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Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist walkthrough

                              FREDDY PHARKAS

                           FRONTIER PHARMACIST

                  THE BEST SOLUTION Ver 1.1 dd 15-08-1993
                  MADE BY HAFEEZ AHMAD


The directions will be giving by NORTH, SOUTH, WEST, EAST or just a place.
You can use the map to see where you can go to.
This solution ought to give you 999 points, that's the maximum.
And now off to the solution!


            |  |   |    |      |
            |  YS  |    |      |
            |  |   |    |      |
                      A     =ANTHILL
                      B     =BRIDGE
                      SB    =BLACKSMITH & BANK
                      SALM  =SALOON & MOM'S CAFE
                      SP    =SHERIFF & PHARMACY
                      H     =SCHOOLHOUSE
                      C     =CEMETERY
                      YS    =YARD & STAIRS TO HOTEL
                      O     =MADAME OVAREE'S PLACE


ENTER Mom's cafe , TALK to Mom & the Cook, TAKE the empty Can of beans.
GO to the saloon, TALK to everybody, LEAVE through the back door.
TAKE the Ice-Pick from the barrel and the small yellow Bottle.
GO SOUTH to the Church, OPEN the Church door, TAKE some Wax from the candles.
LOOK at the right-hand door, TAKE the Key.
GO to Chester Field's and TALK to Willy, TAKE the brown Paper Bag from the
GO to the Schoolhouse, TAKE the Ladder from the slide.
GO to the Pharmacy, USE the Pharmacy Key to open the door and go inside.
CLICK the hand icon on the hatch at the counter.          (507)
Penelope comes in, READ the prescription she gives you and walk out to the
back of the shop.
CLICK the hand icon on the shelves to make the medicine.
You'll need to use The Modern Day Book Of Health And Hygiene.
USE the graduated cylinder to measure liquids.
USE the measuring spatula to measure solids.
PUT the medicine in a medicine bottle and cork it when ready.
Leave the room and give the medicine to Penelope.
When she leaves, in comes Mom. Repeat the process to make her cure.
When Mom leaves, in comes Sadie. Because you can't read her prescription GO
to the saloon.
TAKE Doc's whisky Glass and USE it on the prescription, SHOW the prescription
to Doc and he'll give you a new one. READ it.
GO to the Pharmacy, into the back room and upstairs. OPEN the drawer of the
bedside table, LOOK in the drawer and TAKE the Key. OPEN the dresser, LOOK in
the drawer and TAKE the Claim Check. OPEN the trunk and TAKE your Cowboy
GO downstairs. USE the small Key on the roll-top desk, OPEN the desk. USE the
small Key on the drawer and OPEN the drawer. TAKE the Letter and READ it.
MAKE Sadie's prescription and PUT all the medicine papers in a prescription
GIVE Sadie her medicine.
When she leaves, in comes the blacksmith. READ his prescription and GIVE him
Preparation G from the left-hand display counter from the centre of the shop.
When he leaves, in comes the sheriff and tells you you'll have to close your
Pharmacy.                                                 (563)


The horses are suffering from Flatulence, you'll have to cure them.
GO to the Blacksmith and take the Belt & Rope near the door. TAKE some
Charcoal from the forge.
USE the Ice-Pick on the Can of beans, PUT the Charcoal in the Can, USE the
Belt on the Can and you've made a Gas Mask.
GO to the horses in front of your Pharmacy. USE the Gas Mask. USE the paper
Bag on the horse's ass, till you've got his gas. ENTER the Pharmacy and go to
the back room. CLICK the hand icon on the shelves.
USE the yellow Bottle from your inventory on the alcohol lamp to fill it.
LIGHT it with the matches. PUT the gas spectroscope in front of the fire.
USE the paper Bag on the fire and look at the readout. TURN the alcohol lamp
off. USE your Health and Hygiene Guide to make the appropriate medicine.
GO outside and use the medicine on the horse's water.     (637)
When you've saved the town from the horses gas, you'll have to save it again,
but now from snails.
GO to the Saloon and use your Money on the bartender to buy Beer. USE the
Church Key to open the Bottles.
GO to the anthill. TAKE some Snails and use the Beer on the rest of the Snails.
TALK to the man, who's sitting on the anthill. USE the Ladder on the anthill.
Now everybody is suffering from Diarrhea.                 (671)
GO to the anthill and take the Ladder. GO to Mom and GIVE her the Snails. GO 
to the watertower and fill the empty bottles with water. DRINK the Water.
GO to your Pharmacy and TAKE the bags of Baking Soda.ENTER The Pharmacy to 
make a medicine for Diarrhea. (Using your Guide)
GO to the Watertower and use the Ladder on the base of it. CLIMB the Ladder.
USE the Ladder again on the watertower and climb it. CLICK the hand icon on
the Rope in your inventory to make a Lasso. USE the Lasso on the pole on top
of the watertower. CLIMB the Rope and MOVE to the hatch. OPEN the hatch and
USE the medicine on the hatch.                            (698)
In the middle of the night, when you're sleeping Srini wakes you up and tells
you the assay office is on fire.
GO outside. GO to the schoolhouse. PUT the Soda on the right-hand side of the 
seesaw. USE the swing. CLICK the hand icon on the swing 3 times (you're now
swinging at top speed). CLICK the Hand icon on the roof of the schoolhouse.
CLICK the hand icon on the left-hand side of the seesaw and you'll take care 
of the fire.
GO to the Cemetery. TAKE the Shovel and USE it on your friend's grave. CLICK
the hand icon on the open grave and you'll take a key from the dead body.
TAKE some Clay from the grave. USE the Shovel on the grave.
GO to Madame Ovaree's Place. TALK to the Sheriff and the other guy. ENTER the
house and TAKE the Postcards from the table.
Madame Ovaree comes in and tells you to leave town, because the Sheriff and
the Banker want you dead.                                 (727)


