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Goblins 3 walkthrough


1 ... The Vessel, the Idol, the Dead

How do I get the parrot to help me?
Undo the knotted rope on the top deck of the boat. Use the golf club on the
parrot. Use the coin from inventory on the hook by the doorway. Pick up the
hook and attach it to the loop. Take pepper and plunger from the toolbox. Use
the plunger on Chump stuck in the hole. Position Blount by the hook. Use Chump
on the weight to lower the hook. When the umbrella appears, use Blount to take
it. The umbrella falls back into hole fast, so repeat until you get the timing

How do I get the tooth? What do I do with it?
You must have Chump and the umbrella. Put Blount at the front of the ship on
the right hand. Position Chump on the spring board at the front corner of the
boat to toss Blount up to the head. Pick up the tooth with Blount. Walk Blount
to the barrel. Put the umbrella in the hole of the barrel. Cut the rope above
Blount's head with the tooth.

How do I get started with the Idol scene?
Use the umbrella on the hot air hole. Click on the crevice to look at Wynnona.
You must take out each of the guards.

How can I get past Hercules, Gromelon and Mac?
Hit Hercules and Gromelon with the golf club. Use the coin on Mac. When he
picks it up, hit him with the club.

How can I get past Banzia, Kendo, Zembla, Django and Punky?
Put the piece of bread toast in the helmet. Crush the crumbs with the club.
Pick up the crumbs in the helmet. Use the springy stone by the idol to Bounce
behind Banzia. Put the crumbs in Banzia's collar. When he wriggles, hit him
with the golf club. Take Banzia's shield. Use the stone hand on Kendo. While he
is distracted, hit him with the golf club. Put the shield on the branch by
Zembla. Get behind Zembla and use the pepper on him. When he sneezes, he'll
knock himself out on the shield. Pick up the club. Use Chump to distract the
guard. When the guard sticks out his tongue, pull it with Blount. Use the
wooden club on the ladder. Position Blount up the ladder and behind the stone.
Use Chump to divert the last guard's attention. When he moves one step forward,
push the rock with Blount. Timing is important.

I'm in a completely blacked out room. What do I do?
In the darkness find the matches and strike them on the rough surface towards
the top center of the screen. Click on the scythe to retrieve a piece of it.
Set the 3 Wisps free by using the scythe on their dens. You must catch each

How do I catch the Blue Wisp?
To catch the blue wisp cut the clown's water squirting tube with the scythe.
Take the spectacles from the clown's pocket. Put them on the skull. Open the
top of the skull by clicking on it. The blue wisp will enter the skull. Close
the skull and reopen it to retrieve the blue wisp.

How do I catch the Yellow Wisp?
To catch the Yellow Wisp set the pirate's wooden leg on fire. Put the fire out
with water from the tube. Pick up the Yellow Wisp and put it in the bowl. Press
the button near the blood inscription. Pick up the mirror that falls. Put the
Blue Wisp inside the bowl. When the screen turns green, take the cork from the
hand. Use the mirror on the green hand.

How do I catch the Red Wisp?
To catch the Red Wisp use the ladle on the inscription to take some blood
samples. Pour the blood in the bottle the pirate is holding. Pick up the
bottle. Use blood on the pedestal. Use the cork on the bottle. Remove the Blue
Wisp and Yellow Wisp with the ladle. Add the Red wisp to the bowl. When the
screen turns red, put the scythe on the vampire's head. Add the Blue Wisp to
the bowl. Put the spectacles on the ghost skull that emerges when the screen is
purple. Put all 3 Wisps in the bowl.

2 ... The Countryside, the Inn, Wynnona in the Fort

How do I extinguish the burning building?
Pick up two pieces of the stone formation at the left side of the castle. Take
the haystack by the burning building. Plunge the haystack into the water basin.
Use resulting sponge on the fire to extinguish it.

How can I get the piece of meat in the mouse trap?
Take the pitchfork and use it on the meat in the mouse trap.

