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King's Quest 2: Romancing the Throne walkthrough

King's Quest 2 - romancing the stone solve 

If at any time, Hagatha, the sorcerer, the dwarf, or the wolf appears and chases Graham, 
leave the screen immediately. If you get caught, you will need to restore your game. 
The one exception is the dwarf because he just steals stuff from you. 
You can retrieve any missing items in the dwarf's tree house. Some commands (other than saving your game) 
that players tend to have problems thinking up are in CAPITAL letters. SAVE OFTEN!! 

Kolyma is a land where the screens wrap around, meaning if you walked straight in a certain direction 
without anything stopping you, you will end up back where you started. I have included a map of Kolyma 
and a point list at the end of this walkthrough if you need it. With all that said, let us begin:

Graham is standing on a beach. Go right two screens to Grandma's house. 
Open the mailbox and look inside to see a basket of goodies. Take the goodies. 
Knock on the door and enter Grandma's house. If Grandma is there, you can try to talk to her, 
but she is quite ill. If you encounter the big bad wolf, exit the house immediately! 
Now you need to find Little Red Riding Hood. She likes to wander in the screens surrounding Grandma's house, 
so walk around those screens until she shows up. Talk to her to learn that she needs her basket of goodies. 
Give the basket of goodies to Little Red Riding Hood. She will give you a bouquet of flowers. 
From Grandma's house, walk right two screens to the monastery. 
A little fairy sometimes appears in the monastery screens or in the screens surrounding the monastery. 
If she appears, she will give Graham a protective spell against some enemies he will encounter in the lands. 
However, the spell only lasts a little while, but you can always go back and find the fairy again. 
Go inside the monastery and PRAY with the monk. When the monk asks for your name, type GRAHAM. 
Graham will get a silver cross. Wear the cross and leave. SAVE GAME.

Go up one screen to an old wooden bridge. Carefully cross the bridge. 
If you happen to fall into the chasm or off the bridge, restore your game. 
Now that you are on the other side of the chasm, you need to know something about the bridge. 
You will need to cross the bridge seven times in the game. You have already crossed it once. 
The bridge is really old and rotting, so it will break after Graham crosses it seven times. 
In short, do not cross the bridge unless you absolutely need to!

Go up one screen to a magical door. Look at the door and then read the inscription. 
Something about making a big splash. That requires lots of water. The sea! SAVE GAME. 
Cross the bridge (second time) and go down one screen to the monastery again. 
Go left five screens to return to the starting beach screen. 
Now go up two screens to see a trident lying on the ground. Take it and go up two more screens. 
Look at the sand to see a white clamshell. Take the clamshell to reveal a bracelet. Take the bracelet. 
My goodness! People just leave all kinds of things lying around?! Go right one screen to a forested area.
Leaning up against a tree is a stake. Take the stake. You will never know when you need to jab a stake 
into something! Return left to the beach screen and go up one screen to meet a beautiful mermaid.

The mermaid beckons you, so swim to her. She wants a little gift from you. Now, you may be inclined to 
give her something valuable like that bracelet, but hold onto it for now. Lost treasures are abundant in 
the deep sea. Give her the bouquet of flowers you got from Little Red Riding Hood instead. 
Such flowers do not grow underwater! *grin* She will summon a sea horse. Ride the sea horse to meet King Neptune. 
He is not much of a talker, but he would love his trident returned to him! Give the trident to King Neptune. 
He will give you a bottle with a piece of cloth in it. Now swim over to the big clam and open the clam. 
Take the key inside. It is the key to open the magical door! Leave the screen by going right, 
and the game takes over. Once you are swimming alone again, get back onto the beach shore. 
Take the cloth from inside the bottle. You will need that cloth later. Right now, 
you need to get back to the magical door. Go up two screens to where you started Go right four screens 
to the monastery. Go up one screen and left one screen to the bridge. SAVE GAME.

