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Galdregon's Domain manual



The  legends surrounding the five gems of Zator were well known.  Each of the five gems gave magical
powers  to their holder,  however, the power of a gem could be used for evil as well as good. It was 
also known that if the five gems were brought together the holder would possess powers beyond all other

In  Galdregon's  Domain you play the part of a freebooter barbarian,  a northlander whose bravery and
skill in combat are renowned. You have travelled south to the city of Seenar to seek fame and fortune. 
It has been a long and arduous journey through the lands of Mezron,  after many days you reach your 
destination, the castle of King Rohan.

Granted an audience with the King,  you are ushered into the main hall.  King Rohan, The Usurper, sits 
among his courtiers,  he looks greatly troubled. He orders you to be seated then recounts his story. 
He tells you that the high  priests  of Shool,  the diabolic sect of the accursed,  have once more 
resurrected the  long  dead  arcane wizard, Azazael. 

He  who once brought chaos to the world has risen again to seek vengeance on mankind.  One moon ago 
King Rohan sent  out  spies,  to  search the land for Azazael and discover his evil plans.  All the 
spies met with  slow, painful,  agonised tortured deaths.  However, one lived long enough to report 
that Azazael plans to retrieve the five gems of Zator and thus enslave mankind.

Only the location of one Gem is known,  it lies deep within the catacombs of the castle itself.  The 
gem holder, an evil Lich, rules over the ancient crypts, inhabited by an army of undead zombies and 
skeletons. The King sent a dozen of his b ravest knights together with his most battle hardened troops 
into the crypts but all have perished. He suggests that you first search for the other gems before 
taking on the evil crypt dwelling denizens.

He hands you a dagger,lantern,healing potion and a loaf of bread & bids you return with the five gems 
of Zator.


You  take  on the role of the barbarian hero,  who is unequalled in combat amongst the men of the 
Northlands, however this quest will be,  by far,  your toughest trial.  To play GD successfully you 
must not attempt to kill all the creatures,  human or otherwise that you meet, although your strength 
in combat is generally much greater than your opponents you cannot possibly take them all on and win.

You  must  employ  stealth and cunning to outwit your opponents.  It may be necessary to run  from  a  
tribe  of Hobgoblins so you can sneak around them to steal a gem. The basic aim of GD is to recover 
the five gems of Zator & return them to King Rohan.

Each Gem is known to be held by one of five powerful creatures.  You can be sure that the gem holders 
will be no push over,  so before you attempt to take them on, try to gain some knowledge of their 
strengths and weaknesses. 

The best source of information will be local inns dott  ed about the countryside. There  are many 
objects in the lands of Mezron that may aid,  or hinder you in your quest,  weapons such as  the Great 
Two Handed Sword of the Stone Giants or the Daggers of Quarx.  Magical items such as wands and cloaks 
will give  you  great power over your enemies and casting a fireball from a scroll will give  you  the 
edge.  Potion bottles can also be found,  some of which increase strength while others contain poison.  
Other objects include plate metal armour and food.

Do  not expect to complete GD in one evening.  There are thousands of locations and hundreds of 
characters  with which to interact. If you find one dungeon too tough, search another area & return 
later in the game.


Top half is your view of the action.  At bottom left are six icons; Combat,Compass & Potions on top 
row; Status, Commands  and scrolls on bottom row.  Centre bottom is the commands menu window to the 
right of which are  up  & down scroll arrows, while to the right of these are the Movement icons. A 
message window is below the main one.


To access between the map screen, the inventory screen and the main screen, click on the right mouse 
button. As you move around the lands of Mezron your position will be shown, on the map screen, by a 

You  begin your quest inside the castle of Secnar in audience with King Rohan,  when you leave the  
castle your cross will be displayed just below the castle, on the map.

You will need to visit most of the places shown on the map in order to recover the five gems of Zator.  
Visiting the  regions many inns and taverns may yield useful clues to aid you in your quest.  If you 
enter a building or confined space, you will not be able to use the map screen.


You  may access the inventory screen at any time during the game just click on the right mouse button  
until it appears.  When  you enter a location which contains objects,  the OBJECT indicator on the 
status screen will be highlighted.  The inventory window will allow you to access two pull-down menus,  
one for your character and one for your current location. Objects may be exchanged between the two 
windows, placed in other objects or used. To move  objects between the windows,  just click on them 
and drag them across.  To place an object within another object,  first double-click on the container 
to open it and you may then put objects in or taake them out of the object.  You can now close the 
container by clicking on its title and move the container into a larger container or move it. It may 
seem complicated, but evrything works logically and is quite easy to understand.