How can I talk to the people in the castle?
After you take the meat out of the trap, position Chump on the mouse trap. Use
the stone hand with Blount to activate the trap. Chump will be thrown up to the
castle. Place Blount on the mouse trap. Bringing Chump back to the ground
activates the trap. Blount is thrown up to the castle. Use Blount to raise the
princess' roof and talk to her.

How can I talk to the Knight?
After you have spoken with the princess in the castle, put the dolmen on the
thorns blocking the Knight's way. Talk to the Knight. He will give you the
memorum potion. Pour memorum in the water basin. Find your way to the Inn on
right side of screen.

How do I spice the meat?
Go to the Inn. Take the spoon on the floor. Put it on the stone near the exit
to the Countryside. Go through the crack in the wall near Korin's sword. Take a
sugar cube from the plate near the Customer. To get down from the table, click
on the coffee mug. Put Chump on the spoon. Use the sugar cube with Blount to
catapult Chump up to the shelf. Place Blount by the Captain's right arm. Use
Chump on the paprika and he will start to sneeze. Have Blount place the meat
under the paprika cloud. The meat is now spiced. If not, keep trying until it
is spiced. Back to the Countryside at the left of the screen.

How do I get the dragon to drink the Memorum potion?
Place the gold coin in the ear hole of the dragon's den. Put the pitchfork in
the nose hole of the dragon's den. Put the spiced meat on the pitchfork. The
dragon will eat it, then drink from the basin and his memory will be restored.
From now on the dragon will help Blount. Retrieve the coin.

How do I get the Captain to give me a note to travel?
You must restore the dragon's memory with the Memorum potion first so he will
help you. After you have, go see the customer in the back of the Inn. Put Chump
on his right hand. Give the sugar cube to the customer. Chump is thrown in the
air and grabs a leash. Use the plunger on the base of Othello's cage. Use the
leash on the plunger. Click on the leash to climb up to Othello. Give him the
coin and he will give you his key in exchange. Use the little key to open his
door under the cage. Use the dragon on the open doorway to recover the lost
note. Get the key and return it to Othello to retrieve the coin. Talk to the
Captain. Give the note to the Captain and take the message he gives you. Give
the carved stone to Korin. You are now able to see Wynnona through Korin's
sword handle.

As Wynnona, how can I reach Fourbalus?
You need to make dynamite. Find the gun powder at upper left of screen. Take
some. Pluck some hair off the little orange animal to use as fuses. Pick up the
stick by the monk. With the stick, reach the flint behind the monk. Ooya
appears from his hiding place within the monk. Use the flint on the flute that
the Inca is holding. Click on the pipes that used to be the flute to place

How do I make dynamite?
Place a pipe in the hole. Put the powder, then fuse, into the erect pipe. You
can blow up the beam and the bricks with this dynamite. Use the flint on the
stone head to light the dynamite stick. Click the cursor where you want the
dynamite to land when thrown. Use the stick on the skull to remove the helmet.
Pick up the helmet from the rock wall. Use the flint on the sticky bark.
Collect the glue in the helmet. Create another stick of dynamite, but add glue
to the fuse before you light it. Throw the glued stick of dynamite on the door
to blow it up.

How do I make a larger stick of dynamite?
Put another pipe in place and then use the flint on the pipe. A flute will be
created to give back to the Inca. The Inca starts playing the flute and a
condor will appear. Using Ooya, click on the condor. This places Ooya on the
condor. Click on the bag that is sitting by Fourbalus as Ooya flies by. Use a
small dynamite stick to blow up the rock at the bottom right of the screen. The
rock had been covering a bamboo shoot. Use Ooya on the bamboo shoot to make it
grow. Wynnona now can pick the bamboo to and make larger dynamite sticks.

What do I do if I run out of fuses?
Make the skull's hair grow with Ooya. You can use the hair for fuses.

