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Jetset manual

Fthis diskette contains 5 files :
  JETSET.DOC  -  this file
  JETSET.EXE  -  the compiled basic version of the 
                 take off overlay for jetset
  OJETCRUZ.EXE - the compiled basic version of the
                 cruze overlay for jetset
  AJETSET.BAS -  source for jetset.exe
  AJETCRUZ.BAS - source for ojetcruz.exe
to run jetset, just execute JETSET.EXE from dos
 Jetset is a 747 flight simulator. It was originaly published 
in the November 1982 issue of BYTE magazine. You will realy
need that article to do much with the program. The following
is a breif outline of the commands and take off proceedure.
 The basic commands are as follows:
  F   Thrust increase *
  S   Thrust decrease *
  Q   thrust reverse
  (up arrow on the numeric pad) Pitch down *
  (down arrow on the numeric pad) Pitch up *
  ,(<) Rudder left *
  .(>) rudder right *
  L   Flaps (up/down switch)
  W   wheels ditto
  B   Brakes
  M   missed approach
  V   VOR frequency tune
  R   radial select
  A   VOR auto select
  To take off
  - Lower flaps (L)
  - Release the brakes (B)
  - Apply full throttle (F)
  - Steer down the runway (, and .)
  - When air speed reaches 150 press the down arrow on the numeric
     pad to raise the nose and take off
  To fly to Buffalo
  - Set VOR to 116.4
  - Set radial to 295
  - Fly north till you cross the radial
  - Follow it to Buffalo

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