Cross the bridge (third time) and unlock the door. What is this?! Another door? 
Read the inscription on that door. Something about setting your sights high. Hmm. SAVE GAME. 
Cross the bridge (fourth time). Perhaps if we give some time for that inscription to sink in, 
we will understand it a bit better. For now, let us find another neat item. From the bridge screen, 
go left one screen and up one screen. There is a tree near the middle of the screen with rocks at 
the base and a hole in its trunk. Stand next to the tree and behind the rocks. 
Now look in the hole to see a mallet. Take the mallet. Now is a good time check out the dwarf's tree house. 
It would be good to have the fairy's protective spell for this visit! From the mallet screen, 
go left one screen and down one screen to the dwarf's tree house. Open the door and enter. SAVE GAME. 
Walk to the ladder, and Graham should automatically be in a climbing position. 
Carefully climb down. SAVE GAME. Walk right one screen to the dwarf's home. If the dwarf is there, 
leave the screen immediately. Re-enter the screen repeatedly until the dwarf is gone. 
However, you do not need to worry if you have the fairy's spell. Open the trunk and look inside. 
You should see a pair of earrings as well as any other items you may have gotten stolen by that dwarf. 
Take all the items in the trunk. Look at that bubbling pot of chicken soup! Yum! 
Poor ill Grandma would love that soup. Hey! That is not a bad idea! Take the soup, SAVE GAME, and leave the house.

From outside the dwarf's house, go left one screen and up one screen to a log.
 Look in the log to see a necklace. Wow! Take the necklace. Now let us pay Hagatha the witch a visit.
Go left one screen and down one screen to Hagatha's cave. Enter her cave. If she is there, 
exit the cave and return inside repeatedly until she is gone. However, if you have the fairy's spell, 
you can safely enter with Hagatha there or not. Look at the bird cage. Poor bird! 
You do not want the bird to make noises, especially if Hagatha is there and cooking, 
so put the cloth (from King Neptune's bottle) on the cage. Now take the cage and leave the cave. 
You cannot kill Hagatha, unlike the witch in King's Quest 1. You cannot push her into her black pot! 

Oh, we almost forgot about the soup for Grandma! From the outside of Hagatha's cave, 
go down one screen and right one screen to Grandma's house. 
Enter the house repeatedly until the Grandma is there (not the wolf). Give Grandma the soup, 
and she will tell you to look under the bed. Look under the bed to see a ruby ring and black cloak. 
Take them and wear them. Very nice! You can fool someone into thinking you were someone else, Graham! 
Leave Grandma's house. It has been a rough ride so far, has it not? Well, when the going gets tough, 
the tough goes ... shopping! From Grandma's house, go right three screens and down two screens to an antique shop. 
If you gave the fairy's spell, the sorcerer who likes to hang out here will not harm you. My, my! 
The antique shop is open now! (Actually, the antique shop will open after you read the second door inscription). 
Open the door and go inside. Nice merchandise. That lamp looks really appealing though! 
Talk to the shopkeeper lady and try to buy the lamp to learn that she lost her nightingale. 
Why, you have the nightingale in the cage! It has kept quiet all this time! Give the cage to the lady, 
and she will give you the lamp. She also kicks you out of the shop. 
Well, that is customer service or you! SAVE GAME.

Now what do with this lamp? Rub it three times, of course! 
A genie will give you three items: magic carpet, bridle, and sword. What a bargain, huh? 
Well, the second door inscription said something about setting your sights high, 
and the magic carpet can take you high up into the sky. It is worth a try! Ride the magic carpet to a high cliff. 
Walk right one screen to a snake blocking your path. Now, you can kill the snake with the sword. 
The sword does have a snake carved into it to persuade you. However, that would be evil and violent to a poor, 
innocent snake. Instead, do something radical like throwing the bridle onto the snake. A winged horse?! 
It was a good thing then to not kill it! Talk to the winged horse to get a magical sugar cube as a thank you gift. 
Now continue right to the cave with a key in it. Take the key. It is the key to the second magical door! 
Exit the cave and ride the carpet back down to normal territory. SAVE GAME.