How do I get to Fourbalus?
You can blow up the basement window, the grate and the wall with big sticky
dynamite. Talk to Fourbalus after everything is blown up. Wynnona will be
transformed into a butterfly. Blount can now use the exit to go to the town.
The exit is in the middle of the screen beneath right window.

3 ... The Town, the Store, the Lab

How do I hatch the Boucassier egg?
Talk to Nanny. Put the umbrella on the roof to plug the hole. Talk to Nanny
again and she'll give you a hot water bottle for helping her. Put it on the
Boucassier egg on the roof. The egg will hatch.

What do I do in the Store?
Give the coin to the shopkeeper. Give him the message from the Captain. Get the
egg and the key from the shelf to the left. Use the key on the moon-lamp, which
turns Blount into Wolfy. Use Wolfy on the cupboard to throw it to the bottom
level. Climb on the cornice up by the moon-lamp and jump on the cupboard. Take
the hammer from the crack in the cupboard. Jump on the sofa by the shopkeeper
and a spring appears. Use the spring to fling Wolfy up onto the shelf. Use the
hammer on the gidouille horn. Pick up the horn that is knocked off. Use the
hammer on the storage chest on the lower level. Grab the bird decoy from inside
the hole in the chest. Take the spaghetti from behind the shopkeeper. Go the

How do I make the Growlixir potion?
Ring the door bell of the Lab twice. Click on the door to open it. Put the
Boa-Boa egg on the hot water bottle to hatch it. The Growlixir ingredients are;
Crushed eggshell, burned horn of a gidouille, and cooked spaghetti. Crush the
eggshell in the mortar with the pestle. Burn the horn of the gidouille with a
lighter in the ashtray. Turn on the faucet. Use the cup of water on the kettle
and put in the piece of spaghetti. Use the lighter to light the heater under
the pot. Remove the cooked spaghetti. Put the 3 ingredients in the mixer and
turn it on.

What do I do with the Growlixir potion?
Use the Growlixir potion on baby Boa-Boa Fulbert to make him grow. In town use
the Growlixir on the plant at the entrance to the store. Click on the lever at
the far right of town. Position Blount on the cannonball and use Fulbert on the
lever until Blount is on roof. Make Fulbert climb the grown plant at the front
of the store. To cross the gap between the roofs use Fulbert like a plank to
walk on. Pick up the sole lying on the roof. Bring Blount and Fulbert back down
to the ground through the chimney. Use the Growlixir to grow the bud at the
foot of the young woman.

How do I get the recipe for the Wingixir?
You must use the Growlixir to grow the bud near the young woman. Have Fulbert
climb the stem so the young woman will drop the love letter. Pick it up with
Blount. Put the letter in front of a mirror. You'll see the recipe for the

How do I get the floriane flower?
Make Fulbert climb the stem near the young woman. A floriane flower falls. Pick
it up before it disappears in the gutter. If you don't succeed, try again until
you get the flower.

How do I get the crocomouth bone, soap, and my coin?
In the store push the button on the shelf with Fulbert. The monster will eat
the piece of meat. Use the hammer on the hatch with Wolfy. Wolfy recovers the
crocomouth bone. Pick up the night stand with Wolfy while Fulbert recovers the
soap. Hit the shopkeeper with hammer to get the coin.

What do I do if I make the wrong potion?
If you mix the wrong ingredients, empty the potion into the trash. Click on the
trash with one hand, and use the other to pour the useless potion in.

How do I make the Speedixir?
The ingredients of the Speedixir are; Crushed bone of crocomouth, essence of
floriane and boiled sole. Crush the bone of crocomouth in the mortar with the
pestle. Fill the kettle with water. Put in the sole and light the stove with
the lighter. Remove the boiled sole from the pot. Put the floriane in the still
and then use the lighter on the burner of the still. Take the essence of
floriane, the broiled sole, and the crushed bone and place in the mixer. Turn
on the mixer. Pour the resulting potion into a bottle on the shelf.

What do I do with the Speedixir?
In the town use the Speedixir on Blount to make him run faster. Give the baby
Boucassier some Growlixir. To get to the bell, use Fulbert like a plank. Use
the bird decoy on the bell and the female Boucassier appears. Position Fulbert
over the gap. Run and tap Boucassier's shoulders then immediately run down
before he loses a feather. Pick up the feather before it disappears in the
gutter. Repeat until you get the feather.

How do I make the Wingixir?
The ingredients for Wingixir are; laughing tears, soap bubble and feather
ashes. Distill the memorum in the still to obtain laughing tears. Burn the
feather in the ashtray with the lighter. Pour water in the bowl on window sill
and add soap. Turn on the fan with the coin. Use the key in the soapy water
then immediately use the key on the fan. A soap bubble forms and floats into
the mixer. Mix the three ingredients. Pour the concoction in a bottle.

4 ... The Clouds, Colossus, Bizoo

How do I rescue Ooya from the floating island?
Pick up the knife from the clouds. Use the golf club on the fishing thread to
make a fishing pole. Go talk to Ooya who is stranded on the floating island.
Pull the cloud over the tuft of hair that is showing with the fishing pole. Go
to Foliandre and take the scope with the fishing rod. Back to the clouds. Push
on the meteorologist air pump with Blount. When the balloon is within Ooya's
reach, grab it. Have Ooya let go of balloon at the next island. Use Ooya on the
tuft of hair.

How can I return Ooya to the meteorologist's island?
Add a sand bag to the basket of the big balloon. Using the knife, cut a sand
bag from the ballast to knock out the goat. Inflate another balloon with the
pump then hurry to the cloud. Wait until the balloon is within Ooya's reach to
grab it. If the balloon drops Ooya in the wrong place, Ooya can hit the stone
and build a bridge back to the island so he can try again. Use the knife on the
cloud over the Giant while Ooya is holding the balloon. The giant sneezes,
blowing Ooya toward the geysers. Timing is very important. Position Ooya on the
extinct geyser in the center. Use Blount to block the lower geyser. Ooya is
thrown to the island of the meteorologist.

How can I get Ooya to the glacier?
Cut sand bags from the balloon until Ooya can get into it from the upper ledge.
Add sand bags to the balloon until Ooya can get off at the glacier. Use the
scope on the speck on the glacier's island. Use Ooya to defrost Bizoo who is
frozen on the glacier. Pick her up. Bizoo will help you with Colossus.

What do I do in Foliandre? How do I get by Colossus?
Position Ooya on the shovel and use the buttons to swivel the catapult to the
front. Use the big telescope on top of the tower to make Colossus activate the
catapult. Ooya should land by the cheese. Use Ooya on the cheese and a worm
will come out of it. Walk Ooya to the left to get him off the island. Swivel
the catapult to the center position. Position Blount on the shovel until he
lands on the catapult. Use Ooya to swivel catapult to right. Use Ooya to click
on the ship painting above Colossus to activate the catapult. Have Blount use
the fishing rod on the worm in the cheese.

What can I go fishing for with the worm and the pole?
In the Clouds you can use the fishing pole on the hole in the clouds to get a

How can Bizoo help me with Colossus?
Position the catapult in the center with the button. Click on the crusher robot
using the other button. Swivel the catapult to the left and fire it by using
the telescope. The rock is thrown at Colossus and knocks off his helmet. Put
Bizoo on Colossus's face.

What should I do to Colossus' face?
Enter the mouth through a tooth to get the toothpick. Put the toothpick on his
right eye lid. Look in left eye. Go through his right ear to remove the grain
of sand. Pull on a nose hair to get a tear from the left eye. Throw the grain
of sand on the tear. Get the toothpick.

What should I do with the family of fleas?
Place Bizoo at the top of the scar in Colossus's beard. Using the toothpick,
quickly get rid of the family of fleas in his beard in this order: Junior Flea,
Chubby Flea, Meme Flea, GeGe Flea, Mama Flea, and Papa Flea. Produce another
tear by pulling the nose hair. Place Bizoo on it to cross the barrier of hair.
Click on the grain of sand to kick it off Colossus.

