to find out you're almost fired. Fortunately,
he will give you some money. Take the CASHCARD out of your WALLET,
and use the Card Reader with your CASHCARD. Now talk to the guy smoking
who will tell you about the Hotel Regency.

Leave for the Red Pool Hall.

Inside, talk to the guy behind the counter. Use the card reader with
Louis pass, and go inside the hall. Talk to the Barman, and now go to
the left until the end, and use the keypad to the door. The Code is

Enter and talk to Silverman. Use the CASHCARD on the reader to pay
for the GUN, and take it. Leave.

Go to Regency Hotel. Inside, talk to the lady by the counter, and use
the cashcard to pay for the hotel room in the card reader. Pay attention 
to the animation so you don't miss the KEYCARD, which is awfully small,
and can be difficult to spot. Pick it up, and use the lift controls.

Get on the lift, and use the KEYCARD on the controls.

Go to the left, and examine the firepoint. Open it to find the AXE,
pick it up. Now, go back to the elevator (you can check out your
incredibly cool - and small - room to the right of the elevator),
and use the KNIFE I suppose you still have on the controls. Use
it again on the wire. Now, examine and use the handle. You will
reach the top of the elevator. Use the door with the AXE.

The next sequence must be done quickly or Ryan will die, and thus
you will lose. There are a few more sequences like this. If the
watch cursor appears, wait a few seconds until you can enter your

- Enter.
- Enter the inventory screen and use the AXE.
- Enter the inventory screen and use the PISTOL.

With the two guards dead (there is a rather long time to do this, 
so don't sweat it), follow the doors. You will come to a room,
where Crane is engaged in sexual activity with a blond woman.
As you enter, the woman will hide, and Crane will cover his nakedness.

- Enter the inventory screen and use the PISTOL.

Failure to do this will get you shot to death.

With crane dead, Dream number one takes place.

6.2.- Dream I.

You will appear in Dreamweb. Talk to the monk to know more about your
next objective. Leave via the right corridor on the bottom, the first
one. Use the door, and then use the plinth with the key you found on
the microwave.

NOTE: There is a CRYSTAL over there you can grab. You will need it
later in the game, though until that time it's useless.

6.3.- General Sterling.

You will appear on an alley. Leave for your flat.

Use the computer.

Type LIST.



Type READ TVSPECIAL. You will find out that the next target, General
Sterling, is going to give an interview today.

Type EXIT. Leave for the TV Station.

There are several guards around. Go right until the corner, then turn
down. When you see a sign in the floor, go left until you find a
barrier. Use the GUN to kill the guard, and use the controls that he
was guarding. Go left again and enter the TV station.

In the reception is a BROCHURE. Pick it up and underneath it is a
PASSCARD. Grab it. Go left, and use the PASSCARD on the door lock.
Down for the storeroom. There is a fuse box. Use the SCREWDRIVER 
there, and inside is a FUSE. Grab it.

Leave the room, and find the passage upstairs. There will be a ladder
there. Use it, and you will be standing above the studio. Open the
winch control and replace the FUSES. Use it to kill the General in
a rather funny way.

6.4.- Dream II.

Talk to the Monk and he will inform you of the next target, Sartain.
The exit is the bottom left, the firts one. Make sure to pick up
the CRYSTAL on the way, is on the bottom center.

6.5.- Sartain.

You will appear at Sparky's. Leave and go to your flat. Put Eden's
CARTRIDGE and use the computer.

Type LIST.





Youw will be given Sartain's security code, 7833. Go to Eden's

Use the keypad by the door with the code 2865. Enter and go find
Eden on the bathroom. Talk to her.

Go to the bedroom. Examine the organizer there, and press the
P key until you find Sartain's addres. Leave and go there.

Walk up to the keypad and enter the code (7833). Inside, use
your gun to destroy the monitor. Go left and enter the shaky
door. Use the controls. As soon as you hit the floor, get out
of the lift and use the CRYSTAL to evade the guards.

Go south and grab the PAPERS. Examine it. You will learn about 
Diane Underwood, Father O'Rourke, Dr. Beckett and Julliet 
Chappel, the resting members of Project 7 alongisde Mr. Sartain
himself. Go right now, and up the stairs. On the top, go
left, and use the GUN. 

6.6.- Dream III.

Talk to the monk. Your next target is a bit dubious, so you'll
go after Miss Chappel to make sure she's dead. Leave via
the first right door.

6.7.- Julliet Chappel.

You will appear on a parking lot. Go left, and pick up the WIRE CUTTER
in the car. Leave and go to Chappel's house. 

Use the wall to climb it over and grab the blue Cartridge. About
Chappel, i'm pretty sure she's dead. Make up your mind. Go to
your flat and examine the cartridge.

Type LIST.

Type LOGON BECKETT. (Same deal here with the password, though I know
of this password: SEPTIMUS)



Now you now where the church is located. You can go there now and
open the outer gates using the WIRE CUTTER, but you cannot enter
the church yet. Go to Underwood's Boathouse for now.

(Make sure you have a bottle or a cup in your inventory)

6.8.- Diane Underwood.

There is a piece of RAILING you can pick directly near your starting
position. Grab it. Now, go down and pick up some water with the cup or
bottle. Go right. Use the box nearby the top left, which is the Junction
Box, and use the piece of RAILING to pry it open. Now drop the water
into it to fry it.

Go inside, and talk to the woman in the floor. That's Underwood. Shoot her
when she's finished babbling.

6.9.- Dream IV.

Talk to the monk. Leave through the second bottom left door.

6.10.- Father O' Rourke.

Only two persons to go. Go to the church, open the doors with the WIRE
CUTTER; and enter.

Examine the Skeleton and get the HAND. Go up to the altar and grab and drop
everything there to reveal a hole. Use the HAND there, and push the Altar
away to reveal a new, bigger hole, underneath. Examine the Tomb and grab
a ROCK and two RED BALLS.

(I don't think the dagger serves any purpose)

You need a third RED BALL, which inside one of the Jars on this room. You
will also need a few more rocks, so don't throw them away. There is a place
in the floor to put the RED BALLs, so do it. Follow the exit. 

There is a puzzle coming up (don't miss the two ROCKS), examining the statue. 
Unlike the previous copy-protection parts, this one is very difficult to figure 
out, and to be frank, even after reading an explanation, I can't really figure 
out what it is: There is, apparently, a figure in the manual that leads you to 
the solution. If you have the hacked version, just hit the crystal. Otherwise, 
try to figure it out by yourself.

The key is to find the combination between the two parts of the puzzle.
A few minutes of patience will pay off. There is no real logic to the 
puzzle, so this is simply a sloppy copy protection mode.

Look around for the resting five ROCKS. They are scattered around the place.
Once you have them all, put them in the trolley, and push it. Go through
the door, and go down. You will find that Father O' Rourke, as the Monk
said, is no longer a problem.

6.11.- Dr. Beckett.

Keep going, and you will find yourself in a subway station. Go north 
until you find a hole in the wall. Enter and meet Beckett, who will try to 
attack you. Leave the room quickly. Beckett will meet a messy fate.

You will appear in Dreamweb for the ending sequence.


7.- Credits.

- First and Foremost, The House of the Underdogs ,
for being the best repostory of under-recgonized classics on the 'net.
Check them out and support them.
- Empire Entertainment and Creative Reality for making this game possible.
- Razor 1911 for cracking the game and make it possible to play it to 
this day.
- CjayC for gamefaqs.com.
- And me ;)


8.-  Legal Stuff.

This file is owned by Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)

You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
me of your URL.

All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
via email to the address below.

Copyright 2005 By Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com).

The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
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