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Gauntlet manual

Gauntlet *

U.S Gold Ltd., Units 2/3 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6 7AX.
Telephone: 021 356 3388


THOR the Warrior
    ARMOUR: Tough skin - eliminates 20% of damage
    SHOT POWER: Excellent - twice normal power
    HAND TO HAND: Excellent - Battle axe - can destroy generators
    MAGIC POWER: Poor - damages most monsters and no generators

THYRA the Valkyrie
    ARMOUR: Shield - eliminates 30% of damage
    SHOT POWER: Poor
    HAND TO HAND: Good - Sword - can destroy generators
    MAGIC POWER: Moderatre - damages most monsters and generators

MERLIN the Wizard
    ARMOUR: None
    SHOT POWER: Good
    HAND TO HAND: Poor - Bare hands - cannot destroy generators
    MAGIC POWER: Excellent - destorys all monsters and generators

    ARMOUR: Leather - elminiates 10% of damage
    SHOT POWER: Poor
    HAND TO HAND: Moderate - Dagger - cannot destroy generators
    MAGIC POWER: Very good - destroys almost all monsters and generators


The monster pours out of the generators which lie throughout the
dungeons.  Each generator creates a specific type of monter ie. ghosts
or demons.  There are three levels of generator, the strongest
producing the thoughest monsters. Shoot the generators to destroy
them. Monterst too, have three strenghts, the most powerful taking
three hits to kill.

GHOSTS: Stay away from ghosts. They hit you only once and disappear.
One hit hurts a lot. Shoot ghosts, do not run into them!

GRUNTS: Grunts will run up to you and hit you with their clubs over
and over. Either move the joystick towards them to fight them
hand-to-hand or shoot them.

DEMONS: Demons will try to shoot fireballs at you if they can, or if
they are too close they will bite you again and again. Fireballs hurt
more than biting does. Either move the joystick towards them to fight
hand-to-hand or shoot them.

LOBBERS: Lobbers will try to lob rocks over walls and other things in
the maze to hit you. They will also try to run away from you. Try to
shoot them or trap them in a corner and fight them hand-to-hand.

SORCERERS: Sorcerers try to fool you by disappearing while moving.
When they are invisible, your shots will go through them. Either move
the joystick towards them to fight them hand-to-hand or shoot them.

DEATH: Death will drain health from you. He will take up to 200 points
and then die. The only way to kill Death is with magic. Don't even
think about fighting them hand-to-hand!


Around the dungeons are objects to collect and avoid:

POTIONS: Some potions can be shot although their effect is less
powerful when then when they are collected and used.

SPECIAL POTIONS: These behave as normal potions when shot but endow
the player with special abilities if collected. These include:

  EXTRA ARMOUR - increases protection
  EXTRA MAGIC POWER - increases the effect of potions
  EXTRA SHOT SPEED - increases missile speed
  EXTRA SHOT POWER - increases damage inflected by missiles
  EXTRA FIGHT POWER - increases hand to hand combat ability
  EXTRA PICKUP POWER - increases carrying ability from ten to fifteen times

FOOD: Plates of meat increase health by 100 and give a bonus of 100
score points.

CIDER: Cider bottles can be shot and destroyed. When drunk this acts
like food.

POISON CIDER: This can be shot. When drunk takes one special power or
a potion and 100 health points!

KEYS: Score 100 points for collecting. Use keys to open doors.

TREASURE: Treasure chests cannot be shots but give 100 points when

AMULET: This magic device confers limited invinsibility on the wearer
for a short time.

WALLS: In general walls are imprenetable objects, but some walls
crumble when shot.

TRAPS: These glowing patterns on the floor make some walls disappear
when stepped on.

TRANSPORTERS: Glowing red discs on the floor, transpaort players to
the nearest visible transporter. If several transporters are the same
distance away, then one is chosen by random. There are ways to
influence your direction. Can you find them?

EXITS: These labelled holes lead down to the next level or to the one

Treasure rooms appear randomly and the player has a fixed time to
collect as many valuables as possible within a time limit. There is no
score unless the player escapes.

In general players are immune to the other player's shots but in some
areas of the dungeons, missiles can stun or injure fellow players.

If players do not fight for about half a minute, the locked doors will
dissapear, freeing all the monsters. Eventually, if players still
avoid combat then all the walls will turn into exits!


Choose a one or two player games and the character you want to portray
by pointing the gauntlet and pressing the fire button when asked to do
so. New players can enter the game whenever they like by pressing the
fire button.  If a two player game had not been selected at the start,
the computer will choose a random character for the new player to use.

How long you last depends upon your health. Health is lost by contact
with the monsters and as time elapses. It can be regained by picking
up the food which can be found in the maze. Be careful, some food can
be destroyed by your shots and some may be poisoned.

The object of the game is to survive the monsters' attacks for as long
as possible while competing for food, treasure and magic potions. You
must also search the maze to find the exit to the next level.


* Hold the fire button to shoot.
* Release the fire button to move.
* Shoot monster generators to destroy them.
* Move towards monsters to fight hand-to-hand.
* Hand-to-hand combat scores more points.
* Food increase health by 100 points.
* Poisoned food looks a little different from normal food.
* Treasure is worth 100 points.
* Playing as a team will give you the best chance of survival.
* Stay away from death unless you have a magic potion.
* Co-operate in Treasure Rooms.


In early 1987, U.S. Gold will release an expansion cassette for
Gauntlet containing hundreds of new levels and treasure rooms. You
have the chance to have your own maze included on this tape!

Follow the instructions below when drawing out your maze and post it

U.S. GOLD, Units 2/3 Holford Way, Birmingham B6 7AX

The lucky few chosen will receive Gauntlet Tee shirts and a free copy
of the expansion tape or disk!