In front of the antique shop, go up three screens to the bridge. SAVE GAME. 
Cross the bridge (fifth time) and unlock the second door. A third door?! 
Oh, well. Read the inscription concerning a stout heart. What on earth is that supposed to mean? 
You will find out soon enough. SAVE GAME and cross the bridge (sixth time). 
As you have been wandering throughout these lands, you may have caught a glimpse or two of the gray poisoned lake. 
It is now a good time to visit that lake. From the bridge, go left two screens and up two screens. 
A boatman is here! He will ferry you across the poisoned lake if you pay for the fare. 
You can give him one of your jewelry items, but that will cost you points. However, if you are wearing the cross, 
ruby ring, and cloak, he will think you were someone else and take you across for free!! 
I wonder who the boatman thinks you are ... Count Dracula! Make sure you also have the stake, mallet, 
and sugar cube. Get in the boat and enjoy the little ride. Once you are on the other side, 
get out of the boat and SAVE GAME. You will now have to pass the thorny brambles and still be 
alive to get to the front door of the castle. It is not impossible to do, but extremely hard! 
However, if you have the winged horse's magical sugar cube, eat it now, 
and freely prance through those brambles! No problem! The ghosts at the door will leave you alone if 
you are all dressed up and disguised. Open the door and enter Dracula's castle. 
Da da da dum! *eerie music playing*

SAVE GAME. From the entry hall, go left and up the circular stairs to Dracula's bedroom. 
Be careful and try not to fall! There is a candle in one of dresser drawers you need to take. SAVE GAME. 
Go back down to the entry hall. On your way down the circular stairs, 
stand near the wall torch and light the candle. From the entry hall, go right into the dining room 
and take the ham on the table. As appetizing at it may look, do not eat that ham! SAVE GAME. 
Continue right down a flight of stairs. If you did not take and light your candle, 
you will stumble in the darkness and die. At the bottom of the stairs, go left into Dracula's coffin room. 
You want the lid to be down. Leave the room and come back repeatedly until the coffin lid is down. SAVE GAME. 
I hope you have the stake and mallet in your inventory! Stand in front of the coffin. OPEN LID. 
Then immediately type KILL DRACULA. Graham should have banged the stake into Dracula's heart with the mallet. 
What a gruesome murder sequence there! Cover your eyes if you are queasy. *grin* Once Dracula is gone, 
look inside the coffin. Take the silver key. Look inside the coffin again. Take the satin pillow. 
Look in the coffin again. Take the gold key. Well, you should have figured out by now that the gold key is 
for opening magical doors. This one is for that third door. What about that silver key, though? SAVE GAME. 
Walk back up the stairs and into the dining room. Now go up one screen to another set of stairs. SAVE GAME. 
Carefully walk up the stairs to another tower room. There is a locked chest that needs 
... haha ... that silver key! Unlock the chest and look inside to see a tiara. Take the tiara. 
You can open up a jewelry shop now with all the stuff you have been getting! SAVE GAME. 
Walk back down the stairs and leave Dracula's castle. Get in the boat and go across the river. 
Get out of the boat. Now to unlock that last door!

From the boatman's screen, go down two screens and right two screens to the bridge. 
One more time! Cross that bridge (seventh and final time) and unlock the third door. 
Enter the door into a strangely colored world. Before you start getting dizzy with the oddly colored environment, 
walk up one screen and take the net. Hmm. I wonder what the local fish look like here! Time to GO FISHING! 
You may have to go fishing several times before you actually catch a monstrous, yellow fish. 
Well, you really do not want to eat that fish, so take the fish and THROW FISH back into the sea. 
The fish is offering you a ride! Wonderful. Ride the fish to an island with some more strange plantlife. 
After rolling onto the shore, go right once screen and take the amulet. Look at the amulet to see the word HOME. 
Wonder what that is supposed to mean?

Walk down one screen to the quartz tower. You are finally here! Valanice is up in that tower somewhere. 
Open the door and enter the tower. SAVE GAME. It is another one of those horrid sets of stairs to climb. 
Once you manage to get to the top, SAVE GAME. You are greeting by a ferocious and hungry lion. 
Now, you can kill the lion with the sword, but that will be so unGraham-like. 
It is hungry, so give the ham to the lion. Once the lion takes a nap, open the door. 
It is Valanice! Finally! She is so beautiful and lovely! Kiss her because that is how little 
love stories like this are supposed to end. You may be tempted to give her all the jewelry you have, 
but the game will not let you. It is something you assume happens after the wedding. The wedding?! 
Of course! Talk with Valanice. Ask her to marry you. She says "YES!!" Well? What are you waiting for? 
Let's go HOME and get married!

 Congratulations! You have now completed King's Quest 2: Romancing the Throne.