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Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom walkthrough

When I first got into computers I decided to play games like wolfenstein 
3d, doom, descent, and lots of other murder games. Once I saw on my 
friends computer, an adventure game called kings quest 3. I started to 
play that game and I was amazed that in Kings Quest you could, move any 
direction, go the same place twice, and give commands. Then I left the 
murder games and started adventure games. First I finished the Kings 
Quest 3 game and then I started Hugo 3 Jungle of Doom. When I played I 
found it was hard at first, but soon I found out what to do and finished 
that game. Here is the Hugo 3 Jungle of Doom.


When the plane has crashed, the spider has bit Penelope, and the native 
girl has said "go to the pool of life and get the magic water" go east 
and then go in plane. When in the plane get cubes, flask, sandwich, pins, 
 clay. Then go out of the plane. Then go west until you reach the bridge. 
Then tie the vines together. Walk across the bridge. Take the lower path, 
as you reach the lower path, pick up the scroll, then read scroll. Finish 
lower path and go east and get the bell. Go east twice, then go behind 
the big boulder and look behind boulder. Get crystal ball. Go on North 
path. Go North, after the native says "a fair exchange is no robbery" 
give natives cubes. When you have the blow pipe, go east and go in witch 
doctors hut. When in the cage, make voodoo, stick pins in clay. When 
witch doctor goes crazy, open cage and go to mouse cage. Put sandwich in 
cage, then go to right hand side of screen. When mouse is in cage, get 
cage and get candlestick. Go out of witch doctors hut. Go south, go west, 
go west. At stream walk along the banks of the river until you find a 
spell book, pick up spell book. Go east. You need to be quick here. Put 
the cage down. Open cage. As the elephant is walking out of the screen, 
you must blow darts. Be quick now. Then go east, east, lower path, west, 
west, bottom of water fall, cross water fall, find magic pool. fill 
flask. go to other side of water fall. Go to cave. Do spell. Enter cave. 
when man asks for magic water say "yes". Then go east then east. Give 
water to Penelope.   Finish!!!