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CBM 64/128

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Screen 7

[Back of box text:]

A monstrous great white shark is terrorising the beaches of Amity
Island.  A grim discovery confirms the worst - he's out there and he's
hungry. In a bid to save the Island's falling tourist trade, Mayor
Vaughn engages a professional shark killer from the mainland.
Unfortunately, en route, a fierce storm wrecks his boat, and the means
of JAWS, destruction is scattered throughout the caves and chasms of a
meanacing sea world.

In desperation, Mayor Vaughn turns to you, Police Chief Brodie. With
your two colleagues Hooper, the shark expert, and Quint, the manic
shark hunter, you set off to retrieve the lethal weapons from the sea
bed and kill the unwelcome intruder. Unfortunately, JAWS has other

Whilst JAWS roams the clear water bringing a swift and horrible end to
unwary swimmers, you must undertake hazardous deep sea dives into a
world teeming hostile life and full of unforeseen dangers. To make
matters worse, Mayor Vaughn is getting impatient. As the death toll
rises, the beaches, essential for the Island's tourist trade, get
closed.  Pretty soon, you may find yourself out of a job. You can rid
Amity Island of its malevolent visitor before it's too late?

JAWS, one of the greatest box office attractions in the history of
motion pictures, surfaces for the first time on a computer screen near
you.  Mans' deepest fear is back.


The summer season has started again for Amity Island and the
holidaymakers are streaming to its sandy beaches.

Unknown to the island, this season they have an unwelcome visitor.
Lurking off the shore a shadowy shape moves silently looking for prey.

All appears well from the beach, the surface deceptively calm. An
unsuspecting swimmer enters the water, oblivious to the danger
circling below.

Some distance from the shore the swimmer stops, and treading water,
looks back towards the beach. She thinks she feels something brush
past her leg, but looking down sees nothing. She starts back to the
shore, enjoying the feel of cool water flowing past her body after the
day's hot sun. Her peace is broken as she notices a large, dark shape
glide through the water below her. She looks to the beach. It's only a
few hundred feet away now, and unnerved, she swims on at a faster

Moments later, the water ahead of her appears to boil, as it is
churned to foam by the emergence of a monstrous object. As the massive
jaws close around her, she recognises that it is a shark, larger than
she had ever seen, but a shark all the same.

There had been no time to shout for help as the attack was over in
less than a second, her body being dragged under, leaving the surface
as peaceful as before.


Brodie, Amity's Chief of Police, has the task of ridding the waters
off the island of Jaws. He has persuaded Quint, a local fisherman, and
Hooper, an oceanographic expert, to assist him. Hooper has also
brought along three highly qualified divers to help with the

Unfortunately the equipment and weapon required to kill Jaws were lost
in a reef off the coast, which the transporter vehicle hit and sank.
Brodie's team of six has first to recover the four sections of the gun
and the special bullets required to kill Jaws, from the
horror-infested caverns below the reef. This achieved, one member of
the party has to attempt to destroy Jaws, using the deadly weapon
constructed from the parts found in the depths.

The diver will be placed in the area where Jaws is prowling. He will
be limited to 80 seconds of air and four mega-bullets. Each one will
flash when it is ready for firing. A hit or miss will then be
indicated on the control panel.

Jaws will only be killed by your hitting him three times before your
air runs out or you collide with Jaws or any sea-creatures. If this
fails, there will be no second chance!

Brodie's task is hampered by Mayor Vaughn's insistence on keeping the
beaches open over the holiday weekend. The first killing was kept from
the press and public, but if more are discovered then news is likely
to leak out. The Authorities have assured you that they might be able
to cover up about five or six more deaths, so you have to make sure
that Jaws is killed before the swimmers munched counter rises to

Underwater, things are complicated by the presence of various
sea-creatures, some of which are listed below:

Flashing Sea-Creatures - can only be shot with Mega-Bullets.
Normal Sea-Creatures   - can be killed by shooting them one or more
                         times. At the start of the game these
                         creatures are fairly weak, but as time goes
                         by they increase in strength and require more

Some hide more deadly creatures which are released when shot.