The next day. When you wake up GO downstairs, TALK to Srini, EXIT the shop.
TAKE the Horse Flop and GO to Mom's cafe. TAKE a Coffee.
USE the Horse Flop on the floor and GO to the Yard behind the Saloon.
TAKE the Pie from the window and GO to the sheriff.
GIVE him the Coffee and the Pie. (He'll give you Bullets and a Cleaning Kit).
GO to Bank and SHOW the Deposit Key to the Banker. TAKE your Pistols and your
Neckerchief from the box.
GO to the Cemetery and TALK to Srini. USE the Cleaning Kit on the Pistols, USE
the Bullets on the Pistols and PUT the empty Bottles on the Fence.
Don't USE the fast forward icon during the Arcade Sequence, just shoot all the
Bottles and you'll get some extra points.                 (772)
TALK to Srini and GO to Chester Field's Store to TALK to Willy. SHOW him the
Clay and exit the Store, ENTER the Store and Willy will be gone. TAKE his
GO to the Barber and SHOW him your Claim Check for your Boots. GIVE him the
Postcards and he'll give you some Laughing Gas. EXIT the Shop.
USE the Knife on the Wax, USE the Clay on the Wax Ear and ENTER the Pharmacy.
TAKE Srini's Medallion from the wall and go to the back room.
CLICK the hand icon on the shelves.
PUT the Medallion in a crucible. LIGHT the alcohol lamp. USE the Wax Filled
Mold on fire. USE the crucible on fire. USE the Empty Mold on the crucible
with the moulted medallion. CLICK the hand icon on the Silver Filled Mold and 
you've got a Silver Ear.
PUT on your Cowboy Outfit.                                (807)


Go to the saloon. LOOK at the guy with the black hat, he's cheating.
When he cheats CLICK the look & hand icon on him.
FIRE at the brass rail behind you and the chandelier will fall on the cheater.
When you try to EXIT the saloon, you'll hear gunshots.
EXIT the saloon through the back door. GO upstairs. USE the Canister of
Laughing gas on the red, white and blue cloth.
GO to Madame Ovaree's place. ENTER the old gazebo. SHOOT at the canister in
the top right side of the screen.
GO NORTH. PLAY the arcade sequence.                       (862)
When Kenny the Kid comes and you're done talking, SHOOT at him as soon as you
can. You'll hit his gun, but he'll hit your ear, but you'll survive.
USE the Neckerchief on your bleeding ear and GO to the schoolhouse.
CLICK the hand icon on your body when Penelope tells you to drop your guns.
PICK up the Child's Slate from the desk and Penelope knocks you down and
fastens you on a chair.
CLICK the hand icon on the chair till you fall down.
CLICK the hand icon on the ear.
CLICK the Ear on the floor.
Click the Sharp Ear on the rope.                          
When Penelope takes a sword, TAKE one too.
PLAY the Arcade sequence by using the Sword on Penelope.
When Kenny the Kid enters, THROW the Sharp Ear at him.    (999)

That's it, you got 999 points out of 999.
Now just watch the EPILOGUE: GO REST YOUNG MAN.

See you at another Sierra Adventure  !!

SOLVED BY: Hafeez Ahmad
           Ohmstraat 118
           2561 SH The Hague
           The Netherlands.