Abandonware DOS title

Jazz Jackrabbit manual

Jazz Jackrabbit     *    ON-DISK MANUAL    *    Copyright 1994 Epic MegaGames 

System Requirements
To play Jazz, you'll need at least:

    * A 33-Mhz or faster 80386 processor
    * 4 Megabytes of memory

Jazz also supports:    

    * Joystick, Gravis Gamepad
    * Sound Blaster, SB Pro, SB-16, PAS-16, Gravis Ultrasound sound cards

The Story
  Remember the Tortoise and the Hare?
  3000 years later, they're still at it!

  The notorious leader of the turtle terrorists,  Devan Shell, has
  kidnapped the beloved rabbit princess, Eva Earlong, and has
  inhabited the galaxy with his looting goons!  Is all hope lost
  for the galactic rabbits?

  No way!

  Enter: Jazz Jackrabbit!

  The fate of planet Carrotus is in the hands of one lone rabbit!  It's
  up to you to rescue Eva Earlong and prevent Devan Shell from financing
  his maniacal plot of turtle domination by swiping the goods out from
  under his slimy beak.
  There is one only rule to remember while exploring -- if you
  can't collect it,  shoot it!


You're about to play an action-adventure game starring a little bunny
with a big gun.  Your objective can be summed up like this:

  1. Collect everything.  There is a new kind of treasure in every level
     to satisfy your appetite for loot.

  2. If it moves, shoot it.  If it doesn't move,  what the heck -- shoot
     it anyway!
  3. Find and shoot the checkpoint signs. 

     The checkpoints mark out areas that the Turtles have claimed. When Jazz
     shoots these signs, it means that the area now belongs to the rabbits!
     Yeah! There are two of these signs in each level. The first one is
     halfway in and the second is at the end.  If you shoot the first
     checkpoint then later lose all of your health, you will return to that
     point instead of having to navigate the entire area again.

Other survival tips:

  * Be careful when you're about to jump into an area you can't see. There
    may be baddies swarming everywhere!

  * When in doubt, SHOOT.

  * Don't collect carrots if your energy is full; remember where they are
    should you need them later.

  * Conserve ammunition!

  * When in doubt, SHOOT.

  * Look for secret areas!  There are tons of them in every level.

  * The faster Jazz runs, the higher Jazz jumps. When his feet are blurry
    he is going fast and can jump very high. Use this to find hidden stuff!

  * Collect as many "Rapid Fire" guns as you can. If you collect 10 or
    more, Jazz will have immense firepower!

  * If you find an AirBoard then be sure to backtrack through the parts of
    the level you have already seen; you may be able to reach hidden areas
    with it!

  * Did we mention SHOOT?

Controlling the Bunny

Keyboard controls:


   Shoot. Read on for a list of Jazz's weapons.

   &  Run.

   Jazz looks up.

   Jazz ducks and looks down. HINT: Jazz can shoot smaller enemies
  by ducking!

   Cycle through Jazz's arsenal. You can see what weapon Jazz is using
  by looking on the STATUS BAR at the bottom of the screen. Jazz can only use
  special weapons if he has collected ammunition for them. See "WEAPONS" for 
  more information.

   Puts you in a menu of useful options.

   Slow-Motion. For those who cannot handle Jazz's incredible speed, the
  game plays at half-speed. Hey, we don't blame you. Some people get dizzy
  while playing Jazz because it's so fast.


Pause. Pauses the action. But why would you want to stop playing? Joystick controls: