Abandonware DOS title

Questprobe featuring Human Torch and The Thing walkthrough

Written by Scott Adams (Questprobe III)

Your task is to free Alicia Masters from Doctor Doom.
1.	You must switch between Torch and Thing in order to complete the game. 
2.	It is recommended that you save often. 
3.	Examining the watch shows your total moves and percentage of rest. WAITing restores strength.

Walk Through
(Start as Torch in the chief examiner’s office), TALK TO EXAMINER (he tells you that in this test you must free Alicia Masters from Doctor Doom… you’ll have to master the powers of two Marvel Super Heroes… to switch your point of view type "switch"… you find yourself in a valley by a tarpit), ENTER SHACK, GET CANDLE, S, FLY, ENTER TARPIT (you are sucked down… you meet Thing), GIVE CANDLE TO THING, GET WATCH FROM THING, SWITCH (you become Thing… you’re being sucked down), HOLD BREATH, WAIT 15 (it’s totally dark now, but don’t worry), WAIT 10, FEEL AROUND (repeat WAIT/FEEL AROUND until you locate machinery), SMASH MACHINERY (you smash your way through the machinery), W, N, N (see a glow to the east), E (you can now see your surroundings and are faced with a wall of fire).
LIGHT CANDLE, EXAMINE FIRE (there is a bio-gem and natter energy egg on the other side – not needed in this adventure), W, S, S, E (now you should see a hole, which is dripping tar), S, SWITCH (you become Torch), THROW HIGH FLAME AT TARPIT (this ignites the tar and creates a smokescreen, thus preventing Torch from being shot down whilst flying), FLY HILLS, FLY CAVE, FLAME OFF, ENTER CAVE, LOOK UNDER BOULDER (it loosely caps a shaft), SHOOT HIGH FLAME AT BOULDER (it chips), FLAME OFF, GET PEBBLE (from the disintegrated boulder), DROP PEBBLE UNDER BOULDER, N, SWITCH (you become thing), N, S, LOOK (repeat N/S/LOOK until you see a pebble at the bottom of the shaft), GET PEBBLE, THROW PEBBLE HARD UP SHAFT (dust rains down).
SWITCH (you become Torch), EXAMINE WATCH (shows your total moves and percentage of rest), WAIT 10, WAIT 10, EXAMINE WATCH (no the program hasn’t crashed!!! – be patient), EXAMINE WATCH (if not 100% rested WAIT again), ENTER CAVE (a virtual hurricane blows down the shaft), ENTER SHAFT (you are now falling), D, D (ignore the "can’t do that" from the program), FLY, FLAME ON NOVA, FLY DOWN (you fall – it’s dark), N, W, N, N, E, EXAMINE WATER, ABSORB FLAME, ABSORB FLAME, ABSORB FLAME, ABSORB FLAME (to restore you energy to full), EXAMINE WATCH (should be 100%).
ENTER FIRE (long tunnel), E, E (it’s dark again and you hear hissing), E, FEEL AROUND (you locate a hole), ENTER HOLE, FLAME ON LOW (that’s better, you are in the maintenance area and you can now see a lever), EXAMINE LEVER (left is marked "low" and right is "high"), PUSH LEVER LEFT (to reduce velocity of wind in shaft), FLAME OFF (remember that hissing), ENTER HOLE, W, W, W, EXAMINE WATCH, ENTER FIRE, W, S, S, E, S, GET CANDLE FROM THING, EXTINGUISH CANDLE, GET THING, FLAME ON HIGH, FLY UP SHAFT, FLY UP, FLY UP, FLY UP, FLY UP (you reach the top), FLAME OFF, N, WAIT 50 (to restore energy to full).
FLY VALLEY, FLY CASTLE, FLAME OFF, DIG (this purple worm is really a red herring – leave it), DROP WORM, S, S, DROP THING, SWITCH (you become Thing), CLOSE EYES, ENTER TENT, GET CANNON, EXIT TENT, OPEN EYES, N, N, DROP CANNON, ENTER CANNON, SWITCH (you become Torch), ENTER LATVERIA, ENTER SHOP, GET GUNPOWDER, E, E, N, N, PUT GUNPOWDER IN CANON, AIM CANON AT BLOB, FIRE CANNON AT BLOB (the fuse burns), SHOOT HIGH FLAME AT BLOB (it will miss Blob because he steps into an alcove… BOOM the cannon fires… Blob returns to his post), FLAME OFF, SWITCH (Thing has been shot into the castle entrance), SWITCH (you become Torch again).
FLY HILLS, FLY CAVE, FLAME OFF, EXAMINE WATCH, WAIT 10, WAIT 10, EXAMINE WATCH (should read 100%, if not wait some more), ENTER CAVE, ENTER SHAFT, D, D, FLY, FLAME ON NOVA, FLY DOWN SHAFT, LIGHT CANDLE, N, W, N, N, E, ABSORB FLAME, ENTER FIRE, E, THROW HIGH FLAME DOWN TUNNEL, SWITCH (you become thing – the gas explodes and the tunnel collapses, causing a small earthquake in the castle above), S (great room where Xandu has been knocked out by a falling statue), GET ALICIA MASTERS (you now return to the Chief Examine congratulates you and gives you a password.)