Others hide treasures and useful pieces of equipment.

Treasure & Equipment Icons

[Pictures omitted]

Gun Bits - there are four of these to be found. They are liable to
explode, killing a team member if accidentally shot.

Air - your supply is continually depleting, so these give you the
chance to replenish your supply and remain submerged longer.

Extra Diver - an additional crew member joins your team to assist you
in your search for the gun pieces.

Treasure - these add to the collection of valuables stored on your

Shield - an electro-magnetic device which protects you from collisions
with sea-creatures for a short period of time.

Fast Bullets - this device gives additional charge to the compressed
air-gun on your craft, propelling projectiles at increased speed while
the charge lasts.

Mega-Bullets - these are high power compressed-air shells, which can
penetrate the thick skins of otherwise invulnerable sea-creatures. Use
them wisely as they are in short supply. They are needed to kill Jaws

Concussion Mines - these devices will kill any sea-creatures in screen
by sending a compression wave through the water.

Bomb - these are faulty concussion mines which will destroy the
submersible. Your only means of escape is to leave that screen before
it explodes.

Deadly Walls - the walls of the caverns become dangerous for a short
period of time. This will be signalled by a warning sound.

Invisibility - your underwater camera loses sight of your craft for a
few seconds. However the sea-creatures can still see you.

Energy Drain - faulty powercells which cause a drain on the drive
units and slow down your craft for a short while.


[Picture omitted]

Other dangers facing your divers:

- colliding with a sea-creature
- being shot by a sea-creature
- accidentally shooting an invulnerable sea-creature
- colliding with a deadly wall
- colliding with Jaws
- running out of air
- shooting a gun part or bomb
- being on screen when a bomb explodes

At the start of a game divers are shielded and take more than one hit
before being killed. After the shields have worn off, any of the above
will kill a diver.

Control Panel Layout
            Air                Score                    .----+----.
| .-------. .+-.              .--+---.               .--+--. .----+----. |
| |       | `--'              `------'               |     | |         | |
| | Pump  |      .---. .---.            .---. .---.  `-----' |         | |
| |       |      |   | |   |            |   | |   |          |         | |
| `-------'      `-+-' `-+-'    .--.    `-+-' `-+-'          `---------' |
                   |     |     Lives      |     |
                   `--+--'                `--+--'
                               Gun Bits


Joystick in Port 2

O = up
K = down
E = left
F = right
Space = fire
F1 = normal bullets
F3 = bouncing bullets
Run/Stop = pause
Restore = abort game


C64/128K cassette

C64/128K disc

Jaws(tm) & (c) 1975 Universal Pictures. All rights reserved.
Licensed by Merchandising Corporation of America, Inc.

(c) Alternative Software Ltd. All rights reserved
No part of this publication/work or name and title thereto including
the appearance and get-up thereof may be reproduced stored in a
retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic
mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without either the
prior written persmission of the Copyright holder for which
applications should be addressed in the first instance of Alternative
Software Ltd.

TAKE NOTICE that Alternative Software Ltd. is recorded as asserting
all rights of authorship in this work in accordance with the
provisions of The Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988.


We are constantly seeking to improve the quality of our products, and
we maintain the highest possible standards of quality control in
manufacturing our product range.

However, should you experience difficulties in loading this product,
having checked your hardware throughly we will gladly replace the
cassette or disk for you.

Before you send your cassette back for replacement, please check the
azimuth head alignment, and attempt to load the game from both sides
of the cassette. You may wish to consult your local software retailer.

If, after these checks have failed, you do write to us, you should
state the following:

- Your name and address
- The name of your product
- Whether it is cassette or disk
- Which computer
- Which joysticks and peripherials (if any)
- Where and when you purchased the product
- A full description of the problem you experience
- You should not enclose the box and packaging with cassettes


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