FOOD - By placing a collected food icon over the mouth of the barbarian will cause him to eat it & 
increase  his stamina level. Stamina affects how fast you can fight your opponents.

ARMOUR  -  By placing a collected clothing item over the barbarian will cause him to wear  that  item,  
such as chainmail and shields, all of which increase your armour.

WEAPON - The currently held weapon will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  
This is the one you selected in the main screen.

ITEM - The currently grabbed object name will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.


Action  in  GD is via the mouse.  The right mouse button is used to toggle between the  map,  inventory 
&  main screens.  The  left & right icons allow you to rotate around ninety degrees to face in any of 
the  four  compass point directions.  To move forward click on the up icon.  Clicking on the down icon 
will cause your character to step  backwards,  but remain facing in the same direction.  The compass 
displayed on the main screen  is  always updated.  An alternative way to move is with the arrow keys.  
The icons on the left are selected by clicking  on them with the let mouse button, or using the function 
keys F1 to F5.


Clicking on the weapon icon will bring up a dispaly of the weaponry you have.  Clicking on a name will 
select it for use.  Unfortunately,  in combat weapons have a short life and could break,  so have a 
second weapon ready in case. To fight, click on the character you wish to attack. Continue clicking 
until the character dies. When  dead,  you can search the body for useful objects,  just access the 
location inventory window  to  examine objects in your vicinity.


The careful use of scrolls & potions are vital to the success of your quest within the domain. Potions 
are substances of great power, there affects ranging from healing wounds to the strength of a giant.
When you pick up a potion & place it in your backpack just click on the potion symbol on the main 
display panel. To  use a potion,  simply access the potions menu and click on the one you wish to use.  
Some potions have  more than one draft & you may wish to click on it several times to imbibe its 
contents. When empty it disappears from the inventory screen and the potions menu. (Empty bottles are 


The Heart Icon dispalys y  our current status. Health, Stamina & Strength are all displayed in command 
window. Combat,  eating mouldy or poisoned food will effect your status. If your stamina becomes too 
low, your reactions will slow down.  You will find it difficult to move and fight.  Check the status 
display before combat.  If your health is low, it may be worth retreating. If it reaches zero, you die.

The  status window also tells you if objects are in the area by being highlighted.  If there are  
characters  in your location then the characters indicator will be highlighted.


The command icon gives a list of available commands.  Not all commands will fit in the window,  so use 
the small up and down arrows to scroll through them. There functions are:

OPEN/CLOSE - This will open/close an unlocked door.

LOCK/UNLOCK - If you have the right key you can lock/unlock doors.

TALK - To communicate with a character you meet.

RUN - In a tricky situation use this to retrace your last movements.

TELEPORT - With the right magical item, you can teleport to the safety of an inn from anywhere in Mezron

BUY ALE - When stamina is low, go to an inn and buy from the barman.

BUY HEALING - Many clerics roam the land, selling their healing powers.

LOAD/SAVE - gives a seperate menu listing the disk commands.


These are parchments of human flesh and give the holder magical powers equal to those of the wizards 
themselves. When  placed  in your backpack,  click on the scroll symbol & click on the one you wish to  
use.  When used, it disappears from your inventory as it disintegrates when read.


THE LABYRINTH - Known to be the lair of an evil Medusa whose gaze turns all to stone.  Her labyrinth is 
littered with  the  petrified bodies of those who entered her lair.  Powerful minotaurs keep intruders 
out of  her  royal chambers where great treasures are kept.

THE CAVES OF DOOM - A great race of Dwarves live here. They mine gold within the myriad passages and 
guard their treasures. It's rumoured a great rock monster lives in the caves extending the mines.

THE  FOREST OF ELVES - The last real haven for the shy race of elves.  They are in battle with Azazael  
and  may prove to be valuable allies in the quest for the gems.

THE TEMPLE OF SET - Here the followers of the snake god worship.  They are all evil and those who do not  
follow their  cult are sacrificed.  Many peasants have been taken for their foul rites.  The high 
priestess of Set is known to be able to change into a demon form at will to devour her enemies.

THE ASSASSINS GUILD - Suspected of being in league with the evil Azazael,  they can be recognized by 
their green garb and poisoned blades. Few live long enough to tell of their hideout.

THE TOWER OF THE NECROMANCER - The place where an evil cleric of Shool raises the dead to do his 
bidding.  It is said that once killed he will rise again and again to do battle.

LORD THULL'S TOWER - Once the Kings champion,  he is now banished to this tower for plotting to usurp 
the throne of Mezron.

THE  TOWER  OF THE DEMON MASTER - He who lives here is rumoured to be able to conjure demons from  the  
pits  of hell. None dare enter the tower for dreadful screams can be heard from within.

*** THE END ***