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Dungeon master 2: The legend of Skullkeep other - readme

Dungeon Master II Read Me File

Known System Conflicts:

You must select a Sound Card for "Digital" and "Midi" in Setup. If no 
Sound Card is selected the game will not function properly.  DM2 supports FM
music only, it does not support General Midi. 

Sound Blaster
When using a Sound Blaster 16 Vibra, Sound Blaster AWE/32, or 
Sound Blaster SCSI you should select Sound Blaster Pro or Sound Blaster 
in the SETUP program.   

Ensoniq Soundscape                              
When using the Ensoniq Soundscape, you must set the MIDI music device 
to be the same device you set for the Digital Sound Card.  (Example: Ensoniq 
Soundscape at port 330).  You may get an error message saying that the MIDI 
driver could not be initialized.  You then should save your settings and exit 
SETUP.  Then go to the Soundscape directory and run "SSINIT GM".  This will 
set the Ensonic card to work properly next time you run the game.

Network Drivers
If you run network software such as IPX, you may get an error message 
saying "error: incorrect IRQ".  To fix the problem, you must reboot without 
loading any net drivers.  

Installing for SVGA
If you choose the SVGA option in the INSTALL program, make sure you
have a Super VGA video card and monitor!  The game may crash otherwise.
If you only have a VGA video card or monitor, be sure to choose the
VGA option when installing.  If you accidentally install for SVGA,
you will need to re-install the game for VGA.

Personnel changes for DM2:

Producer:       William Church

Line Producer:  Chris Benson

Lead Tester:    Frank Pimentel

Testers:        Darrell Jones
		Derek Bullard
		Kihan Pak
		John Deiley
		Larry Smith
		Scott McKelvey
		Jason Suinn
		Steve Pendelton
		Daryl Guetzkow
		Marc Duran                                                           
		Chad Allison