What do I do with the grain of sand?
Use the sawfish to saw the base of the right column holding Colossus's hammock.
Use Ooya on Blount in the cage to detach his shadow. The shadow can then pick
up the grain of sand. Put it in the catapult machine and use Ooya on the ship
painting to activate the machine. Pick up the gearing that flies out of the
catapult. Using the knife, open up the robot by Fourbalus. Put the gearing into
the robot. Take the pollen that the robot expels. Place the piece of pollen on
Colossus's face.

What do I do with the piece of pollen?
Jump on Colossus's nose. When the hand gets close to the nose, walk back down
to the nose. Pick up the fleck of pollen off the head band. Put the toothpick
in the left nostril. Put the pollen in his left ear. Jump on his left collar to
push the pollen through.

5 ... Queen Zina, King Bodd

What should I do in the Queen's throne room?
Click on the Queen. When her body guard shows up, hit him with the hammer. Take
the body guard's gun. Kiss the Queen and when Mrs. Pyphie hides her eyes take
the wand. Put Fulbert in the dish on the table. Click on the vegetables with
Wolfy. Click on the light that is not swinging with Wolfy to reach the
fireplace. Pick up the fennel. If you have trouble with the timing, try using
Fulbert, then click on Wolfy. Immediately click on the chandelier.

What do I do with the Queen's bookcase?
Go through door at far right. Position Fulbert in front of the bookcase at the
far left of screen. Put Wolfy up by the bookcase. Have Fulbert climb the pole.
Click on the glasses with Wolfy. While he is trying to get them, quickly send
Fulbert through the door to the slab below by the fountain. When properly,
Fulbert intercepts the glasses. Pick up the glasses with Wolfy. Use them on
onion with Wolfy. Have Fulbert climb the candle holder by the Queen. Take the
candle with Wolfy.

How do I leave the Queen's throne room?
Put the candle on one of the three candelabras next to the fountain. Use the
wand on the candle to light it. Blount's shadow appears and pronounces a
portion of a sentence. Move and light the candle in proper order to form a
sentence. Don't interrupt the sequence in any way. The logical order of the
sentence is "I, the shadow of the fountain, order the opening of the passage
that leads to Bodd." The mouth of the fountain opens. Enter through the

What do I do in King Bodd's throne room?
Give the hand to Bodd. Give the gun to Tibo who is sitting on the fireplace
mantel. Give the fennel to the guard on the left. His spear straightens. Use
Fulbert on Iron Head's spear to make a light fixture swing. Click on the light
that is not swinging with Blount to reach the fireplace. If you have trouble
with the timing, use Fulbert, then click on Blount. Immediately click on the
chandelier. On the mantel, talk to Wynnona-butterfly. Give the onion to the
guard on the right. While he cringes, take his ax.

How do I get the slipper?

Take a dish from the table. Give the wand to the buffoon standing to the right
of the King. Use Fulbert to make a cockroach appear out of the roach motel left
of the throne. While the King is hitting the cockroach, give the buffoon the
dish. Pick up the slipper before the guard with the spear does.

How do I return to Queen Zina?
Talk to the buffoon to get the wand. Put out each candle with the wand in the
logical order of the sentence: "Have you ever thought that your passage would
reunite these two solitary monarchs." Use the coin on Blount to cross the

What should I do when I return to the Queen?
Give the slipper to the Queen. Use Filbert in the dish on the table. Use Wolfy
on the vegetables. With Wolfy click on the light that is not swinging to reach
the fireplace. Put the ax in the pot on the fireplace mantel.

How do I get the skull for Bodd?
Move Fulbert to the candle holder by the Queen. Wolfy must hide behind the
fireplace hearth. When all of the characters appear, send Fulbert up the candle
holder. The cook throws the ax and cuts the rope on the skull. Keep repeating
if the cook misses. When the skull falls pick it up. Go through the fountain.
Give the skull to Bodd and exit through the door on the left.

