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Entrepreneur walkthrough

		Entrepreneur Introductory Walkthrough

Starting the game
	Once you've started the program and the introduction and fake ad have finished,
	push the button that says "New Company".

	The main decision that needs to be made prior to starting the game is
	what type of specialty you will be: manufacturing, marketing, or
	researching. Each specialty is twice as efficient at its job than the
	players of another specialty. Depending on your strategies for playing the
	game, you may decide that one specialty better suits your style of gameplay.

	While you're at this screen you can also change the name of your company and
	CEO, by clicking in the fields where those names are listed and typing over what's
	already there. Note: Your company name will come up much more in game play.

	You can also choose your color by hi-lighting one of the eight color choices.

	Now that you've decided what you want to be we'll choose the options for your
	game. Since this is a walkthrough, we'll pick beginner for the difficulty.

	Also click on the area where it says "Startup Funds" and ad a 0 onto the end,
	so you will start with 40 million instead of the usual four.

	Now hit ready and start the game.

Getting oriented
	Take a quick look at the "popup" help items on the main screen. These will
	only appear by default on the easiest level, but then can be recalled any
	time by hitting F2. Similar screens will also appear in your marketing,
	site, research, and production windows(more about those later).

	Use the +/- adjust the speed of the game. Initially, Fast or Faster are
	probably the best choices, though you'll quickly find that multi-player
	games become a lot more challenging when playing on Fastest or higher. Press
	the Pause key(upper right of your keyboard) at any time to pause the game.
	Press it again to resume play.

Let's Play
	Click on a region adjacent to your initial starting region and press
	Investigate Region in the right-hand panel. 

	Click on the Site button on the right-hand side(not the one toward the
	bottom) to enter the Site screen.

Site Screen
	Click on your garage. This is where you initially manufacture  your product.
	Use the slider to hire some workers (20 should be good to start).

	Click on the empty "plot" in the upper-right of the site map. This is where
	your research buildings are built. Note in the top display that it will cost
	$8 million for the next upgrade. Upgrade the building(which actually builds
	it in this case).

	Double-click on the garage to enter the Production Screen.

	Note: once a building is constructed, you can double-click on it to enter
	the corresponding screen for the building(if available).

Production Screen
	The production screen is where, in many ways, whether you win or lose the
	game is decided. Set your prices too high and demand will fall off. Sell an
	inferior product, when compared with your competition, and watch the toads
	conquer the world as your corporation goes bankrupt.

	Since all products are about equal in the beginning of the game, you can
	overcharge a great deal. Set the price to $6500(be sure to hit Enter to make
	the change official). In only a short time(In terms of game years), you will
	have to return to this screen and adjust your price to be more competitive.
	But, for the initial stages of the game, he who has the most money comes out

	Note the demand on the bottom of this screen and the corresponding figure
	for how many units you are producing each period. Overproducing is not a big
	factor initially, but you'll want to keep an eye out so that the amount you
	are supplying is relatively close to demand. Note: the demand is updated each
	game week, if you've made a change and don't see any results, wait until 
	the date in the lower left hand corner changes and look again.

	To get back to the Site screen to adjust your production(if desired), click
	on the little "button" in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Back on the Site Screen
	By now, your Engineering Lab should have been constructed. However, we need
	to check some things out before hiring any workers(why waste the money on
	their salaries when they are not doing anything?).

	Click on the lower-left "plot" and start building your first Marketing Office.

	At this time, you may want to hire an additional 5-10 factory workers, on the
	expectation that demand has increased while you have been working with other
	Return to the Main Map by clicking on Done or on the mini-map near where
	your site is highlighted.

Back on the Main Map
	By now, you've investigated two regions(your initial region and the one you
	started investigating before going to the Site Map). Click on another region
	adjacent to your first and investigate it as well.

	If this is your first time playing,  now might be a good time to pause the
	game while you learn what the inhabitants of these regions want. 

	Click on any of the regions that you've currently researched.

	Click the Region button on the bottom toolbar. The window pane in the
	lower-right of the screen contains the Regional Desires for that region
	(Reliability, Performance, etc.). By researching these traits, you can
	improve your product and make it more attractive to different regions. The
	longer the bar in this window, the more the regions desire that attribute
	(w/green bars being the most desirable). 

	Check the other regions you've investigated as well. Their desires are
	relatively unimportant during the first year or two of the game(since your
	products have not been enhanced yet), but you will quickly find that they
	will buy a lot more of products that they like(vs. your competitors).

	By now, you should have investigated your third region(if you did not pause
	the game-if you did, unpause now). Start investigating a fourth region.

	Go to the Production Screen by clicking the Produce button.