1. The Gauntlet universe is a grid of 32 by 32 blocks.
2. The Players' window scrolls so that only 16 blocks wide by 10 tall
are visible at any time.
3. There must be only one start and at least one exit.
4. The top row of blocks must always be occupied and any other block
may be any one of the following: Floor, wall, destructible wall, trap
wall, door, start, exit, treasure, destructible food, non-destructible
food, poisonous food, destructible potion, non-destructible potion,
invisibility, key, trap, transporter, ghost, grunt, demon, lobber,
sorcerer, death or generator.

In addition to the above, there are other special features which can
be enabled. These include:

1. Stun: Players' shots stun other players.
2. Hurt: Players' shots hurt other players.
3. Pick an Exit: When the players enter this level, only one of the
exits will be placed in the levels. The others will become floor.
4. Vertical scroll: Normally the screen stops scrolling vertically at
the top and bottom of a level. Selecting this option would prevent
this and allow the players to see what is on the opposite side.
5. Horizontal scroll: This is similar to Vertical scroll except that
this is for horizontal scrolling.

Use the symbols below when making your map:

Key to Sumbols:
Floor:                       Blank   Descructible Food:           DF
Wall:                        **      Non-destructible food:       NF
Destructible Wall:           *3      Poisoned food:               PF
Trap Wall:                   *T      Destructible Potion:         DB
Horizontal Wall:             --      Non-destructible Potion:     NB
Vertical Wall:               ||      Invisibility Amulet:         IN
Start:                       ST      Key:                         KY
Exit:                        E1      Trap:                        TP
Treasure:                    $$      Transporter:                 TR
GHOSTS:                              GRUNTS:
Ghost, Strong:               G3      Grunts, Strong:              R3
Ghost, Medium:               G2      Grunts, Medium:              R2
Ghost, Weak:                 G1      Grunts, Weak:                R1
Generator, Strong (coffin):  C3      Generator, Strong (lair):    L3
Generator, Medium (coffin):  C2      Generator, Medium (lair):    L2
Generator, Weak (coffin):    C1      Generator, Weak (lair):      L1
DEMONS:                              LOBBERS:
Demon, Strong:               D3      Lobbers, Strong:             B3
Demon, Medium:               D2      Lobbers, Medium:             B2
Demon, Weak:                 D1      Lobbers, Weak:               B1
Generator, Strong (hole):    H3      Generator, Strong:           N3
Generator, Medium (hole):    H2      Generator, Medium:           N2
Generator, Weak (hole):      H1      Generator, Weak:             N1
Sorcerer, Strong:            Z3      Generator, Medium (castle):  T2
Sorcerer, Medium:            Z2      Generator, Weak (castle):    T1
Sorcerer, Weak:              Z1      Mr. Death:                   DT
Generator, Strong (castle):  T3

Example Map - level 4:

 **                    C2$$                    $$
 **          C1$$                    C3        DF
 **    ************************************************    **
 **  $$**                                C3          **    **
 **  L3**                DF                C3        **    **
 **    **                                    C3      **    **DF$$
 **    **  $$************************************$$$$**    **
 **    **  L3**                                **    **    **
 **    **    **                                **    **    **
 **L3  **L3  **      ********************      **    **    **C3
 **    **    **      **KY            DB**L1    **    **    **
 **    **  L3**      **                **      **    **    **
 **$$$$**    **      **                **      **    **    **
 **    **    **L2    **                **      **    **    **  C2
 **    **    **      **                **      **    **    **
 **  L3**    **      **          ST    **      **    **    ******
 **    **    **      **                **      **    **    **  E8
 **    **    **      **                **      **    **    **C3
 **    **    **      **                ||R1    **    **    **
 **    **    **      **                ||R1    **    **    **
 **    **    **      **                ||R1    **C3  **  L1**
 **    **    **      **R1        R1    ||R1    **$$  **    **  $$
 **    **    **      ****************************    **    **  C2
 **    **    **      C2                              **L1  **
 **    **    **                                      **$$  **
 **    **    ******************************************    **
 **    **    $$L2                $$L2                      **
 **L3  **                                                  **
 **    ******************************************************$$$$
 **                        C1                          L3
 **E1      L3                                C2

GAUNTLET - Loading Instructions

Commodore 64 Disk    Type LOAD "*",8,1 and press RETURN
Commodore 64 Cass.   Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys together.
                     Press PLAY on the cassette recorder.
Commodore 128        Play in 64 mode.
Spectrum Cass.       Type LOAD"" and press ENETER. Press PLAY
                     on your cassette recorder.
Amstrad Disk         Hold down your SHIFT and type @ for | to
                     appear on screen then type CPM and press
                     ENTER and the game will load automatically.
Amstrad Cass.        Press CTRL and SMALL ENTER and then press
                     PLAY on your cassette recorder.
Atari St. Disk       Insert the disk in drive and turn on
Atari Disk           Turn on disk drive and insert disk label
                     side up. Turn on the computer and disk will
                     load automatically.
Atari Cass.          Hold down START and switch on computer.
                     After beep is heard press PLAY on cassette
                     recorder and press RETURN to load.
MSX Cass.            Type RUN"GAUNTLET" and press RETURN. Then
                     press any key.

For game control, details will appear on the screen.

* TM & (c) 1985 by Atari Games. All right reserved. Licensed to U.S.
Gold Ltd. Units 2/3 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6 7AX. Tel: 021
356 3388.  Copyright subsists on this programme. Unauthorised
broadcasting, diffusion, public performance, copying or re-recording,
hiring, leasing, renting and selling under any exchange or repurchase
scheme is prohibited.