6 ... The Big Book Room, the Chess Game

How do I get past the spider in the Big Book room?
Enter Big Book room through the door to the right of the chess board. Use
Fulbert on the spider web to let Wolfy pass.

What should I do in the Big Book Room?
Use the ax on the wooden ruler to make blocks. Pick up a block of wood. Take
the horse. Use Fulbert to kick up the dust. Move Wolfy under the dust until he
sneezes. When your timing is right numbers will fly. Pick up all the numbers
except the zero. Position Wolfy by the spider web and use Fulbert on the moon
to take the number nine.

Where is the number 8? What do I do with the numbers?
Get the compass out of the sculpture book. Draw the number eight using a
compass on the piece of paper and pick it up. Put all of the numbers except the
zero into the inkwell. Dip the ink brush into it. Jump three times on the
geometry book. Pick up the arrows.

What do I do with the big book? What do I do with the painting?
Open the big book. On the first page, use Wolfy on the hole in the tree. You
see an archer come out. Give him the arrows through the hole. On the next page,
draw more of the path with the ink brush. Use Wolfy on the tower. A Knight
moves forward. Give him the horse. On the next page draw a music player twice
under the window of the house. Pick up the small mandolin. Put the coin on the
wagon painting. Draw a bull in front of the wagon. Take a block of marble.
Return to the chess board. The Archer and the Knight will be in position.

How do I make the Lover and Killer chess pieces?
Sketch outlines on the wood and marble blocks using chalk on the wood and the
compass on the marble. To complete Lover, use the wood chisel with the left
hand and the hammer with the right hand to carve the rough pieces. Grab the
hammer with right. Without putting it down, immediately click on left hand and
get the wood chisel. Click on the right hand and use the hammer on the wood
chisel. Complete Killer the same way with the stone chisel instead of wood
chisel. Dip the two rough pieces in paint. Use the ink brush to finish the
detail work. Put them on the chess board.

What are the rules to this chess game?
Moves can be made as follows. All characters move one square at a time except
the Knight who moves two squares in an L shape. Bowman moves only on green
squares. Lover and Killer can move on all squares.

How do I start the chess game?
Juggle the balls with both hands and click on the pig to crack a coin slot.
Click on the chess board. The game can now start. Put the coin in the piggy
bank. Othello comes out. Play the mandolin wrong handed to hypnotize Othello.
To play the mandolin, move the right hand to the mandolin fret board and move
the left hand to the mandolin strings. Put Othello on the blue square
diagonally right of the Chaperon to make her run away.

What are the chess moves I need to make?
Move the Knight to the blue square between the Killer and the Lover. Move the
Bowman one green square at a time to the square below the Knight's starting
square. The Bowman will be lined up to shoot one of the Lancers. Move the
Bowman to the green square above so he can shoot the other Lancer. Move the
Bowman to green square in front of hangman to shoot the key off the tower.

Which moves should I make with the Lover and the Killer?
Move the Lover one square at a time to the Chaperon's square and give him the
small mandolin. Move the Lover to the key. Move the Killer to the square with
the lever to get rid of the headsman. Move the Killer to the ax left by the
headsman; he threatens the King who moves to the right then returns. Move the
Killer to the blue square diagonally below.

What are the final chess moves?

Move the Knight to the square on the right of the King in three moves as
follows: back to his original green square at far right, then to the blue
square in the exact middle of the board, and finally to the right of the king.
Move the Bowman diagonally to the tree stump square so his arrows cover the
King's left escape square. The King cannot escape the next attack from the
Killer. Move the Killer to the axe square.