Production Screen
	How is your demand relative to supply? If you are under or overproducing and
	click the button at the top of the screen to jump to the Site Map.

Site Map
	Adjust your production as needed based on the info you just got off the
	Production screen.

	If you have more than $5 million, now might be the time to upgrade your
	Garage to increase your manufacturing capacity. If you do not do this now,
	keep in mind the fact that you will need to upgrade at some point. When is
	now up to you, but the sooner the better if your demand is higher than you
	can supply.

	Another choice that can be made now(or later) is whether to invest $2
	million in a Sales Building(center-top "plot"). This building functions
	much like your salespersons on the main screen(more about them in a minute).
	By building Sales buildings, you can sell to the regions surrounding your
	site without needing a sales executive in the area.

	Click on the Engineering Lab and hire some workers. Then, double-click on
	the Lab to enter the Research Screen.

Research Screen
	The Research Screen is where your engineers work on upgrading components of
	your product. For the default computer market, there are seven components 
	(plus the case) that have attributes that can be improved via research. 

	Some components have a larger effect than others on specific attributes. For
	example, improving the performance of your CPU(the "chip" to the left of the
	case) will boost performance the most. Similarly, increasing the ease of use
	of the operating system(the OS 4 box on the right) will help lift the overall
	ease of use of the product. 

	Researching product upgrades is not an exact process. Since different regions
	in the game desire different things(remember the Regional Desires indicator
	on the main map?), improving one aspect of your product at the expense of
	another could cost you later in the game. Juggling all aspects of the
	product, while simultaneously competing marketing the product, investigating
	new regions, upgrading your sites, _and_ competing against other players may
	seem daunting at first, but you'll quickly get the hang of things.

	For now, recall the Regional Desires of the regions around you. If, for
	example, they really liked a product's Aesthetics, increase the Aesthetics
	of a component and hit the Research button to start your engineers working. 

	Initially, since you have few researchers, you can only increase the
	attributes by a small amount without requiring enormous amounts of time.
	While you are learning, you may want to limit individual research projects
	to somewhere between 15 and 30 weeks duration. Later, as you upgrade your
	engineering labs, you'll be able to research things more quickly.

	If you start researching something and change your mind while it is still
	in the Research Queue(the listing to the lower-right), select it and hit
	the X to prevent that particular project from ever being started. Note that
	you cannot cancel the current research project, so be sure not to start one
	that will take many years.

	Return to the Main Map by clicking Done.

Main Map
	By now, the sales executive in your home region should have a little number
	next to him. This represents the number of sales executives that are in a
	particular region. As your corporation increases in revenue earned, you will
	gain additional sales executives. 

	Click on your sales executive. Notice how the display on the right changes
	to display him and the attributes of the product he is currently selling. If
	there is more than one sales executive in a region, you can select them
	simply by clicking on them(notice how the graphic becomes highlighted). Any
	selected sales executives or marketing units(more on them in a minute)  will
	move to any region that you have researched when you click the right mouse
	button(RMB) in that region. Try moving him to another region now. Your sales
	executives will sell to the region they are currently in as well as
	surrounding regions, though at a decreasing level of effectiveness the more
	distant those regions are.

	Now might be a good time to click the Share button on the right. This will
	show you who is selling products in the current region, the number of
	products sold, and the number of each product demanded by the population.
	If the number sold is less than the number demanded, you may need to increase
	production. This might also be a good time to consider dropping your selling
	price as you research cheaper and cheaper components.

	Start investigating some additional regions. Notice that they become more
	expensive to research the further they are from your site.

	Now we come to the most misunderstood, but most powerful, units in the

	Return to the Site Map, hire some marketers, end enter the Marketing screen
	(remember how to get to screens from the Site Map)?

Marketing Screen
	Here is where you will develop the marketing campaigns to assure your utter
	domination of the world. As you upgrade your marketing buildings, additional
	types of marketing campaigns(positive and negative) will become available. 

	For now, think about the Regional Desire of the areas around your initial
	site and develop a radio campaign based on the desired attributes. Click on
	the attribute on the left and Create Campaign on the right. Go back to the
	Main Map and continue investigating regions, adjusting production, and
	researching new components until your first marketing unit appears(it will
	look like a small card in your home region). 

	Click on this marketing unit and move it to a neighboring region by using the
	RMB on the target region(just like your sales units).

	By now, you've gotten a firm start on the basics of Entrepreneur. Practice
	makes perfect. As you continue playing, you will quickly get the hang of
	manipulating all the various facets of the game. 

Other Resources

Visit http://www.stardock.com to find links to sites dedicated to the strategy
of Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur is a game that is very easy to play but very hard to master.