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Genocide other - readme file

-------------------------------- Genocide v6.01 -------------------------------   

                   A PyroSoft production (c) James Payne, 1996.

    - A fun tank combat game for up to four players!
    - Hi-res VGA graphics!
    - 3D landscape!
    - Many weapons to choose from!
    - Read on to find out about the other cool things!

Program Information:

The following files should be included in the Genocide archive file:
GENOCIDE.EXE    --- the main game file
GENOCIDE.DAT    --- a data file
SVGA256.BGI     --- Graphics routines for SVGA 
GENOCIDE.TXT    --- a longer info file
3DDATA.PYR      --- a data file
README.TXT      --- this file
FILE_ID.DIZ     --- a short information file
TECHINFO.TXT    --- a pointless tech - info file
SOUNDS.TXT      --- a useful sounds info file

Game Information:

Genocide is a four player game of tank warfare. Each player takes it in turn to
aim and fire a missile of some sort at an opponent. Points are scored for doing 
damage to an enemy tank. At the end of each round, money is awarded to 
buy new and better weapons, and defensive utilities. 
You may well have played a similar game before, but not in 3D!
Yes, Genocide is in full wonderful PyroVision 3D.
Have Fun. Please.

Read the file GENOCIDE.TXT for even more wonderful information.

This version is the final release ever of Genocide, and as such is completely
free. Hooray!

All Trademarks Acknowledged.

     (c) James Payne 1997, a PyroSoft production. All rights reserved.