7 ... The Mirrors, the Brain

What should I do in the hall of Mirrors?
Get the chicken egg. Put it in the time mirror to hatch a chick. Click the
chick on the fat mirror to get a fat chick. Move the reflection of Blount to
the passage. Click on Blount and use the chick on the passage. Select the
reflection of Blount quickly, then click on the chick. Using the reflection of
Blount, click on the big hand opening. Using the reflection of Blount click on
the skinny mirror twice to make the chick skinny. Put the chick back through
passage and get it with Blount. Use the skinny chick on the small hand opening.
This will wake up the old demon. Click the chick on the fat mirror to make the
thin chick normal. Use the baby chick on the time mirror to turn it into a
chicken. Use the chicken on the fat mirror to get a fat chicken. Exit east to
the Brain.

What should I do in this Brain maze?
Use Wolfy to break the glass window on the memory display in the center of the
screen. Use Blount to scroll through the memories. When Colossus is displayed,
use Wolfy to knock out the grain of sand. Pick up the grain with Blount. Use
Wolfy to manipulate the track lever until the track points to the Lake. Have
Blount climb into the wagon to land him on the Vision Lake shore. Put Wolfy in
the wagon to land on the Vision Lake shore.

What do I do with Wolfy at the lake shore?
Have Wolfy jump into the lake. Have Blount throw the grain of sand in the lake.
A bubble will appear in suspension. Put Wolfy in the wagon so he sails through
the bubble to burst it. Change the track switch with Wolfy. Put Wolfy in the
wagon so he hits the suspended fish. The fish should take him for a ride to the
other side of the screen. Hit the dragon decoy on the wall with Wolfy. Wolfy
will go down the well and through the door.

What do I do with Blount at the lake shore?
Have Blount throw the grain of sand in the lake after Wolfy has jumped in. Send
Blount down the red stone. Have Wolfy throw the switch to aim at the lake. Put
Blount into the wagon so he lands on the bubble, bursting it. Move Blount
quickly to the red stone. Have Wolfy change the track switch. Put Blount in the
wagon and have him hit the suspended fish. Use Blount to pick up the dragon

What do I do with the dragon decoy?
Send Blount down the well and through the door. Use the Growlixir on the plant
near the window. Use Fulbert to climb the plant to create a step. Have Blount
go to the window and use the dragon decoy on the window opening to call the
dragon. Give the dragon some Growlixir. Use the decoy on the fence and the
dragon will burn it. Move Blount through the door near the lake. Use the dragon
decoy on the dream puddle to dry it up. Pick up the key.

What do I do with the key?
Move Blount through the door. Use the key to open the box behind the fence and
take the beauty ointment. Have Blount ride the dragon to the monolith. Put the
fat chicken on the grains. Pick up the single piece of grain that remains. Have
Blount use the wagon to return to Hall of Mirrors.

What do I do with the grain of madness?
Return to the Hall of Mirrors. Throw the grain of madness on the Old Demon.
Take the concentrate of Ugliness with the Blount-reflection. Move both Blount
and his Reflection to the Mirror of Beauty. Move Blount close enough to see his
reflection in the mirror of beauty. Use the ointment of beauty on Blount. As
soon as Blount becomes good-looking, quickly switch to his Reflection. Use the
Ugliness extract on his Reflection. Both Blount and his Reflection will exit
automatically when you timed things correctly.

8 ... The Deities

What do I do with the Deities?
Talk to the Positive Pole to get the Thread of Time. Pick up the Thread of Time
from the ground. Break the wall at far right screen with the hammer. Break the
fence at far left screen with the ax. Ring the left doorbell and then as soon
as you have control, immediately ring the right doorbell. The hands will
stretch the chain across. Put Wolfy on the chain and have him pick up the
sacred score.

What do I do with the sacred score?
Dump the sacred score in the spring. Ring the bell on the left then the one on
the right. Move to the basin and when it is empty, jump into the basin to
recover the two scores.

What do I do with the red and yellow scores?
Put the red score on the demon's stand and the yellow score on the angel's
stand. Put the coin in the angel's halo on the ground. Hit the cloud with the
hammer to energize the demon's amplifier. Throw the thread of time on the two
notes that end up hovering above the basin. Ring both bells as quickly as
possible. When the timing is correct, the hands will tie the thread of time and
you will have restored harmony to the Kingdom!